‌Things‌ ‌To ‌ ‌Do‌ ‌for‌ ‌Free‌ ‌In‌ ‌Europe‌ ‌

Traveling next summer to your old world? Would you like to know how to get to the Parisian Louvre without a hundred? Want to know in Milan how you can have a free meal? You are in luck! You are in luck! Hostelworld.com’s incredible team has put together their top fifty free items in Europe.

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1. Piazzale Michelangelo: see the sunset

Located a swift 20-minute walk from downtown Florence, the Michelangelo square offers one of the most beautiful views in Italy to everyone who goes there. It’s also one of the ‘fake Davids’ of the city. And while there is a daytime visit, catching a sunset on a summer evening from this place.

2. Paris: Free visit to the Louvre

Good news - the Louvre is free to enter when you are under 26! It’s free to enter when you’re not, but you’re a teacher. When you visit you just have to be able to prove it. And for all of you, who are 26 or older, or who are not professors, note that on the first Sunday of the month, the Louvre is free for everyone.

3. London: Enjoy the Westminster Abbey choir.

If you go to one of the most famous sights of London, you may have £16 a day, you won’t have to pay anything if you stop at ‘Evensong’ every night at 5.30 pm. You will be treated not only with the sounds of the choir of the abbey, but also.

4. Bruges: Visit Our Lady’s Church

It took almost 2 centuries to complete the church of Our Lady, also known as the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, which is most famous for its many art treasures. Michelangelo’s ‘Madonna and Children’ is the most famous of those, which in his life was his only piece to leave Italy. There’s absolutely nothing to enter the church.

5. Dubrovnik: Spring off 'Hole in the Wall’

The Hole in the Wall is also known as Cafe Buja and is one of the worst kept secrets of Dubrovnik. Found 5 minutes walk from Placa, the main thoroughfare of the city, is also famous for the rocks near it that are perfect for jumping out and being one of the city’s most popular bars. So you can do them here, whether they’re slightly higher baby jumps or those that are fainthearted.

6. Madrid: Free tour of the most popular museums of the Spanish capital

If you plan to visit Madrid, but have not booked anything yet, remember that two of the best-known museums in the Spanish capital are free to enter at various times during the weekend. Saturdays after 2. 30pm and Sunday all day while the Prado is free all day, Sunday is also free. The Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofía can enter free.

7. Prague: Walk across the Prague Castle Grounds

Prague Castle is the city’s first tourist attraction overlooking the Czech capital and the Vltava River. You will not be asked to donate money just to walk through some parts of the castle, such as the St. Vitus’s Cathedral and Golden Lane. Try visiting around 12 noon to see the guard’s complex change.

8. Budapest: Walking through the Bastion of Fisherman

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a short terrace located on the Buda half of the Hungarian Capital, on the Castle Hill. If you’re not five minutes’ walk from side to side, thanks to its outstanding views of the city, you’ll spend much more time there.

9. Edinburgh: Conquering the Seat of Arthur

It may not be the most relaxed way for a few hours, but in a hurry climb of Arthur’s Seat, if you are looking for views you will not forget. It’s the remains of an extinct volcano, the main peak in Holyrood Park that can be accessed by walking down to the rolling mile. The climb should take less than an hour depending on your fitness levels. If you look to see the city, but without such a difficult ascent, go instead to Carlton Hill.

10. Check out Lake Brienz in Interlaken

Make sure to visit Lake Brienz, which stretches for an impressive 9 miles, for stunning landscapes that take your breath away. The snow-covered mountains overlooking the cleanest lake in Switzerland add to the natural attraction of the area.


Thanks to a short bus ride from Interlaken, it is also easy to get here. Best of everything? If you have an Interlaken Visitor’s Card, this journey is free.