Wedding Themes

Wedding themes are the most important part of any wedding event. The wedding theme represents the taste and likings of the couple. There are endless choices for wedding themes including rustic, shimmery, bohemian style, all floral, beach wedding theme, glamorous, classic Bollywood, vintage, etc. It is convenient to choose wedding themes early from the get-go in the arranging cycle. It assists with forming the look and feel of the whole day including shading topics, table, and stylistic layout thoughts alongside clothing and dresses. There are no rigid principles for themes. The bride is not bound to choose any specific theme. A couple can join wedding topics or make something new altogether that makes the day except to them.

Wedding Themes 2021:

Wedding theme selection is an exciting task but it can be a daunting task as well. With so many choices available, people get confused about which one should they choose. Don’t fret! We have compiled a list of different types of wedding themes for each season.

Wedding Themes For Fall:

Wedding Themes Pro Tips
1. Pumpkin Patch Choose in-season, local flowers
2. Farm-Fresh Celebration Overstate your utilization of lights and candles.
3. Moroccan Do utilize however many Moroccan mats as could be expected under the circumstances
4. Sunflowers This wedding theme is best for the summer and spring season
5. Beach Wedding To avoid the hot sun, make sure there must be shaded seating. So that you can enjoy the event.
6. Nautical Wedding Themes Use navy blue flower more often
7. Ice blue wedding themes Don’t forget to use silver and metallic for decorations

Simple Wedding Themes For Winter

Wedding Themes Pro-Tip
1. Winter Wonderland For theme, colour use white, blue, and silver
2. Candy land Christmas Do have a huge sweets buffet for visitors to appreciate
3. Closer to Nature Try not to exaggerate the accent as you need the regular environmental factors to stick out
4. Desert chic wedding themes Replace the traditional flowers with cacti flower
5. Secret Garden Themed Wedding Do utilize topic things like a key, a lock, blossoms names, and seeds all in your theme
6. Ancient Greece Discover a setting with segments that will make for the ideal scenery
7. The 20s Short dresses for women and black for men will make this theme even more adorable.
8. The 50s Have some polka dots for the bride

Movie-Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Theme Pro-Tip
1. Great Gatsby To utilize a bar of gold and dark shading subject
2. Game of Thrones Do pick a dazzling scene, for example, a mountain hotel, palace, or forest space
3. Harry Potter Style Do choose a scene like a college, library, or gothic style corridor
4. Rustic Theme Plan a wedding in a stable or an open-air rural setting
5. Barn Wedding Do get innovative with seating and think about long tables
6. Winery Wedding Book a setting that is a functioning winery or grape plantation

Colorful Top Wedding Themes

Wedding Theme Pro-Tip
1. Neon Neon doesn’t simply need to be a sign yet the tones can be ideal for a mid-year wedding when splendid tones are generally utilized.
2. Pastel This theme is ideal for a spring wedding
3. Pop-Art Make sure to use bold bright colours and lightings in your theme
4. Macramé design To utilize a macramé style background

Best Wedding Themes:

Choosing the best marriage theme can take your conventional pre-marriage ceremony from average to awesome with slightly additional arranging. Utilize your wedding style to decide the best topic that accommodates your character and fuse components from that subject all through the service and gathering.
Here we have discussed a few wedding themes which are trending these days. Here we have mentioned a list of the most trendy wedding theme ideas. Choose any of this theme according to your taste and preferences:

1. Woodland or Gardenia

A subject that has been a fury for a long time now, nature or nursery-driven weddings are a hit. Be it setting up a mandap directly in a backwood or curating a whole nursery inside, there are countless approaches to this. What’s more, indeed, you can facilitate amp everything up by picking your invitations looks, favors and so forth, likewise. For the style, implant a ton of foliage and florals together as settings, roofs, mandaps, or idiosyncratic corners. Deck them up with lights, candles, crystal fixtures, and another basic stylistic layout.

2. Shimmer and Bling:

In case you’re constantly hypnotized with shimmery and glossy components and bling is your thing at that point, then this unique shimmery wedding theme is for you. While you can pick special shimmery components, gem strings, sparkle or sequin wraps and tablescapes, pixie lights, and so forth, for the stylistic theme, slip into those dazzling flickering outfits as well. Outfits in metallic tones loaded down with sequin or mirror work or gotta Patti work, writing material and wedding invitation cards emphasized with silver or gold calligraphy, gota themed marriage seating and so forth, the alternatives to investigate are unending

3. Bollywood Drama:

This is quite possibly the most trendy and followed wedding theme inspired by Bollywood movies. Growing up watching Bollywood films and squashing over the stars, it’s impossible a major Bollywood buff would give this topic a miss. Furthermore, no, this isn’t just about the music but it’s likewise about fusing themed components in your style to make your dream wedding stand out.

4. Harry Potter:

Indeed, the books and the motion pictures have been throughout quite a while past however let’s be honest, Harry Potter never truly gets over, right? Everyone’s obsession with Harry Potter and his movie is exemplary. The love and passion stay, consistently! Furthermore, in case you’re a Potterhead fan, you truly can’t pass up this top stylish wedding subject. Directly from the stylistic layout to the potter sorcery food and beverages spread, there’s in a real sense such a lot of you can do!

5. A Glamorous Affair:

Roofs decorated with flowy window hangings and ceiling fixtures, gold accents featuring the spot, extravagant candelabras, and focal points adding that edge and surrounding illuminating setting the disposition! All things considered, this most likely characterizes a space made with marvelousness and some luxury! Assuming this is something that suits your preferences, a marvelous topic is a thing that you need for your wedding.

6. Boho Chic:

Like rustic theme weddings, the boho-chic wedding subject is more about going all varied and novel while coordinating with shadings and components. Dreamcatchers, fringed cascading elements, tufts, macramé, bordered falling components, bunches of whites, photograph outlines, particular mats and seatings, hued pieces, and multi-toned florals are a portion of the things that makes the boho chic wedding theme stand out in the crowd.

7. Rustic Themed Wedding:

A crude or rustic-themed wedding topic, then again, is more about common and natural components and tints. Perhaps the most trendy and mainstream wedding topics, a rural-themed stylistic layout can be arranged utilizing wooden furnishings, twigs and branches, blooms, foliage, trim and jute, and lights. Go for a blossom decked stripped wedding cake, unobtrusive toned outfits, and floral wedding invitation cards alongside.

8. Mirror Theme:

Mirror theme is undoubtedly a **good wedding theme. **Trendsetters have come up with the most unique wedding theme to be cherished by couples, mirrors are very in the pattern. Even though mirror-work has been pervasive in outfits since like everlastingly now, mirrors have been denoting the stylistic theme an area in a particularly perfect way. Directly from reflected mandaps and sceneries to highlights, roofs, establishments, and corners, and in any event, wedding photography, there are plentiful approaches to consolidate them in your wedding!

9. Tropical Fiesta:

The tropical fiesta wedding theme is best for outdoor weddings. It compensates for extraordinary compared to other wedding topics! While you can go all brilliant and simple on your outfits for this subject, there’s such a lot you can do with the style. New blossoms and natural products, rich greens, flamingo-themed components, tropical prints, a themed bar, and so forth, combined with fun games and back rubs, this subject is just going to be tied in with having that chiller time. Likewise, remember watercolor or botanical solicitations and writing material and that bloom decked wedding cake.

10. Go Gold:

Gold is one flawless tint to subject your wedding around. Be it in the stylistic layout, your wedding looks, your wedding cake or even wedding invitation is going distinct gold on an inconspicuous base of ivory or beige is unquestionably a hit!

11. All Floral:

Going substantial on florals is exceptionally liked by couples and we’ve seen this wedding topic with pictures that aren’t anything not exactly a visual treat to the eyes. Be it the stage or the mandap intensely loaded down with florals, corners, and highlights denoting the stylistic layout, the wedding cake, and solicitations or two or three’s outfits, firmly flower can truly look astonishing whenever set up insightfully.

12. Moderation On Point

Moderation isn’t just a wedding subject yet additionally a lifestyle and we’ve seen a ton of couples selecting to go negligible with their wedding antics. Be it a straightforward bamboo mandap with the smallest of beautifications or wearing negligible looks while wearing the most lightweight outfits, an insignificant wedding theme consistently charms everybody!

13. Desi Punjabi Vibes

Full with dynamic tints, eccentric Punjabi components, luscious food and alcohol, and perky music, a Punjabi wedding topic ought to be about that uproarious energy in each way.

14. Moroccan Theme

Relating to being a standout amongst other wedding subjects off late, a Moroccan topic oozes a warm and regal air like no other. First off, a Moroccan subject is about designs, rich tones and materials, falling components, comfortable pouf style seating, and other tasteful components. Consolidating Moroccan lights and lamps, mats, designed dance floors and stages, window hangings, and candles is the means by which you should imagine this subject.

15. Nautical Theme

A profoundly customized subject, this peculiarity without a doubt stands separated from the rest. Done in sorbet shades of blues and white combined with other ocean components, further improve it up with insignificant traces of a splendid tint to carry that flash to the topic.

16. Summery Shenanigans

A summery wedding topic is tied in with curating restoring energies that are a much-needed refresher. Obviously, the tones to explore different avenues regarding are a great deal, for example, yellows, blues, pinks, peaches, lilacs, and white or considerably more brilliant ones however, the point is to make a vibe that is windy, comfortable, and sets a somewhat lighter and heartier state of mind!

17. Go All White

Having your pre-marriage ceremony soaked in the serenity and smoothness of white compensates for a beautiful extraordinary and unconventional wedding topic. Directly from the stylistic theme to your outfits, you can have your whole soiree look flawless. Finish everything off with an inconspicuous scramble of beige and gold to highlight it such that it looks practically heavenly.

18. Poolside Fun

As a very remarkable fun festival, a poolside soiree is, it’s the stylistic theme and two or three looks are similarly stunning. Go either all pastel-tinted or all lively and energetic, fuse fun games, deck up the pool as well or have a gliding mandap, the choices are plentiful. For pre and post-wedding services pick peculiar and extraordinary toned outfits to make a fun and particular look.

19. Nursery Charm

A fantastic and heartfelt interpretation of nature-themed wedding, this clearly means being perhaps one of a kind wedding topics! A rich setting curated utilizing bunches of lights, greens, and pretty table settings, we’re squashing over this one!

20. Illuminate It

While lights assume a damn significant part in a wide range of wedding styles, a stylistic layout that gloats of plentiful lights making their very own universe is unmatched. Directly from candles and lamps to pixie lights, smaller than normal bulbs, and ceiling fixtures, you in a real sense can incorporate everything together. In any case, facilitating this somewhat unique illuminating wedding theme needs legitimate arranging since you most likely don’t have any desire to go blinding your visitors due to inadequately placed lights all over the venue isn’t that so?

21. Pretty Pastels

The world can never be appreciative enough for those exquisite pastel shades evidently. It is perhaps the most adored wedding subject with pictures continually ending up being beguiling! Directly from the style and outfits to each and every part of your wedding, everything planning in those sorbet shades will be a treat to the eyes.

22. Fine Dine and Classy

Go all extravagant and complex with a stylistic theme that discusses extravagant flatware, exquisite highlights, smooth botanical improvements, and a comfortable warm setting. While the man of the hour slips into an exemplary dark tux or an ivory sherwani, the ladies can pick a lehenga or an outfit set apart with bling combined up with precious stone adornments, and presto, it’s good to go!

23. Magical Aura

Step into the domains of divine nature and sacred functions by going all magical and superb with your wedding topic. A style that alleviates individuals’ hearts several looks that will remove their breaths is what is the issue here.

24. Customary Gala

Go all work of art and immortal with a customary stylistic layout set apart with roses, tuberoses, marigolds, and lotuses. Pick for your looks an exemplary red marriage lehenga and an ivory or gold sherwani. It’s a record-breaking wedding subject and has its very own appeal.

25. Vegetation and Fauna

A topic that is ideal for creature or nature sweethearts, this topic is about plentiful florals and creatures. Be it particular establishments in the stylistic layout, unpredictable themes in outfits and extras, or injecting them into cakes or mehndi plans, the ways are umpteen.

26. Marvelous Disneyland

Let’s be honest, we as a whole (particularly the 90s kids) actually hold an uncommon spot in our souls for each one of those Disney characters and fantasy stories. Also, what better approach to praise the day that you’ve been longing for than to do it in Disney style. While the world has effectively seen Indian weddings being facilitated at the Disneyland, making a Disney world at your own wedding is conceivable. While you settle on a Disney-themed stylistic layout, try to sneak in a somewhat princessy outfit for one of your functions to live your very own fantasy.

27. Mughal Elegance

Made with bespoke great energies, a Mughal wedding subject is the one that looks totally shocking and rich! A Mughal stylistic theme would incorporate curtains and upholstery set apart with Mughal themes, the designs are done in vault shapes, minarets, and domes, and would incorporate components like Mughal time vessels, candelabras, votives, and blossoms.

28. Sentiment Everywhere

A heartfelt wedding subject is tied in with playing with the shading range and blossoms. What’s more, obviously, marvelous components and pixie lights! Pinks, peaches, nudes, ruby, and lavender are a few tones that you can go for. Blend and match them, group them up with white and traces of foliage, add tasteful components, finish it off with lights and you’re all set!

29. Rajasthani

Indeed, a Rajasthani meal subject isn’t something new be that as it may, it without a doubt is outstanding amongst other wedding topics and obviously, a famous one as well. The beautiful stylistic theme set apart with Rajasthani upholstery and window hangings, manikins, vivid umbrellas, and other customary components doubtlessly gets everyone feeling merry. Fun live stations and Rajasthani favor slow down keep individuals engaged while adding multi-folds to the whole subject. What’s more, goodness, we should not forget the credible Rajasthani food that you can remember for your menu!

30. Round of Thrones

All things considered, assuming you fall under the specialty of GOT sweethearts, a wedding or if nothing else a function themed around it is an absolute necessity! What’s more, trust us when we say that this truly is quite possibly the most mainstream wedding subject. Indeed, don’t simply adhere to fusing Game of Thrones components in your stylistic theme however have that mixed drink menu redid or keep a clothing regulation appropriately as well.

31. Lively and Colorful

In case you’re about more brilliant tones and energetic self, it’s absolutely impossible you can turn out badly with enthusiastic and dynamic tones. Be it pink, red, orange, purple, green, yellow, or blue, the range is gigantic. While you approach having your stylistic layout done in such shades, you can select multi-hued outfits for your looks or shading contrast imaginatively.

32. Eco-Friendly

Going environmentally friendly has become a fury in the new occasions and superbly so! Going zero or insignificant on wastage, DIY-ing components, or consolidating stylistic theme pieces that have been upcycled is staggering plainly. Be it your wedding blessings, wedding invitation card, the style, or even that sagan ka life, every single component can be climate cordial!

33. Castle Wedding

Getting hitched in a castle isn’t anything not exactly a fantasy for so numerous and compensates for one insane imperial wedding topic! Decking up those extravagant properties bragging clear skies and grand settings is one fantastic method of getting married.

34. Cherry Blossom

Being one of the most recent wedding topics and obviously an exceptionally venerated one, we just needed to incorporate it! While you can douse yourselves in lovely sorbet tones and a tiny bit of bling, having your stylistic layout taking in the fragrance of pretty cherry blooms is a damn engaging thought, right? Furthermore, all things considered, a cherry bloom wedding cake doesn’t sound awful by the same token!

35. Fantasy Wonderland

Step into the universe of an unconventional wonderland that is straight out you had always wanted and is about marvelous and LIT natural style, a few outfits, pixie lights, and an enormous beauteous wedding cake.

Top 5 Trendy Wedding Theme Colors:

Wedding theme colors will be probably the most characterizing highlights of your huge day. While they’re not as noticeable as, say, your dress or your first dance as love birds, your wedding theme color range inconspicuously integrates every one of the subtleties, from the blossoms to the signage and the table stylistic layout, into one firm topic. Planning an unmistakable wedding shading plan will make it appear as though you considered everything for your pre-marriage ceremony. At the point when visitors leave toward the night’s end, a reliable color theme range is one detail that they will not neglect. All things considered, on the off chance that you put in the work to make escort cards that match the bridesmaid’s dresses and the mark drink, your friends and family will pay heed.
Here we have displayed our most favorite top five trendy wedding theme colors:

1. Pink, Blue, and Ivory

Embrace your energetic side with an unusual pink and blue shading range. Equilibrium out both charming tints with an impartial base shade like white or cream to help this blending feel present day. Regardless of whether you incline toward profound hints or investigation with light pastels, shades of pink and blue are incredible for couples who need a wedding that is heartfelt and brilliant.

2. Emerald and Ruby:

Indeed, your wedding tones can be red and green and not emit occasion flows. Rich gem tones like emerald and ruby can fill in as correlative testy wedding tones, particularly when they’re checked with a third light shade, similar to ivory or, for this situation, mauve or beige. While gem tones are inseparable from cooler months, nothing is preventing you from having a luxury, irritable wedding in the spring if that is your vision.

3. Yellow and Blush:

At the point when combined together, yellow and blush can fit a heartfelt social event or a bohemian wedding—everything comes down to execution. Fresh shades of pink, yellow and white will feel brilliant and summery, while more obscure, quieted shades of daffodil, salmon, and mohair will make a range that is good for a stylish desert vibe.

4. Indigo and Violet:

In vogue gem tones like indigo and violet are two of the moodiest tones to work with. Ideal for personal settings, profound gem wedding tones will cause your wedding to feel illustriously exquisite.

5. Muted Neutrals:

In all honesty, shades of earthy colors can really fill in as popular wedding tones. (Indeed, truly!) If you long for a hearty, laid-back bohemian wedding, incline toward a quieted nonpartisan shading range. Warm shades of ivory, cream, and beige can make a comfortable environment that feels encouraging and on-pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are some wedding reception themes?

There are countless fun and wonderful wedding reception themes to mess with, and we’ve mentioned 10 extraordinary wedding reception themes that couple adores:
• Rustic theme
• Beach theme
• Vintage theme
• Travel theme
• Country theme
• Fall theme
• Garden theme
• Disney theme
• Gatsby theme
• Winter Wonderland

2. What are wedding themes charades?

Wedding charades or bridal shower charades are a fun game to play. Pre-wedding charades include carrying on wedding-related words or expressions composed on a sheet of paper. It is played in bigger gatherings and should be possible in more modest gatherings too. Wedding charades are a decent game for active and innovative groups. This is perhaps the best game to play at a wedding party.

There are various ways you could play. You need the following things for wedding charades:

• The pre-wedding party acts cards

• Clock

• Pen

• Holder for groups to place their cards in

3. What is the theme for the 40th wedding anniversary?

The 40th wedding anniversary is indeed an achievement in any couple’s life. Here we present you with a rundown of regular styles for the 40th anniversary which may help you to think of a breathtaking and significant blessing that will be appreciated.
1. Ruby:
For forever, rubies have addressed enthusiasm, sentiment, and sincere love. At the core of a very much cut ruby, the fire represents the interminable fire in a cheerful marriage that is still alive even after forty years.
Colour: Red
Gemstone: Ruby

2. Flowers:

Two flowers, the nasturtium, and the gladiola are regularly connected with the 40th wedding anniversary. The nasturtium represents reliability and the solid dedication between a drawn-out wedded couple, while the gladiola bears a significance of fixation, truthfulness, and appreciation.
A red rose is likewise an ideal token on this memorable day.

4. What to wear to a Hawaiian-themed wedding?

Because of the hot weather at the beach, couples prefer wearing formal attire for their Hawaiian beach wedding. Gentlemen rock the three-piece suits or tuxedos and brides love to enjoy their big day in ballgowns. While service members go for dress uniforms for a sharp and classy look.

Some couples do not feel comfortable in formal dresses, they choose an alternative option. Ladies generally go for more easygoing wedding outfits or simply lovely white/grayish dresses. For the husband-to-be, collared buttons and slacks function admirably.

5. How do I choose my wedding theme?

The wedding theme is the ideal chance to make the unique day a genuine impression for the couple. While selecting a wedding theme set aside some effort to consider how you’ll need to recall that day.

You can peruse endless sites and Pinterest sheets for motivation, yet eventually, the wedding theme you will choose ought to address your taste. You should keep the following things in mind while choosing a wedding theme:

The personal style of you and your partner
• Keep the dress code in mind
• Venue
• Wedding season
• What is trending

6. What are different types of wedding themes for summer 2021?

Here we have compiled list of wedding themes to go for in summer 2021:

• Carnival Celebration Theme.
• Lilac Wedding Theme.
• Bountiful Berries Wedding Theme
• Stars and Stripes Wedding
• Endless Possibilities

7. What are the best wedding theme colors pallets for 2021?

There is a mystical thing about a winter wedding and it’s gradually getting one of our number one wedding seasons. Here we have compiled a list of the best winter wedding theme colors for 2021:
• Rose Gold and Dark Wine.
• Forest Green, Black, and White.
• Chocolate Brown and Dark Red.
Silver and Gray.
• Dusty Blue and Blush.
• Light Grey and Silver Green.
• Light Rose and Pale Blush.
• Moody Dark Navy and Forest Green.

8. What are good wedding colors?

You can choose these fresh wedding colors for your big day:
• Emerald, Cream, and Gold.
• Navy, Yellow, and Blue.
• Burgundy, Ivory, and Sage.
• Green, Navy, Pale Blue, and Gold.
• Champagne, Green, and Black.
• Peach, Sage, and Light Blue.
• Gold and Pink.
• Lilac, Celery, and White.

9. What color you shouldn’t wear to a wedding?

In older days white wedding dress color was not considered good. Generally, the just beyond reach tone for wedding visitors has been white, for clear reasons—nobody wants to move the eye from the bride. However, times are a-changin’. Presently, numerous people basically don’t mind wearing white or whatever color. A few ladies and grooms are thoroughly cool with it.

10. Is it rude to wear black at a wedding?

No, it is not rude to wear black to any wedding. But in the past people used to consider black as a sign of bad luck and mourning. But these days it is appropriate to wear black to a wedding. Shawne Jacobs says, “ Wedding guests can wear any color they wish to wear”.


Wedding themes are indeed a crucial part of any wedding ceremony. Wedding themes represent the preferences and tastes of the couple. There are many wedding themes for different months and seasons of the year. Before choosing a wedding theme for your big day, you should a few factors like, wedding venue, season, wedding dress code, trend, and obviously your personal taste. There are various wedding theme colors like; Rose Gold and Dark Wine, Forest Green, Black and White, Chocolate Brown and Dark Red, Silver and Gray, Dusty Blue and Blush, Light Grey and Silver Green, Light Rose and Pale Blush. You can choose any of them and make your big day memorable.strong text