Definition of Environment:

  1. The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

  2. The sum total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage. See also environmental factors.

  3. The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

Synonyms of Environment

Habitat, Territory, Domain, Home, Abode, Ambience, Ambient, Atmosphere, Backdrop, Background, Cincture, Circling, Circumambience, Circumambiency, Circumcincture, Circumflexion, Circumjacence, Circumposition, Circumstances, Climate, Conditions, Containment, Context, Ecosystem, Embracement, Encincture, Encirclement, Enclosure, Encompassment, Enfoldment, Envelopment, Environs, Existing conditions, Full particulars, Girding, Girdling, Habitat, Inclusion, Ins and outs, Involvement, Locale, Medium, Milieu, Mise-en-scene, Set of conditions, Setting, Situation, Status, Status quo, Surrounding, Surroundings, Territory, Total situation, Whole picture, The natural world, Nature, The living world, The world, The earth, The ecosystem, The biosphere, Mother Nature, Gaia

How to use Environment in a sentence?

  1. The impact of pesticides on the environment.
  2. The environment was focused on in the meeting as we wanted to have sustainable business practices to foster continued success.
  3. Survival in an often hostile environment.
  4. My classmate was really concerned with pollution, animals and a lot of other things concerning the environment and its well being.
  5. You must make sure that your factory is not doing anything to pollute the environment or you may get some heavy fines.

Meaning of Environment & Environment Definition

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