What Does Poggers Mean

What does poggers mean?, Well pogger is a slang term originated from gaming world in 2017. Which means pepe of frog.

what do poggers mean

Synonym of poggers : Abstract

If you play games or have a conversation with your friend so you must hear the name of poggers. If you never heard that word, this article is going to give you a lot of information about poggers. it will be an informative one from which you each and everything about poggers. In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning of poggers, the history of poggers, and their uses.

What does poggers mean:

It is an Internet slang term you will Hear this before if you are a frequent user of the live streaming platform, involved in gaming or carrying conversation with a person who happens to be an avid gamer.

Poggers are used in gaming to show your excitement while playing a game you can talk with your friend. Poggers are specific emotions that are available on twitch named Pepe the frog. By using these it will show your excitement and surprise look. And it will be a source of fun. This word doesn’t reside in the dictionary at the start. They are not official which means that they are not even found in the oxford dictionary. But over time, it becomes more popular now they reside in the oxford dictionary.

Twitch is the website that provides the feature of the live stream from their main computers. Twitch provides the platform where one person shares the screen and other people see the broadcast screen for fun.

History of poggers:

The term “poggers” originates from the gaming twitch platform. This started from the expression of frog e.g. excited etc.

The user required the extra extension to see this.
Then this was used in many games like florentine in which someone takes a nice move then he brought coins from this and this will be the sign of amazement. These features make the game interesting and provide real-time communication between players, so they enjoy the gaming.

Fam or poggers:

Poggers" has a place with such a group of words that incorporates “PogChamp” and “MonkaS.” All three of these are obtained from BTTV acts out utilized on Twitch. Initially, this was for gaming, yet its uses have spread to music, composing, and different kinds of general transmissions.

All things considered, it’s essentially centered around gaming, and the universe of Twitch gaming is the place where this article will center. Close by the real-time video there is consistently a chatroom, and here is the place where the outcome of the act is.

While emoticons are restricted, you can download as many acts out as you like to pepper into your talk text to shade things up. Emotes must be downloaded, and all of them need purchase or subscription. BTTV is the product of this. When you download BTTV for your phone, you get a lot of free utilities. A large library of emotes is included, including Poggers and the aforementioned Monkas.

Why use poggers?

Poggers are used to show your feelings about your success. It shows your emotion and feelings via an emoji (Pepe the frog). It consumes less time to express your feelings and other people with whom you say poggers when you take some nice moves. Poggers impress the recipient.

The purpose for poggers invention:

This is the term used to show your excitement and spread around the world with less time but now it’s not used in twitch because of comments of people on Twitter. So, twitch doesn’t provide the feature of poggers now.

Spreading of poggers

Poggers were spread through Twitter and even many people shared their images and short clips with the poggers name to show their excitement and amazement. Poggers are not only used to show sadness they are mostly used to show amazement and for fun. people show a positive response toward poggers, so they spread around the world within less time. “Pog champ” is also a word used for poggers to show excitement.

Twitch removes poggers:

Twitch removes poggers officially because of comments on tweets. The main reason to remove “pog champ” is that its size is bigger than the image of a person.

As you can see from the poggers images its size is too big than a human image that causes it to lie down to its importance in the twitch.

Some more meanings:

Many people use the word “poggers “for a person who is not normal and has a weak IQ level. But the above-mentioned meaning is mostly used.

Conversation between two game partners:

For Example: slight_smile:

Online Chat between two game partners.

The following examples shows how to talk out word pogger in a chat:

Example no.1:

Partner 1: you see the move?

Partner 2: poggers! I did ! that was nice!

Conversation between two friends:

Example no 2:

Buddy 1: Hey, did you ask Dana for the dance yet?

Buddy 2: No, I am going sometime in the

afternoon, however.

Buddy 1: Yeah, sure you are! That is the thing that you said yesterday! Try not to stress over it, I requested you!

Buddy 2: You didn’t!

Buddy 1: Yes, I did and she said yes!

Buddy 2: Poggers! No chance! I actually can’t accept that you did that, however!

Some Synonyms to “poggers”

Amazing, brilliant, nice, fabulous, awesome, wonderful, etc.

How to use poggers?

There is invariably a chat room next to the streaming video and here square measures the emotions. primarily, Emotes are emojis on steroids.

Though emojis square measure restricted, you’ll transfer as several emotions as you wish in your chat file. they’re small pictures that generally build or maybe stimulate spoken language, a way of temperament or culture.

You can’t utilize emojis constantly. There is a correct way or opportune chance to utilize it. On the off chance that we talk about Poggers, you use it when you feel incredibly energized or astonished. On the off chance that you are playing a game and something unforeseen happens to you that shocks you, Poggers is an emoji that can be utilized to signify that sensation of shock and energy.

Difference between poggers and pog?

Poggers are used by the twitch live streams. The most popular emote”pog-champ” is used when something good occurs to show your excitement and amazement. People take interest in this because poggers make gaming and chatting attractive and people use this to show their feelings instead of words. Poggers are used by overwatch streamers.


Cardboard or plastic circle printed with a plan or picture gathered or traded by kids or utilized in games.

Benefits of poggers:


Take less time to express feelings

Sign of amazement


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do poggers mean?

Poggers is a word frequently used English speaking people.

They like to use this word on “twitch” on live game sites. It may be used in other sites but it is rarely seen in the non-gaming world that’s why it is considered as an expression that is not used in general.

When was pogger released?

On September 24, 2017 poggers were released. Twitch users who installed the BTTV extension to their browser, these users can see it and use it.

What “Emotes” is similar to poggers?

poggers based on Pepe the frog emote.
Such as:

PogChamp emote

MonKas emote

FeelsBadMan emote.

PogChamp is a “Twitch global emote” but if you want to use other emotes you need to install the BTTV extension.

What is poggers lingo?

Poggers is twitch lingo that is also used to express excitement, amazement, fun, or happiness.

What does POG mean?

Some users believe that the POG is related to PogChamp and poggers, in actual case it is not true. POG is something used for “Play of the game” as an acronym. This acronym is often used in games to highlight the “best play seen in the game”.

The watchers spam the POG in comments when they see and like an exceptionally good play.

What is poggers usage?

Poggers have a lot of unique meanings. Many people use this word for different purposes.

For example:

Some people are used to playing games, so they use these words with another game player.

Some people are used to playing games a lot, so they use that word in their daily life as mentioned in the example of a conversation between two friends.

Some people use these words to highlight someone who is abnormal or has a weak IQ level.

How do I see poggers emote on twitch?

Firstly you need to download the BTTV extension on your browser. Then you will be able to see poggers and you can use a thousand different emotes on the platform. If you don’t install that extension you are not able to use emotes.

What is pog-champ?

Pog champ as it turns out it is poggers’s origin story. This term is derived from something that Gootecks gamer, a streamer said on his streams.

Who is Pepe the frog?

Pepe the frog is a special character used in proto-zine playtime.

An emote that comes from Pepe family Matt Furie famous artist’s comic strip.

My son uses this word so I just want to know this meaning is good or bad?

No, poggers don’t have the wrong meaning they just used to show excitement and for having fun.

Features of poggers:

Famous Pepe the frog was extensively used by the far-right movement. Poggers emerged as an innocent emote on live streaming websites and they managed to leave behind its political ties.

Where poggers are used?

The term poggers is used as an alternative to “great”, “awesome”.

They are used to explain something that is out of the ordinary, that is appreciated by the user.

Poggers referred to a special emoticon that is available on Twitch. This emote depicts a Pepe the frog that looked surprised. Poggers word is also used during the game to express excitement when something exciting occurs.

Where do the poggers faces come from?

In Actual Poggers face is a gamer’s, streamer’s gootecks face.

Gootecks makes this face in his bloopers video when somebody knocks into the camera.

Poggers face is often used as poggers.
Later this face is adapted to fit with Pepe the frog and thus the poggers emote are born.

Who is poggers face guy?

Poggers is an emote Pepe the frog we all know but actually, this emote is based on the gamer, streamer, Gootecks.

Gootecks uploaded a bloopers reel to His channel. In this bloopers reel, you can see that someone bumps into the camera that is used by them to record. Then Gootecks looks to another famous gamer, Mike Ross, and makes an iconic face of surprising emotion.

What is the poggers meme?

This meme is an emote that is used in conjunction with another text or image.

Poggers meme includes an emote of the pope the frog with shocked and surprised emotion on his face.

That means the poggers meme is used to indicate surprising emotion whether it is something surprising that makes you happy and maybe something surprising that makes you cry.
Poggers meme used to react to something “unbelievable” and can also be interpreted as “speechless”.

What is poggers Emoji? How do we use it on Discord?

Poggers emoji:

There is also a poggers emoji.
This emoji is a tinier version of poggers emote.

Use of poggers emoji on discord:

you can use this emoji discord.

Follow these instructions to upload this on

First Step:

Go to Discord Server, Download the emoji.

Second Step:

Launch the Discord app on your device and tap the Hamburger menu that is in the top left corner.

Third Step:

Tap the three dots that are in the top pan beside your Server name.

Fourth Step:

Select “Settings” to launch your server setting.

Last step:

Scroll down and now tap “Emoji” and after this tap "Upload Emoji’’. Locate the emoji that you earlier download. Now Upload it to your Server.

How Can we see our uploaded Emoji?

you can see the emoji that you uploaded.
You just tap the emoji button beside the chatbox on your server.


Poggers is a term that is used by many people in many forms some people use these words in games while others use them in normal talks. People use this word to show their excitement when they get some success or some people use this word to degrade someone to highlight someone’s weakness because it has much meaning now.

In this, we concluded that the slang term “poggers” originated on the twitch gaming channel. This term started as a frog’s emoticon with shocking excitement on his face.

If users want to see it then they have to install a certain extension. Someone resorted to just saying that word “poggers”. Poggers were derived from the Emote of the Pepe of the frog.

We tell you that this term is then used in several gaming memes. In popular games like League of Legends and Fortnite when someone’s performance is good that earns them many points.

Now some users consider it outdated and because of its usage. It is overused because of its popularity.

This term is also used to highlight a person Who has a low IQ level and is mentally impaired.
Twitch is the platform where you use these poggers but now they are not available on twitch.

At the start, it is used for gaming but with time, it is used in music, composing and in normal talks to show their happiness.

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