Definition of Strength:

  1. A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

  2. Capacity to resist force or pressure.

  3. The quality or state of being physically strong.

  4. Capital, knowledge, skill, or other advantage that a firm has or can acquire over its competitors in meeting the needs of its customers. See also SWOT analysis.

  5. The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.

  6. The potency or degree of concentration of a drug, chemical, or drink.

  7. The number of people comprising a group, typically a team or army.

Synonyms of Strength

Ability, Amount, Amperage, Ampleness, Amplitude, Aptitude, Arm, Armipotence, Asset, Authoritativeness, Authority, Backbone, Beef, Bite, Bitingness, Black power, Body, Boundlessness, Brawn, Brawniness, Brute force, Bulk, Burden, Charge, Charisma, Clout, Cogence, Cogency, Cohesiveness, Compulsion, Concentration, Concreteness, Core, Cuttingness, Demonic energy, Density, Determination, Dint, Drive, Durability, Duress, Dynamism, Effect, Effectiveness, Effectuality, Endurance, Energy, Enormity, Enormousness, Ergal, Expanse, Extent, Firmness, Fixity of purpose, Flower power, Force, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Formidableness, Fortitude, Full blast, Full force, Fullness, Gameness, Gaminess, Gift, Gigantism, Gist, Grandeur, Grandness, Great scope, Greatness, Grit, Guts, Gutsiness, Haleness, Hardiness, Hardness, Healthiness, Heartiness, High flavor, Highness, Hugeness, Immensity, Impressiveness, Incisiveness, Infinity, Influence, Infrangibility, Intensity, Intestinal fortitude, Intrepidity, Iron will, Kinetic energy, Largeness, Lastingness, Leatherlikeness, Longevity, Lustiness, Magisterialness, Magnitude, Main force, Main strength, Mana, Mass, Materiality, Matter, Measure, Measurement, Meat, Might, Might and main, Mightiness, Moral courage, Moral fiber, Mordancy, Moxie, Muchness, Muscle, Muscle power, Nerve, Nervosity, Nervousness, Numbers, Palpability, Perseverance, Persistence, Pertinacity, Pith, Pizzazz, Plenitude, Pluck, Poignancy, Ponderability, Poop, Potence, Potency, Potential energy, Potentiality, Power, Power pack, Power structure, Power struggle, Powerfulness, Prepotency, Prodigiousness, Productiveness, Productivity, Puissance, Pull, Punch, Purport, Push, Quantity, Quantum, Rankness, Reliability, Resistance, Resoluteness, Resolution, Robustness, Ropiness, Ruggedness, Security, Sense, Sinew, Sinewiness, Solidity, Soundness, Spunk, Stability, Stableness, Stamina, Steadiness, Steam, Stiffness, Stoutness, Strength of mind, Strength of purpose, Strenuousness, Stringiness, Strong arm, Strong language, Strong point, Strongness, Stubbornness, Stupendousness, Sturdiness, Substance, Substantiality, Substantialness, Sum, Sum and substance, Superiority, Superpower, Talent, Tangibility, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Toughness, Tremendousness, Trenchancy, Unbreakability, Unbreakableness, Validity, Vastness, Vehemence, Vigor, Vigorousness, Vim, Virility, Virtue, Virulence, Viscidity, Vitality, Wattage, Weight, Whole, Will, Will of iron, Will power, Robustness, Sturdiness, Firmness, Toughness, Soundness, Solidity, Solidness, Durability, Stability, Strong point, Advantage, Asset, Forte, Strong suit, Long suit, Aptitude, Talent, Gift, Skill, Strength, Powerfulness, Power, Power, Brawn, Brawniness, Muscle, Muscularity, Burliness, Sturdiness, Robustness, Toughness, Hardiness, Lustiness, Size, Extent, Magnitude, Largeness, Greatness

How to use Strength in a sentence?

  1. They were taking no chances with the strength of the retaining wall.
  2. It is important to have strength so no one can ever take anything from you ever again as this is vital for success in life.
  3. The marketing plan for the launch had many strength s, the biggest of which was the fact that the competition had no idea of all the features of the product, which gave us a huge advantage over everyone else.
  4. Its double the strength of your average beer.
  5. The strengths and weaknesses of their sales and marketing operation.
  6. Cycling can help you build up your strength.
  7. Anthony was a well-respected wrestler, known not only for his incredible physical strength on the mat, but also for the strength of character he continually demonstrated when dealing with the corruption that plagued his profession.
  8. The peacetime strength of the army was 415,000.

Meaning of Strength & Strength Definition