What Does A Blue Heart Mean

What does a blue heart mean?, Blue heart is a emoji which shows support, communication and energy towards the things that have some connections to color blue, that can be sky, smurfs, etc.

The Blue Heart emoji :blue_heart: portrays an exemplary portrayal of heart, colored blue. It very well may be utilized to communicate love, support, adoration, satisfaction, and energy—especially toward different things that have some connection to the shading blue, from the Smurfs to Duke University to mental imbalance mindfulness.

Have you at any point wondered what the various shades of heart emojis mean? From dark to yellow, some are for your companions and others tell the world you’re envious or needing chocolate. We should investigate emoji heart shading meanings and when to utilize the various tones.

An ever increasing number of emojis show up on our telephones and in our online media messages each year.

Indeed, There’s even a day devoted to emojis around the word. It’s called World Emoji Day, and we praise it on 17 July. That is nothing unexpected seeing that more than 60 million emojis are shared on Facebook each and every day.

With regards to communicating sensations of affection, tracking down the correct words can be precarious – so a heart emoji can communicate everything for you.

However, what does every one mean? Here we share a definitive emoji manual for the symbols and the meaning behind every heart image.

What does a blue heart emoji mean?

Blue heart emoji meaning

Blue heart emoji: :blue_heart:

The blue heart emoji means trust and certainty.

In the event that you get one of these hearts, it means the individual puts stock in you.

Shading astute, blue helps us to remember steadiness, astuteness and confidence. It’s the shade of the oceans and the sky. It’s quieting and savvy.

You can utilize blue hearts with companions and anybody you’d prefer to energize during an undertaking or through a troublesome time. Try not to utilize blue heart emojis via online media.

The Blue Heart emoji was affirmed under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. It joins numerous other heart emoji colored other than the exemplary Red Heart :heart: , like Yellow Heart :yellow_heart: and Black Heart :black_heart:.

The presence of the Blue Heart emoji :blue_heart: somewhat shifts by stage. Twitter’s Blue Heart :blue_heart: is a softly shade of blue compared to Apple’s, and Microsoft’s is laid out in dark.


The Blue Heart emoji :blue_heart: is utilized comparatively to the Red Heart :heart: in advanced correspondence. It can pass on a wide scope of cherishing, warm, and cheerful sentiments. It’s particularly used to communicate those affections for things that have some exacting or emblematic association with blue.

Examples of Blue Heart in Sentences

Here are Examples of Blue Heart being utilized in discussions:

Tony: Hey! You’re actually going to the pledge drive later, isn’t that so?

Jordan: Absolutely :blue_heart:!

(Here, Blue Heart means “mental imbalance mindfulness”.)

Tony: You’re the best sweetheart :blue_heart: on the planet!

Jordan: I attempt.

(Here, Blue Heart means “love”.).

What do distinctive heart emojis mean?

There are an entire host of heart emojis available to utilize, however which one is the correct one to utilize and what do they mean?

There are an entire host of heart emojis available to utilize, yet which one is the correct one to utilize and what do they mean?

As per a Wired report, every one of these heart symbols has an altogether different meaning…

White heart :white_heart:

The white heart represents immaculateness and love

The white heart represents immaculateness and love


The white heart can be utilized to show an unadulterated love, which can’t be annihilated.


This heart could be utilized to address a parent’s affection for a youngster, or an adoration that will stand the trial of time.

Red heart :heart:

The meaning of the red heart emoji is a definitive genuine affection

The meaning of the red heart emoji is a definitive genuine affection.


This exemplary love heart emoji addresses genuine affection.


It very well may be utilized to pass on energy and sentiment, and you can ship off an accomplice.

Dark heart :black_heart:

The dark emoji is frequently used to communicated dull humor or distress

The dark emoji is regularly used to communicated dim humor or distress


Some web clients select it when they’re attempting to communicate a type of dull humor.


Utilized in the contrary setting to the red heart, this dark symbol can address dreariness or distress.

Yellow heart yellow :yellow_heart:

The meaning behind the yellow heart emoji is bliss and fellowship

The meaning behind the yellow heart emoji is bliss and fellowship


At the point when the shape is colored yellow or gold it implies satisfaction and kinship.


On Snapchat, this heart shows up close to the name of the individual you snap the most.

Green heart :green_heart:

The green heart emoji can be utilized to address desire and furthermore sound living

The green heart emoji can be utilized to address desire and furthermore sound living


Another name for this symbol is the “desirous heart emoji”.


Just as showing sensations of jealousy, it in some cases has meanings of natural and solid living.

Purple heart :purple_heart:

The meaning behind the purple heart emoji is a delicate and sympathy love – or abundance


Used to show the emoji when they’re attempting to mean empathy or love. It can likewise be utilized to connote riches.


At the point when online media clients share snaps of their make-up or outfits, they’ll frequently label it with the purple heart.

Blue heart :blue_heart:

The blue heart emoji can indicate trust, harmony and amicability


The blue heart can likewise represent trust, congruity, harmony and reliability.


This symbol has been received by the individuals who are endeavoring to show support for Autism Awareness.

Shimmer heart :sparkling_heart:

The radiance heart emoji shows a lively, sweet love


As indicated by Dictionary.com, the radiance heart “shows love and fondness, regularly with a cheerful, lively, or sweet tone.”


The radiance heart emoji, otherwise called the stars heart emoji, is regularly utilized by Instagrammers to cause to notice their posts.

Thumping heart

The meaning of the thumping heart emoji is a serious type of the exemplary heart


This symbol is otherwise called the heart alert emoji and demonstrates a serious type of the exemplary heart emoji.


It’s regularly utilized by the individuals who have anxious butterflies in their stomach when they’re messaging a friend or family member.

Developing heart

The developing heart emoji means that an individual’s heart is filling in size


The pink emoji, which seems as though hearts inside another, has been made to give the impression of a heart expanding in size.


It is utilized to show developing emotions and it’s occasionally utilized by texters who feel like they are beginning to look all starry eyed at.

Broken heart :broken_heart:

The messed up heart emoji can be utilized to demonstrate sensations of affliction


The emoji is frequently known as the heartbroken emoji and addresses when love goes bad.


It is regularly used to address sensations of torment, double-crossing and broken trust.

Orange heart :orange_heart:

The meaning of the orange heart emoji is fellowship and care


You may wish to utilize the orange heart emoji to show sensations of tranquility, care and solace as the tone is regularly connected with warmth and light.


This can be utilized for companions to send consolation and backing.

Heart shout mark :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The shout mark heart is the ideal emoji for when you completely concur with somebody


This heart is an expansion of a shout imprint and shows your absolute eagerness at a subject.


You could choose this heart on the off chance that you were completely in concurrence with somebody, or needed to show your energy.

Heart with bolt :cupid:

The meaning behind the bolt heart is beginning to look all starry eyed at or solid enthusiasm


This heart, which includes a Cupid-like bolt, addresses beginning to look all starry eyed at or another indulgence.


Utilize this toward the beginning of a sentiment to show you are stricken, or use on Valentine’s Day to show the enthusiasm is still there.

Two hearts :two_hearts:

The two hearts emoji means sentiments are shared and ‘love is noticeable all around’


The two hearts emoji addresses “love is noticeable all around” and shows shared love between two individuals.


You can pick this image to show your adoration and energy with an accomplice, and to demonstrate sentiment.

Heart with bow :cupid:

The heart in a bow represents your heart as a blessing


This heart emoji with a bow represents you are giving your heart to somebody, as you would a blessing.


Send this to the individual you are enamored with to show your commitment.

Why emojis appear to be somewhat unique on various gadgets

The shading heart emojis on this page are the most recent program designs for the emojis – they resemble this on programs like Google Chrome and Firefox. These were finished in January 2020.

You may see that every emoji looks marginally changed on different stages, like Apple and Android. This is on the grounds that every stage codes emojis into their designing.

The shades of the heart emojis have similar meanings, regardless of what they look like on any gadget.

Would I be able to reorder these heart emojis?

No, kindly don’t attempt to reorder the heart emojis on this page as they will not work in your web-based media posts or instant messages – they are all JPG documents for delineation purposes as it were.

On the off chance that you need me to make reorder choices (or you have different thoughts for an incredible blog entry), kindly send me a message through the contact page or sign up to the pamphlet underneath.

Obviously, you could simply join regardless of whether you would prefer not to request something – you’ll get a week after week bulletin from me and the secret word to the asset library with heaps of free printables, aides and agendas.

Heart images you can reorder for all gadgets

In case you’re searching for hearts to reorder into online media and instant messages, at that point don’t hesitate to reorder the hearts underneath:

:heart: – Thinner heart image

:heart: – Wider heart image

:heart: – Outlined heart image

The hearts above are images, not emojis, so they will appear to be identical on any gadget or stage. They haven’t been arranged for various gadgets or stages.

What does the red heart emoji mean?

Red heart emoji meaning

Red Heart emoji: :heart:

The red heart emoji means genuine romance.

It’s the exemplary red heart that we know so well in our Valentine’s Day specialties and blessings. At the point when you send a red heart emoji to somebody, you are revealing to them that you love them beyond a doubt.

A red heart is an image of fellowship, unrestricted love, enthusiasm, and positive sentiments. This red is brilliant and energetic. It’s one you can’t miss.

You can utilize red hearts unreservedly via web-based media to show that you love or truly like something and that it means a great deal to you. Or then again you could utilize these striking emojis in messages to your companions, relatives and with your accomplice.

Try not to utilize a red heart emoji when informing your chief, work associates, or somebody who is hitched or in a relationship. Or then again you could be sending some unacceptable message. You additionally wouldn’t send a red heart to somebody you don’t care for…

What does the orange heart emoji mean?

Orange heart emoji meaning

Orange heart emoji: :orange_heart:

The orange heart emoji means kinship and care.

What does orange make you consider? All things considered, it’s utilized in shading treatment to address euphoria, joy, innovativeness, support and daylight. Every one of the things an old buddy is.

Orange is a warm tone, however not as energetic as red. So when you send an orange heart emoji, you are telling the individual ‘I like you profoundly as a companion’.

You can send orange heart emojis to your companions and associates. You can likewise send one to somebody who is playing with you, in the event that you’d prefer to reveal to them pleasantly that you are not keen on a close connection with them. A few group consider this the ‘companion zone’.

Orange heart emojis can be utilized via online media, particularly in case you’re posting pictures with your companions, however they aren’t as well known or eye-getting as the red heart emoji.

What does the yellow heart emoji mean?

Yellow heart emoji meaning

Yellow heart emoji: :yellow_heart:

The yellow heart emoji means you like the kinship without a doubt and respect the individual.

This heart shows the individual that their companionship presents to you a great deal of euphoria.

Yellow is a splendid, new shading that makes us consider daylight, energy, and confidence. It’s likewise the nearest shading to gold. At the point when somebody says you have a ‘heart of gold’, they are saying you are extremely kind and well-meaning.

A yellow heart emoji addresses every one of these things.

Utilize yellow heart emojis with your companions and any individual who makes you chuckle. You can utilize it in your online media inscriptions unreservedly throughout the spring and late spring a very long time to show the exercises and individuals that fulfill you.

It’s never an awful an ideal opportunity to utilize a yellow-gold heart – it’s an extraordinary commendation and will fill somebody’s heart with joy in the event that they get one!

What does the green heart emoji mean?

Green heart emoji meaning

Green heart emoji: :green_heart:

The green heart emoji means envy, vegetarianism, or a well known Irish occasion…

Green is for nature, concordance and recharging. However, on the other side, when we see green we likewise consider eagerness, desire, and evidently Wall Street. So what does this mean for our green heart emoji?

We should begin with desire:

Very much like the shading green, this green-hearted envy can have two meanings relying upon the discussion.

In case you’re furious and send somebody a green heart, it means you’re being possessive and envious. You are unmistakably revealing to them that something is drawing out the large green beast in you. Maybe your accomplice is addressing somebody you don’t care for or somebody from quite a while ago, and you need to tell them that you’re unsettled about it. At that point you’d utilize the green heart emoji.

Yet, assuming your closest companion stops her terrible task to seek after her fantasies, you could likewise send her a green heart to tell her you’re cheerful however desirous that she’s doing this stunning thing and you’re not.

Green heart emojis are amazingly famous around St. Patrick’s Day, with green being a mainstream tone in St Patrick’s Day adornments and shading pages, like these. You’ll see leprechauns and shamrocks (and a great deal of green) paving the way to St. Patrick’s Day in March.

Green heart emojis are utilized by veggie lovers via online media to show their affection for the planet, with green representing the Earth and nature.

In the event that you are attempting to comprehend the meaning of a green heart or when to utilize one, consider the specific situation.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?

Purple heart emoji meaning

Purple heart emoji: :purple_heart:

The purple heart emoji means an adoration for extravagance and shimmer.

This is the stunning heart. The violet heart. The one for marvelousness, lavishness and wizardry. It’s not modest. Purple is a noble tone all things considered.

Utilize purple heart emojis via online media when sharing rich items, outfits, or exercises, particularly on Instagram.

In case you’re utilizing private messages, a purple heart emoji is connected to actual fascination. Sending it to somebody reveals to them that you’re into them, at any rate genuinely.

What does the earthy colored heart emoji mean?

Earthy colored heart emoji meaning

Earth colored emoji: :green_heart:

The earthy colored heart emoji means a solid, sweet love that stands the trial of time.

The earthy colored heart emoji is the chocolate-covered heart. Furthermore, who doesn’t adore something covered in chocolate?


Earthy colored is dependable. It’s warm. It’s solace nourishment for your spirit. Which is what you’re telling somebody when you send them an earthy colored heart emoji.

Utilize earthy colored heart emojis with your friends and family, particularly for men who don’t care for over-the-top, soaked, red-hearts-wherever stuff. These hearts likewise function admirably with fall and winter web-based media posts (like yellow functions admirably with bright spring and summer posts).

What does the dark heart emoji mean?

Dark heart emoji meaning

Dark Heart emoji: :black_heart:

A dark emoji heart means distress or dim humor.

Dark represents secret, polish and disobedience.

On the off chance that something awful has occurred or you’re chuckling at something you realize you shouldn’t discover entertaining by any stretch of the imagination, send a dark heart emoji.

You could utilize a dark heart emoji via online media when you share miserable news.

Concerning the dull humor, it’s likely best to impart these in private messages to other people who may impart the joke to you.

What does the white heart emoji mean?

White heart emoji meaning

White heart emoji: :white_heart:

The white heart emoji means love actually like the other heart emojis. In view of my examination (I truly needed to look for this answer), its fundamental job is to finished the brilliant heart emoji set.

This emoji was made as a ‘companion’ for the wide range of various heart emoji tones, to offer more alternatives when joining them together. Something like this:


Essentially, somebody made a proposition requesting a white heart emoji, which got acknowledged by the emoji choice board (indeed, there is one), and the white heart emoji was conceived!

A few group utilize the white heart emoji to show they have a hankering for white chocolate. I keep thinking about whether the earthy colored heart emoji works similar path for earthy colored chocolate yearnings?

Others say that the white heart represents the most perfect love of all.

The lone time I can consider utilizing this emoji is when making series of hearts like it was made for. Or on the other hand maybe in winter when it’s snowing outside and you’re telling individuals the amount you ??? the blanketed season and every one of the comfortable things identified with it.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article what does a blue heart mean:

What does the ??? mean?

The ??? represents love and extravagance. Purple addresses the shade of respectability, so the purple heart represents costly or sumptuous things via online media, like Instagram. In private messages, the purple heart emoji advises somebody that you’re pulled in to them.

What does ??? mean in messaging?

The blue heart emoji represents dependability, trust and certainty. The heart additionally represents love. In messaging, this blue heart emoji discloses to you that the individual loves you and is there to help you.

What do the colored hearts represent?

Each shading heart means something other than what’s expected. For instance, the yellow heart is for companionship, the red heart is for valid and durable love, and the purple heart means actual fascination. A green heart is for nature and St Patrick’s Day, while the dark heart emoji represents pity or a dull awareness of what’s actually funny.

What does :heart: mean?

The red heart emoji means genuine affection. It’s the exemplary image of solid love that we send our old buddies and relatives for Valentine’s Day and when we need them to know how we feel about them. The developing heart emoji means developing affection – you’re telling the individual that your adoration for them is getting more grounded.

What does :blue_heart: mean in messaging?

The Blue Heart emoji :blue_heart: portrays an exemplary portrayal of heart, colored blue. It very well may be utilized to communicate love, support, reverence, joy, and fervor—especially toward different things that have some connection to the shading blue, from the Smurfs to Duke University to mental imbalance mindfulness.

What does :green_heart: emoji mean?

The Green Heart emoji :green_heart: portrays an exemplary portrayal of a heart, colored green. It is ordinarily used to address love, support, close bonds, and profound respect for things that have some connection to the shading green, from nature to sports groups that utilization green.

What does :blue_heart: mean from a young lady?

The picture of a few hearts whirling in a circle is the emoji image for captivation and being infatuated. This emoji can be utilized when communicating affection or like for an individual or an article. Rotating Hearts Emoji for the most part means “I venerate this!” or “I’m so enamored with that person!”.

What does :blue_heart: mean from a person?

Meaning of :blue_heart: Blue Heart Emoji

It’s Blue, man! Thus, in the water setting it is utilized to show how profound and stable your :heart: Love is to somebody. Add Blue Heart to speak additionally about amicability and harmony.

What does :yellow_heart: emoji mean?

Yellow heart emoji

The yellow heart emoji, :yellow_heart:, can pass on adoration, actually like some other heart image or emoji, yet its yellow tone frequently becomes accustomed to show preferring and kinship (instead of heartfelt love). Its tone likewise works with articulations of joy—and with everything yellow, from sports group tones to dresses.

What is the otherworldly meaning of the shading white?

White, an intrinsically certain tone, is related with virtue, virginity, honesty, light, goodness, paradise, wellbeing, splendor, enlightenment, getting, tidiness, confidence, beginnings, sterility, otherworldliness, probability, modesty, truthfulness, assurance, delicateness, and flawlessness.

What does a Gray🤍 heart mean?

The accompanying models for shading meaning and affiliations are not meant to be thorough. The Gray Heart lies between the White Heart and the current Black Heart to show a non-parallel state. The shading represents immaculacy, honesty, marriage, virginity, snow and, in certain societies, passing.

Does white🤍 mean harmony?

White addresses mostly certain qualities like virtue, equilibrium or honesty. It likewise makes us think about the quiet, harmony and quietness.

What does the White :heart: mean?

Meaning of White Heart Emoji

It very well may be utilized to show your :heart: Love for a person or thing. You can likewise utilize it to show your hankering for some white chocolate. It conveys love, yet in addition some sort of perfectly clear generosity!

What does :blue_heart: mean on Snapchat?

:sunglasses: Face With Sunglasses — One of your closest companions is probably the closest companion. This means that you send a great deal of snaps to somebody that they additionally send a ton of snaps to. :grimacing: Grimacing Face — Your #1 closest companion is their #1 closest companion. You send the most snaps to the very individual that they do.


What does a blue heart mean? More often than not, a blue heart emoji basically means “love” like a red heart; i.e., there is no extraordinary importance as it simply being utilized for assortment. Of note, nonetheless, a blue heart is the image for Autism Awareness and is regularly used to show support for a games group that sports blue.

Likewise important, a blue heart is utilized in the realm of erotica to show an ability to take part in “water sports”. All the more explicitly, when a blue heart is utilized by the individuals who participate in erotica fields of servitude, discipline, predominance, accommodation and sadomasochism (known as BDSM), it tells others that the sender is prepared to pee on others or be peed on.

Emoji heart shading meanings are fun and recount totally different stories, from ‘I love you frantically’ to ‘I discover this excessively entertaining’. Next time you communicate something specific or post via web-based media, mess with the distinctive heart shading emojis to carry new life to your messages.

Yellow heart. This heart communicates all the more amicable love rather than heartfelt love. It’s an incredible tone for loved ones however not somebody you are in a heartfelt connection with or somebody you might want to be in a close connection with.

The green heart doesn’t have anything to do with being “green” or aiding the climate, however it is frequently utilized by individuals who invest a great deal of energy chipping in.

The blue heart is frequently utilized for more associate sort kinships that are shallow as opposed to profound. Blue hearts are not normally shipped off your actual BFFs that have a deep understanding of you. You would send them to companions where the relationship is more surface-level.

The purple heart has 2 totally unique yet substantial implications. One addresses a purple heart a solider would get. Different references a goods call. Utilize this heart with alert.

The white heart is genuinely new, and it very well may be utilized to communicate compassion after the passing of a friend or family member, yet it ought to never be utilized to discuss white advantage or Black Lives Matters issues.

The dark heart addresses love that is much more grounded than the red heart would address. We’re talking perfect partner type love. Never utilize this heart with another pulverize.

The earthy colored heart should just be utilized by individuals whose skin tone is dark or earthy colored. White individuals ought to never under any circumstance utilize this heart. It is smarter to send a red heart to show support.

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