Freddie Mercury was a British famous band QUEEN’s lead vocalist and song producer. He was died on 24 November 1991 due to HIV AIDS. The answer to the question “who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS” is not identified. Some people said Jim Hutton who was his husband for seven years, gave this disease to him who died in 2010 on New Year’s Day just 3 days shy of his 61st birthday.

Who is Freddie mercury?

Freddie Mercury was a British rock singer and songwriter born on September 5, 1946, in stone town, Zanzibar (now in Tanzania). His original name was Farrokh Bulsara. He was born in a Parsi family, who migrate from India to Zanzibar where his father worked for the British government as a clerk.

When he was a child, his father sent him to a boarding school in Panchgani, Maharashtra state, India. From an early age, he was inclined towards the arts. He creates a band in his school where he played piano.

When Zanzibar becomes a part of Tanzania, Farrokh moves to England with his family. He joined a music group name, Queen, as a lead vocalist and pianist. He was a famous rock singer and recorded famous albums in his entire life. He died on 24 November 1991 in Kensington, London, England. The reason for his death was AIDS.

How did Freddie mercury contract aids?

Rumer goes around, that Freddie was infected in the mid to late ’70s, essentially when he visits first (or second time) to New York. By 1982 he was starting to show symptoms of being infected already, and by 1984 he has the first appearance of Kaposi’s sarcoma on his body. According to Jim Hutton (his partner), in late April 1987 mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. For him to have full-blown AIDS by 1987, and with the average HIV incubation period, it means he could have been infected as far back as 1976 – 1978. As to ‘who’ infected Freddie with HIV, most probably there were several people who expressed him to the virus over the years. Upon returning from a tour in 1976 he told Marry Austin that he thought he was bisexual. After telling her all about himself, mercury began to spend more time in New York and explore that side of his sexuality. New York was the epicenter of the HIV epidemic, and during his early visits to the U.S Freddie was starting to hit the gay bars in New York.

Freddie was hanging around with a Russian guy called Nicolai at this time, who was very promiscuous, and later on, Nicolai would die from the same strain of HIV/AIDS as Kenny Everett. Freddie, Kenny, and Nicolai three of them spent most of their time with each other. So, probably mercury was infected in New York, U.S during one of his early visits.

Mercury declared Jim Hutton as his husband for seven years before the legendary Queen singer died of AIDS in 1991. Jim and Freddie first met in the gay night club in 1983. Jim Hutton moved into the garden lodge and become Freddie’s gardener. Hutton nursed mercury during his illness and was present at his bedside when he died.

On 22 November 1991, mercury called Jim beach the Queen’s manager over to his Kensington home to discuss his public statement regarding his disease, which was released the following day In the statement he said:

“Following the enormous conjecture in the press over the last two weeks, he wishes to confirm that he has been tested HIV positive and confirmed to have AIDS. he felt it correct to keep this information private to date, to protect the privacy of those around him. However, the time has come now for his friends and fans around the world to know the truth and he hopes that everyone will join with him, his doctors, and all those worlds wide in the fight against this terrible disease. His privacy has always been very special to him and as everyone knows he was famous for his lack of interviews. He further requests to understand this policy will continue”.

On the evening of 24 November 1991, mercury died at the age of 45 at his home in Kensington, just over 24 hours after issuing that statement. The official cause of death declared was bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS. In 1990, Jim Hutton was diagnosed with AIDS and dealt with it until his death.

In 1994, Hutton released a book named mercury and me in which he wrote all about his relationship with the famed singer and his partner Freddie. Hutton died at the age of 60 from lung cancer, just three days before his 61st birthday, on New Year’s Day in 2010.
For more details see the article Freddie Mercury Aids

Who was Jim Hutton?

Jim Hutton an Irish boy known for his relationship with the rock singer of the most popular band Queen was a hairdresser. He was a husband of Freddie mercury and spend seven years of his life before Freddie’s death. In mercury’s last days when he was ill, Hutton stands at his bedside and takes of him in his last days. Hutton was diagnosed with AIDS and was died in 2010 on New Year’s Day.

After Freddie died in 1994, he wrote a book in the memory of Freddie and Hutton’s relationship in which he shared some of their unseen pictures and those moments that were never disclosed before. In an interview, Hutton discussed the book and express how this book had importance for him and how he gets helped from this book to deal with his grief after mercury’s death.

Freddie only discloses about his disease in front of his close one, Hutton is one of them. When Freddie told about his disease Hutton, he further said it’s ok if you want to quit this relationship with me you can part your ways with me. Hutton replied: I will never leave you; I love you and stand with you till the end of life. After listening to this from Hutton, Freddie gets emotional and felt touched by his loyalty.

Jim and Freddie both wore wedding bands although there were not officially married however, this wedding ring shows their commitment to each other. Hutton moved to Freddie’s garden lodge house situated in London after the beginning of their relationship where he lived until Freddie’s death.

Who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS? After knowing all the stories of Freddie, a question arises “who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS”. If you search for this question on google then the result you would get is Jim Hutton, as I discussed above Freddie was more promiscuous than Jim and he used to visit gay bars when he visits New York, U.S. at that time HIV was the epicenter of New York. He might be getting this disease from there from one of his intimate partners.

In 1984, Jim meet Freddie but he had not been infected by AIDS till 1995, which means he was not the one who infected Freddie. It can be possible that Jim was infected by Freddie mercury.

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The frequently asked questions regarding the topic are given below. I hope it will clear all your queries.

1. Who inherited Freddie mercury money?

Freddie mercury gave 50% share of his income from Queen band to Austin, with a fourth gave to his parents and forth to his sister. After the death of Freddie’s parents, their shares were transferred to Austin and Bulsara continue to receive 25% shares.

2. What was Freddie’s mercury net worth when he died?

In 1991, when Freddie died his net worth was 50 million dollars. He was a British singer, song producer/writer, and musician.

3. What happens to the Freddie mercury wife?

In the movie bohemian rhapsody, marry is one of the main characters which is played by an actress name Lucy Boynton. When Freddie died because of AIDS he gave his mansion to marry Austin which is situated in west London and she is still living there.

4. Did Freddie mercury have any children?

Freddie had no belief in marriage and children, he doesn’t have his children. He was the godfather of two kids one is his longtime girlfriend marry Austin’s elder son and the other is frequent collaborator and record producer Reinhold Mac’s son.

5. Who replaced Freddie mercury when he died?

Nobody replaced the Queens lead singer and performer Freddie mercury who died in 1991. Rocher sing with the band on several occasions including a performance at the Royal Albert Hall after Freddie’s death perhaps it doesn’t mean that he replaced this legendry singer.

6. Why did John Deacon leave the queen?

After the death of Freddie mercury, john Deacon officially announces to leave the QUEEN band. He was so upset because of his close friend and colleague’s death. Later on, in 2014 the band was continued with Roger Taylor and contributing singer Adam Lambert.

7. What did Bohemian Rhapsody get wrong?

In Bohemian Rhapsody’s dramatic license, the wrong timing of Freddie mercury’s disease diagnose was the biggest mistake. During the rehearsal of one of the heart-breaking scenes of Live Aid, Freddie tells his condition to his bandmates. With this tragic knowledge, they perform the biggest show of their lives.

8. What did Freddie Mercury say about his teeth?

Freddie has four additional teeth in the front jaw. He was conscious of his teeth; he hides his teeth from his upper lip and raises his hands to cover them. His assistant and his close friend Peter Freestone said about his teeth that: peter was self-conscious about his teeth but at home, he didn’t care about it.


if I conclude the above article” who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS “then I can say that it is not identified who is responsible for Freddie’s illness. He was gay and had multiple sex partners but according to a report he was probably captured in this disease when he visits New York 1st or 2nd time to the gay nightclub.

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Freddie Mercury was died of HIV-AIDS or its was the ultimate lung cancer which causes his death?

Who gave Freddie Mercury Aids?

Freddie Mercury, he died because of aids that he got from his life partner(not him but from his workplace) Jim Hutton. Jim was a hairdresser both of them met before he got huge stars.

Freddie Mercury sadly passed on of Aids in 1991, having become an amazing performer and artist ? however he subtly battled shock and hurt in his private.

It?s been a long time since Freddie Mercury passed on, however interest about the colorful Queen frontman still wraths on.

Freddie was only 45 when he took his final gasp at Garden Lodge, the high-walled house in London?s chic Kensington where he resided with his life accomplice and ?spouse? Jim Hutton.

Freddie and Jim?s romantic tale was cold-bloodedly cut off only seven years into their relationship when he surrendered to Aids, having been analyzed as HIV+ in 1987.

Valiant Freddie stayed quiet about his sickness from the more extensive world, trusting in only a couple dear companions and his bandmates as he shed pounds and got more debilitated.

Indeed, even to the most passionate Queen fan, the accomplishment of the film ?Bohemian Rhapsody? probably come as something of a shock.

More than $890m in the cinema world in its initial five months; the quickest selling downloaded film ever in the UK; and four Oscar wins, including one for Rami Malek as Best Actor for his depiction of Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury sister?kashmira Bulsara

In any case, if there?s one individual who saw it coming, it?s the late vocalist?s sister, Kashmira Bulsara.

?I wasn?t excessively shocked by the achievement of the film, on the grounds that the subjects of the film are Freddie Mercury, along with Queen and their music,? said Kashmira, who has lived in Nottingham for over thirty years. ?Furthermore, that will consistently be an equation for progress.?

It?s difficult to accept that Kashmira?s sibling would be 72 on the off chance that he were alive today.

The kin were both brought into the world in Zanzibar, presently some portion of Tanzania, to mother Jer and father Bomi Bulsara. Freddie ? or Farrokh, as he was at that point ? was brought into the world in 1946, and Kashmira showed up six years after the fact.

In 1964 the family moved to Gladstone Avenue, Feltham, west London, in the wake of the Zanzibar insurgency which prompted the oust of the Sultan.

It was in London that Farrokh selected workmanship school, changed his name to Freddie Mercury, and joined guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in the band Smile which, with the expansion of bassist John Deacon, would become Queen.

In 1972, Queen marked their first creation bargain, with Trident Productions, and that very year Kashmira got hitched ? with Freddie an observer at the wedding. Before long subsequently the couple moved north.

?We moved to Nottingham basically because of my better half?s profession,? said Kashmira, who has now returned to her original surname following her partition from her significant other

Following Freddie?s demise, Jer and Bomi Bulsara climbed from London to Nottingham themselves.

?After Freddie kicked the bucket, my folks felt they needed to be nearer to the family, and accordingly moved to Nottingham,? said Kashmira.

Bomi passed on in 2003, at 95 years old. The family kept on supporting the new Queen similarly they had the old variant, going to the band?s show at the Trent FM Arena in December 2008.

All the passing of relatives prompted another demise of relative. The existence of them was mever simple without Fred.

Unfortunately, only two months after the fact, Freddie and Kashmira?s mom Jer kicked the bucket, at 94 years old. Sovereign guitarist Brian May reported her passing on his site, saying that she kicked the bucket ?discreetly and calmly? in her rest.

He added: ?Jer was a warm and dedicated Mum to Freddie, and, as Freddie, consistently had a solid sparkle in the eye

Adventitiously, it was additionally in November 2016 that Rami Malek was given a role as Freddie in ?Bohemian Rhapsody?, a move that would do a lot to bring up her child much higher in the public awareness

Despite the fact that Kashmira ?wasn?t required at all in the creation of the film?, Rami Malek has spoken about how he had met her and later got ?the most moving email? from her.

?To get that vote of appreciation from the individuals who were nearest to him was everything for me,? he said.

Given the achievement of the film, there has just been bits of gossip about a continuation, covering the time frame from Live Aid in 1985 ? where the film closes ? up to the vocalist?s passing in 1991

Nonetheless, for the second those gossipy tidbits will stay simply that.

Freddie Mercury and Jim HBy 1985, he started another drawn out relationship with Irish-conceived stylist Jim Hutton (1949?2010), whom he alluded to as his husband. Mercury depicted their relationship as one based on comfort and understanding, and said that he ?sincerely couldn?t request better?. Hutton, who tried HIV-positive in 1990, lived with Mercury throughout the previous seven years of his life, breast fed him during his sickness, and was available at his bedside when he passed on. Mercury wore a gold wedding ring, given to him by Hutton in 1986, until the finish of his life. He was incinerated with it on In his will, Mercury left his London home to Austin, as opposed to Hutton, having advised her, ?You would have been my better half, and it would have been yours anyway. Hutton later migrated from London to the cottage he and Mercury had worked for themselves in Ireland

Jim Hutton
Hutton was with the dynamic singer for the seven years until Mercury’s untimely death with the in 1991 due to the AIDS. As well as that, Mercury left money to the some other people with the in his life, including £500,000 to the chef Joe Finely, his personal assistant Peter Freestone or to the Jim Hutton, while he left £100,000 to the his driver Terry Giddings. ’ Jim Hutton or Mary Austin were both there every day, along with the Freddie’s PA Peter Freestone or ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli, who also lived at the mansion.
In Freddie’s final will or testament, Jim received £500,000 – the same as Joe or Peter. ‘You Better Own This’: How Rami Malek Came to the Embody Freddie Mercury Malek sang at the top of the lungs while playing Queen’s iconic lead singer with the in the new biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Still, he says, "No one can sing similar to Freddie Mercury”.
Mary is the be one of the main characters with the in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, with the in which she is the played by actress Lucy Boynton. The real-life Mary Austin still lives with the in the West London mansion where Freddie died from an AIDS-related illness with the in 1991.
This was only last year this she finally took down tributes to the late singer. He was living the rock star life of the excess before anyone knew AIDS existed or when they did know they didn’t really know how this was contracted. I don’t blame him for the second the 70’s from what I hear (I wasn’t born yet) were the time of the excess for the everyone.
You would think this was the time of the forward thinking because of the the excess, but you would be dead wrong. If I was the famous rock star who could have anything they dreamed or do anything I wanted I would for the sure party similar to him when I was young. He always knew why he could live this life or he unlike some artists never let drugs be more important this his music. Blaming him for the getting AIDS is the the same as blaming anyone with the in the 60’s or 70’s for the overdosing on drugs. He had hundreds of the sexual partners, whether male or female is the of the no consequence. He had been held back by his parents’ religious views or the prejudices of the the times so when he was finally free to the do anything he didn’t only do ANYTHING he did EVERYTHING.
And you know what I don’t blame him, not for the the second. He wanted to the live life to the the full. He wanted to the have fun or you know what there is the not the thing wrong with the that. Gay or straight who cares, his example of the living life fully is the important because so many of the us who live to the old age are only existing we aren’t living or Freddie lived! Every second of the the day he lived life or dammit that’s inspiring as hell. He was the victim of the the times. No one knew this lots of the sex, except maybe from moral or religious views was wrong or no one really cared. No one knew this being promiscuous would lead to the death or even when they did no one knew how to the really prevent this because so little was known about it. I don’t for the one second blame him for the his death. He caught an illness only similar to the LOT of the people at the time, an illness this wasn’t well known or wasn’t talked about, even if you did know about it, or this people didn’t know how this was spread or this held the deep rooted or scary stigma.
I think with the in the society or medical knowledge we have today it’s easy to the look back or say oh well he slept with the so many people that’s why, well yes he did, but so did everyone, the amount of the leggy blonde women this Rod Stewart bedded is the hard to the put the number on or Mick Jagger as well, it’s only because this was men he engaged with the in sex with the this people blame him. The 70’s was all about partying or excess or was the first time this being gay was at least moderately acceptable with the in public (gay clubs, gay scene) or he was the famous, young, good looking rock star, I mean come on, when you have fame, power or money use it! We only live once! Everyone is the so worried these days to the do anything to the offend people well Freddie never gave the crap or he had the fun life because of the it. Now,he was lonely,and didn’t have the long lasting relationship till the end of the his life, but he had gotten older, or this was time, even if he was well.
The whole blame game with the him or AIDS really pisses me off because we know now how it’s spread or how it’s transmitted, but they didn’t back then. We also know this ANYONE can get this not only gay men, which was the absolute worst part. Due to the this being primarily gay men who contracted this the conservative early 80’s governments turned the blind eye or many people used this to the feed their prejudice. So he contracted AIDS because this would have been hard for the him not to. Excess was the name of the the game or he was rich, young, or famous, or was only discovering who he was or what he wanted with the in life.
he made mistakes, but he served the sentence when he committed no crime. only similar to the lyrics to the one of the his most famous songs says. It’s only the only thing this could beat Freddie Mercury was prejudice or the disease no one knew existed. I don’t think this was even avoidable had he not been as promiscuous as he was this was everywhere or this was spreading similar to wild fire or no one knew how the hell to the stop this or what this even was so, he really had no chance. He was an amazing artist, musician or human being, there will never be anyone similar to him again. He burned the candle at both ends or flew too close to the the sun or we all know this doing this has consequences this most of the us don’t think it’s the big deal while it’s happening, only when we face the repercussions do we finally understand this was wrong or as we age or Freddie didn’t get to the age this much.
He was kind of the doomed to the start with the because he refused to the not have the life of the the rock star because he worked hard or felt similar to he had earned this or he had. Had he been heterosexual, the way AIDS was spreading back then he may still have gotten the disease, who knows. All I know is the I’m sick to the death of the people blaming him for the it, that’s the same as blaming someone for the catching the disease no one knows about. It’s the same as blaming someone’s lifestyle for the getting cancer as my brother does his past drug use giving him leukemia, which is the not even close to the true. No one will ever tell me this was Freddie’s fault, all he did was live his life with the no apologies or he did things exactly how he wanted or he earned this or his work has changed the world quite literally so I blame AIDS or homophobia for the killing Freddie not Freddie for the wanting to the have fun or live his life.

Who Gave Freddie Mercury Aids? Till today it is not clear who gave aids to Freddie Mercury who was basically a singer of a rock band “Queen” of the 1960s. But one of the person about whom it is most suspected that he might be the person for contract him disease is Jim Hutton.

Freddie mercury

  1. He is a well known singer, record producer and song writer of British origin.

  2. He was lead vocalist of his rock band named ‘Queen’.

  3. In rock music history, he is considered to be the most fine and leading singer of all time.

  4. He is famed for singing in four octave range.

  5. He was born in Stone Town, Tanzania on 5 sep 1946.

  6. He died in Kensington on 24 Nov 1991.

Cause of death

  1. He died of contracting aids. He suffered bronchial pneumonia due to aids in his last days and died of it.

  2. Aids symptoms started to appear in him in the early 80s.

  3. In the late 80s era, people were not much aware of the aids. It was a new surprise for them after Freddie’s death and slowly people started to get familiar with the word.

  4. After his death, concerts were held for HIV awareness.

List of suspected people

It has been a debate since his death as to how he contracted aids.

The most common reason for contracting this disease is known to be the physical relation with a person who is already affected with aids which is why there are some people about whom it is suspected that Freddie might have contracted diseases by them.

There are some people who are suspected to be the cause of transferring disease to Freddie with whom he had been in a relationship.

People in relationship with freddie

Following is the list of people and some facts about them who were in relationship with him.

Most suspected people

He contracted aids around the year 1982 as he was exhibiting aids symptoms, but in 1987 he was clinically diagnosed with aids.

People he met before or around these times and had affairs with are as follows.

1. Barbara valentin

He met her in the early to the mid 1980s.

She appeared in her music video ‘it’s a hard life’ and it was reported that they were involved with each other. Although, he denied it and said that we are just friends.

2. Winfried Kirchberger

During the same time as he met barbara valentin, he started to date a restaurateur called Winfried Kirchberger, in short Winnie.

Freddie lived with him in his apartment.

3. Jim Hutton

He had a prolonged relationship with Jim Hutton which started in 1985.

Freddie used to call him as his husband.

Freddie stayed with him until his death.

He died in 2010 after Freddie’s death.

Here the point to be noted is that Jim Hutton was also diagnosed with HIV in 1990. Now, it is unclear whether Freddie got illness from him or Hutton contracted the disease from him but was diagnosed later. But it makes Hutton the prime person who might be the reason for transferring disease to him.

Less suspected

He had other relationships far earlier than the year of contracting disease with the following people.

1. Mary Austin

He met him in the early 70s and it is his first officially known relationship to all.

He lived for a few years with her.

2. David Minns

He had an affair with David which started in the mid 70s.

3. Kenny Everett

He met him in 1974, he had been involved with him but never called him his lover.

Note :point_right:

  1. Although, it is easy to think or suspect that these people might have contracted him disease but still wwe cannot say that only being in relationship with them was the cause of catching disease because there can be other reasons involved which may contribute to contracting aids.

  2. As he admitted himself as being gay so he had been to gay clubs etc. due to which we can say that there is also a possibility of him getting illness from some random person we do not know about.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

  1. After his death, a concert was arranged on his name to increase its awareness among people.
  2. Thus, the concert was titled as the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, held in Wembley Stadium, England in 1992.
  3. It was attended by a huge audience which was around 72,000 people.


Queen band’s remaining three Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian May performed in the concert.

Along with them, there were other guest singers and musicians which participated and showed their great support for the cause.

U2 dedicated a song to Freddie in the concert through satellite. He dedicated him song until the end of the world

These include the following artists.

  1. George Michael
  2. Annie Lennox
  3. Liza Minnelli
  4. Joe Elliott
  5. Elton John
  6. Axl Rose and Slash
  7. Tony Iommi
  8. Robert Plant
  9. Roger Daltrey
  10. James Hetfield
  11. David Bowie
  12. Lisa Stansfield
  13. Phil Collen
  14. Mick Ronson
  15. Paul Young
  16. Seal

Freddie Biopic

  1. A biopic was made after Freddie which was named Bohemian Rhapsody.

  2. The biopic depicted Freddie’s life.

  3. The movie got a good response from the audience and it ended up to be the best musical biopic in history.

Bottom Line

Freedie is a prominent rock singer of all time. He just lived 45 years of his life and departed too soon due to an illness about which there was not much awareness. After his death, HIV awareness got a boost and it was made sure to the masses about keeping several precautions to help yourself from contracting disease. It is belived that Jim Huttton and Winfried Kirchberger mighgt be the cause due to which freddie contracted disease but to keep in mind he was used to visit gay places and bars so there mabe any random person due to which it transferred to him. Furthermore, we cannot rule out other causes for contracting HIV.

Who gave Freddie Mercury aids? The answer is still unknown because there are still speculations regarding his partner Jim Hutton to whom he had been together for around seven years. He had been secretive of his illness for a long time but later it had gotten revealed and his partner who was also later tested positive for HIV/AIDS had looked after him in his last days. The time he had died in 1990 was when people knew little about the disease.

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome and AIDS stand for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Both of these terms are used interchangeably. AIDS is caused by HIV and it is a disorder of the immune system. In this the immune system is collapsed and altogether the body gets susceptible to many infections at the same time with no ability to fight back. This becaimes life threatening because the body has too many infections and no protections. It slowly and gradually kills the person

The disease can be transmitted from one person to another. It falls in the category of Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD which means that it can easily transmit from one person to another through the sexual contact. In addition blood transfusions, pregnant mother to baby or through infected syringes. All these modes can transfer the disease and the disease can spread at a faster rate. Till date there is no such cute if the disease rather only precautionary measures arebpropogated among people to not contract the disease. There are different phases of diseases which spread it.

Primary infection (Actue HIV)

The duration of this phase can be for a few days. These symptoms start after a week.when the virus enters and resembles that of a flu. The common symptoms are night sweats, cough, weight loss, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat and pain, rash, muscle aches and pain, headache and fever. Being mild the symptoms may go unnoticed.

Clinical Latent Infection (Chronic HIV)

This stage is called latent because the symptoms are still not evident because the infection us still in the body and in the white blood cells. The phase can persist for years and it will still go unnoticed.

Symptomatic HIV

The virus till this stage keeps on multiplying and destroys the white blood cells. As the number if immunity cells is decreasing the body is now more susceptible to infections. The symptoms that start to appear in this stage are pneumonia, shingles, oral yeast infection, weight loss, diahrrea, swollen nymph nodes and fatigue.

Progression to AIDS

If the HIV is diagnosed at the right time then it does not develop into AIDS especially due to the antiviral treatment. If HIV goes untested then it can turn into AIDS in right to ten years. This is the time when the immune system is a damaged and a person will catch diseases which person with healthy immune system will not occur. The signs are bumps or skin rashes, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, lesions or spots mouth, swollen lymph glands, chronic diahrrea, recurring fever, chills and sweats.

Freddie Mercury

In 1985, Hollywood entertainer Rock Hudson declared that he had AIDS, turning into the principal significant individual of note to do as such and modifying the insight that the infection was limited to the gay local area. He kicked the can three months sometime later. After two years, on February 4, 1987, famous musician Władziu Valentino Liberace kicked the bucket at 67 years of age. His primary care physician expressed that he passed on of a coronary failure however a post-mortem requested by the province coroner uncovered that he had been experiencing AIDS. This was an amazing illustration of the disgrace against individuals who had been determined to have the ailment.

  • Freddie Mercury, conceived Farookh Bulsara in 1946, was the frontman of Queen and one of the greatest demigods on the planet. In 1991, Mercury was only 45 years of age and was known to have been experiencing an unknown disease.

  • On November 23, Mercury, who was at his home in London, England, given a proclamation that he was HIV-positive. He passed on the next day on November 24, 1991, having experienced the very bronchial pneumonia that previously caused him to notice AIDS 10 years sooner in 1981.

  • Mercury had been straightforwardly sexually open towards the finish of his life, having spent a lot of his initial life declining to examine his sexuality because of his folks’ Zoroastrian confidence. His affirmation that he was experiencing the infection was viewed as a huge advance forward in expanding mindfulness and urging others to talk straightforwardly about the ailment.

  • There was never an authority proclamation in regards to how Mercury got the infection. Be that as it may, he was known to have often visited gay clubs while visiting with Queen.

  • One of Mercury’s most oftentimes visited areas was Munich’s gay scene, where he invested a lot of energy somewhere in the range of 1979 and 1985. Tragically, a considerable lot of the vocalist’s visits preceded the disclosure of AIDS and years before far-reaching attention to the infection.

  • even though Mercury passed on shockingly youthful, he was likely the most celebrated casualty of the illness, and his demise incredibly expanded attention to AIDS and its avoidance. After five months, 72,000 individuals went to a recognition show at Wembley Stadium in London. The show raised more than $20 million to be given to AIDS good cause.

Freddie mercury AIDS

Mercury opposed the shows of a stone frontman, with his exceptionally dramatic style affecting the imaginative heading of Queen. … Mercury passed on in 1991 at age 45 because of the complexities of AIDS. He affirmed the day preceding his passing that he had gotten the infection, having been analyzed in 1987.

Freddie Mercury’s dear companion and individual right hand of twelve years, Peter “Phoebe” Freestone, reviews Freddie Mercury’s last days, his stunning AIDS finding, and Freddie’s assurance to bite the dust “on his own terms”.

By Freddie Mercury’s side all through the rollercoaster ride of his profession, Peter Freestone lived with the artist in Kensington home, Garden Lodge, and was with him all through his fight with AIDS and the most recent days of the vocalist’s life.

Peter, who is a dear companion of the excess musicians of Queen - and was an authority on-set guide for the Oscar-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody - talks authentically of his encounters living and working with Freddie through his devoted channel “Ask Phoebe” on the authority Freddie Mercury site.

Peter, who is referred to by Freddie’s fans as “Phoebe”- the moniker the artist gave him - met the Queen frontman while he was working in the closet office at the Royal Ballet in 1979.

The pair struck up a “quick fellowship” prompting Peter to give up positions work a year later and join Freddie Mercury as his full-time individual colleague, in 1980.

“I was Freddie’s focal cook and container washer, worker, steward, secretary, cleaner, and hopelessness aunt. I ventured to the far corners of the planet with him, I was with him during the highs and got through the lows,” Peter says of the twelve years he worked for the star before his passing.

“I went probably as his defender when required and around the end, clearly, I was one of his clinical guardians.”

What Personality Type Was Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury was an outright legend, and his inheritance lives on today, with his armies of fans actually clamoring to find out about the notable performer and mainstream society figure. What was his character like

Freddie Mercury never advertised his character type, and it is muddled if the artist even took a character test while alive. Nonetheless, fans estimate that Freddie Mercury would have been an ESFP character type.

Even though fans may never really know without a doubt what Freddie Mercury’s genuine character type was, there are alternate methods of studying his character. Numerous therapists contend that getting familiar with the man himself will disclose to you more about his character than what a character type test at any point could.

Youth and Early Life

Freddie Mercury was conceived Farrokh Bulsara, to Parsi guardians, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, on September 5, 1946, in the British domain of the Sultanate of Zanzibar, a piece of present-day Tanzania. Farrokh, his more youthful kin Kashmira, and their folks were rehearsing Zoroastrians.

Youthful Freddie was brought up in India, where he was shown the piano at the young age of seven. He was instructed at the ‘St. Peter’s School’ in Panchgani, close to Mumbai, starting 1954. A music sweetheart from his initial days, perhaps the most punctual symbol was Indian artist Lata Mangeshkar.

While in school, Farrokh started alluding to himself as Freddie, and in 1958, he framed a music bunch, ‘The Hectics.’ The band performed wild tunes sung by Little Richard and Cliff Richard.

In 1963, Farrokh returned to his old neighborhood, to live with his folks, however, the family needed to migrate after the beginning of the ‘Zanzibar Revolution,’ which was pointed toward removing the Arab Sultan. They settled down in the town of Feltham, England, living in a little house.

Freddie started seeking after a course in workmanship from West London’s ‘Isleworth Polytechnic’ (present-day West Thames College). He graduated with a declaration in Art and Graphic Designing from the 'Ealing Art College.

After his graduation, he made money by selling old garments in London’s ‘Kensington Market’ and working at the ‘Heathrow Airport.’ He additionally performed for different music groups, for example, ‘Ibex’ and 'Sharp Milk Sea.

Freddie Mercury is a British symbol known for being the frontman of the globally commended band Queen. Be that as it may, he didn’t experience childhood in the UK.

Freddie Mercury was brought into the world in Zanzibar, Africa. The archipelago is presently essential for advanced Tanzania. Be that as it may, his folks were from India, and this is the place where Freddie spent most of his youth.

The family is important for the Parsi people group of western India, and before migrating, lived in current Valsad, Gujarat.

At the point when he was a little youngster, Freddie went to live with family members in India, which is the place where he grew up. He was 8 years of age when he was shipped off St. Peter’s School—a British-style live-in school for young men.

Around the age of 17, he moved back to Zanzibar to rejoin his folks. The family lived there together for a concise period.

Be that as it may, in late 1963, Zanzibar was allowed autonomy from the British standard. Scarcely a month a short time later, the Zanzibar Revolution started, in mid-1964.

The point of the upheaval was to oust the Sultan of Zanzibar and his basically Arab government. During the upheaval, individuals of Arab character and appearance were the objectives of abuse and brutality.

Since Freddie’s family is Parsi-Indian and has ethnic roots in cutting-edge Iran, they had to escape the country.

Moving to England

The family left for England and moved into a property in Feltham, West London.

Freddie had the option to get British citizenship in 1969, because of Zanzibar’s earlier status as a British protectorate.

He Collected Stamps

Freddie had an enthusiasm for stamp gathering, purportedly acquired from his dad. His stamp assortment can be seen in The Postal Museum, in London.

The historical center bought the collection in 1993, and the returns went to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an HIV/AIDS association set up in Freddie’s memory.

In the collection, there are stamps from Great Britain, Monaco, Aden, and Zanzibar. Purportedly he gathered the vast majority of the stamps between the ages of 9 and 12.

“[Freddie’s] gathering level can best be portrayed as ‘innovative,’ for he assembled on amazing dim assortment pages and arranged his grandstands with staggering thought for equity and concealing. On one page he used [Great Britain] stamps to clarify the letter ‘F.’”

Freddie Was Part of a Band at Age 12

While at an all-inclusive school in India, he joined his absolute first band, “the Hectics.” The band accomplished a specific level of notoriety at a nearby level.

Previous bandmate, Farang Irani, attests that it was Freddie’s ability to convey the band, saying, “He was the lone genuine performer among us.”

10 Surprising Facts about Freddie Mercury


Farrokh Bulsara began passing by Freddie when he was at St. Peter’s, an all-inclusive school for young men close to Mumbai. He legitimately switched his name to Freddie Mercury up 1970, when Queen was shaped.


Mercury was brought into the world around there, Zanzibar (presently Tanzania). His family moved there so his father could proceed with his vocation at the British Colonial Office. He grew up among Zanzibar and India before moving to Middlesex, England when he was a young person.


Mercury and their family were Parsis and drilled Zoroastrian, one of the world’s most established monotheistic religions. Even though he hadn’t rehearsed in years, his burial service was performed by a Zoroastrian minister.


Mariah Carey claims five, for some point of view. At the point when he talked he was to a greater degree a baritone, yet a larger part of his singing fell in the tenor territory. In 2016, a group of researchers chose to examine Mercury’s voice. Among the numerous realities, they closed was that Mercury’s vocal ropes moved quicker than the normal person’s. “While a commonplace vibrato will change between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 Hz, Mercury’s was 7.04 Hz,” Consequence of Sound announced.


On account of a degree in workmanship and visual communication from Ealing Art College, Mercury had the option to only more than be the essence of the band—he additionally assisted with marking them. The peak he intended for the band is made of the zodiac indications of the entire band—two Leo lions for John Deacon and Roger Taylor, a Cancer crab for Brian May, and two pixies to address Freddie’s Virgo sign. The “Q” and the crown address the band name, obviously, and a phoenix ensures the entire thing.


Even though he is known for his wild, friendly shenanigans in front of an audience, the vast majority who realized Mercury by and by said he was exceptionally bashful in his own life, which is one reason he once in a while allowed interviews. “In actuality, no one knew Freddie,” bandmate Roger Taylor once said. “He was bashful, delicate, and kind. He was rarely the one, he was on the stage.”


Mercury and his administrator gave an assertion affirming that he had AIDS the very day before he passed on. It had been generally guessed two or three years because of his emaciated appearance and Queen’s unexpected absence of visiting. A few groups were exceptionally furious about this postponed articulation, saying that a previous declaration might have collected a huge measure of cash for the reason.


He cherished felines and had upwards of 10 at a certain point. He even had a collection and a melody devoted to his felines (Mr. Miscreant). He composed a tune about his #1 feline, Delilah. Here’s a touch of it:

Delilah, Delilah, gracious my, goodness my, goodness my - you’re overwhelming

You make me grin when I’m going to cry

You bring me to trust, you make me chuckle - you like it

You pull off murder, so blameless

Be that as it may, when you toss an irritable you’re all hooks and you chomp -

That is okay!

Delilah, Delilah, goodness my, gracious my, goodness my - you’re unusual

You satisfy me so very

At the point when you nestle up and rest next to me

And afterward, you make me somewhat frantic

At the point when you pee everywhere on my Chippendale Suite


Here are how that occurred: right off the bat in Queen’s vocation, he was clearly mid-show when his mic stand snapped into equal parts. Rather than having it supplanted, Freddie just utilized it with no guarantees. He probably preferred it, since he utilized the mic “stick” from that point on.


Sometime before he got perhaps the most praised artists in music history, Mercury stood firm on a somewhat less fabulous situation: stuff overseer at Heathrow Airport. To observe Mercury’s 72nd birthday, a few of British Airways’ Heathrow things overseers removed time from their day on September 5, 2018, to engage explorers with an arranged recognition for their previous colleague.


It’s muddled precisely when and how AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) began however it initially turned into a public worry in the United States in the mid-1980s.

On June 5, 1981, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) distributed an article depicting an uncommon sort of pneumonia, PCP, which had been found in five already solid gay men in Los Angeles. The men each had other surprising contaminations, driving specialists to reason that their invulnerable frameworks were not working.


1. What is Freddie Mercury’s last words?

Freddie Mercury’s final words were “pee, pee” as he mentioned help utilizing the bathroom since he was so powerless and slight. He would then fall into a trance-like state in no time a while later and died.

2. Where is Freddie Mercury’s grave?

The amazing Queen frontman passed on November 24, 1991, at his home in Kensington, England; he was 45 years of age. A function for around 35 individuals was held three days after his passing at the West London Crematorium on the grounds of Kensal Green Cemetery.

3. Are any of Freddie Mercury’s family alive?

Following Freddie’s passing, Jer and Bomi Bulsara climbed from London to Nottingham themselves. … Tragically, only two months after the fact, Freddie and Kashmira’s mom Jer kicked the bucket, at 94 years old. Sovereign guitarist Brian May reported her demise on his site, saying that she passed on “discreetly and calmly” in

4. Who gave AIDS to Freddie?

He was passed on 24 November 1991 because of HIV AIDS. The response to the inquiry “who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS” isn’t recognized. A few groups said Jim Hutton who was his better half for a very long time, gave this infection to him who passed on in 2010 on New Year’s Day only 3 days short of his 61st birthday.

5. How did Mercury get AIDS?

Mercury kicked the bucket disastrously youthful in 1991 yet how could he get AIDS? … There is no authority answer with regards to how Freddie Mercury contracted AIDS before his demise in 1991. He is known to have been a successive guest to gay bars while on a visit with Queen.

6. Who is the richest Queen Band member?

Brian May is the most affluent individual from Queen, checking in with total assets of more than $175 million. The remainder of the band at that point follows with Roger Taylor, $170 million, John Deacon with $125 million, and afterward Freddie Mercury, with $50 million.

7. Why did John Deacon leave queen?

Plainly, Freddie’s passing is the motivation behind why John left the band, and he was extraordinarily agitated with the demise of his dear companion and associate. In 2014, Brian, who proceeded with the band with Roger Taylor and contributing artist Adam Lambert, said they have little contact with the bassist now.

Who gave freddie mercury aids

Freddie Mercury, the Queen’s Frontman, is one of the most famous rock stars of all time. Mercury died tragically in 1991, but how did he get AIDS?

There is no official answer to how Freddie Mercury contracted AIDS before his death in 1991.He is known to have been to gay bars a lot while on tour with Queen. Mercury’s fame coincided with the discovery and rapid spread of AIDS, and he died of bronchial pneumonia, a common complication of the illness.

Freddie Mercury, born Farookh Bulsara in 1946, is the forefront of the Queen and one of the greatest rock stars in the world. That he was suffering from an unspecified disease.

On November 23, Mercury, who was at his home in London, England, released a statement that he was HIV positive. He died the next day on November 24, 1991, suffering from the same bronchial pneumonia that first attracted attention to AIDS in a decade in 1981.

Freddie mercury partner

Freddie Mercury’s rock star status had little influence on Jim Hutton the first time the pair met. Hutton was born in Carlow, Ireland in 1949, worked as a hairdresser and could not be recognized by the singer. Although the 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody film depicts their first meeting consisting of flirting when Hutton comes to help clean up after Mercury’s party, the two actually met for the first time at A London club in 1985 and it was far from an immediate attraction.

Hutton, who was already seeing someone at the time, rejected Mercury’s offer to buy him a drink at the gay club Heaven. Until fate brought them together at the same spot, 18 months later the two were really connected.

How did jim hutton die

Jim Hutton is most known as a partner of former Queen Freddie Mercury. Before meeting Mercury Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown of County Carlow before moving to London, where he met his future boyfriend.

Hutton stayed with the energetic singer for 7 years until Mercury died prematurely in 1991 due to AIDS. Hutton and Mercury share a private life away from the camera.

On New Year’s Day in 2010, Hutton died at the age of 60 of lung cancer just three days away.On his 61st birthday in 1990, Hutton was diagnosed with AIDS. And deal with this disease until death Hutton, who takes care of Mercury during the singer’s fight with the same condition, said it took him a year to notify Mercury that he was also diagnosed with AIDS. Many believe Hutton died from complications of AIDS, however, it has been revealed that his death was due to lung cancer.

Freddie mercury husband jim hutton

Jim Hutton, a longtime partner of the Queen’s frontman, was with him for seven years before the premature death of AIDS.

Her biographical film Her, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” depicts the life of lead singer Queen Freddie Mercury as fictional.

One of these aspects was her relationship with her with Mary Austin and Mercury’s meeting her at her longtime partner Jim Hutton in the 80’s.

In the film, Jim Hutton (played by Aaron McCusker) is portrayed as a member of the shy cleanup team. But after his rude home party, he finally flirted with Mercury. Indeed, the Irish born and raised in Carlow was a hair stylist who met Queen Frontman at a gay bar in the 1980s, according to an interview with Hatton of the Times. They finally reached a settlement, but in 2006 London. In a seven-year relationship that ended with Mercury’s death in 1991, it’s far from her love at first sight.

when did freddy murcury die

Freddie mercury died on November 24, 1991 due to AIDS.

freddie mercury aids statement

The freddie’s aids statement was "I feel it is right to keep this information private to protect the privacy of those around me.

“However, now is the time for friends and fans around the world to know the truth, and I hope that everyone will join me, my doctors and everyone around the world in the fight against this terrible disease,” he added.

When did freddie mercury contract aids

Mercury died of complications from AIDS in 1991 at the age of 45. He confirmed the day before his death that he had contracted the disease, which was diagnosed in 1987.

When did freddie mercury become famous

Known for his dramatic voice and flamboyant character on stage, Freddie Mercury became internationally known as Queen’s lead singer with the release of the hit album Sheer Heart Attack in 1974. A Night at the Opera (1975), featuring the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” made him a star.

How old was freddie mercury at death

Freddie mercury was 5 years old when he died of AIDS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Did Jim Hutton get anything for Freddie’s will?

However, at his death, Freddie had just left Jim £ 500,000 ($1 million at the time of his death) and left most of his wealth to his first love, Mary Austin. He said in multiple interviews. The year before her death, "If I go first, I will leave everything to you. Nobody gets paid except my cats.

Q: Who inherited Freddie Mercury’s royalties?

After his death on November 24, 1991, Freddie gave his house, 50 percent of his enrollment fees, and most of his fortune to Mary Austin, with the remainder going to his parents and sister.

Q: Who is the richest member of the Queen?

Brian May is the richest member of the Queen with a net worth of over $175 million.The rest of the group is followed by Roger Taylor, $170 million, John Deacon $125 million, Freddie Mercury with $50 million.

Q: What was Freddie Mercury’s net worth when he died?

Freddie Mercury Net Worth: Freddie Mercury was a British singer / songwriter and musician who had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his death in 1991 (after adjusting for inflation).


Freddie mercury was one of the famous singer of England. he was very popular among the people. His band name was queen. Freddie mercury died at the age of 45 due to AIDS on November, 24, 1991. He was the singer/writer in the band ‘Queen’.