Market Sentiment

Market Sentiment,

Market Sentiment Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Market Sentiment is: Market sentiment refers to the general attitude of investors towards certain financial markets or stocks. It is the mood or tone of the market or its crowd psychology that is the result of the activity and price movement of the securities sold in this market. In general, a rise in prices indicates a growing market sentiment, while a decrease in prices indicates a decrease in market sentiment.

    • Market sentiment refers to the general consensus in the stock or the entire stock market.
    • Market sentiment is high when prices are rising.
    • When prices are falling, market sentiment is low.
    • Technical indicators can help investors gauge market sentiment.

Literal Meanings of Market Sentiment


Meanings of Market:
  1. Regular meetings of people to buy and sell food, livestock and other products.

  2. The area or environment where the business takes place.

  3. Advertise or promote (some)

Sentences of Market
  1. Farmers went to the market

  2. Job vacancies market

  3. This product is marketed under the name "Aspirin".

Synonyms of Market

sell, put up for sale, retail, peddle, hawk, merchandise, offer for sale, vend, trade


Meanings of Sentiment:
  1. Vision or attitude about a situation or event, opinion.

  2. More and more amusing feelings of gentleness, sadness or longing.

Sentences of Sentiment
  1. I express your feelings on the highway bridge

  2. Many relationships are based on emotions

Synonyms of Sentiment

point of view, sentimentality, opinion, sentimentalism, belief, way of thinking, idea, attitude, view, mawkishness, over-sentimentality, thought, feeling, emotionalism, overemotionalism