Happy Birthday In Spanish

How would you react to (Feliz Cumpleanos) Happy Birthday In Spanish?

In Spanish, we consider that your fecha de nacimiento, as fecha signifies “date.” But on the off chance that you ask somebody for their día de Nacimiento, they will presumably answer with their fecha de Nacimiento.




Finding how to say glad birthday and all the best in Spanish is a fundamental piece of your Spanish-learning venture.
Whether or not you are a finished beginner, middle-of-the-road level Spanish speaker, or a specialist, the opportunity will come when you should wish somebody congrats for their birthday, marriage, new infant, or phenomenal test results. It generally carries euphoria to another person when you can communicate your positive musings about their birthday or achievement in their own language.
Saluting someone else for something can be precarious and nerve-destroying on the off chance that you have never done as such in Spanish, yet fortunately offering all the best in Spanish is very simple to learn.
In Spain and other Spanish-talking nations, birthday events follow a comparative culture to that in the English-talking portions of the world. This implies that you will have similar giving of presents, birthday celebrations, and designs as you would generally expect. That being said, there are sure contrasts that shift.
The following is an exceptionally helpful rundown of the relative multitude of kinds of manners by which to wish somebody an upbeat birthday and say congrats in Spanish. As you will see, it shouldn’t take you too long to even consider remembering these exceptional expressions and you will find that it will before long prove to be useful for you.

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Birthday Traditions in Spanish


With regards to birthday celebrations, the way of life in Spanish-talking nations is very like English-talking nations. By this I mean gatherings, cake and presents are for the most part ordinary. In saying that, there are some territorial customs that differ country by country.
In Latin American nations, young ladies host a major birthday gathering and festivity when they turn 15 – it is kind of customarily viewed as turning into a lady. This gathering is known as the quinciañera. For folks, the greater festival occurs at 18 years old. In America, commending one more year of life is by all accounts a serious deal. We celebrate with inflatables, cake, candles, presents, spankings, melodies, loved ones. A unique age to enter America is the sweet sixteen. For the duration of the day of the birthday, visitors say “Upbeat Birthday” to the person who is commending one more year of life. Numerous different nations commend birthday events some being more genuine services and others resembling the American festival. In Spain, the comparable to the sweet sixteen is the Quinceañera. This is a major birthday festivity when a young lady turns fifteen. This age of fifteen is a privilege of section. It is the point at which a young lady is not, at this point thought about a young lady however a lady. The Quinceañera comprises of a congregation festivity, mariachi band, and heaps of loved ones. The young lady who is turning fifteen gets an extravagant dress and wears heels on the grounds that the pads she use to wear address adolescence. The young lady gets favored, passes down a porcelain doll to a more youthful young lady to show that she is surrendering her adolescence, has fourteen specialists to address the previous fourteen years of her life, and the main dance is with her dad.
In Spain, a normal birthday festivity would not be pretty much as detailed as the Quinceañera
. A melody would be sung to commend the existence of the birthday kid or young lady. They eat cake and sing a melody prior to eating. They have a practice that the one whose birthday it is has the principal nibble of the cake. All visitors remain around and watch as the individual in question takes a nibble of the cake without any utensils. Numerous visitors would say “Feliz Cumpleaños” for the duration of the day. Something else in Spain from America is that they don’t celebrate with presents. It is more about praising the individual themself than spending a great deal of cash on the birthday.

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Well wishes for Birthday in Spanish


Spanish speakers are by and large attached to communicating as much love and satisfaction with their language as possible. So alongside saying “glad birthday”, it is extremely, basic in Spanish to add some good wishes or unique messages to show the amount you truly wish the individual to have an upbeat birthday.
The entirety of coming up next are regularly heard on somebody’s birthday in the Spanish-talking world:

"¡Que lo passes have been!"
This means: Have a decent birthday!
Exacting interpretation: May you spend it well!
"¡Que tengas un dia particular!"
This means: Have a unique day!
"¡Que disfrutes tu dia!"
This means: Enjoy your day!
"¡Que cumplas tasks tus sueños!"
This means: Hope your fantasies work out!
Exacting interpretation: May you understand your fantasies!
"¡Que cumplas muchos más!"
This means: Hope you have a lot more birthday events!
Exacting interpretation: May you turn some more!

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“Cheerful Birthday” Song in Spanish


The Spanish-talking world is so assorted and lively that there is nobody general “glad birthday” melody in Spanish. All things considered, most nations have various varieties of the tune. At any rate, they all appear to follow the equivalent “glad birthday” tune we know and love – so if all else fails, you can simply murmur along!
In saying that (just to make things much more confounded), a ton of nations have their own customary tune just as the more notable tune.
Snappy note: Cumpleaños feliz or feliz cumpleaños?
A few groups get befuddled and think the right method to say “cheerful birthday” in Spanish is cumpleaños Feliz in light of the fact that that is the manner by which it’s sung in the tune. Truth be told, cumpleaños Feliz is only a graceful adaptation of the standard Feliz cumpleaños. It’s most likely been phrased the reverse way around in the melody since it fits better into the tune.
So, you wouldn’t simply say cumpleaños Feliz to a companion nonchalantly.
The following is the Spanish “glad birthday” melody I know about from investing energy with Colombians. Verses for most Spanish-talking countries’ forms for the tune can be found here.
Yet, for the time being, read the verses of this form and check whether you can comprehend the significance. The interpretation is given to one side.
Singing Happy Birthday in Spanish is simply more fun!
What’s the main piece of any birthday celebration? The cake, singing cheerful birthday, and smothering the candles, obviously! (What’s more, um, the presents!)
The previous summer we were at a birthday celebration for a companion whose father is Peruvian, and all the Spanish speakers at the gathering broke out in a Spanish birthday melody. It was quite a lot more fun and fiery than the English rendition, thus exceptional for the birthday young lady to have Happy Birthday sung in two unique dialects.

⦁ There are numerous cheerful birthday tunes in Spanish, and I’m sharing a few unique ones.

Pick your top choice, and feel free to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish at your next birthday celebration. The birthday child (and every other person) will adore it without a doubt!
Note: I discovered this truly cool contribution for your birthday kid or young lady! A local Spanish-talking performer will deliver a customized video with three different ways to sing the Feliz Cumpleaños tune in Spanish with your kid’s name for $12.
Note: Even however you sing Cumpleaños Feliz in Spanish when you simply wish somebody an upbeat birthday, you say Feliz Cumpleaños.
Glad Birthday Singalong in Spanish – Cumpleaños Feliz
Here is an energetic singalong rendition of the Happy Birthday melody in Spanish, Cumpleaños Feliz.
It incorporates karaoke-style verses, which is quite cool. Children will adore the dance beat.

⦁ Glad Birthday (Spanish Version – No verses)
This version of Happy Birthday in Spanish is truly adorable! It highlights energetic piano music and children’s voices singing Cumpleaños Feliz.
Nonetheless, it does exclude the entirety of the verses. Accordingly, I have included them beneath.
*Cumpleaños feliz verses *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te deseamos tasks *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Es tu día y por eso es particular *
*Tus amigos vendrán a celebrar *
*Es tu cumple, por eso estamos aquí *
*Que los cumplas muy feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te deseamos tasks *
Cumpleaños feliz

⦁ Birthday Song – Mexican Mariachi Style
At whatever point I hear a mariachi band playing, it takes me back to my Los Angeles days when I’d stroll by a birthday celebration at a recreation center and hear a mariachi band playing. I adored it – indeed, I’d love to get a mariachi band for our next birthday celebration!
This birthday tune in Spanish highlights extraordinary mariachi music – Enjoy!

⦁ Las Mañanitas
Las Mañanitas is a conventional Mexican birthday melody, typically sung promptly in the first part f the day to awaken the birthday individual.
The English interpretation is anything but a customary interpretation, however is still truly charming for youngsters.
Here are the lyrics, in the event that you need to sing it.

*Las mañanitas verses *
*Estas child las mañanitas *
*que cantaba el rey David. *
*Hoy por ser tu cumpleaños *
*te las cantamos a ti. *
*Despierta, mi bien, despierta *
*mira que ya amaneció. *
*Ya los pajaritos cantan, *
la luna ya se metió.

⦁ Cumpleaños Feliz
This is a pleasant animation adaptation of the Spanish birthday melody that children will adore. It does exclude the verses, yet it’s truly perky and they’ll cherish the energized story that goes with it.

⦁ Cumpleaños Feliz – Greeting card form
This is an exceptionally short and conventional interpretation of the Happy Birthday tune in Spanish. It has the additional advantage of being proper to ship off somebody as a virtual birthday card!

⦁ Cumpleaños Feliz by Parchis
However, it is as yet an excessively fun birthday tune in Spanish. Sung by Parchis, a youngsters’ music bunch from Spain that was truly famous during the 1980s, it highlights kids singing and moving to a non-conventional interpretation of Cumpleaños Feliz.
Cumpleaños Feliz by Parchis lyrics,

*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te deseamos tasks *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Desde el dia que naciste *
*Has sido siempre y serás *
*Una dicha para tasks *
*De inmensa felicidad *
*Tu celebration de cumpleaños *
*la vamos a celebrar *
*Unidos a tu familia *
*Tasks vamos a cantar *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te desean tus amigos de Parchis *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te desean tus amigos de Parchis *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Te desean tus amigos de Parchis *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Cumpleaños feliz *
*Tasks te deseamos cumpleaños feliz *
*Venimos para alegrarte *
*Para hacerte muy feliz *
*Unidos a tanta dicha *
*Y felicitarte a ti *
*Despues con mucha alegría *
*Vamos juntos a jugar *
*Y cuando soples tus velas *
*Tasks vamos a cantar *
Cumpleaños feliz…

⦁ Cumpleaños Feliz – Peppa Pig
At the point when I ran over this rendition of Happy Birthday in Spanish, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to remember it for the rundown. I have two tremendous Peppa Pig fans who had a Peppa birthday cake at their last birthday celebration. This would have been the ideal backup.

⦁ Cumpleaños Feliz – Reggaeton adaptation
This SONG Cumpleaños Feliz – Reggaeton adaptation appears to get heaps of giggles in the remarks. This is honestly not the best Spanish birthday melody out there, but rather may merit a look in the event that you have any Daddy Yankee fans.

⦁ Un año más en tu vida
As I might suspect I’ve recorded sufficient conventional Spanish birthday melodies, here is a totally unique birthday tune called Un Año Más en Tu Vida. You and your children will cherish the pleasant beat of this tune.

Here is the lyrics of this beutiful song,
*Un año más en tu vida verses *
*Un año más en tu vida, *
*otro lleno de esperanza *
*que el señor te de alegría *
*y traiga paz a tu alma. *
*Para mí siempre es lo mismo, *
*un año menos, un año más… *
*por eso yo te deseo hoy *
*en tu día felicidad… *
*Roughage que noche tan preciosa, *
*es la noche de tu día *
*tasks llenos de alegría *
*en esta fecha natal, *
*tus más íntimos amigos *
*que esta noche te acompañan *
*te saludan y desean un mundo de felicidad, *
*yo por mi parte deseo lleno de luz este día *
*tasks llenos de alegría en fecha natal *
*y que esa luna plateada brille su luz para ti, *
*y ruego a Dios porque pases un cumpleaños feliz *
*y ruego a Dios porque pases un cumpleaños feliz. *
*Cumpleaños feliz te deseamos a ti… *
*Cumpleaños feliz… *
*Cumpleaños feliz, *
*te deseamos a ti *
*cumpleaños feliz… *
*cumpleaños feliz *
*te deseamos a ti *
*cumpleaños feliz! *
*Yo te daré te daré una cosa *
*te daré una cosa una cosa que yo solo sé… *
*Yo te daré te daré una cosa *
te daré una cosa una cosa que yo solo sé.

Presently go celebrate!

The writing is on the wall, a curated rundown of the absolute best cheerful birthday melodies in Spanish. Did you play any of these at your birthday celebration? Or on the other hand, have you tracked down any that you like better? Tell us in the remarks beneath – I’d love to hear from you!

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Spanish Birthday inquiries you may be posed around your birthday time

Is it you who will be the birthday kid or young lady and you need to realize how to bargain in the Spanish-talking world around this season?
Because of “cheerful birthday” in Spanish, a basic “gracias” will normally do the trick. You may be posed some different inquiries around the hour of your birthday, so here are the means by which to manage those discussions.
¿Cuántos años vas a cumplir?
This means: How old would you say you are turning?
Reaction: Voy a cumplir X años. (I’m turning X.)
Or then again: No me gusta decir mi edad. (I don’t care to say my age.)
¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?
This means: When is your birthday?
Reaction: Mi cumpleaños es el X(number) de Y(month) (My birthday is the X of Y.)
¿Qué quieres para tu cumpleaños?
This means: What do you need for your birthday?
Reaction: No necesito nothing, pero muchísimas gracias. (I needn’t bother with anything, however, thank you to such an extent.)
Or then again: Me puedes regalar… (Can you get me… )
¿Qué vas a hacer para/en tu cumpleaños?
This means: What are you going to get done for/on your birthday?
Reaction: Voy a… (I’m going to… )
Or then again: No Tengo planes. (I don’t have plans.)

More Congratulations in Spanish:

⦁ ¡Feliz aniversario! = Happy commemoration!
⦁ ¡Felicidades/Enhorabuena por vuestro bebé! = Congratulations on your new child!
⦁ ¡Enhorabuena por el resultado de tus exámenes! = Congratulations for your test results!
⦁ Qué tengas mucha suerte en el mundo laboral. = Good karma in the realm of work.
⦁ Te deseo lo mejor. = I wish you the best.

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The Most Ideal Approach To Learn Spanish For Beginners


It might appear to be somewhat overwhelming learning another dialect, similar to Spanish, yet the most ideal approaches to learn Spanish for fledglings lie in a balanced way to deal with the language all in all. A balanced, viable way to deal with Spanish will guarantee you gain proficiency with the essentials of talking, perusing, composing, and tuning in; a decent establishment of these will keep you destined for success and on your approach to being familiar! Here are probably the most ideal ways for fledglings to learn Spanish:



Online Spanish Lessons are a fundamental method to learn Spanish for any ■■■■■■■. Novice Spanish exercises are amazing for learning Spanish nuts and bolts, from syntax and action word-formation to jargon and spelling. Online Spanish exercises make an imperative establishment for amateurs to work off of and supplement with outer assets. Online exercises in Spanish are colossally significant for novices as they give a design to outline their language learning in; they give set exercises and spotlight on key points that guarantee a student gets solid establishment information on Spanish.


Spanish digital broadcasts for novices are an incredible method of learning Spanish through tuning in. You can discover web recordings explicitly took into account novices that instruct you Spanish as well as help it an understanding of communication in Spanish. Digital broadcasts are additionally a splendid path for amateurs to learn while performing multiple tasks. They give you the opportunity to tune in and learn while doing commonplace exercises that generally don’t need dynamic deduction, like family errands or driving, permitting you to use and improve your time. Spanish motion pictures and TV shows, with Spanish captions, are additionally a superb route for amateurs to enhance their learning while living it up. Tuning in to communicate in Spanish, while perusing relating Spanish captions, assists a student with connecting the way to express words to their spelling.

⦁ Reading
Perusing in Spanish is another critical method of learning the language as a novice. It is a particularly critical piece of learning a language as a fledgling will see the punctuation they’ve learned applied in genuine sentences. Seeing language in genuine use assists with merging and cement the sentence structure learned in exercises. Spanish ■■■■■■■ perusing is a decent spot to begin, however, a fledgling can generally stretch out to additional provoking writings to all the more likely upgrade their jargon.
With additional difficult writings, an inclination of amateurs is to look into each word they don’t have the foggiest idea, which would be unbelievably tedious and remove the fun from perusing! An incredible tip to begin perusing additional difficult writings in Spanish is to look into words you notice show up frequently, called ‘high recurrence’ words. When an ■■■■■■■ has taken in a strong base of high recurrence words, they can begin to look into more uncommon words they go over when perusing.

⦁ Writing
Composing is a decent method to learn Spanish for amateurs. It permits a fledgling to truly merge the sentence structure and jargon they have mastered perusing, tuning in to webcasts, and in exercises. A novice student frequently remembers heaps of action word formations and jargon. Nonetheless, composing pushes a student to apply those formations and jargon words to linguistically address full sentences. Composing in this manner is a successful technique for rehearsing every one of them an ■■■■■■■ has learned in exercises.

⦁ Discover A BUDDY
Another great method to learn and improve a novice’s Spanish is through really talking. Tracking down a local Spanish speaker, or even a companion learning Spanish, to work on talking with can put a student on a way to possible familiarity. Having the option to have a discussion, with the information and acknowledgment you will most likely commit errors, is a significant advance to improving!
The most ideal approach to learn Spanish for amateurs is a reasonable methodology that sees a novice learning the various parts of the language similarly and adequately. Frequently a novice is overpowered over where to start their language venture. The most ideal approach to begin is to take online Spanish exercises. From the information and abilities realized there, a novice can proceed to fabricate and enhance their learning with digital broadcasts, perusing, composing, and talking. Or more all else, careful discipline brings about promising results!

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15 Spanish Birthday Gifts For People Obsessed With Spain


Searching for an incredible blessing from Spain to astonish your loved ones with? Regardless of whether you’re searching for a simple stocking stuffer or something to truly intrigue that unique individual with, we’ve aggregated a rundown of the most unique blessing thoughts to bring back home from the Spanish shores this Christmas season.

1. A paella dish
One of Spain’s most notable dishes – and cooking instruments – a paella is an extraordinary present for any individual who likes to get a little brave in the kitchen. Make certain to likewise incorporate a parcel of Arroz bomba, the exceptional rice used to cook paella, and check what the dish is made of – carbon steel is the most customary.
2. FC Barcelona Shirt
Spain is home to quite possibly the most acclaimed football clubs on the planet ever, the Catalan capital’s FC Barcelona. They are the second most well-known group on the planet – after individual Spaniards Real Madrid – so risks are the avid supporters in your family will be enchanted to get their own personal Blaugrana shirt.
3. Turrón
This sweet treat of the nougat family is made utilizing a determination of nuts, particularly almonds, and is generally appreciated in Spain around Christmas time. Most places will sell a choice load with various distinctive turrón, from weak to delicate, extraordinary for anybody with a sweet tooth.
4. A Bottle of Vermouth de Reus
This invigorated wine is going through something of a recovery in Barcelona, where it’s served in hip bars and cafés across the city. The home of vermouth in Spain is the Catalan town of Reus, where probably the most established makers in the nation are as yet in activity today.
5. Salsa Espinaler
This searing topping is sprinkled over crisps, olives, and tinned fish all over Barcelona and makes for an extraordinary stocking filler for any individual who likes to flavor things up a bit. Produced using a combination of vinegar, pepper, and flavors, Espinaler sauce was the creation of a neighborhood tapas bar, The Espinaler.
6. Jamón Ibérico
Maybe the most renowned of Spanish food sources, Jamón Ibérico is the best of relieving hams and is particularly valued when it is bellota, implying that the pigs have been benefited from oak seeds, giving the meat an unmistakable nutty flavor. In case you’re considering buying an entire ham, consider a paleta, the front leg of the pig – more modest and simpler to pack than a rear leg.
7. Manchego cheddar
Another incredible Spanish culinary work of art, Manchego cheddar is quite possibly the most perceived and valued Spanish cheeses on the planet. The genuine article is made with sheep’s milk from the La Mancha district and developed for any timeframe between 60 days to two years – the more seasoned the firmer.
8. Tinned Seafood
A long way from the crumby, tinned fish you blend in with mayo to fill your sandwiches with, Spanish tinned fish is a delicacy that is appreciated as a feature of supper or aperitif. For something delicious and conventional, attempt a tin of mejillones en escabeche, mussels saved in a spiced vinegar and tomato arrangement. Then again, a tin of Ortiz boquerones – enormous white anchovies with a milder flavor than the dark ones – is another extraordinary work of art.
9. Espadrilles
These conventional material shoes begin from the district of the Pyrenees, among Spain and France, where they have been worn by local people for quite a long time. Today, nearby planners have returned to the class espadrille and there are numerous cutting edge tones and themes accessible for your more style cognizant companions.
10. A caganer
This is one for those with a comical inclination: the caganer is a little, exposed-lined, crapping puppet that shows up in Catalan nativity scenes and is said to address the essential equity, everything being equal. These days the caganer has dumped its conventional clothing and you can discover everything from Angela Merkel to Obi-Wan Kenobi managers.
11. A container of Jerez
Dry, medium, sweet… Spanish sherry arrives in a wide range of flavors that work consummately either as an aperitif (offer dry manzanilla for certain pungent almonds) or with dessert (a sweet Pedro Ximénez goes down like a treat with some chocolate). Just sherry made in the district around Jerez de la Frontera can convey the authority of D.O. Jerez nickname.
12. A pestle and mortar
This straightforward cooking instrument has been utilized in kitchens for quite a long time and here in Spain, it is a fundamental device for any gourmet specialist. Utilized for something beyond granulating flavors, in Spain, a pestle and mortar serve to set up various fixings and sauces, not least the renowned aioli.
13. An olive wood slashing board
The biggest olive oil maker on the planet, Spain is home to around 300 million olive trees and, while a container of costly olive oil is an extraordinary thought for a blessing, a craftsman slashing load up produced using olive wood will last any longer and is substantially more unique.
14. Spanish earthenware production
Spain has a long history of ceramics, from the practical to the stylish, and keeps on trading a few tons of stoneware items every year. For something durable and straightforward, choose an earthenware broiler dish. For something somewhat more complex, attempt a fancy plate from the renowned town of El Puente del Arzobispo.
15. Saffron
Considered the most sumptuous of flavors, and regularly said to cost more per weight than gold, saffron includes intensely in Spanish food – and is developed here as well, among different spots. Thought about marginally sub-par compared to Iranian saffron, Spanish saffron is more reasonable, however stays of incredible quality and is an extraordinary blessing thought when size is an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions—(FAQs)


Q1. How would you ask somebody their birthday in Spanish?
¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? = When is your birthday? ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ¿Que es tu cumpleaños?
Q2. How would you close down a birthday card in Spanish?
When the message is done, sign the card with a customary Spanish hello like “Atentamente,” which signifies “Deferentially” and is normally utilized informal and business circumstances, or “Un warm saludo,” which is a proposal of conscious greetings.
Q3. What is your age Spanish?
When reacting to the inquiry or simply discussing age in Spanish, you start your sentence with a type of tener, at that point put the right number and end by saying the word años. For instance, if the youngster is 5 years of age, he would respond to your inquiry by saying, Tengo cinco años.
Q4. How would you present yourself in Spanish?
The most widely recognized approach to acquaint yourself in Spanish is with say “Me llamo” trailed by your name. Choices incorporate “Mi nombre es” or “Soy” trailed by your name. “Hola” can be utilized for either “greetings” or “hi.”
Q5. How would you commend your birthday in Spanish?
In the event that you have Spanish-talking companions, you most likely need to wish them an upbeat birthday in their local language. The most well-known approach to say “upbeat birthday” in Spanish is to say “Feliz cumpleaños” (fay-LEEZ KOOM-play-ahn-yohs).

Q6. What are acceptable Spanish wishes?
saludo de felicitación; enhorabuena; bendiciones.

Q7. How would you say congrats and all the best in Spanish?
Congrats on this new stage! ¡Mis mejores deseos para los dos! All the best to you both! ¡Felicidades por su boda!

Q8. How would you end an agreeable letter in Spanish?

  • Shutting Your Letter
  • Saludos (Greetings)
  • Un saludo cheerful/Saludos cordiales (Best wishes)
  • Sinceramente (Sincerely)
  • Muy atentamente/Muy cordialmente (Yours truly)

Q9. What does Ole imply in Spanish?
Brisk Answer. ¡Olé! = Bravo! An addition used to energize, you’re particularly prone to hear ¡Olé! at a games match, show, or some other time you wind up in a field or arena.

Q10. What are the most well-known good tidings in Spanish?

  • Hola – Hello.
  • Buenas – Hi (casual)
  • Buenos días – Good morning.
  • Buen día – Good morning (more uncommon, utilized in Argentina)
  • Buenas tardes – Good evening.
  • Buenas noches – Good evening.
  • Bienvenido – Welcome.

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