Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia flower is one of the most magnificent flowers in the world. Dahlia flowers are beautiful and have a striking appearance, there is something very special to it that can only be described by looking at a Dahlia flower. Each flower has its own meaning and symbolism that is linked only to that particular flower. Dahl is actually a homophone of the Swedish word dal which in translation means valley. Some even call Dahlia flowers as the valley flowers.

Scientific classification of Dahlia:

  • Plant type: Perennial
  • Genus: Dahlia
  • Family- Asteraceae
  • Order- Asterales
  • Native to- Mexico
  • Light Requirement- Full sunlight
  • Soil Requirement- Good drainage and moist soil
  • Flowering Season- Summer (Spring time planting required preferably April and May)
  • USDA Hardiness Zone- 8
  • Diseases- Powdery mildew, Crown rot, Root rot, Grey mould, Verticillium wilt, Dahlia smut, Phytophthora, Mosaic Virus
  • Pests to Avoid- Mite, Snail, Slug, Earwig, Aphids, Leaf Hopper, Red Spider Mite.

Flowers with its unique messages:

Whenever people didn’t have enough courage to say something, they would look for perfect ways to express their emotions without the need of words. Flowers, early on became a dominant symbol of our emotions and their variety helped us choose the perfect flower for that perfect person.

Flowers might seem like something that is not too relevant or enough as a gift, but when you dig deeper into their history you will understand how complicated and long the history of flower symbolism is.

Their beauty and ability to rise out of the ground has been fascinating to people. We fell in love with these beautiful and colorful and living-beings which made our lives more colorful and interesting. Flowers were used as symbols in peace and in war. We use them today to make our festivities more vibrant and colorful, and to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. For centuries, flowers have been favorite motifs in art and literature that painted artist’s vision flawlessly.

The common Dahlia symbolizes

  • Staying graceful under pressure especially in difficult or challenging situations:

This is one of the first associations to Dahlia flower. Dahlia flower has a special appearance and its beauty reminds us of a beautiful woman who always keeps her morals and her standards at a high level. If Dahlia flower was a person, it would have noble manners and graceful nature. We can learn a lot from this flower and always keep our behavior under control no matter how tough it might seem to us. Staying pleasant in life and respecting others is going to pay off to you in the future and it will completely change the way others see you as an individual.

  • Drawing upon inner strength to be successful:

Dahlia flowers can persevere through some pretty hard living conditions. We can learn from their behavior and try to tolerate everything that gets thrown in our way. We can only break down if we allow others break us down, so instead of giving up search for that final piece of strength. We can motivate ourselves to be the best and to withstand all of the tough moments if we only stay positive and strong throughout.

  • Traveling and making a major life change in a good way:

Dahlia flower symbolizes changes in a positive way. This flower is a symbol of change that is always moving forward and never dropping down. Even though changes can be quite hard, if we learn how to deal with them they will become much easier. Accept the positive changes and always push yourself towards something great.

  • Standing out from the crowd and following your own distinctive path:

It is no wonder that the Dahlia flower stands out from all the other flowers with its beauty and special look. But, what this beautiful flower is teaching us is that we should always stand out and be ourselves no matter what everybody else thinks of us. We owe it to ourselves to be distinctive and to pursue our dreams no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

  • Staying kind despite being tested by certain rough life events:

Dahlia flower symbolizes grace and kindness. Dahlia flower teaches us to be generous and kind to others because Karma is always watching. We shouldn’t only do it to invite positive energy we should be always kind to others because they need us and don’t deserve our anger. Approach others with kindness and love and you will get a lot more in return.

  • Finding a balance between relaxation and adventure:

This flower is the symbol of adventure but it also represents relaxation and finding correct balance in life. You should always pursue that happy balance between relaxation and action, because everything that is in excess is not good.

  • Commitment to another person or an ideal:

Dahlia flower symbolizes commitment and loyalty to another person no matter who this person is. You need to be in touch with your feelings and emotions and able to express them to the person you love. Commitment is something that can be hard for some people, but if you imagine always having your best friend by your side then it doesn’t sound too difficult.

  • Warning someone about a potential betrayal:

Honesty is the best policy and we should always be truthful while speaking. It might be difficult to tell others what you think and what is in your heart, but sugar coated lies hurt so much more than the bitter truth. Dahlia flower symbolizes truth and expressing your emotions. No matter what happens in life and how tough it might seem to you always be truthful and show others respect by telling them your honest opinion

Of course the meaning of an individual Dahlia bloom is also dependent on its different colors.

Dahlia flower became known to the rest of the world after the movie “Black Dahlia”. Movie tells the story about a young American woman who was found ■■■■ under unexplained circumstances in 1947.


Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and its unique significance. No matter which flower is your favorite there is a lot to know and learn about it. Dahl is actually a homophone of the Swedish word dal which in translation means valley. Some even call Dahlia flowers as the valley flowers. Cultures around the world adored flowers and used as symbols to express various social issues and emotions. Flower symbolism is still very mesmerizing to us today and we can learn more about folklore and habits of different cultures by exploring these beautiful living things.

Etymological Meaning of the Dahlia Flower

Dahlia is the name of the genus of these flowers making it easy to refer to the entire group at a time. The source of this name is highly contested. An original story stated that Carl Linnaeus named the flower after a student with the last name of Dahl, but Linnaeus himself died before the flower was given its name. It’s still not clear where the name actually originated, and some scientists also have unsuccessfully tried to change the genus name to Georgina.

Symbolism of the Dahlia Flower

The Victorians used the Dahlia to signify an ever-lasting bond and commitment between two individuals, but modern flower lovers can also buy a potted plant as a celebration of joining a new religion or trying a new healthy lifestyle. Dahlia is mostly considered a birth flower for August but some traditions use it as a November birth flower instead. It’s the national flower of Mexico because that it is native habitat. Some cultures also use it to represent diversity since each petal fits seamlessly into the whole head.

:small_blue_diamond: The Dahlia Flower Facts

The wild Dahlias initially grew in Mexico and other South American countries, primarily in mountainous valleys that were protected from harsh weather conditions in the spring and summer. They’re known for standing for quite a while making a beautiful display in the ground or a vase. Some varieties produce flowers up to 13 inches in diameter and the plants themselves can reach up to six feet high.

Dahlia Flower Color Meanings

Dahlia flowers are best organized by their color meaning variations. The most popular colors are mentioned:

  • Red: Which conveys power and strength to the person receiving the flower as a gift. Color red in general symbolizes passion and love, but it can also be a symbol of power and strength. We gift red Dahlias to people we care about and who we want to see rising up from the ashes and fighting the hurdles of life. They are very important to us and we want to see them successful in all stages of life. You can gift red Dahlias to your partner or a friend who is going through some difficult times in life. Bouquet of red Dahlias is going to send message of support and love that can’t be better expressed by any other flower.

  • Pink and purple: Two of the colors associated with kindness and grace. Color pink in general symbolizes everything that is good in this world. This color symbolizes grace and femininity, we can gift it to any person no matter what this person means to us. Pink and purple Dahlia is the perfect gift for your partner or loved one, if you want to show your love and you can gift it to someone who is in your eyes the representation of grace and dignity.

  • White: A symbol of staying focused and pure. White Dahlias can be given to anybody you love or you want to surprise. Color white symbolizes purity, clean soul and faith, so this is the perfect gift to give to someone you find innocent and pure soul. White Dahlias are perfect for weddings, since their universal symbolism of purity is a perfect decoration for event like this.

  • Blue and green: Perfect for occasions involving fresh starts and big changes. This flower color is the perfect gift for someone who is turning his or her entire life around and beginning a new chapter in life. You can even get yourself a beautiful bouquet of blue Dahlias for your home, if you just moved into a new place or you want to see some beautiful rich colors in your house.

  • The black Dahlia: The black color Dahlia flower symbolizes betrayal. Even though many consider and call this color of Dahlia flower black it is actually a dark burgundy color that is a universal symbol of negative emotions. Black Dahlia’s symbolism is extremely strong and has been there for centuries. People usually expressed the feeling of betrayal and sadness with this strong flower.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Dahlia Flower

The Dahlia is related to Asters and Sunflowers, but it’s not edible and used for medicinal purposes. The tubers are a bit poisonous, so make sure you plant them deeply in the soil and keep pets and children away from the plants.

The Dahlia Flower’s Message is…

Every flower has a secret message hidden behind it that helps us to understand the nature of a certain flower. Sometimes these messages are easy to understand and other times we have to look deeper into the symbolic meaning of a flower to figure it out. Celebrate what makes you different and unique. Seek out the new pleasures in life and keep moving through the hurdles of life, instead of letting them hold you back. Discover what the world holds for you and watch out for difficulties along the way.

Rough mountain landscapes of South America and Mexico were nothing for this gorgeous flower and it thrived proudly at the top of the world. Dahlia symbolism was extremely important in the past and it still fascinates with its beauty and resilience. This is the best flower to gift to someone you love and someone who means the world to you. Choose the right color of the Dahlia flower to surprise your loved ones and to send them a strong message of elegance and grace.

10 varieties of modern Dahlia flowers:

1. Single-flowered Dahlias:

Flowers in this group comprise of a single set of petals around the central disc. The blooms are about 10 cm in diameter.

2. Star Dahlias:

The blooms are quite small consisting of 2 or 3 rows of somewhat pointed petals which are slightly curved inwards forming a cup around the central disc.

3. Anemone-flowered Dahlias:

In this group, the flowers have a dense dome-shaped central disc of tubular florets covered by an outer ring of petals.

4. Collarette Dahlias:

The flowers of this group somewhat resemble the singles but there is an additional ring of small petals (the collar) which are about half the length of outer petals.

5. Paeony flowered Dahlias:

This group consists of semi-double blooms of a rows of petals surrounding a central disc. The blooms may be of large medium or small size.

6. Decorative Dahlias:

The blooms of this class are fully double and the central disc is not visible until the blooms are aged. The petals are flat and broad with a blunt point.

7. Cactus dahlias:

These also have fully double blooms like decorative Dahlias. Petals in this group are narrow and more pointed like cactus spines. Sometimes petals tend to curve backwards.

8. Double show & fancy Dahlias:

The blooms in this group are also fully double, almost globular with small central florets. The Margins of petals are tubular, incurved and blunt at mouth. The flowers are over 10 cm in diameter

9. Pompom Dahlias:

These resemble exactly the double show and fancy Dahlias in shape of bloom except that these are much smaller in size.

10. Dwarf bedding Dahlias:

The height of the plants in this group is between 30 and 60 cm which is much less than regular Dahlia plant but the formation of the flower may belong to any of the above groups.

Frequently Asked Questions :open_book:

What does a dahlia tattoo mean?

Dating back to the Victorian era, the meaning behind the dahlia flower can be recognized as expressing feelings of dignity and elegance. It can also be taken as a symbol of a connection or a commitment that will stand the test of time

What flower means love?

The red rose is known as the flower of love. The red rose symbolizes desires and deep emotions.

What flower means life?

Chrysanthemums. This cheerful flower has been said to symbolize joy, fidelity, optimism and long life. Often called mums these fun blossoms can also convey loyal love, hope and cherished friendship

What flower means unconditional love?

The freesia symbolizes unconditional love and honor.

Which flower is a symbol of first love?

Purple lilacs represent the beginning of a first love, and are a perfect gift for new lovebirds. The recipient of lilacs is sure to recall this bouquet given early on in the relationship every time the person smells lilacs, and every spring while lilac shrubs are in bloom.


Cultures around the world adored flowers and used as symbols to express various social issues and emotions. Flower symbolism is still very mesmerizing to us today and we can learn more about folklore and habits of different cultures by exploring these beautiful living things.

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Delilah Flower

If you know what a Delilah flower is? Maybe you have more knowledge about dahlias. The Delilah flower is a kind of dahlia with high flowers that can reach 6 inches in length. They are common in any colorful garden as essential, although cut flowers to liven up your house.

What Is The Meaning Of The Delilah Flower?

The Delilah flower is a dahlia. They are also part of the Asteraceae tribe, including beautiful flowers, including daisies, sunflowers, zinnias, and chrysanthemums. They are being seeded as reddish-brown, tiny quarterly stems in the spring. The Delilah flower prefers mild environments and damp land.

Miss Delilah, even though it is identified, has the look of a water lily. The color of the bloom ranges from pale pink and dark pink depending on the soil on which it develops. They are common as pick flowers and can be stored for high over a week in a cold, fresh climate with cool groundwater.

How To Grow A Delilah Flower?

Delilah flowers do not survive in cooler environments, so grow them until the heating rate is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’d like to get a head start, begin producing your Delilah flowers greenhouse one month before actually growing them outside.

Like the maximum sun, these flowers can flourish further if exposed to six to 8 hours of direct sunshine. It is better to plant your Delilah flower in a spot that receives sunlight but is still sheltered from the air. Unless the soil is thick, along with concrete, you should mix in aged compost, dried leaves, or maybe even soil to break it up and expand water flow.

How to Look Delilah Flowers?

If you’ve rooted your Delilah, there is no need for care and watering before the plant emerges; when you do water it, understand that it can cause rot disease. Even after the plant emerges from the soil, it should be watered twice or thrice per week for at least 30 minutes. It would help if you watered the flower with a sprinkler. Extend the watering cycle if you work in a hot environment.

The Delilah flower is a huge, lovely flower with 6-inch dahlias. Consequently, it necessitates special caution until it rains, while the water can pool within the flower and damage the petals. It can also be held safe from the air since it is weak.

How And When Can Delilah Bouquets Be Made?

The Dalilah flower looks stunning in a bouquet. They are ideal for decorating and bringing life inside your houses; an added benefit is that sometimes you cut your Delilah, the other blossoms you will have. If you want to choose to pick Delilah flowers for your wreath, break the branches early in the morning while the heat is not too high. Take the leaf off the buds and drop them in a vase filled with lukewarm water. Delilah flowers will last up to a week so that the water is checked regularly and kept in a cool spot.

Here are few more Delilah flower planting tips:

  • Split the branches sideways to the appropriate length using a pair of scissors.
  • Just cut blooms that are accessible or nearly open, as cutting them prevents buds from opening.
  • If necessary, attempt to reduce besides the leaf nodes and underside buds, as new shoots will emerge from here.
  • After taking your Delilah bulbs, create a fresh horizontal cut at the stem and immerse them in an almost water bath for close to an hour.
  • As in every beautiful flower, make sure to avoid any of the leaves below the storage tank before placing them there in a vase; leaves underneath the water line emit bacteria that reduce the flowers’ existence.

Few More Delilah Flower Stats

  • Dahlia is the generic name, but as it is mentioned, it applies to all dahlia varieties, such as Delilah. Dahlia flowers, when given as just a gift, reflect the devotion of two individuals. Since the various flowers have a perfect match to everyone in the head, many consider this floral to be a symbol of unity and tolerance. Because of its pink color, Delilah is also synonymous with love and kindness.
  • Among the many interesting details regarding the dahlia flower are the following:
  • The root of the flower’s name is uncertain. According to legend, Carl Linnaeus named the flower during one of his pupils named Dahl; furthermore, Linnaeus expired until the dahlia flower was identified.
  • Victorians used dahlia flowers to express their love for another human.
  • It is endemic to Mexico and serves as the country’s official flower.
  • Others are given a black dahlia to alert them about potential deceptions; the color is a burgundy color.
  • Dahlias are indeed stunning and long-lasting, but they are also nutritious. The vines and bulbs can be eaten, although not all kinds are delicious. The flavor varies from toasty to melons, carrots, apples, and even cauliflower.
  • Honeybees adore dahlia seeds, so plant them in your greenhouse if you’d like to draw them.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the meaning of the flower Delilah?

Pink Dahlia represents gentleness and kindness. Pink, in particular, represents all that is positive and kind in the universe. This color reflects masculinity and beauty, and we should offer it to everyone, no of what they mean to us.

Do Delilah’s return next year?

Dahlias, on the other side, are a kind of perennial flower. They re-sprout through their dormant tubers to flower next year in their warm natural environment. It would not occur in Chicago since the freezing winter soil will kill these stems.


To summarise, Delilah flowers are lovely and will make excellent enhancements to every landscape. They adore the ocean and the light. These flowers, which thrive in temperate climates, will shine up your house unless you create Delilah-only bouquets or pair them with many other flowers. When carefully monitored, they will live up to seven days. Be glad to carry this lovely flower to someone with whom you have a close connection to express your gratitude!