Definition of Business:

  1. Different processes from dialogues by actors.

  2. An organization or economic system in which goods and services are exchanged or exchanged for money.

    Every company needs some kind of investment and enough customers, whose products can be sold at a permanent profit.

    Companies can be private, non-profit or state-owned. An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while catering company Momandapp is a private company.

  3. The way to earn a living is to talk.

  4. Someone who is used to work, profession or business.

  5. A matter or series of events, usually embarrassing or embarrassing.

  6. Severe verbal criticism.

Synonyms of Business

Incident, Stir, Work, Duties and responsibilities, Consortium, Career, Establishment, Gizmo, Homage, Occasions, Portrayal, Respect, Commercial relations, Commerce, Mystery, Career building, Big business, Hammy acting, Vocation, Proposition, Corporate body, Affair, Loyalty, Marketing, Pool, Undertaking, Body corporate, Handicraft, Function, Doing, Traffic, Job, Stock company, Craft, Buffoonery, Occupation, Role, Merchant, Mimicry, Ought, Restraint of trade, Position, Proceedings, Specialty, Fealty, Profession, Business dealings, Political activism, Work, Goings-on, Copartnership, Joint-stock company, Mission, Activeness, Performing, Employment, Situation, Line of work, Event, Line of work, Mercantile business, Palaver, Concern, Affair, Hootenanny, Devotion, Deference, Stage business, Eventuality, Commercial, Imperative, Dealings, Aktiebolag, Job, Militancy, Aktiengesellschaft, Concernment, Trade, Stage presence, Diversified corporation, Specialization, Trade, Hokum, Devoir, Line of duty, Walk of life, Intercourse, Thing, Fair trade, Combine, Free trade, Occasion, Bounden duty, Motion, Set of circumstances, Holding company, Dealing, Commerce, Allegiance, Burden, Practice, Circumstance, Mimesis, Organization, Operating company, Joint-stock association, Trade association, Place, Responsibility, Vocation, Industrial, Commercial affairs, Trading, Must, Deal, Transaction, Partnership, Careerism, Province, Gadget, Small business, Mimicking, Movement, Acting, Call of duty, Metier, Effort, Playacting, Contract, Hoke, Pursuit, Assigned task, Onus, Patter, Retail, Stage directions, Occupation, Characterization, Bargaining, Attempt, Projection, Lifework, Plunderbund, Episode, Walk, Calling, Stunt, Trading, Company, Mummery, The business world, Problem, Marketing, Miming, Chamber of commerce, Matter, Syndicate, Adventure, Taking a role, Phenomenon, Issue, Cartel, Day job, Conglomerate, Trade, Walk of life, Wholesale, Proprietorship, Dealing, Engagement, Profession, Personation, Self-imposed duty, Art, Performance, Duty, Matter, Question, Ethics, Dedication, Buying and selling, Racket, Slapstick, Pursuit, Custom, Program, Plan, Interlude, Career, Reciprocal trade, Merchandising, The marketplace, Traffic, Line of business, Impersonation, Enterprise, Playing, Number, Proceeding, Gag, Obligation, Subject, Overacting, Activism, Area, Dingus, Business establishment, House, Merchantry, Line, Action, Project, Point, Lookout, Line, Compagnie, Consolidating company, Craft, Employment, Charge, Activity, Sphere, Industry, Dofunny, Issue, Public utility, Multilateral trade, Ham, Representation, Interest, Happening, Corporation, Trafficking, Office, Firm, Pantomiming, Doings, Market, Game, Conglomerate corporation, Case, Calling, Topic, Utility, Trust, Venture, Truck, Field, Experience, Jigger, Operation, Occurrence, Outfit, Mercantile, Balance of trade, Commitment, Unilateral trade, Thing, Task, Commercial enterprise, Thingumajig

How to use Business in a sentence?

  1. He has to smile a lot in his business.
  2. Business.
  3. Fran quit her finance job to start Duncare's business because she thinks she can use her skills to spend more time with her children.
  4. Jewelry trade.
  5. The store that just opened in the city center went bankrupt because it didn't generate enough revenue for itself, so it closed.
  6. The business is growing so fast that it is increasingly attracting new customers to meet incoming orders.

Meaning of Business & Business Definition