What Does Meta Mean

What does meta mean?, Meta is a greek word which means behind, among, between or beyond, etc. It is a joke, more specifically meta mean something different or change as campared to what it was before?.

What does meta mean, if someone say you meta, it means whatever you were before, now you are beyond that behavior, means you changed. Mostly it is used in camparable state.
Or meta is something that is written or performed referring to itself or to something of its own type.

It’s a meta joke. One of a joke about jokes.

For example, I am remaining at my work area composing this about the media at the present time. It feels very meta.

What is meta?, Meta (from the Greek μετα-, meta-, meaning “after” or “past”) is a prefix meaning more far reaching or rising above.

What is meta

Word-shaping component of Greek inception meaning 1. “after, behind; among, between,” 2. “changed, adjusted,” 3. “higher, past;” from Greek meta (prep.) “amidst; in the same way as; through; between; in pursuit or mission of; after, next after, behind,” in intensifies regularly meaning “change” of spot, condition, and so on This is from PIE *me-“in the center” (source additionally of German mit, Gothic miþ, Old English mið “with, along with, among”). Thought of “changing spots with” most likely prompted faculties “change of spot, request, or nature,” which was a chief meaning of the Greek word when utilized as a prefix (yet in addition indicating “local area, cooperation; in the same way as; seeking after”).

The third sense, “higher than, rising above, overall, managing the most key issue of,” is because of distortion of metaphysics as “study of that which rises above the physical.” This has prompted a tremendous incorrect expansion in current use, with meta-joined to the names of different sciences and controls, particularly in the scholarly language of artistic analysis: Metalanguage(1936) “a language which supplies terms for the examination of an ‘object’ language;” metalinguistics (by 1949); metahistory (1957), metacommunication, and so forth

Unique Greek meaning

In Greek, the prefix meta-is for the most part less obscure than in English; Greek meta-is identical to the Latin words post-or promotion . The utilization of the prefix in this sense happens infrequently in logical English terms got from Greek. For example: the term Metatheria (the name for the clade of marsupial vertebrates) utilizes the prefix meta-in the sense the Metatheria happen on the tree of life neighboring the Theria (the placental warm blooded animals).


In epistemology, and frequently in like manner use, the prefix meta-is utilized to mean about (its own classification). For example, metadata are information about information (who has delivered them, when, what design the information are in, etc). In a data set, metadata are additionally information about information put away in an information word reference and depict data (information) about data set tables like the table name, table proprietor, insights regarding segments, – basically portraying the table. Additionally, metamemory in brain science means a person’s information about whether they would recollect something on the off chance that they focused on reviewing it. The advanced feeling of “a X about X” has led to ideas like “meta-insight” (perception about discernment), “meta-feeling” (feeling about feeling), “meta-conversation” (conversation about conversation), “meta-joke” (joke about jokes), and “metaprogramming” (composing programs that control programs).

In a standard based framework, a metarule is a standard overseeing the utilization of other rules.

On more significant level of deliberation

Any subject can be said to have a metatheory, a hypothetical thought of its properties, like its establishments, techniques, structure and utility, on a more significant level of reflection. In semantics, a syntax is considered as being communicated in a metalanguage, language working on a more significant level to depict properties of the plain language (and not itself).

Historical background

The prefix comes from the Greek relational word and prefix meta-(μετα-), from μετά, which meant “after”, “alongside”, “with”, “among” (as for the relational word, a portion of these meanings were recognized by case stamping). Different meanings incorporate “past”, “nearby” and “self”, and it is additionally utilized in the structure μητα-as a prefix in Greek, with variations μετ-before vowels and μεθ-“■■■■-“ before suctioned vowels.

The most punctual type of “meta” is the Mycenaean Greek me-ta, written in Linear B syllabic script. The Greek relational word is related with the Old English relational word mid “with”, still found as a prefix in maternity specialist. Its utilization in English is the aftereffect of back-arrangement from “metaphysics”. In inception Metaphysics was only the title of one of the chief works of Aristotle; it was so named (by Andronicus of Rhodes) in light of the fact that in the standard requesting of crafted by Aristotle it was the book following Physics; it consequently meant just “[the book that comes] after [the book entitled] Physics”. In any case, even Latin journalists confused this as involving metaphysics comprised “the study of what is past the physical”. Nonetheless, Aristotle’s Metaphysics articulates contemplations of qualities above actual real factors, which one can inspect through this specific piece of theory, for example, the presence of God. The utilization of the prefix was subsequently stretched out to different settings dependent on the comprehension of metaphysics to mean “the study of what is past the physical”.

Early use in English

The Oxford English Dictionary refers to employments of the meta-prefix as “past, about, (for example, meta-financial matters and meta-theory) returning to 1917. Nonetheless, these arrangements are corresponding to the first “metaphysics” and “metaphysical”, that is, as a prefix to general things (fields of study) or modifiers. Passing by the OED references, it started being utilized with explicit things regarding numerical rationale at some point before 1929. (In 1920 David Hilbert proposed an exploration project in what was classified “metamathematics.”)

An outstanding early reference is Quine’s 1937 utilization of “metatheorem”, where meta-has the advanced meaning of “a X about X”. (Note prior employments of “meta-financial matters” and even “metaphysics” don’t have this multiplied calculated design – they are about or past X however they don’t themselves establish a X).

Douglas Hofstadter, in his 1979 book Gödel, Escher, Bach (and in the continuation, Metamagical Themas), advocated this meaning of the term. The book, which manages self-reference and weird circles, and addresses Quine and his work, was persuasive in numerous PC related subcultures and might be liable for the ubiquity of the prefix, for its utilization as a performance term, and for the numerous new moneys which use it. Hofstadter utilizes meta as an independent word, as a descriptor and as a directional relational word (“going meta,” a term he coins for the old logical stunt of taking a discussion or examination to another degree of deliberation, as when someone says “This discussion isn’t going anyplace”). This book may likewise be answerable for the relationship of “meta” with bizarre circles, instead of just abstraction.[citation needed] The sentence “This sentence contains 36 letters,” and the sentence which inserts it, are examples of “metasentences” referring to themselves along these lines.

What Does meta mean in text

Meta means about the actual thing. It’s seeing the thing from a higher viewpoint rather than from inside the thing, such as acting naturally mindful.

A term utilized in mmo meaning the Most Effective Tactic Available. It’s essentially what works in a game paying little mind to what you wish would work.

There’s a ton of terrible examples here, so I’ll fix those.

  1. Making a film about the entertainment world isn’t meta. Making a film about motion pictures is.

  2. Utilizing a reference to clarify another commentary isn’t meta. Utilizing a commentary to clarify what references are is meta.

Metaphysics, likely the most widely recognized utilization of meta, means that as opposed to discussing the physical science of this present reality, you’re discussing the physical science itself (for example, for what reason ought to there even be gravity).

  1. Ninja in FFXI wasn’t meant to be a tank, however it wound up being one in the meta in light of the fact that it’s avoidance was so high.

More examples

The genuine legend of the precious stone skull, maybe, is its capacity to rouse legends. It’s all very meta.

Paul Auster is the most meta of American metafictional journalists.

That was the second most amusing cross-arrangement meta reference ever.

I discovered this scene excessively hesitant, also “take a gander at how meta everything is” for my taste.

Examples of META in a Sentence used by known personality:

Bruce Neal:

Patients with rest apnea, who are frequently at expanded cardiovascular danger, need thorough administration with other demonstrated treatments, for example, circulatory strain bringing down, statins, and antithrombotic drugs, I think the most fascinating finding of the meta-investigation is that the best gauge of the impact of obstructive rest apnea treatment on hazard of major unfavorable cardiovascular occasions is very much like the decrease in hazard seen with anti-inflamatory medicine, beta-blockers, or statin prescriptions.

Nancy Cook:

That means it can’t decide circumstances and logical results, the meta-investigations that the creators refer to are likewise predominantly dependent on observational information. Then again, enormous observational investigations now and then can identify impacts in certain gatherings or for more uncommon results that preliminaries are not engaged to see, so these examinations are as yet important.

Peter Horby:

Indeed, even at the hour of SARS1 in 2003, steroids were utilized, however at totally different dosages. A portion of the investigations showed a damage from steroids in SARS, some said there’s potential advantages. A meta-examination in 29 unique investigations in SARS was uncertain. There’s likewise been uncertain outcomes on MERS Covid and furthermore flu.

Cobb Scott:

There have several meta-examinations done in grown-up examples, yet this is the first to be done explicitly in juvenile and youthful grown-up examples, we took a gander at everything from learning and memory to various parts of chief working like deliberation capacity.

Andrew McLaughlin:

There’s a specialized inquiry, which is, could you consent on the off chance that you needed to, and the greater meta question is the reason would you need to help out this politicized drive to stifle opportunity of articulation.

What does meta mean in gaming

Meta is a word which, as such countless different things, we have the antiquated Greeks to thank for. At the point when they utilized it, meta meant “past,” “after,” or “behind.” The “past” feeling of meta still waits in words like metaphysics or meta-economy. In any case, that is as yet not the meta the greater part of us run over today.

One of the more mainstream employments of meta today is for the meaning best portrayed by the recipe “meta-X equivalents X about X.” So, on the off chance that we take “information” for our X, and add the prefix meta-to it, we get metadata, or “information about information.” A meta-text is a book about messages, metacognition is considering thinking, and a meta-joke is a joke about jokes. The self-reflection feeling of meta has additionally led to the utilization of the word as an independent descriptor, where meta is utilized to portray something that is self-intelligent or self-referring to.

Oneself referring to feeling of meta appears to be particularly well known in workmanship. In its easiest structure, a book wherein a character is composing a book or a film in which a character is creating a film can be depicted as meta. A few works are more meta than others—the film Birdman, for example, is a film about an entertainer who played a hero in a film and who presently attempts to revive his vocation in theater, and that entertainer is played by an entertainer who truly played a superhuman in a film and is currently attempting to revive his profession in a film that looks more like a play than a film

At the point when characters in a work of fiction go about as though they know that they are in a work of fiction, this method is called meta-referring to. It is regularly utilized in metafiction, a work of fiction where the creator breaks with shows to show that the work is, indeed, fiction.

In the realm of gaming, meta is utilized twoly. Meta can be utilized as an abbreviation for “best strategies accessible,” and calling something “meta” means that it’s a compelling method to accomplish the objective of the game, regardless of whether it’s to beat different players or beat the actual game. Meta can likewise be short for metagame, which is utilizing data about the game, gotten from the world past the game or its standards, to impact the result of the game or gain a serious edge.

What is “the meta” and how can it influence gaming?

The meta, or the metagame, is an enormous piece of serious gaming that alludes to various things relying upon the game that you play.

The term has gotten more typical in esports, with casters and engineers utilizing it to depict what is amazing, or overwhelmed, in matches.

To put it plainly, meta is a word used to depict characters, things, or weapons that are more predominant than others in a game. It could reference champions in League of Legends that are more grounded than others, for example, or cards in Hearthstone that are either broken or mainstream at that point.

Inceptions and meaning

The meta has had various meanings since forever.

An idea known as metagame hypothesis was first evolved by Nigel Howard, an English researcher, during the 1960s. He made the hypothesis dependent on essential games and war, and addressed how players will attempt to arrive at their targets and objectives through the most ideal choices accessible to them.

One way he portrays this interaction is through the military, and all the more significantly, arms races, where nations challenge against one another to have the most remarkable weapons accessible to them to outperform their rivals.

Another meaning alludes to an adjustment in the principles or elements of a game to expand the fulfillment of play. At the point when players streamline tabletop games, for example, they may change or make up rules to appreciate the game in their own specific manner.

In computer games, nonetheless, the metagame has its own meaning—and relying upon which game you play, the setting contrasts. To put it plainly, the metagame in video gaming means utilizing characters or things that are the most remarkable at an opportunity to attempt to track down the best and speediest means to triumph.

Specialty characters can likewise discover their way into the meta regardless of whether they aren’t overwhelmed to go about as counters to high-level picks.

what does meta mean in games?

The meta exists in each game that has a serious component. How players depict the meta, nonetheless, relies upon the title.

In battling games like Super Smash Bros. or then again Street Fighter, the local area makes level records to rank the most grounded to most vulnerable characters in-game. The meta in this occurrence comes from players utilizing the most grounded characters to win occasions, like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s scandalous Bayonetta metagame.

For Hearthstone, Blizzard’s mainstream online game, the metagame alludes to the most grounded decks in the current set. This is additionally something similar with numerous customary games like Yu-Gi-Oh! Furthermore, Magic the Gathering.

The meaning of the metagame is consistently subject to the local area and the game’s makers. Another fix could turn what was at one time a solid character in League of Legends into a pointless one. This likewise applies when an engineer adds another overwhelmed thing into the game, which it then nerfs after a timeframe.

The metagame will keep on being a piece of serious gaming for quite a long time to come, so make certain to watch out for each game’s level records, serious stepping stools, and player conversations in your push to the top.

Over the top excess’ The Walking ■■■■ has been discussed for a long time, and four realistic trailers delivered in the course of recent months have scrounged up the promotion for the center shooter.

Yet, up to this point, nobody has seen any ongoing interaction of the title from the designers of PayDay 2. With the always famous Walking ■■■■ TV show, the expectation was high to see exactly what the game looked like in a playable structure.

At last, the engineer came through at the PC Gaming Show at E3 today with a world debut take a gander at ongoing interaction. The game was initially scheduled for discharge in 2016, and after various deferrals, advancement is at long last looking solid.

Concerning the ongoing interaction itself, it included first-individual battle and community play between the game’s four playable characters. The visuals looked very near what the true to life trailers addressed heretofore, and it would appear that the game plays also to what exactly you’d anticipate from a game like PayDay.

In addition to the fact that today was earth shattering for the principal take a gander at ongoing interaction, yet now we at last have a shiny new delivery date too. Pointless excess’ The Walking ■■■■ is presently because of delivery on Nov. 6 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Meta human/meta man

Meta human is a word that is utilized for the most part in the most celebrated television arrangement of dc universe called the glimmer. Indeed, streak is the arrangement that is brimming with various kind of metahuman, this aeries can give you computerized considering meta word.

Meta Man showed up at Mr. Unbelievable and Elastigirl’s wedding, close by Thunderhead, Stratogale, Dynaguy, Frozone, Edna Mode and Rick ■■■■■■■ celebrating once the two were hitched.

He was known to be an adversary of the supervillain Baron Von Ruthless, with his office voice chronicles being harmed because of the last’s impedance. He had been put under NSA survey as the head of “Meta Group”, directing the activities of each other superhuman group in presence.

For all his incredible force, Meta Man was as yet one of a few Supers to experience the ill effects of suit glitch, passing on when his cape caught in a deep opening while lifting an express lift to security, snapping his head back and probably squashed by the lift descended on him.


Meta Man had an expansive scope of superpowers, which included flight, super strength, X-beam vision, attractive control, sonic shouting, teleportation, halfway imperceptibility and correspondence with oceanic well evolved creatures.


As a Super, Meta Man was marked as hesitant, however he was likewise caring and profoundly dedicated to his saint work.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article what does meta mean:

What does Meta mean in images?

In the field of memetics, a metameme (or meta-image) is characterized as an image about an image. A metaphor or the possibility of memetic designing are, in this way, metamemes. The idea of images has been alluded to as “The Metameme”. Some other metamemes of interest incorporate the image resilience and memeplexes.

What is a meta individual?

A meta individual is an intense scholar, about a considerable number of things. I accept the expressions of the artist can best disclose what I’m attempting to say. “ Some individuals consider things to be they are, and inquire as to why I long for things that have never been and say, why not!”

What is an example of Meta?

Examples of meta are regularly found in expressive arts, with, say, artworks of compositions or photos of picture takers. Mainstream society has additionally gone meta, with kid’s shows showing their mindfulness as sketch of movies ridiculing the sayings of film.

What does it mean to say meta?

Best strategies accessible

Meta can be utilized as an abbreviation for “best strategies accessible,” and calling something “meta” means that it’s a successful method to accomplish the objective of the game, regardless of whether it’s to beat different players or beat the actual game.

What is a decent meta portrayal?

Meta portrayals can be any length, yet Google for the most part shortens bits to ~155–160 characters. It’s ideal to keep meta depictions long enough that they’re adequately graphic, so we suggest portrayals between 50–160 characters

What is another word for meta?

In this page you can find 13 equivalents, antonyms, informal articulations, and related words for meta, similar to: content, trans, para, ortho, name-depiction, name-robots, name-dc-date, http-equiv-pics-mark, tag, folksonomy and name-watchwords.

What does Meta mean in HTML?

The tag characterizes metadata about a HTML record. Metadata is information (data) about information. labels consistently go inside the component, and are commonly used to indicate character set, page depiction, catchphrases, creator of the archive, and viewport settings.

What does Meta mean in cod?

The most productive strategy accessible

The term Meta represents the most proficient strategy accessible. It is an umbrella term that ranges across all serious esport titles and has been utilized in the past to reference a critical change that lastingly affects the way a game plays for a specific measure of time

What is inverse of Meta?

Since meta-means rising above, incorporating, or ‘a superset of ‘, at that point infra would be an appropriate antonym portraying inside, or ‘a subset of If metadata is that information that depicts the information inside itself, at that point infradata ought to be that substandard information which is portrayed.

What does Noia mean in Greek?

Metanoia, a literal interpretation of the Greek μετάνοια, means after-thought or past idea, with meta meaning “after” or “past” (as in the advanced word “metaphysics”) and nous meaning “mind” (as in the cutting edge word “distrustfulness”).

What does Meta mean in way of thinking?

Today, “meta” is most normally used to mean that one thing is tied in with something different. For example, in philosophical talk, “meta-morals” can be interpreted as meaning “morals about morals.” The expression “meta” fits ordinary utilization in view of the efficient idea of the actual word

Do Meta Keywords Matter 2020?

Meta-catchphrases are ■■■■. Try not to utilize them. The watchwords meta tag was truly planned in 1995 for exceptionally ancient old web search tools and some could contend that the ascent of Google was really a direct result of more seasoned web indexes depending a lot on this tag.


What does meta mean?, Meta means in english beyond, between, something unusual, not normal, extraordinary, or change, etc. Meta is a joke word for people who thinks a lot, not normally this word is used, but in many part of the word the word is more often ly used.

Meta is a joke word, that when used shows different meaning in different perspective. Meta for human can be used to show their behavior beyond than their normal one. meta is also used to campare one thing with other, by pointing changes between them, among them.

Now, what does meta means in text?, Meta normally is used to take out the odd point from someone’s personality, by camparing new one with the previous one. But in text it usually is used as joke, to provoke Their friends anger or lay your anger out, by exhausting them.

Meta- human is a commonly used word in dc universe tv series the flash, which is totally based on some humans that after gaining powers becomes meta. Here meta represents change from themselves.

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What is meant by purpose?

I was reading Foss for an episode of Lost and people were trying for a scene. What does this mean in this context? Thank you very much :)

I wonder the same! I see this word in Foss, and it is used to describe an episode of Supernatural, so I'm getting this quote from an article about Supernatural.

On television, purpose refers to anything about you. For example, Hollywood Babylon is considered a meta-episode because it contains deliberate references. If Dean thinks Los Angeles is too much like Vancouver, it's because SW is actually filming in Vancouver.

I think it could be the lost scene where Hurley and Mails talk about time travel. They ask the same questions as the fans.

What is a goal?

This page can help you.


What is meant by purpose?

I was reading Foss for a lost episode and people were trying for a scene. What does this mean in this context? Thank you very much :)

You get what you love and want to share with others, whether in movies or on television. sw, sports teams, books, music artists or even bands. Being fingerprint means keeping the source material and handling it on target.

It's a word that people like to use to describe things when they don't know what's going on.

I don't really remember changing positions or doing anything. It is also used as a parent or parent prefix.

What Does Meta Mean

What Does Meta Mean

Another, out, out, out of the box involved, but inside the box, so to speak.

What Does Meta Mean

What Does Meta Mean

What is meant by purpose? 3

I was reading Fos for an episode of Lost and people were planning a scene. What does this mean in this context? Thank you very much :)

I have the same surprise! I also see the word in the fossil record, and it is used to describe a supernatural event, so I am quoting from an article about the supernatural.

On television, purpose means anything about you. For example, Hollywood Babylon is considered a meta-episode because it contains deliberate references. If Dean thinks Los Angeles is too much like Vancouver, it's because SW is actually filming in Vancouver.

I think it could be a scene on Lost where Hurley and Miles talk about time travel. They ask questions like fans.

What Does Meta Mean

What Does Meta Mean

What Does Meta Mean

This page can help you.


What is meant by purpose?

I was reading Fos for an episode of Lost and people were planning a scene. What does this mean in this context? Thank you very much :)

You've got what you love and you want to share it with others, whether it's in movies or on television. sw, sports teams, books, music artists or even bands. Being fingered means having the source material and handling it on target.

It's a word that people like to use to describe things to you when they don't know what's going on.

Doing something or other with changing positions, I don't really remember. It is also used as a parent or parent prefix.

Another, outside, outside, more involved than outside the box, but inside the box, so to speak.

What Does Meta Mean