Hyun Bin's Wife

Full Name Kim Tae-pyung Height 1.85
Nationality South Korea Siblings elder brother only
Age 38 Profession Actor
Star Libra Birthday 25,Sep-1982
Country Born South Korea

The marital status of the famous Korean actor Hyun Bin is shown single up till now. However, it is not confirmed yet that who will be Hyun Bin’s wife only rumors has spread about his wife.

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Who is Hyun Bin?

Lots of questions come in our mind while thinking about Hyun Bin. Whether the famous and the most handsome Korean actor Hyun Bin single or married? Who is Hyun Bin’s wife? Who is Hyun Bin’s girlfriend? Some secrets about Hyun Bin’s marital life as well as girlfriends are shared below.

In our daily life, we always watch many famous TV celebrities who perform in our favorite TV shows. One of these famous celebrities is a famous Korean actor Hyun Bin he is as famous and remembered by his fans as Mark Hamill is. Hyun Bin is a popular south-Korean actor who gained his recognition by performing leading roles in many television dramas.The famous actor has publically dated 3 famous girls up till now named Hwang Ji-Hyun, Hye-Kyo Song and Kang So Ra.

Being a heartthrob of millions of girls, Hyun Bin is a famous actor who needs no proper introduction for the one who is new in Korea. he entertains people with his great performance just like other celebritis like Hugh Jackman he also entertains people in different ways.

Date of Birth:

Hyun Bin opened his eyes for the first time on Saturday, 25 September 1982 in Seoul. His birth name is Kim Tae Pyung.


Presently, Hyun Bin is about 38 years old. He will turn 39 in 268 days.

Zodiac sign:

People who are born on 25 September fall under the Zodiac sign Libra. Hyun Bin is one of them.


Hyun Bin was graduated from YoungDong high school. He got a degree in Theater in 2004 from Chung-Aug University. Later on, he got his Masters degree from the same university in 2009.

Television Debut:

He started his acting career from a TV drama “Bodyguard” in 2003. After that, he gained wide recognition for his acting in a romantic comedy drama “My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon”.

Famous dramas:

He become more popular by working in other famous TV shows named My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon, The World That They Live In, Secret Garden, and Crash Landing on You, and many others.

Net worth:

The famous actor Hyun Bin has a net worth of about $10 million. Some sources have revealed that he has a total of net worth ranging from 3 to 10 million dollars.


If we talk about Hyun Bin’s family then Kim Won-Hong is his father. His mother name is not known. He has an elder brother. He has always said that his father has always taken care of him and everything related to him. Apart from these, there isn’t any other information about his family.


Hyun Bin belongs to Korean ethnicity and he has a North Korean nationality.

Hyun Bin’s wife:

Talking about Hyun Bin’s wife and marital status, the famous actor is still unmarried. By openly asked about his views, he said that he will get married before turning to 40. Currently, the famous actor is in his 30s and according to him, he will get married soon to the women he love.

Furthermore, he has said that his ultimate life goals are having a lovely family and kids. He has also mentioned about his ideal type in some interviews.

According to him, he want a beautiful, elegant and calm women who should be fond of eating different kinds of food and with whom he get a full comfort.

Hyun Bin’s Girlfriends:

Hyun Bin is an unmarried Korean actor. It is not confirmed about Hyun Bin’s wife but being famous for his beautiful and gallant looks.
it is rumored that up till now he has publically announced his love and affection for 3 famous personalities named Hwang Ji-Hyun, Song Hye-Kyo and Kang So Ra.

However, it is said that Hyun Bin also has a love relationship with his Co-star Son Ye Jin which is declared to be false by both of them. We will discuss all of these briefly.

Below the video will help you getting more information about Hyun Bin’s current and Ex-girlfriends. :arrow_down:

Hyun Bin for the very first time dated a girl named Hwang Ji-Hyun. At that time, Hyun Bin was a famous TV actor and Hwang was a famous artist.

The famous actor and artist Hwang Ji-Hyun is now known as Jun Ji-Hyun. Her fame was much increased after dating such a famous and handsome TV actor.
It is also said that neither of them had ever revealed about their relationship publically however, this relationship didn’t last long and was silently broken up soon in 2008 due to the opposition of their fans as they declared Hwang as an inferior actor having poor career and acting skills.
However, after departing from Hyun Bin, Hwang got a great reputation and her singing and acting was not paid attention anymore.

Hyun Bin’s relationship With His Girlfriend Song Hye-Kyo:

After breaking up with Hwang Ji-Hyun, Hyun Bin dated the famous actress Song Hye-Kyo in June, 2008. They both got closer after working with each other in their famous drama “The World They Live with In”. Later on, they both publically announced their affection for each other in 2009.

This relationship was prolonged by both of them for 3 years and after that, they broke up in 2011 when Hyun Bin had to leave for military service. He got much busy before that and Song Hye-Kyo also had a busy schedule at that time.

The main reason for their break up was not having enough time for each other which caused the natural distance. However, in these three years both of them spent a very good time with each other which is still recalled by their fans and they are still unhappy with their breakup.

In fact, it was regarded as the most “stormy" love of the famous actor. After breaking up with Hyun Bin, Song Hye-Kyo got married to Song Joong Ki in 2017 but was divorced after one and half year.

However, it is also rumored that the two actors are once again united secretly and they have officially and openly said about their relationship in 2019.

Hyun Bin’s Relationship With His Girlfriend Kang So Ra:

After giving an end to his relationship with Song Hye-Kyo, Hyun Bin started another love relationship with actress named Kang So Ra, an actress who was 8 years younger than him. These two met each other in October 2016.
They both started their relationship journey by working together as a senior and junior in the industry and dated each other after two months of their first meet up. However, this love affair didn’t last long. It lasted only for a year.
They both were departed in Dec, 2017. The main reason for their departure given by both actors was having not enough time for each other.

Hyun Bin’s relationship With His Girlfriend Son Ye Jin:

Many rumors are spread that after Kang So Ra, Hyun Bin is dating his co-star Son Ye Jin. They both worked as leading actors in “Crash Landing on You". Though, the couple was frequently spotted in spending more time with each other on vacations, hanging out and shopping, both the actors had continuously denied this statement. The Korean audience strongly believes that they both are in relationship and are not disclosing it to ensure some privacy in their life.
Many believe that they both have secretly got married to each other but up till now both the actors haven’t answered this question in Yes.
However, their agencies had answered these kinds of rumors officially by declaring them wrong and by ensuring that both the actors aren’t in any romantic relationship with each other.

When will Hyun Bin get married? :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

As mentioned above that Hyun Bin is thinking of getting married before turning to 40. Many rumors are spread about Hyun Bin’s wife by the Korean audience.
They have rumored about him of getting married to his most loved girlfriend Song Hye-Kyo as she has reported to be divorced and the two stars are again united.
However, the fact about their marriage is not confirmed yet and it is still declared as a false rumor by their agencies.

Some people are also spreading rumors about the famous actor of getting married to his co-star Son Ye Jin. They’ve been involved in the dating rumors for the third time.
However, every time they deny the fact about their relationship and they declare all the rumors, false.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Hyun Bin is a famous and handsome Korean TV actor who is well-known for his leading roles in many Korean TV dramas. The marital status of Hyun Bin is single up till now. He had been in love relationships with three actresses. Many rumors have been spread about his relationship with his co-star Son Ye Jin. It’s not confirmed yet that who is going to be Hyun Bin’s wife.

Frequently Asked Question:

Here are some frequently asked questions which will help with the things circulating in your mind.

:one: Did Hyun Bin marry?

No! Hyun Bin didn’t marry there was only rumors spread which was false rumors denied by the agencies lastly. Son Ye Jin was in relationship with some girls but didn’t plan to marry yet. when he’ll turn 40 then he will plan for it.

:two: Why did Hyun Kyo and Hyun Bin break up?

Firstly they were dating each other for two years then they got busy in their different schedules and decided to leave being in relationship and left each other

:three: Who is Hyun Bin’s current girlfriend?

Handsome Actor without having girlfriend is quite unbelievable so, when he didn’t plan to marry he is right now spending good time being in relationship. Son Ye Jin was the co-star of Hyun Bin and she is the current girlfriend of Hyun Bin.

Conclusion: :books:

It’s hard to determine about Hyun Bin’s wife as he is single up till now and has not revealed yet about the women he is going to marry. Many rumors are made by the public about his marriage with his past girlfriends but these rumors are always denied by the famous actor.

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Hyun Bin’s wife is still unknown. The marital status of Hyun Bin is single. Though, he had been in a serious relationship with three girls. Controversies about his relationship always remain in talk. He never took any of his relationships to the next level.

It was rumored that Hyun Bin had his first relationship in 2007 with the Korean actress “Hwang Ji Hyun”. The relationship broke too soon in a single year in 2008. The reason behind their split is still unknown. Once a journalist inquired whether they both are doing well in a relationship, so Hyun Bin quickly replied that they were doing well “as colleagues”.

Afterwards, Hyun Bin dated another beautiful Korean actress named “Song Hye-Kyo”. They both worked together in a television series “The Way They Live”, which on-aired on 2008. In 2009, the couple confirmed their love and affection for each other. Hyun Bin, along with his girlfriend Song Hye-Kyo, also represented Amore-Pacific’s Aritaum brand. Both of their agencies also confirmed their relationship status. The couple broke up after three years of dating, in 2011 when Hyun Bin had to leave for military service.

It was also rumored that he also had a relationship with his co actor “Ha Jiwon”. Then in October 2016, his romance began with the actress “Kang Sora”, the couple revealed their relationship after dating 2 weeks with each other. After one year of dating, Kang Sora’s and Hyun Bin’s agencies came forward with the news of their splitting relatioship. They further said that break up happens due to their busy schedule.

On January 1, 2021, Korean media released that Hyun Bin and “Son Ye Jin” are dating. They both worked together in “The Negotiation” which was released in 2018 and “Crash Landing On You”, on-aired on 2020. The couple spotted many times on vacation and shopping. They are famous as “Riri couple”. They both never disclose their love for each other. Korean people believe that they both are secretly dating and going to marry each other. They are not ready to reveal their private life.

HYUN BIN’S CAREER: His real name is “Kin Tae-Pyung”. He was born on September 25, 1982. He is a famous, handsome South Korean actor. His career as an actor started in 2003 with television series “Bodyguard”. He made his film debut in 2004 in the sport movie “Spin Kick”. His work in romantic comedy series “My Lovely Sam Soon” made him to win The Top Excellence Award at MBC Drama Awards. In 2010, Hyun worked in a romantic fantasy drama named “Secret Garden”, which was a massive hit. He walked the red carpet at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, where his two movies, “Come Rain, Come Shine” and “Late Autumn”, were selected to be screened.

In March 2011, Hyun began his 21 months military service as a soldier in the R.O.K Marine Corps. Hyun came back in his acting career in 2013 in commercials, and then in the period film “The Fatal Encounter”. In 2018, he played the villain role for the first time in crime thriller “The Negotiation”. In 2019, he did the romance drama “Crash Landing On You”, with the same co-star “Son Ye Jin” and it was the third highest rated Korean drama in the cable television history. “The Point Men” is an upcoming movie of Hyun Bin along with Hwang Jung-min.

Hyun Bin was nominated for 29 different awards for different categories, in which he won 20 awards at different occasions.

SOCIAL WORKS OF HYUN BIN: Aside from his unforgettable roles he had played in series and movies, his undeniable dashing looks and his charm, Hyun Bin is a man of good heart. No doubt he is really a generous person. He is a person who knows how to manage finances. On October 29, 2013, at the 50th annual saving day, he was given the President’s award by the Financial Services Committee for his “thrifty lifestyle”, for saving 35 billion won which makes about US $ 3.3 million within 17 years, at the age of 31.

In February 2016, he took part in an awareness campaign against animal cruelty. His management company VAST Entertainment released pictures in which Hyun Bin posed with a retired search and rescue dog whose name was “Vision”. Vision was a part of the emergency rescue crew for almost 7 years. The dog took part in 121 missions and saved lives of 13 people.

In March 2020, it was revealed that Hyun Bin is one of the first Korean celebrities who contributed to the COVID-19 relief efforts. he secretly donated 200 million won to the Community Chest of Korea. He also reached out to his fans who might be struggling emotionally during the pandemic by writing them an uplifting letters in different languages, i.e. Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese. Hyun Bin is a great example for his followers.

Real-life couple Hyun Bin or Son Ye-jinn recently starred within their newest commercial with the Philippines-based Telkom Company Smart Communications, Inc. they have been endorsing officially for the almost the year. Now, Koreans are the urging for the two to the take married after watching the ads their latest ad for the Smart Communications, Inc., unveiled during Valentine’s Day, has created the lot of the buzzes. This features the “Crash Landing on the you” begin within their character as they promote the company’s 5G mobile phone network. Smart is the one of the largest telecommunications providers within the Southeast Asian nation. They also recently signed the contract with the BTS to the endorse the company.
Titled “Inevitable,” the ad is the latest on the Smart, following Hyun Bin or Son Ye-jinn’s previous endorsements with the label, as well as those with the Park Seo-joon.
“The future is the inevitable, it’s time to the break barriers," Smart Communications said.
Hyun Bin is the wearing the dapper long coat, while Son Ye-jinn sported the beautiful white dress.
One of the the highlights of the the advertisement has Son ye-jinn telling Hyun Bin “I do” after he asked her, “Do you believe this is the possible?” referring to the Smart Communication’s 5G service.
Koreans or the fans are the commenting they should “get married right now,” “this can’t be acting,” “pretty couple,” or other responses urging this they take married within real-life. One even posted, “Now this you have filmed an advertisement, you should take married.” Do you think the ad will stand as the pre-nuptial video?
Hyun Bin or Son Ye-jinn has starred within the high-rated Korean drama “Crash Landing on the You,” the story of the star-crossed lovers Captain Rib Jeong-hyeok, the North Korean military member or South Korean cabal heiress Yoon Se-rib as she “crash lands” on the him while paragliding. They have been within the relationship since New Year 2021.
After Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin confirmed they were dating, fans have been eager to the theknow when they could walk down the aisle. An industry insider shares their thoughts.
This year began on the love-lee note courtesy Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin. The Crash Landing on the You begin left their fans gushing after they confirmed they were dating. Both the actors’ agencies issued statements confirming their relationship or Son Ye Jin went ahead to the address the report with the the heartwarming note. While fans are the eager to the see the two within the same frame soon, they are the also patiently waiting for the news of the the possible wedding within the making.
Although the couple hasn’t hinted any such plans yet, Aleppo reports this an unnamed industry insider is the believed to the be close to the Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin seems inclined towards the possibilities of the the wedding taking place. “They are the both nearing the age of the 40, or they would not have admitted their relationship so impulsively given their age,” the theinsider has been quoted.
Amid these statements, an old quote of the the actress speaking about marriage has surfaced or has caught fans’ attention. within an interview, the access confessed she wanted to the be married before she turns 40. “If I’ve decided this I wasn’t going to the take who married, then I wouldn’t be worried but I want to the take married, or I’m ready to the be married when I meet someone. I want to the be married before I turn 40,” she said within the past. Coincidentally, the statement begin has gone viral around the time she celebrated her 39th birthday.
Going by Son Ye Jin’s statement, we wouldn’t be surprised when the two choose to the tie the knot. Having said that, we respect their privacy or decision.

South Korean entertainer Hyun Bin’s has become an easily recognized name overall since the time his featuring part on K-dramatization Crash Landing on You. The 37-year-old featured as Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk, a North Korean warrior and the male lead in the hit arrangement.

Hyun bin wife

K-show stars Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are South Korea’s most up to date Hallyu power couple, so what can Crash Landing on You fans expect now they’re dating?

The two parts of the couple are approaching 40, could BinJin refreshes incorporate more film grants, Seoul property purchasing – and maybe in any event, wedding arrangements?

The inevitable affirmation that K-show stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin are dating, all things considered, probably won’t have been such a stun eventually – the “BinJin couple”, as fans affectionately call them, have appreciated a nearby working relationship that ranges back to 2011, when Son made an appearance in Hyun Bin’s hit dramatization, Secret Garden.With their credible on-screen science in colossal hit Crash Landing on You, dating bits of gossip before long started to twirl, and the motions, unobtrusive hints, and the not-so-secret sightings further sponsored up fans’ cases that they were a thing off-screen, as well.

Child and Hyun Bin are veteran entertainers by their own doing. Child has a total assets of US$20 million while Hyun Bin is one of the most generously compensated K-dramatization entertainers, acquiring US$84,000 per episode.Now they’re together, both will without a doubt sack more undertakings and supports. It was accounted for that Hyun Bin will be getting back to show up in the continuation Confidential Assignment 2: International, featuring with Yoona and Yoo Hae-jin, and it was additionally affirmed that his next film venture will be the activity film, Bargaining

Hyun Bin’s acting profession in South Korea was at that point doing great after various fruitful shows, yet Crash Landing on You slung him—and his facial structure—into the global spotlight. The world’s recently discovered interest with the entertainer possibly developed when it was uncovered that he subtly gave 200 million South Korean won ($169,160) to the non-government association Community Chest of Korea to help the country’s endeavors against COVID-19.

With a particularly enormous gift, it makes you wonder exactly the amount Hyun Bin has procured over his long profession in Broadway. Online total assets sites gauge his abundance to be anyplace between $3 million (3.55 billion won) and $10 million (11.8 billion won).

A more critical gander at Hyun Bin’s income uncover that the entertainer procured $27,000 for every scene of the 2010 show Secret Garden. That puts his income from the 20-scene show at $540,000 (638.9 million won). AM Entertainment’s consolidation with SM C&C revealed that the entertainer procured $178,383 (211 million won) from the show’s extra benefit, just as $2,914,200 (3.45 billion won) from eight underwriting bargains up until 2012.

That implies Hyun Bin has acquired generally $3,632,583 (4.3 billion won) before 2013. Regardless of all his abundance, in 2013, the entertainer was given the President’s Award at the 50th Savings Day held by the Financial Services Committee for saving $3.5 million (4.14 billion won) inside 17 years.

Upon his re-visitation of the big time after necessary military assistance, Hyun Bin’s rebound arrangement Hyde, Jekyll, and I (2015) acquired him $83,900 per scene, adding up to $1.68 million (1.98 billion won) for the 20-scene show. He was then paid $90,000 per scene for Memories of Alhambra (2018), or about $1.44 million (1.7 billion won) for the 16-scene arrangement.

With respect to supports, Hyun Bin apparently acquires a normal of $900,000 per underwriting bargain, of which there have without a doubt been numerous consistently. He is as of now the top of the line TV entertainer for brand an incentive in South Korea.

Our unassuming appraisal of his profit from 2013 to 2020 alone would be close to $15 million (17.76 billion won or P759 million), which incorporates business supports and his undisclosed per scene rate on Crash Landing on You, which is unquestionably higher than Hyun Bin’s past rate, taking into account that the show is presently perhaps the most famous shows in K-dramatization history.

Hyun Bin Biodata:

Other Name: Hyeon Bin

Stage Name: Hyun Bin

Birthday: September 25, 1982

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Stature: 184 cm/1.84 m (6’0″)

Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)

Blood classification: B

Origination: Seoul, South Korea

Age: 36

Occupation: Actor

A long time dynamic: 2003–present

Hitched Status: Unmarried

Ethnicity: South Korean

Hyun Bin Early Life and Education:

Hyun was brought into the world on September 25, 1982, in Seoul, South Korea.

He youth longed for turning into a criminal investigator.

He had a go at acting and join the auditorium club in the school.

Training: Youngdong High School, Chung-Ang University (Theater).

Hyun Bin Family:

He family comprises of her folks and one more seasoned sibling.

Hyun Bin Career:

In 2003, He made his acting introduction TV arrangement ‘Protector.’

He made his film debut that very year in the young games film Spin Kick.

He is under VAST Entertainment (South Korea), Universal D (Japan).

In 2010, He previously acquired inescapable notoriety with his part as Kim Joo-won in Secret Garden.

In 2006, He won the significant honor, 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards for the Most Popular Actor (Film), for ‘A Millionaire’s First Love.’

He had effectively showed up in eleven TV dramatizations and eleven movies, four music video, and three discography.

Starting at 2018, He has prevailed upon sixteen (16) grants.

Hyun Bin Net Worth:

At Present, Hyun Bin’s total assets is assessed to be $3-5 Million (Hold).

In 2018, He compensation is assessed to be $83,900 Per Drama Episode.

Hyun Bin Wife:

He isn’t hitched.

Hyun Bin Girlfriend:

Status: In a relationship

Sweetheart: Kang Sora

Hyun Bin and Kang Sora were accounted for to have been dating in 2016.

In 2009, He started supposed renowned Korean entertainer Song Hye Kyo. Be that as it may, they separated in 2011.

In 2010, He began supposed acclaimed South Korean entertainer Ha Ji Won.

Hyun Bin Facts:

His moniker is Binnie.

Does Hyun smoke: No

On March 7, 2011, He enrolled for his obligatory military help.

On December 6, 2012, He military help was set to be finished.

He was engaged with a mindfulness crusade against creature pitilessness in 2016.

Does Hyun liquor: No

Does Hyun plastic medical procedure: Yes

Hyun Bin’s optimal sort: Who has pretty hands, eats an assortment of food, rich instead of uproarious, and he can feel with good.

Hyun Bin Drama:

Secret Garden Special (2011) – Kim Joo-Won

Recollections of the Alhambra (2018) – Yoo Jin-Woo

Secret Garden (2010) – Kim Joo Won

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015) – Gu Seo Jin

Mid year Days (2008) – Himself

The Snow Queen (2006) – Han Tae Woong

My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) – Hyun Jin Heon

Companion, Our Legend (2009) – Han Dong-Soo

Universes Within (2008) – Jeong Ji-Oh

Ireland (2004) – Kang Gook

Constant 4 (2003) – Himself

Guardian (2003) – the stalker

Hyun Bin’s Films:

I’m Happy (2009) – Man Soo

A Millionaire’s First Love (2006) – Kang Jae Kyung

Daddy Long Legs (2005) – Hyung Joon

Exchange (2018) – Min Tae Koo

Widespread (2018) – Lee Chung

The Swindlers (2017) – Hwang Ji Seong

Classified Assignment (2017) – Im Chul Ryung

The Fatal Encounter (2014) – King Jeong Jo

Come Rain Come Shine (2011) – Man

Late Autumn (2011) – Hoon

Twist Kick (2004) – Min Gyu

Hyun Bin’s Awards:

2010 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award (“Secret Garden”)

Top 10 Stars (“Secret Garden”)

Netizen Popularity Award (“Secret Garden”)

Best Couple Award (“Secret Garden”)

2006 KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Award (“The Snow Queen”).

Netizen Award (“The Snow Queen”).

Best Couple Award (“The Snow Queen”).

2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards – Most Popular Actor (“A Millionaire’s First Love”)

Personal life

Hyun was brought up in Seoul and has one more seasoned sibling. He moved on from Youngdong High School and afterward learned at Chung-Ang University, where, in 2004, he studied Theater Studies. In 2009, he selected at a similar college to acquire a Master’s certificate.

On January 1, 2021, it was affirmed that Hyun Bin is involved with entertainer Son Ye-jin, his co-star in The Negotiation (2018) and Crash Landing on You (2020).

2013–2016: Comeback

Hyun Bin accepting the Producers’ Choice Award at the 2014 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Hyun burned through the greater part of 2013 shooting plugs as a popular item endorser, and holding fan gatherings all over Asia. For his acting rebound after military assistance, Hyun picked The Fatal Encounter, his first since forever period film, in which he assumed the main part of King Jeongjo who confronted wild gathering struggle and death endeavors during his rule. It was delivered in April 2014 and drew in excess of 3 million confirmations. In any case, Hyun was reprimanded for his level tonation and absence of feelings in the film, which got generally negative surveys.

In 2015, Hyun made a rebound in the Korean show scene following 4 years with lighthearted comedy arrangement Hyde, Jekyll, Me. In the show enlivened by the artistic character, he plays a man with split behavioral condition whose two personas both fall for a similar lady.

In January 2016, Hyun set up his own organization, VAST Entertainment, which turned into a completely possessed auxiliary of Kakao M three years after the fact.

2017–present: Career resurgence

Hyun got back to cinema with the activity thrill ride film named Confidential Assignment (2017), where he assumes the part of a North Korean analyst that is subtly shipped off South Korea to secure a wrongdoing ring that is comprised of North Korean double crossers. The film was a triumph, and Hyun got positive surveys for his activity scenes and comedic execution. He at that point featured in wrongdoing activity film The Swindlers, alongside Yoo Ji-tae, about an investigator who intends to get an extortionist who has cheated an enormous amount of cash. The Swindlers was another film industry hit for Hyun.

In 2018, Hyun featured in wrongdoing thrill ride The Negotiation, playing a scoundrel part interestingly, close by Son Ye-jin; and zombie blockbuster Rampant (which was co-delivered by VAST Entertainment). That very year, he got back to the little screen with dream tension show Memories of the Alhambra close by Park Shin-hye. The arrangement is one of most elevated evaluated Korean dramatization in digital TV history, and Hyun was adulated for his apparently aloof however silly portrayal of his character.

In 2019, Hyun rejoined with The Negotiation co-star Son Ye-jin in the hit sentiment dramatization Crash Landing on You as a North Korean armed force captain. The show was an enormous achievement and is the third-most elevated appraised Korean show in satellite TV history, and Hyun was adulated for his flexible scope of feelings and acting skills

In 2020, Hyun is set to star as a NIS specialist in the thrill ride movie The Point Men, coordinated by Yim Soon-rye.

Hyun Bin has no wife. He has been in relationships with the opposite gender. Rumours have always been circulating about some girl as the hyun bin’s wife but there is no truth in them.

Who is Hyun Bin?

  1. Hyun bin is South Korean’s famous actor.

  2. Kim Tae-pyung is his birth name.

  3. He is 38 years old.

  4. He did masters in Theater and Film from Chung-Ang University.

  5. He has been working in the media industry since 2003.

  6. He appeared in music videos, television shows, tv series and films.

  7. He has been a brand ambassador and won many awards.

  8. My rose to fame after the television romantic comedy of 2005 ‘My Name is Kim Sam-soon’.

Hyun Bin Relationship and Love Biography

Wife                   None

Marital Status         Single

Girlfriend             Son Ye-jin (presently in 2021)

Children               None

He has shown his will to get married before getting 40 and showed interest in having kids and an overall beautiful family to live.

His girlfriends

He is still unmarried but he has been in relationships.

Some of the girlfriends are confirmed and some are not.

Following is the list of his girlfriends.

1. Son Ye-jin

He is presently dating Son Ye-jin who is a south korean actress.

2. Song Hye Kyo

She is hyun’s first girlfriend.

3. Ha Ji Won

She was her girlfriend and they usually found hanging out together more often but she said that he is her very closest male co-stars.

4. Sung Yuri

She is a singer and actress and has been close to each other but still sources have denied their relation.

5. Han Jimin

She was also his rumoured girlfriend but it was denied by both parties that there was no relation between them.

6. Tang Wei

She is a chinese korean actress. She was also rumoured to be in relation with him but they also denied this fact.

Hyun Bin ideal women

In an interview, he revealed a bit about his ideal type of woman.

  1. She should be elegant.

  2. He likes women who have beautiful hands.

  3. She should be calm minded.

  4. She likes to try and used to eat different types of food.

  5. Most importantly, he should feel comfortable in her surroundings.

Why is Hyun Bin so popular?

He acted in the korean television series ‘Memories of the Alhambra’. It ranked second most rated drama on the korean cable cable history.

Is Hyun Bin from a rich family?

  1. He does not disclose or talk about his family but he belongs from a rich family.

  2. His family has a real estate business.

  3. His family’s company. HB Family Holdings, built a 7 story building and it was sold out at 4.8 billion.

Hyun bin’s official social media

There are no official social media accounts of Hyun Bin as confirmed by his agency.

Hyun bin’s girlfriends official social media

Wants to get to know more about his girlfriends and what they do in daily life then here is a link to their available social media accounts.

1. Son Ye-jin



2. Han Jimin



3. Sung yuri



4. Song hye kyo


5. Ha Ji Won


[하지원 Ha Ji Won]

Bottom Line

  1. Hyun Bin is a 38 years old South Korean actor.

  2. He is still unmarried but planning to get married soon before he gets to 40 years old.

  3. He has no children, no wife but many girlfriends.

  4. Presently, he is in a relationship with Son Ye Jin in 2021 with whom there is a chance of him getting married in case things settle between them.

Hyun Bin wife

Before starting the brief description of Hyun bin’s wife, we need to know the Hyun bin’s introduction. Who was Hyun bin, and why is his relationship so essential for us to know?. Hyun bin is an actor in a Korean drama. He worked hard in Korean dramas and got success.

  • His drama got the second-highest ratings in all over the Korean dramas.

  • He is also handsome and gorgeous. His fan ratings are also impressive.

Hyun bin has an older brother. His father is a great personality. His mother is also a good woman. The name of his father is Won-hong. Hyun bin was born on twenty-five September 1982.

Wealthy status of Hyun Bin

Hyun bin is somehow wealthy according to his expenses. He has bought an apartment in Heukseokdong. He also purchased the condo in Heukseokdong for his parents. The knowledge shows that Hyun bin is a rich person. Hyun bin purchases the shares of the M company of Kakao. Hyun bin bought 24000 shares of Kakao. These shares are almost equal to twelve million dollars.

Knowledge Of Hyun Bin

Next, we talk about the language spoken by Hyun bin. Hyun bin can speak well his mother tongue language that is Korean. It means that Hyun bin can speak Korean well. In some interviews, Hyun bin said that he could also understand and speak English. Hyun bin also knows Japanese and Mandarin, but Hyun bin can’t tell these languages.

Marital Status

If we talk about the marriage life of Hyun bin, then there is no confirmation observed about his marriage life. The marital status is negligible to the society, but there are some rumors about Hyun bin. Hyun bin is not married, but some circumstances reveal a secret, the Hyun bin has a relationship with a beautiful lady Son Ye-jin. Hyun bin has many girls in his life. Hyun bin also worked with many girls in his working field. We did not notice Hyun bin serious with any of them. On the last new year’s evening night, Hyun bin shows a severe relationship with Son Ye-Jin. The beautiful actor Hyun bin’s life is important for the public and his fans. His fans are waiting for the official announcement of his wedding life.

Relation With Son Ye-Jin

Son Ye-Jin is also a famous actress of Korean versions.
She Is renowned for romance concerns in Korean series. She has worked in different dramas. She is also famous as Hyun bin is. She is not married yet. Moreover, she is looking interested in Hyun bin. Hyun bin is the best guy that suits this lady too. Moreover, she has shown strong bonding with Hyun bin. Last year evening night, her interest in Hyun bin led that both are in a strong relationship. Now, it is confirmed to the audience that Hyun bin and Son Ye-Jin have a serious relationship with each other.

Co-working Of Son Ye-Jin And Hyun bin In Industry

She has worked in two high rates dramas, the negotiations and Crash landing on you. In these two dramas, she has worked with Hyun bin. His chemistry with Hyun bin is looking vital to the fans.
Hyun bin is looking interested in Son Ye-jin. In recent activities, she is showing some exciting actions that put their fans in doubt. On the last new year’s evening, the news was confirmed that Son Ye-Jin and Hyun bin are looking interested in each other. Now, Hyun bin officially announced that he is in a relationship with Son Ye-Jin. The future outcomes are showing that soon they are going to marry. They will get the marital status soon. Their fans are waiting anxiously about their love story. The secret of Marital status will reveal very soon.

Hyun Bin Success

Hyun bin’s success started with the 2005 romantic series "My Lovely Sam Soon."This success made him won the Top Excellence Award at the MBC drama award. The explosive popularity of this drama made him the biggest star in South Korea. After this drama’s success, Hyun Bin works in film as the lead actor in his first film, "A Millionair’'s First Love. "

As most actors focused on their professional careers, Hyun was dedicated to his passion for the army and served as a Korean army volunteer for 21 months. He gives out for the marine corps in the Korean military as he had a good impression of the marines. Hyun was named top shooter during the training as he had got rank of 16 out of about 720 rookie marines. He was discharged on Dec 6, 2012, and awarded the secretary of defense award and marine corps commandant for an exemplary soldier.

Clear Discussion

The clear discussion about the wife of Hyun bin is that Hyun bin has no marital status now. Hyun bin is not married now. Hyun bin is not become the husband till now. The recent activity of Hyun bin is that he is interested in someone. He wants to marry a beautiful lady. He is going to start his marital status soon. He is going to like a lovely lady known as Son Ye-Jin. Son Ye-Jin is an actress famous for the Korean series.


If we talk about the marriage life of Hyun bin, and Hyun Bin wife then there is no confirmation observed about his marriage life. The marital status is negligible to the society, but there are some rumors about Hyun bin. Hyun bin is not married, but some circumstances reveal a secret: the Hyun bin has a relationship with a beautiful lady Son Ye-jin. Son Ye-Jin is also a famous actress of Korean versions. Moreover, she is looking interested in the Hyun bin. Hyun bin is the best guy that suits this lady too. She has worked in two high rates dramas, the negotiations and Crash landing on you. In these two dramas, she has worked with Hyun bin. His chemistry with Hyun bin is looking vital to the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Hyun bin get a Marital status?

The clear discussion about Hyun bin’s wife is that Hyun bin has no marital status now. Hyun bin is not married now. Hyun bin is not become the husband till now. The recent activity of Hyun bin is that he is interested in someone. He wants to marry a beautiful lady. He is going to start his marital status soon. He was going to like a lovely lady known as Son Ye-Jin. Son Ye-Jin is an actress famous for the Korean series.

Is Hyun bin in a relationship?

The clear discussion about the wife of Hyun bin is that Hyun bin has no marital status now. Hyun bin is not married now. Hyun bin is not become the husband till now. The recent activity of Hyun bin is that he is interested in someone. He wants to marry a beautiful lady. He is going to start his marital status soon. He is going to like a lovely lady known as Son Ye-Jin. Son Ye-Jin is an actress famous for the Korean series. She Has performed beautiful scenes in Korean dramas. She has done a lot for the Korean industry. Hyun bin is helping Son Ye-Jin to raise her success and progress in the industry. Hyun bin is looking interested in Son Ye-jin.