Which Zodiac Sign is the Best?

Each sign has its own different characteristics, but Cancer Zodiac Sign is the great because Cancers are known for being loyal and faithful also they keep things hidden inside so they are strong for themselves and others.

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In astrology the 12 zodiac signs are considered very supreme in astrology. Even though astrology is examined as pseudoscience, which really means that it is not a real science as we know it does not give any evidence for its information, but there are lots of people, around 70%, who still believe that the zodiac signs are real and effect their lives with it .Specific zodiac sign can not be marked by viewing it the best because each and every sign has its own unique characteristics. Every sign has its own different advantages and disadvantages This article will be helpful for the one who actually do believe in the zodiac signs for pointing out the best zodiac sign. After reading this article we can decide by ourselves that Among all which zodiac sign should be considered the best?

Before prolong furthermore, I think we should have a small conversation on Zodiac.

What Is The Zodiac?

It is obtained from a Greek word Zodiacs which means wheel of life.

Zodiac is the unreal sash or strap of the divine or astronomical domain that expand about eight degrees north and south of the ecliptic w/c forms a part in the sky within which the path for the sun’s movement planets and moons are found. The Zodiac is more divided into some constellations or segments. The zodiac signs are extracted from these constellations which actually figures out the movement of the sun on the ecliptic over the distance of one year.

  • Constellations: The constellation is a cluster of stars in the sky that are group together and have been given a name.
  • Ecliptic: The ecliptic is the specific path in which the sun, moon and other planets moves during the rotation of the earth.

The Signs of the Zodiac and the 12 Zodiacal Constellations

S.No Zodiac Sign Month & Date Zodiacal Constellations
1 Aries . March. 21 to April 19 Aries is an **Autumn** constellation w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during November month
2 Taurus April 20 to May 20 Taurus is an **Autumn** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of December
3 Gemini May 21 to June 21 Gemini is a **Winter** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of January.
4 Cancer June 22 - July 22 Cancer is a **Winter** Constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of February
5 Leo July 23 to Aug. 22 Leo is a **Winter** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night during the month of **March**.
6 Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 Virgo is a **Spring** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen during the month of April.
7 Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 Libra is a **Spring** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of May
8 Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 Scorpio is a **Spring** constellation with an astronomical name of Scorpius, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of June
9 Sagittarius Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 Sagittarius is a **Summer** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month July
10 Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 Capricorn is a **Summer** constellation which is astronomically name of Capricornus, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of August
11 Aquarius Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 Aquarius is a **Summer** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during the month of September.
12 Pisces Feb. 19 to Mar. 20 Pisces is an **Autumn** constellation, and w/c can be greatly seen in the night sky during October's month

About 2500 years ago, the Zodiac system was formed in Babylonia round . Later the concept of Zodiac was affected by the culture of Hellenistic.

When around the sun the earth revolves , the sun is expected to pass in front of different constellations that are stretched around the earth (the sun’s movement is basically a fantasy, it is the motion of the earth in actual). The location of sun in the direction of these constellations changes every day. Over the distance if one year, the sun release in front of different clusters of the stars. For example in one month the sun is appeared to one zodiac sign, in the other it is appeared to another different zodiac sign.

Firstly it was thought that the Zodiac is located on the moon because of the touching location of the moon towards the earth. then later on it became the sun based.

The Zodiac is more divided into 12 parts known as the signs of Zodiac. In astrology, the Zodiac signs state the position that holds the sun’s location at the time of the birth of any person. Every sign shows off an individual viewpoint to life along with his advantages and disadvantages According to astrology the Zodiac signs have a strong impact on one’s personality, opinions and feelings. It is set on by the date of birth and describes the different paths in which a single people view the world. It makes a different profile for every individual. These signs do not only provide the information about the one’s personality, but also gives the concept of people’s compatibility with one another.

Zodiac Signs:

The zodiac signs are 12 in number. Each of these signs has its own unique characteristics which includes both the good traits and the bad traits. They are all perfect in their own unique way. They are greatly known for their own different features. We will have a brief introduction to each of them in this article.


Aries are basically born between (21 March and 19 April ). This sign is represented by the symbol of ram. These people are quiet arrogant and courageous. They are known for their self-confidence and sharpness. They can also be seen aggressive. These people can see everything clear and can act right in time. They are very rational and straight forward people. In short Aries people are more active in nature and quite passionate.

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We can say eventually that Aries are best familiar for their self boldness and Confidence

Pros of Aries:

  • They are very strong

  • They are passionate to their work and relationship as well.

Cons of Aries:

  • They are lack of patience

  • They lose their temper quickly


For people born between 20 April and 20 May, the star sign is Taurus. It is represented by the symbol of Bull. So as the symbol indicates, these people can easily get aggressive and can’t tolerate any of the nonsense behavior or act by others. These people are settlers; they love to get settled on earth properly. They are very fast in decision making and don’t think twice before making a decision. They are quiet energetic creatures. Undoubtedly they fall in love very deeply and , they stay very loyal and express devotion with their loved ones.

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These people are considered best for their deep love, loyalty and vexation. They are sometimes regarded as the most trusted ones.

Pros of Taurus:

  • They are graceful by nature

  • They are honest friends

Cons of Taurus:

  • They are moody

  • They are quite stubborn sometimes.


For people who are born between 21 May and 20 June, the star sign is Gemini. It is represented by the symbol of twins. It means the people having the Gemini as a star sign are generally uncertain. They can never be known completely. They are always different with different or new people. They are known for their passionate love and their communication. They are very good in telling summaries and attracting people. They have strong communication skills which enables them to take any kind of challenges in their life. They are also good investigators. They are ridiculously preoccupied for some people.

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They are best known for their passionate love, their skills of effective communication and being uncertain with different people.

Pros of Gemini:

  • They are great talkers

  • They are very agile

Cons of Gemini:

  • They are quite sarcastic

  • They are very judgmental


People who are born between the dates if June 21 to July 22 has the Zodiac sign of Cancer. The Cancer is represented by the symbol of crab. The people having this sign are quiet flexible ones. Their charm makes their outer covering and inside they are most softhearted and faithful people. They are highly inherent and their psychological skills demonstrate in substantial places. They are very genuine. They are a kind of harmless people. They are the best at their friendships with someone. If you have a friend having a cancer zodiac sign, he will never cheat upon you and will always be loyal with you unless you hurt or disappoint them. They will always defend their friends till their last breath. They muster a shelter for their valuable friends and fellows.

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They are regarded best for their faithful and loyal friendship and their lovely and harmless nature.

Pros of Cancer:

  • They are affectionate to others

  • They are basically real sweat hearts.

Cons of Cancer:

  • They are overly sensitive

  • They are non-confident


This is the 5th sign of the Zodiac signs. People who are born between the dates of 23 July and 22 August are the ones who belong to Leo zodiac signs. It has a symbol of loin. These people are the most energetic and powerful creatures. They need no motivation and push to complete a task when given to them. As the symbol indicates, these people are the kings and queens by their personalities. They are passionate, high spirited and dramatic. They are very beautiful and charming. They are very emotional and possessive when it comes about their loved ones. One of the most important traits of their personality is their ego.

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They are best for their energetic and bold personalities.

Pros of Leo:

  • They are very creative

  • They help everyone

Cons of Leo:

  • They are superiority complex

  • They are very dominating


The 6th zodiac sign called Virgo is adopted by the people who are born between 23 August and 22 September. This sign is represented by the symbol of Maiden or virgin. The people having this sign are deep rooted, practical and systematic people. They are perfectionists at heart. They have a constant purpose of life. They are quiet innocent, joyous and lovely people. Their beauty is adorable. They are highly good in planning something whether a program or schedule. They have exceptional norms in their life. They cannot bear disappointment, it is deadly for them.

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They are called best for their effective and organized mind. They are best in planning occasions and events.

Pros of Virgo:

  • They are quite people do not talk much

  • They are kind hearted

Cons of Virgo:

  • They have had poor health in childhood

  • They are very shy


People having the zodiac signs of Libra have reserved the dates for their birth between 23 September to 22 October. These people are quiet intelligent but they never manipulate it. They are sometimes misunderstood as being dishonest and distrustful people. They play a role of adjudicators in case of any disputes. They always prefer equilibrium and a balanced scale for every aspect of life. They are much focused and peace loving creatures. They will always try to find balance between two conflicting people. They are very good in love and relationships.

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They are best known for their nature of shattering off the conflicts.

Pros of Libra:

  • It’s fun to be with them

  • They are open-minded

Cons of Libra:

  • They are very lazy

  • Others easily take advantage of you


People having the Zodiac sign of scorpion are born between 23 October to 21 November. It has the symbol of scorpion. These people are the most flexible and adaptable creatures. They are the true and loyal friends when treated positively and do anything for their true friends. Because of their incredible passion and power, these people are often misunderstood. They have strengths of psychic and emotional principality. They are very loyal to their well-wishers but are also very stubborn kind of people, when treated wrong. They have pleasurable nature.

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They are known the best for their loyalty and assessing revenge.

Pros of Scorpio:

  • They are great investigators

  • They are great lovers

Cons of Scorpio:

  • They hide things inside

  • They keep you on your toes


This is the 9th of the Zodiac signs. It has the symbol of archers. People who are born between 22 November and 21 December have the Sagittarius zodiac sign. They are quiet creative kind of people. They are harmless people having clear intentions for others. They are very energetic, powerful and adventure lovers. They are very romantic, unusual and confident people. The have the quality of tolerance.

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They are the best for their creative and adventurous nature.

Pros of Sagittarius:

  • They are independent to others

  • They have a loving nature

Cons of Sagittarius:

  • They are very blunt

  • They are overly energetic


People who are born by the dates between 22 December and 19 January have the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It has a symbol of sea goat. These people are quiet intelligent but they can be hardly understood. They are very innocent hearted. They are very ambitious and practical towards their aims. These guys give much importance to love in their life. They are very active, powerful and incredible. They can give the maximum powerful outcomes in whatever they are doing. They are very self-centered. Another characteristic of their personality is that they can be very ferocious with the people who come in the way of their success.

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Such people are called best for their superpowers, ambitions and their practical and organized nature.

Pros of Capricorn:

  • They are very intelligent

  • They are the most trustworthy sign

Cons of Capricorn:

  • They can’t forgive things

  • They are very sensitive


People born between 20 January and 18 February belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. These people are very intelligent and creative. They are very much passionate about having adventures in the every single day of their life. They have much mood swings. They easily do not have any issues with someone. Such people are very fascinating. They have a progressive nature. They live in an ideal world. They do have a nonconformist attitude and are a bit quirky.

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They are the best for their highly creative mind. They are sometimes referred as the born scientists or technologists.

Pros of Aquarius:

  • You can be comfortable with them

  • They are very open-minded

Cons of Aquarius:

  • They are very rude to others

  • They are very stubborn


The last Zodiac sign is named as Pisces. People who are born between 19 February and 20 March. This sign have the symbol of fishes. These are people are also very flexible and adaptable in all kind of situations. They are strategic and well-planners. They are very sympathetic, understanding and allowing. They can provide a very good moral support to their friends when they are in trouble and in search of someone who can listen to them. They are sometimes called natural healers.

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They are the best for their moral support and understanding nature for their colleagues.

Pros of Pisces:

  • They are very artistic

  • They are very sentimental to others

Cons of Pisces:

  • They are complex thinkers.

  • They are very aggressive

Which Zodiac sign is the best??

By giving a brief introduction about every zodiac sign, it might be clear that all the signs are unique and perfect by their own good and bad traits. This difference between them creates diversity in the wheel of life. So it is hard to mark out the best zodiac sign. However one can call best to a specific zodiac sign as per his choice and opinion. In my opinion, I think that the Cancer and Libra signs are the best as the Cancer ions are known for their faithfulness and loyalty as being a friend. They will always defend their friends till their deaths. The other best zodiac sign in my opinion is Libra as the Librans are regarded the best for breaking the conflicts and their peacefulness.
Everyone have their own thoughts and ideas, so they can choose the best zodiac sign as per their choices. I hope my writings will help you in pointing out these signs.

Shortly it can be said that the zodiac signs are the important chapters in astrology which are used to determine the personality traits of a person. These signs are unique in their own characteristics, good and bad traits. So it is not easy to say which zodiac sign is the best and well known of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which zodiac signs can fight?

Leo, Scorpio Taurus and Aquarius Zodiac signs can fight .These Zodiac signs know how to get anything either by ■■■■ or crook.

2. Which zodiac signs are lazy?

Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius are the laziest zodiac signs.

3.Which zodiac sign is suicidal?

The distribution of suicide is seriously higher in those of Virgo and the distribution of suicide is lowest in Scorpio & Sagittarius.

4.Which zodiac signs are made for each other?

There are many zodiac signs that are made for each other are as follows.

  1. Gemini and Aquarius
  2. Cancer and Pisces
  3. Aries and Aquarius
  4. Taurus and Cancer
  5. Gemini and Aquarius
  6. Cancer and Pisces
  7. Leo and Sagittarius
  8. Sagittarius and Aries
  9. Capricorn and Taurus
  10. Virgo and Taurus
  11. Libra and Gemini
  12. Scorpio and Cancer

5. Which zodiac signs are not made for each other?

There are many zodiac signs that are not made for each other are as follows.

  1. Scorpio and Aries
  2. Cancer and Aquarius
  3. Leo and Scorpio
  4. Virgo and Sagittarius
  5. Aries and Taurus. Jacob
  6. Taurus and Sagittarius
  7. Gemini and Capricorn
  8. Libra and Virgo
  9. Pisces and Virgo
  10. Aquarius and Taurus
  11. Gemini and Cancer

6.What Zodiac sign falls in love easily?

As being the strongest zodiac sign Aries do not have patience and can easily fall in love

7.What zodiac sign is meanest?

Scorpio is likely the meanest sign you will ever meet, so be careful when you are around Scorpio.


The zodiac signs might be considered real by many people but it is not true as astrology is not a real science. These signs are imaginary structures. However for those who believes on it, these signs are real and existing and they do rely on these for the events of their everyday life. And they do have their own perspectives about the traits of every zodiac sign.

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It sounds funny to give ‘the best zodiac sign’ to anyone on the basis of date of birth which is not entirely in the hand of anyone. I think we need to give such tags to the people who work ■■■■■■ to achieve them.

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