Definition of Approximately:

  1. It is used to indicate that something is close, but not definite, correct or almost correct.

  2. In general, this is very accurate. In mathematics, estimates are not speculations or errors, but are as accurate as possible within limits. See also about

Synonyms of Approximately

Effectually, Generally, On balance, Almost entirely, Nigh, Roundly, Substantially, In the neighbourhood of, In the area of, All in all, Generally speaking, Much, Give or take a few, Rounded down, More or less, In the vicinity of, Plus ou moins, Give or take, Say, Chiefly, Roughly speaking, On the whole, For practical purposes, Or thereabouts, Practically, About, Most, Circa, Nearabout, In the main, Some, Mostly, Almost, By and large, Approximatively, Or thereabouts, Something like, Virtually, Just about, About, In the region of, Rounded up, More or less, Or so, Round about, Mainly, Roughly, Close to, All but, Essentially, Of the order of, Around, In round numbers, Well-nigh, Nearly, Around, Roughly, In round numbers, Approaching

How to use Approximately in a sentence?

  1. About two hours journey.

Meaning of Approximately & Approximately Definition