Definition of Bloom:

  1. In general, semi-finished rectangular or almost-square solid metal form, intermediate between an ingot and a billet in the hot-rolling process. A bloom generally has a cross-section of more than 36 square inches and is about 15 to 20 feet long. It is broken down in the rolling mill into finished products such as bars, beams, and sheet piling. In older steel mills blooms were produced from an ingot (and were called bloomery iron) but in modern mills they are made by continuous casting process.

  2. A full bright sound, especially in a musical recording.

  3. A flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty.

  4. A delicate powdery surface deposit on certain fresh fruits, leaves, or stems.

  5. Produce flowers; be in flower.

Synonyms of Bloom

Blossom, Flower, Be in blossom, Be in flower, Come into blossom, Come into flower, Open, Open out, Bud, Sprout, Burgeon, Mature, Hygeia, Advance, Anthesis, Attain majority, Attractiveness, Bake, Batten, Be in bloom, Be in flower, Be in heat, Beam, Bear fruit, Beauteousness, Beautifulness, Beauty, Beauty unadorned, Beggar description, Black spot, Blaze, Blooming, Blooping, Blossom, Blossoming, ■■■■, Blowing, Blush, Blushing, Boil, ■■■■, Bring to maturity, Broil, Budtime, Burgeon, Burn, Burst into bloom, Burst with health, Charm, Choke, Coloring, Combust, Come of age, Come to fruition, Come to maturity, Cook, Crimsoning, Definition, Develop, Early years, Effloresce, Efflorescence, Elegance, Emotional health, Enjoy good health, Evolute, Evolve, Exquisiteness, Fatten, Feel fine, Feel good, Fieriness, Fitness, Flame, Flame up, Flare, Flare up, Fledge, Flicker, Floreate, Florescence, Floret, Floriculture, Floscule, Flourish, Flower, Flowerage, Floweret, Flowering, Flowering time, Flush, Flushing, Fringe area, Fry, Full bloom, Gardening, Gasp, Ghost, Glow, Grace, Granulation, Grid, Grow, Grow fat, Grow up, Handsomeness, Hard shadow, Health, Hectic, Hectic flush, Horticulture, Hortorium, Image, Incandesce, Incandescence, Jeunesse, Juvenescence, Juvenility, Keep fit, Knock ■■■■, Leave the nest, Loveliness, Mantling, Maturate, Mature, Mellow, Mental health, Multiple image, My burning youth, My green age, Never feel better, Noise, Pant, Parch, Physical condition, Physical fitness, Picture, Picture noise, Picture shifts, Posy, Prettiness, Prime of life, Progress, Pulchritude, Radiate heat, Rain, Reach its season, Reach manhood, Reach maturity, Reach twenty-one, Reach voting age, Reddening, Redness, Ripe, Ripen, Roast, Rolling, Rosiness, Rubefacient, Rubescence, Rufescence, Salad days, Scald, Scanning pattern, Scintillation, Scorch, Season, Seedtime of life, Seethe, Settle down, Shading, Shimmer with heat, Shine, Simmer, Smolder, Smother, Snow, Snowstorm, Spark, Springtime of life, Stay in shape, Stay young, Steam, Stew, Stifle, Suffocate, Sweat, Swelter, Temper, Tender age, Tenderness, The beautiful, Thrive, Toast, Toga virilis, Unfolding, Unfoldment, Wax, Wear well, Well-being, Whiteness, Wildflower, Young blood, Youngness, Youth, Youthfulness, Youthhead, Youthhood, Youthiness, Flower, Blossom, Floweret

How to use Bloom in a sentence?

  1. A rose tree bloomed on a ruined wall.
  2. The bloom on a plum.
  3. The remastering has lost some of the bloom of the strings.
  4. An exotic bloom.

Meaning of Bloom & Bloom Definition

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