Delilah flower

Delilah flower is a tuberous plant from Mexico they are in the Daisy group, so have circular flowers with ray florets in various colors and shapes they grow from small tubers planted in the spring.
dahlia flowers can be in such size like tiny 2-inch lollipop-style pompoms to large size 15-inch flower. Most diversities grow about 4 to 5 feet tall.

Symbolic Meaning of the Delilah Flower

Delilah flower is called the Miss Delilah flower, it is the flower of the dahlia diversity called Miss Delilah flower is often associated with various meanings that may range from messages of enduring grace to signals of warning Delilah flowers are the official birth flowers for August although other traditions recognize it as the November birth flowers as well. Delilah flowers hold different symbolism depending on their colors. They range in color from pink and red to orange and yellow

colorful Delilah flower

Whether alone or mixed with other blooms, dahlias are sure to delight However Delilah flower symbolizes change, creativity,dignity,elegance,inner strength and lifelong commitment between two people.

At one time, the Delilah had religious feelings in Victorian Europe; however, today it indicates strong emotion and a spirit of “wildness.” If you know someone who is on the verge of a big change, a step forward, upcoming travel or a new chapter in life, the dahlia can be the perfect gift.

Characteristics of dahlia flower

  • The most impressive characteristics of the delilah flower is its ringed petals.
  • These flowers are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and flowering patterns.
  • In the spring time they grow from small planted tubers .
  • Delilah love moderate, moist climates. Though not well suited to extremely hot climates
  • They symbolize elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity
  • Some others believe that it is a representation of diversity etc

Delilah Flower Types

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) classification identifies 14 different groups of Delilah flowers, grouped by flower types, as follows:

  1. Single Delilah flower

  2. Anemone-Flowered Delilah flower

  3. Collerette Delilah flower

  4. Waterlily Delilah flower

  5. Decorative Delilah flower

  6. Ball Delilah flower

  7. Pompon Delilah flower

  8. Cactus Delilah flower

  9. Semi-Cactus Delilah flower

  10. Miscellaneous Delilah flower

  11. Fimbriated Delilah flower

  12. Single Orchid Delilah flower

  13. Double Orchid Delilah flower

  14. Peony-Flowered Delilah flower

Here are various groups of Delilah flower, with distinctive flower characteristics some of the main types of dahlias are described as follows.

1.Single Delilah Flower

A single type dahlia flower has a characteristic open centered disc which comprises of tiny florets in the middle of the flower. Petals will usually form one row around the center The petals may be rounded or pointed and may overlap .Single dahlia is quite small and about 4 inches or 10 cm across. This type of dahlia is attractive to pollinators

Delilah flower

Varieties of single Delilah flower

Delilah Omo

Pale white petals with a central yellow disc. The stems and leaves are dark green and the plant produces a very good crop of flowers. In this type flowers grow about 40 cm tall.

Preston Park

The center is purple, with yellow anthers forming a ring around it. This type of flower has almost black stem and foliage. This Delilah reaches a height of 45 cm (18 inches) and flowers are 2 inches or 5 cm wide.

Delilah Harvest Amanda

This Delilah grows to a height of 50 cm (20 inches).This flower is orange in colour, with green foliage.

2.Cactus dahlia flowers

Cactus Delilah flowers have fully double blooms, with very narrow petals from the tip to the base, that curve outwards They have beautiful spiny petals that are rolled up along more than two-thirds of their length.

cactus Delilah flower

3. Pompon dahlia flower

The pom pom Delilah flower is probably one of the happiest flowers around. It just screams summer and bright, shiny times. Pompon dahlias are perfect spheres, formed of petals that are curved inwards. Their flowers are tiny in size as compare to ball dahlias

Delilah flower

4.Ball Delilah flower

Ball Delilah are larger than pompon Delilah flower and have a spiral arrangement of curved petals that form a ball or a slightly flattened sphere

Delilah flower

How to grow Delilah flower from Seed Step by Step

The following video will be helpful enough to guide that how to grow Delilah flower from seed step by step.

When to plant Delilah flower?

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to plant; dahlias will struggle in cold soil. Ground temperature should reach 60°F.

  2. We plant them a little after the tomato plants go in

  3. Start with large, healthy dahlia tubers.

  4. Break up the soil where you will plant your Delilah flower

  5. Dig a hole about 4-7 inches deep, wide enough to spread out the tubers.

  6. Work bone meal into the soil about 1 inch below where you will plant the Delilah tubers. Sprinkle about 1 inch of soil on top of it, before planting your Delilah tubers.

  7. Plant Delilah tubers 4-6 inches deep, 12-24 inches apart, depending upon the mature size of the plant.

  8. Delilah flowers won’t thrive in areas that are soggy and prefer soil that is rich enough to support their “heavy feeding” needs.

9.Leave Delilah tubers attached, do not pull them apart

10.Plant Delilah tubers 4-6 inches deep, 12-24 inches apart.

Choosing a planting site

  1. Select a planting site with full sun.

  2. Delilah flowers grow more blooms with 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight.

  3. They love the morning sunlight best.

  4. Choose a location with a bit of protection from the wind.

Find a location where the soil drains well.

Some gardeners start tubers indoors in containers a month ahead to get a jump on the season. Medium to small size dahlias will surely grow well in containers.

If you have a heavier (clay) soil, add in sand, peat moss, or aged manure to lighten and loosen the soil texture for better drainage.

Dig up the soil where you planned to plant your Delilah flower.

Large Delilah flowers and those grown solely for cut flowers are best grown in a dedicated plot in rows on their own, free from competition from other plants.

How to Grow Delilah flowers in Pots

Delilah flowers grow well in pots, though you need to be very careful not to let them repeatedly dry out Due to their height and weight, many gardeners may feel skeptical about planting them in pots. However, dahlias can thrive in large containers; tall varieties also need a stake for extra support.

Delilah flower

Delilah flower season in Different Countries

Different countries have different months of planting dahlia flowers depending on their location and your climate.

Delilah flower season in Pakistan

Dahlia tubers are usually planted during August, September and October in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and in cities/towns throughout the plains with seeds sown during the same period.

Delilah flower season in UK

For most in the UK, this is at the end of May, but in Scotland this is more typically early to mid of June.

Delilah flower season in Canada

Delilah Tubers can be planted from Mid-April until Early June in Canada, depending on your location and your climate. Delilah flowers love to be in a sunny area that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is preferred.

Delilah are large enough to add presence to a border or to stand alone as a featured plant. The multitude of different varieties offers countless different flower shapes and color Delilah flower grows in an area that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is preferred.

How to Store Delilah Tubers

Pack in a loose, fluffy material.

Store in a well-ventilated, frost-free place at around 45°F (7°C).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Delilah flower like sun or shade?

Plant them in a location where it faces sun which will give them direct sunlight of about 6-8 hours and enjoy flourish all summer. The more you cut a Dahlia plant the more it will bloom.

2. Do Delilah flowers come back year after year?

When temperatures plummet the leaves and remaining blooms collapse in a heap All is not lost. The tubers that grow down side of the ground are not harmed and can live to bring about again year after year by giving a little care from you.

3. Can I leave my Delilah flower in the ground over winter?

If you live in hardiness zones where winter temperatures rarely fall below 20° F, you may leave your dahlia tubers right in the ground. Simply cut the plants back to several inches above soil level. They will start growing again in spring.

4.How do I store my Delilah flowers over winter?

Drying is important to saving dahlia flowers over winter and preventing them from rotting. Cut off the foliage and carefully dig out the tubers. Brush off excess dirt and let the tubers dry for a few days.

5. How long can you store Delilah tubers?

You can store Delilah tubers until they’re dry completely . This process takes approximately three weeks

6. What does the Black Delilah flower represent?

Black Delilah flower, which are actually dark burgundy, convey negative meanings compared to the other shades. Since they have the strongest hue of all dahlias, they often symbolize betrayal, sadness, and other negative emotions

7. What flower is a symbol of death?

Chrysanthemum In America, this gorgeous flower has many meanings, but it is often used as an expression of support or an encouragement to get well soon In many countries in Europe, the chrysanthemum is placed on graves of the people and viewed as a death symbol.


Whether combined with other cut flowers or used on their own in any floral arrangement, Delilah flower is always spectacular and became popular choice among gardeners , brides and florists also.

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Dahlia flower
Dahlia is a bushy, tuberous, herbaceous, perrenial plant member of Asteraceae Asteracea family of dicotyledonous plants. its garden relatives include sunflowers, chrysanthamums, daisy and zinnia.
Dahlias are considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers. They have a great variety of color, shapes and sizes. Dahlias are natives of mountaneous regions of Mexico although these are also being grown now in warm countries, but they are actually temperate plants requiring cooler conditions.Dahlias are enjoyed throughout the world in parks and gardens, flower bouquets, decorative centerpieces and gift arrangements. They give bright colour addition, intense complexity and and appealing textures to the floral arrangements. They surely bring delight weather alone or mixed with other flowers.
Characteristics of Dahlias
The most important characteristic of Dahlia is its ringed petals. Variety of flower colors ranging from white, pinks, yellows, reds, orange and purples. Flowers are mostly solid in color but may also be patterned in strips with different colors at the edges. These characteristics makes Dahlia one of the most spectacular garden flowers. dahlia is a national flower of Mexice where its vibrant blooms can be seen growing on the mountain sides.They can vary in size from one foot in diameter to to small pompoms.
Symbolic Meaning of Dahlia Flower
In Victorian Europe Dahlia was used in religious connotation but now a days it is used as an expression of strong emotions and and spirit of “wildness”. Dahlia is a symbol of commitment and everlasting union since Victorian era. These are common wedding flowers for their elegant look and also its symbolic meaning. With complex petals and colors dahlia flowers look like fireworks in celebrations. Dahlia indicates inner strength, creativity and elegance.
dahlia can be a good choice as a gift for people who are going to start a new chapter of life or are planning for upcoming travel and specially for a person in a verge of big change and a step forward.
Dahlia Flower Types
The Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) has given a classification list of fourteen groups, based on flower types. Their names,symbols and examples of flower varieties is listed below:
Group 1 Single-flowered dahlias (Sin) e.g Twyning’s After Eight
Group 2 Anemone-flowered dahlias (Anem) e.g Boogie Woogie
Group 3 Collerette dahlias (Col) Apple Blossom, Lilian Alice Starsister
Group 4 Watelily dahlias (WL) Cameo Dahlstar, Sunset pink
Group 5 Decorative dahlias (D) Berliner Kleene, Woodland Merinda
Group 6 Balldahlias (Ba) e.g Barbarry ball
Group 7 Pompon dahlias (Pom) e.g Small World
Group 8 Cactus dahlias © e.g Karma sangria (cactus cultiver), ‘Nuit d’Eté’ (Cactus), Jaldec Joker (small cactus)
Group 9 Semi-cactus dahlias (S-c) Mick’s Peppermint
Group 10 Miscellaneous dahlias (Misc.) Moon-fire
Group 11 Fimbriated dahlias (Fim) Marlene Joy
Group 12 Single orchid (star) dahlias (Sin O) e.g Alloway Candy
Group 13 Double orchid dahlias (Dbl O) e.g Pink Giraffe
Group 14 Peony-flowered dahlias § (Bishop of Llandaff)

Delilah flower or more precisely Miss Delilah flower is Dahliya flower
The variety, known as Miss Delilah, was introduced in 2002. It is popular because it produces large flowers that grow numerous plants, including about four feet long and long stems, with a diameter-– inch diameter and a mixture of pink and pink. Makes it popular with.