Rose Water Toner

Rose water toner gotten more well known as of late, rose water toner has been utilized for quite a long time. Rose water is, surely, a characteristic toner. It comes from the Rosa damascena blossom, normally known as the Damask rose, and is made by refining flower petals with steam.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Introduction Of Rose Water Toner

Rose water is seasoned water made by soaking flower petals in water. Moreover, it is the hydrosol segment of the distillate of flower petals, a side-effect of the creation of rose oil for use in scent. It is utilized to season food, as a part of some restorative and clinical arrangements, and for strict purposes all through Europe and Asia.

Rose water has been a mainstream stunner fixing since old occasions and is regularly found in excellent items for its restoring, relieving, and quieting properties. It likewise has germ-free properties and is frequently used to give gleam to the skin

Supposedly the best rose water is the golāb of Qamṣar in Kāšān, where golābgirān, the stylized cycle of culling roses and separating golāb from them in Ordibehešt/April-May, has become a vacationer attraction and Iran represents 90% of world production.

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:radio_button: History Of Rose Water Toner

twelfth-century Rose water bottle from Iran (silver with gold and niello, Freer Art Gallery)

Since antiquated occasions, roses have been utilized restoratively, healthfully, and as a wellspring of perfume.

Rose fragrances are produced using rose oil, additionally called attar of roses, which is a combination of unstable fundamental oils acquired by steam-refining the squashed petals of roses. Rose water is a result of this process. The development of different fragrant blossoms for getting aromas, including rose water, may have begun in Persia, where it was known as gulāb (Middle Persian: گلاب), from gold (rose) and stomach muscle (water). The term was embraced into Medieval Greek as zoulápin. The way toward making rose water through steam refining was refined by Persian and Arab scientific experts in the archaic Islamic world which prompted more effective and financial uses for perfumery industries.

:purple_square: Production Of Rose Water Toner

Contingent upon the birthplace and assembling strategy rose water is gotten from the sepals and petals of Rosa × Damascena through steam refining. The accompanying monoterpenoid and alkane parts can be related to gas chromatography: for the most part citronellol, nonadecane, geraniol and phenyl ethyl liquor, and 9-non decent, eicosane, linalool, citronellyl acetic acid derivation, methyl eugenol, heptadecane, pentadecane, docosane, nerol, disiloxane, octadecane, and pentacosane. Generally, phenyl ethyl liquor is answerable for the regular scent of rose water however isn’t generally present in rose water products.

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:green_square: What is toner?

Toner is a skin health management item that is applied to the face and neck after purging.

It’s utilized to eliminate any hint of soil and dead skin cells abandoned in the wake of purifying. It likewise helps smooth and prep the skin for extra healthy skin items, like creams and serums. As indicated by board guaranteed dermatologist, Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, FAAD, the toners accessible today are altogether different from what they used to be.

Before, they were utilized to help restore the characteristic acidic skin pH and degrease slick, gleaming skin. Yet, this regularly blew up.

“Alcohols can dry out the skin surface and trigger the skin to make more oil in its endeavor to ‘saturate it,’” she says.

She adds that toners today are regularly used to convey explicit fixings, for example, salicylic corrosive for skin inflammation inclined skin and green tea or chamomile for mitigating touchy skin. Toners are likewise used to hydrate the skin, lessen clogged pores, and reestablish the pH equilibrium to the skin. The skin’s optimal pH is 5.5. There are some symptoms of toner. This is normally the situation when there’s a high centralization of liquor in the equation. It tends to be very drying and bothering to those with dry, touchy skin, says Dr. Rina Allawh, FAAD, a board confirmed dermatologist.

:large_blue_circle: Is rose water toner saturating?

Rose water packs a great deal of hydration in the skin. Its cell reinforcement and antibacterial properties improve the skin’s boundary and decrease transdermal water misfortune. Shainhouse says that along these lines, it shouldn’t trigger the sebaceous organs to siphon out additional oil to oblige over-dried skin. Rose water is particularly hydrating when joined with other saturating fixings, for example, ceramides or glycerin.

“This assistance to saturate the skin, ensure the skin obstruction and forestall further water misfortune from the skin,” says Allah.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What Are The Advantages Of Rose Water Toner?


There are numerous advantages of utilizing rose water on the skin. These include:

:small_blue_diamond:It Treats Certain Skin Conditions

Rose water has amazing mitigating properties.
A 2011 study trusted Source tracked down that rose water helped ease redness and bothering brought about by rosacea. This is a skin condition that causes facial redness, red knocks, and obvious veins.

Allah says that rose water may help treat gentle skin break out, dermatitis, psoriasis, and dry chipping skin on the face.It’s likewise alright for touchy skin and can be utilized to relieve burns from the sun.

:small_blue_diamond:It Has Anti-aging Properties

Rose water is high in nutrient An and nutrient C, frequently viewed as against maturing nutrients. As per Shainhouse, they help fix and forestall oxidative harm and assist the skin with remaking collagen.

Extra advantages incorporate assisting blur with cleaning hyperpigmentation and conceivably limiting the presence of barely recognizable differences and surprisingly stretch imprints. To limit potential skin stripping, which can be welcomed on by an increment in cell turnover, she suggests blending rose water into your customary cream until your skin becomes acclimated to it.

:small_blue_diamond:It’s High In Cancer Prevention Agents

One of rose water’s most prominent advantages is that it’s high in cancer prevention agents. This shields the skin from harm brought about by free extremists. A 2011 study trusted Source tracked down that flower petal removal ensured fibroblast cells against hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2 incited harm. Another study trusted Source tracked down that flower petals remove smothered MAPK flagging, which is when cells are actuated because of cell stressors.

:small_blue_diamond:It Helps Treat Ailments

Rose water has been known to recuperate scars, wounds, and cuts. As indicated by research trusted Source, it was utilized in customary Iranian medication as a diuretic to treat different medical problems. This included easing fevers, just as bosom torment and issues identified with the feminine cycle.

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:red_square: Different Toners

Rose water isn’t the solitary common toner you can attempt at home. There are numerous choices out there, including witch hazel and apple juice vinegar.

:small_red_triangle:Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been utilized for quite a long time to ease skin infirmities identified with aggravation and bothering.

It likewise regards skin inflammation by going about as an astringent to dry out any imperfections. In case you’re hoping to return to the past on your skin, it might even lull the maturing cycle, on account of its undeniable degrees of polyphenols.

:small_red_triangle:Apple Juice Vinegar Toner

It’s the high tannin content in apple juice vinegar (ACV) that makes it astringent. This is said to cleansingly affect the skin, as it eliminates earth, dead skin cells, and different pollutions.

There are likewise antibacterial properties, which may diminish skin inflammation causing microorganisms on the skin.

In contrast to rose water, there hasn’t been sufficient examination done on the advantages of ACV as a toner. Albeit, numerous clients have detailed being happy with the outcomes.

Inquisitive about other characteristic toners? They regularly incorporate these fixings:

  • hibiscus

  • green tea

  • nectar

  • tea tree oil

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:orange_circle: Toners And Skin Types—Toners Aren’t Useful For All Skin Types.

If you have delicate skin, you need to pick a toner that is liquor and aroma-free. A profoundly astringent toner will dry out your skin, leaving it feeling tight and aggravated.

You may even feel a sting when you apply it. All things considered, target calming and hydrating fixings, like rose water or aloe.

Astringent toners can help skin inflammation inclined and sleek skin. This implies that witch hazel toner is a decent decision for these skin types, as it cleans the skin of microorganisms that could trigger skin break out.

On the off chance that you have blend skin, you probably experience sleekness in specific spaces of your face.

Along these lines, you need to pick a toner that contains salicylic corrosive. This fixing will eliminate abundance oil here without drying out the spaces that need less consideration.

:arrow_right: Products To Consider As Toner


You can ordinarily discover rose water at a wonder retail chain or characteristic food store. They’re likewise accessible through online retailers.

Famous alternatives you can buy include:

  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rose water

  • Glossier Soothing Rose water Face Mist

  • Thayers Natural Remedies Witch Hazel Toner, Rose Petal

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:star: Sprinkle Rose Water Toner To Set The Mind-set

Turns out the heartfelt furor around roses isn’t society’s method of being sensational. These famous blossoms are aphrodisiacs and have been utilized by ladies all through historyTrusted Source and Colonial America to “keep men intrigued,” says Amy Reiley, Spanish fly food master and creator of “Eat Cake Naked.”

In case you’re similar to “hold up, ladies offered roses to men? That appears to be a little in reverse,” how about we hit the scienceTrusted Sour

Rose water is accounted for to improve:

  • sperm check

  • ED conditions

  • sorrow in men

Rose water even beat down the fake treatment in a 2015 study trusted Source done on guys with low charisma because of gloom. For us women, we realize rose quiets nerves and tension, which helps hindrance. Ipso facto, on the off chance that you need to set the state of mind, break out the rose water.

The most effective method to Spritz your bed before you and your accomplice bounce in. Or then again prepare two of Reiley’s Champagne with Rose Water Kiss drinks (which comes from her book on sexual enhancer food varieties). It’s simple, take 2 to 4 drops of rose water and add 5 oz. Brut-style Champagne or shining wine (Cava functions admirably). At that point appreciate it.

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:arrow_right:Shower Rose Water Toner For Better Feel

Is life overall keeping you wide-conscious around evening time? Coordinating a sleep schedule that incorporates rose water can help trusted Source for sure. “Evening customs advance the creation of the vibe great chemical, oxytocin while bringing down the stressor, cortisol,” says Elizabeth Trattner, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and AZCIM guaranteed integrative clinical professional. Bumping the body and chemicals toward rest is significant for legitimate rebuilding. Indeed, excellence rest is a genuine article! Breathing rose water upgrades the hushing impacts.

“Consider it a lavender other option,” says Chris Brantner, confirmed rest science mentor at Sleep Zoo. Here’s the way he clarifies the loosening up impacts: The olfactory nerve associates with our mind, which conveys messages to the amygdala and limbic framework. This piece of our mind controls disposition and feelings and is supposed to be loose by specific fragrances, similar to rose.

:arrow_right:Set Honest Goals With The Aroma Of Rose Water Toner

Ladies from the Victorian time knew some things about confidence and remembered rose water for every one of their makeup, from cleansers to cold creams. Antonia Hall, MA, analyst, relationship master, and creator of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life says they even showered their mirror with the fragrance to commend excellence.

“Everything activities finished with a goal have power,” she clarifies. Corridor says of her insight, “Glancing in the mirror and saying 'I love you is amazing, yet adding the aroma [of] rose inspires a more grounded feeling of adoration and excellence.” It’s not about personality, it’s a thoughtful method to see yourself with self-esteem and sympathy.

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:large_blue_diamond:5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Glowing Skin

:small_blue_diamond:Rose Water As Skin Toner

We are frequently advised to follow a purging, conditioning, and saturating skincare routine to keep the skin sound and brilliant. Conditioning is typically overlooked yet it is a huge advance in skincare as toner eliminates oils, earth, and garbage from the skin that the cleaning agent has missed. Thus toner helps in purifying the skin completely while keeping up its sensitive pH balance.

Unadulterated rose water is delicate and helps in keeping up the skin’s pH balance. It likewise has astringent properties which help clean the pores of oil and grime conditioning the skin further. Ordinary utilization of rose water will keep the skin liberated from additional oil and help forestall issues like clogged pores, whiteheads, skin break out and pimples. Utilizing rose water as toner is superior to utilizing synthetic-based toners which may dry out the skin.

Rose water has mitigating properties and can be utilized as an all-regular skin toner. Apply rose water all over and permit it to get comfortable your pores. Your face will feel new and the waiting rose fragrance will elevate your temperament.

:small_blue_diamond:Rose Water To lessen Under-eye Puffiness

Under-eye puffiness can be caused because of numerous reasons like sensitivities, stress, eye weariness, and absence of rest. The puffiness or growing implies that the individual has an amassing of liquids under the eye region. As the skin around the eyes will in general be very dainty, the growing and staining are conspicuously noticeable. The least demanding approach to battle under-eye puffiness is giving it a virus pack or splash.

Rose water assists with hydrating, rejuvenate, and saturate the skin giving it an invigorated look. Likewise, it has a mitigating property that decreases redness in the skin. The delicate rose water can be utilized on the touchy under-eye region with no concern. Puffy eyes will promptly liven up and look revived with a splash of rose water.

On the off chance that your eyes are drained or puffy from the absence of rest, rose water offers a basic arrangement. Take a chill jug of rose water (place the refrigerator for some time). Splash cotton cushions in it and tenderly put on your eyelids. Keep on however long you need while appreciating the relief searching your eyes. It will help diminish puffiness and offer alleviation to tired eyes immediately.

:small_blue_diamond:Rose Water As Natural Makeup Remover

Cosmetics removers have for all time discovered a spot in our magnificence sacks. However, regularly we decide to disregard the way that numerous cosmetics removers contain liquor and cruel synthetics which can dry out the skin unreasonably. Likewise, all cosmetics removers probably won’t be appropriate for touchy skin. A characteristic and gentler option in contrast to cosmetics remover would be decent.

The calming properties of rose water make it a delicate cosmetics remover for all skin types. At the point when blended in with a characteristic oil, it can break down the vast majority of the cosmetics without being brutal on the skin. The skin will feel new and hydrated later and the sweet scent is an additional benefit.

Rose water can assist you with delicately getting those cosmetics. Blend 2 tsp of rose water with 1 tsp of coconut or almond oil to make a compelling, normal cosmetics remover that will break down the most difficult make-up with incredible consideration. Dunk a q-tip in this blend and wipe away the layer of cosmetics and grime. Both Rose water and coconut oil are useful for skin and it is ok for eliminating eye cosmetics too.

:small_blue_diamond:Rose Water Toner As Natural Face Mist And Setting Spray

Face fogs are multi-taskers. These assist to purify tone and hydrate the skin alongside reestablishing the skin’s pH balance. Aside from that these come helpful when you need to spruce up in a hurry. Face fogs normally come strengthened with concentrates of regular fixings which are useful for the skin. In any case, if you run out of the face fog, you need not fret. Rose water can go about as your face fog and cosmetics setter and save you a few bucks.

Keeping rose water conveniently in your sack can help you wipe off the perspiration and earth aggregated on the face while in a hurry. Best of all, it tends to be utilized in all seasons as it’s delicate on the skin and in any event, hydrating. A fast shower of rose water on the face or sweat-soaked skin will invigorate it quickly and can be utilized however many occasions as needed without agonizing over the results or dryness in the skin.

A spritz of rose water all over in the wake of a difficult day can be very reviving. It can likewise be utilized to set make-up and give a dewy completion.

:small_blue_diamond:Rose Water Toner—Hydrating The Skin

In our bustling lives and schedules, we probably won’t figure out how to hydrate the dry skin. Parchedness and dryness can prompt a ton of skin issues like untimely maturing, redness, shivering sensation, and even rashes. We should keep the skin hydrated from inside just as from outside. While drinking water is strongly suggested, conveying a hydrating shower can be a hero for your skin particularly in warm and damp climate conditions.

One of the stunning advantages of rose water is that it can add an eruption of dampness to the skin. The skin will feel cool, delicate, and alleviated immediately. You can utilize it straightforwardly or blend rose water in your face cover, cream or moisturizer to add a portion of moisturization to the skin.

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:star: The Best Rose Water Toner Sprays To Refresh And Calm Skin

  • Rose Water Balancing Mist

This notable rose water shower is one of the GH magnificence group’s untouched most loved face fogs: It’s made with additional skincare fixings like quieting aloe and conditioning lactic corrosive, and the light, the real rose aroma comes from the fundamental oils of two kinds of roses. Proofreader’s tip: Keep a contain at your work area to wake your face in the early evening and resuscitate the appearance of your cosmetics.

  • SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist

A reasonable rose water shower mixed with relaxing glycerin, this equation is under $10 and arrives in a helpful travel size, incredible for reserving in your sack to cool your face post-exercise or hauling on outings to revive got dried out skin during a flight.

  • Rose Water Toning Mist

Ideal for the perfectionist, this moderate face splash is produced using just a single fixing: 100% rose water. It smells light and clean and is delicate and calming on even touchy skin.

  • Hydrating Rose Mist

“Rose water has been a verifiably significant piece of ladies’ magnificence schedules,” says GH Beauty Lab Director Birnur Aral, Ph.D. “My mom applied rose water with a cotton ball to purify her delicate face.” One of Aral’s top picks, this rose water splash “promptly invigorates and hydrates my skin, as it contains hydrates like aloe leaf juice, glycerin, and plant-determined hyaluronic corrosive,” she clarifies.

  • Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Floral Essence

Implantation of outlandish botanicals, including rose water, lavender, honeysuckle, and neroli, this face fog is another top pick of GH’s magnificence editors. “The fragrance resembles spritzing a new cut bundle of wild roses and spices all over, and it’s loaded with so many of their concentrates, it truly feels like it gives skin brilliance and sustenance,” our magnificence chief raved.

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:arrow_right: Is Rose Water Edible?

It is here and there added to lemonade and frequently added to water to veil disagreeable smells and flavors found in faucet water.

In South Asian food, rose water is a typical fixing in desserts, for example, laddu, gulab jamun, and peda. It is likewise used to season milk, lassi, rice pudding, and other dairy dishes.

In Malaysia and Singapore, sweet red-colored rose water is blended in with milk, making a sweet pink beverage called Bandung.

American and European cooks frequently utilized rose water until the nineteenth century, when vanilla got mainstream. In Yorkshire, rose water has for quite some time been utilized as an enhancement for the territorial forte, Yorkshire curd tart. In Iran, it is added to tea, frozen yogurt, treats, and different desserts.

In Middle Eastern cooking styles, Rose water is utilized in different dishes, particularly in desserts, for example, Turkish delight, nougat, and baklava. Marzipan has for some time been seasoned with rose water. In Cyprus, Mahaleb’s Cypriot adaptation known as μαχαλεπί utilizes rose water (ροδόσταγμα). Rose water is regularly utilized as a halal substitute for red wine and different alcohols in cooking.[citation needed] The Premier League offers a rose water-based refreshment as an option for champagne when granting Muslim players. In understanding with the prohibition on liquor utilization in Islamic nations, rose water is utilized rather than champagne on the platform of the Bahrain Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

:arrow_right: Restorative And Therapeutic Use Of Rose Water

In middle-age Europe, rose water was utilized to wash hands at a supper table during feasts. Rose water is a standard segment of perfume. A Rose water treatment is sporadically utilized as an emollient, and rose water is some of the time utilized in makeup like virus creams, toners, and face wash. Its calming properties make it a decent instrument against skin issues like rosacea and eczema.

Rose water has utilized in the strict functions of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity (in the Eastern Orthodox Church), Zoroastrianism, and Baháʼí Faith (in Kitab-I-Aqdas 1:76).

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Frequently Asked Questions—(FAQs)

:one: Would I be able to utilize rose water as toner day by day?

Day by day utilization of rose water will keep the skin liberated from additional oil and help forestall issues like zits, whiteheads, skin inflammation, and pimple. Utilizing rose water as toner is superior to utilizing synthetic-based toners which may dry out the skin. Rose water has relieving properties and can be utilized as an all-characteristic skin toner.

:two: How long does rose water toner last?

Fourteen days of witch hazel and add a couple of drops of rose otto oil until the wanted fragrance is accomplished. Empty rose water into the shower container and keep it in the refrigerator. It will most recent fourteen days. Additionally, we put the petals in the containers only for the photograph shoot, I don’t exhort placing them in your completed toner.

:three: Do we have to wash look in the wake of applying rose water?

No, just let the remainder of the rose water normally dry all over. The buildup will be valuable for your skin. Rose water will not fix slick skin as it is utilized to purge and hydrate, yet it certainly will not make your skin any sleeker.

:four: How often we can utilize rose water in a day?

Use it routinely (at any rate 3 times each week) and Rose Water will keep the skin liberated from additional oil and help forestall issues like zits, whiteheads, skin break out and pimples.

:five: Is Rose water a toner?

Rose water is, undoubtedly, a characteristic toner. It comes from the Rosa damascena blossom, generally known as the Damask rose, and is made by refining flower petals with steam.

:six: Would I be able to leave rose water all over for the time being?

Empty the blend into a splash bottle. Before dozing around evening time, shower the blend all over and knead it into the skin. Leave it short-term and wash the following morning.

:seven: Did will rose water eliminate dark circles?

In addition to the fact that rose waters revive the skin has skin easing up characteristics, henceforth it tends to be an incredible method of eliminating the dark circles. Drench cotton balls in rose water for a couple of moments and spot these balls under your eyes. Leave them for ten minutes and you’ll have the option to dispose of your dark circles until the end of time.

:eight: Does rose water cause skin inflammation?

Other than that, dissimilar to other fundamental oils and waters like tea tree, rose water isn’t known to cause any negative skin results. What ought to be remembered, notwithstanding, is that rose water has not yet been tried on patients with skin break out.

:nine: Does rose water expire?

Shockingly, rose water expires. The fundamental inadequacy of making custom-made, natural rose water is that, very much like everything in nature, it has a restricted timeframe of realistic usability. For some locally acquired brands of rose water, there is no lapse date on the mark.

:keycap_ten: Would it be advisable for you to drink rose water?

It Reduces Acne, Rosacea. If irritation is your concern, tdrinking rose water can help. “Rose water is an extraordinary mitigating, which is useful for lessening skin inflammation, rosacea, dermatitis, dermatitis, skin redness, and psoriasis,” clarifies superstar facialist Ildi Pekar.

:scroll: Conclusion

Rose water gives sound gleam to the skin and is useful for boosting hydration. Blend a limited quantity of rose water in your saturating cream and apply it all over for a reviving vibe. The cream will get handily ingested in the skin hydrating it from the inside. A few groups in India additionally utilize rose water as a splash applied straightforwardly to the face as an aroma and cream, particularly throughout the colder time of year; it is regularly sprinkled in Indian weddings to invite visitors. Rose syrup (not to be mistaken for rose hip syrup) is a syrup produced using rose water, with sugar added. Gulkand in South Asia is a sweet squashed rose blend. It is reasonable for all skin types including the most delicate skin.There’s an explanation rose water has been utilized for quite a long time.

As a characteristic toner, it has many skin benefits associated with its mitigating, antibacterial, and cancer prevention agent properties. However, it’s not by any means the only common toner you can attempt. Make certain to investigate the correct toner for your skin type. At the point when solid, brilliant skin anticipates, it merits the additional exertion.

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Rose Water is a very healthy skin toner. It is made from petals of a flower called rose. Rose is basically a reddish pink colored flower which has multiple petals on a green stick. The stick often has some thorns on it. From many centuries, poets of different language have been using rose a symbol of love and its thorns as the obstacles that come in the way of love. In the late 10th century, a Persian Muslim renowned scientist Avicenna found out that if we suck the moisture out of rose and further mix it with natural water then we can have immense benefit from it. Rose water is naturally pink in color but if we purchase it from a medical store then it is a transparent liquid that smells very nice.

Like many other liquids and toners, rose water does expire in the span of 6 months. The main use of rose water nowadays is for eye care. It is used as eye drops. These eye drops makes the eye stress less and the redness of eyes goes away as soon as you apply them. Eye drops usually come in plastic bottle and it is advised to keep them in a cold environment such as your refrigerator. Rose water is also used for skin care. If we apply rose water toner on our skin, then it will help us to clean our skin pores. Our skin pores are usually filled up with dirt and oil, and the most efficient way of removing dirt and oil from your face is to apply rose water on your face, leave it for a minute or two and then wash your face, you will definitely see the change.

Rose water as an anti-aging product!

For ages, rose water has been used by the royals of many empires as skin care product. Queen Elizabeth the first used to dip rose petal in water for a whole night and then apply its water when the leaves were fully dissolved into it. It has proved to be the Queen’s very favorite product during her reign. Many Muslim scientist during the Umayyad and Abbasid rule, were using rose water as a remedy and medicine for so many diseases. They also suggested their patients to drink rose water so that they can feel fresh and it was also used as a refreshing drink to cope up with the heat at that time.

Is rose water suitable for children and babies!

This is a very good question to ask. Rose water is good for everyone but if you overuse it, then like any other product, it will harm you. Also if you apply expired product then it will spread rashes on your skin. Nowadays, people are buying these sorts of products from medical store, first of all, they are not natural at all, and the companies have mixed various chemicals in it so that it can last long. These chemicals have totally harmed the originality of the rose water product. Most of the companies started making almost chemical free rose water toners but due to more demand they started adding preservatives in it.

Can I sleep with rose water on my face?

It is okay if you leave rose water on your face overnight , and wash it when you wake up, but if you sleep 12 hours a day then it might be bad because it is not like normal water and it can stuck into your skin pores and cause itchiness, dryness and peeling skin. In this way you can seriously damage your skin and it will cause an opposite reaction. However, if you wake up a couple of hours after midnight and then wash it then you will really see the affect after waking up. It has some important ingredients which act as an anti-agent cream and make our skin look fresh and younger. Many supermodels apply rose water toner on their face on a daily basis.

Should I refrigerate rose water?

The short answer is yes, it is highly recommended by doctors and chemist to store the rose water toner in your refrigerator so that it can last long, otherwise it will get expired soon and also it is not recommended to apply it when it is really warm. In this way it can cause a sudden oil burst on your skin which in turn will cause acne on your face, which will not look pleasant. Also, it is recommendable to store it in a glass rather than a plastic bottle so that it can last longer and have an everlasting effect on your skin. Also, in hot weather, people should not apply it on their skin while they are travelling because it will mix up with their sweat and will cause itchiness and rashes.


Till now we know that rose water toner is a liquid which is extracted from the petals of rose and then it is mixed with water so that we can use it in large quantity, but it expires after 6 months because of all the chemicals which are added into it. It is highly recommended to apply rose water toner on your skin whilst sleeping so that you can have a fresh charming skin the very next morning. It is very cheap in price and it also acts as an anti-aging cream because it has certain elements in it which reverse the aging process quite a bit.

Does rose water cause acne?

The short answer is yes, it reduces the amount of neutrophils which are type of white blood cells and it can be considered as a reason behind acne breakouts. However, if you are not overusing it then there is no need to worry.

Is rose water good for hair?

If you apply rose water toner on your scalp then it will treat dandruff and dryness and make your scalp look cleaner and makes the hair shaft more stronger and produces more hair follicles.