What is Shares?

  1. Definition of Shares: Shares are units of capital in a company that exist as financial assets and allow any remaining profits to be distributed fairly in the form of dividends. Shareholders can also benefit from capital gains after the company's price increases.

    • Shares represent the financial assets pertaining to the company's capital or investors who exchange their capital for these shares.
    • Common shares provide voting rights and potential profits through price definition and profitability.
    • Preferred shares do not offer a price increase, but they can be repurchased at attractive prices and offer a steady profit.
    • Most companies have shares, but only public companies that have publicly traded shares.

  2. Also known as shares. Anyone who buys a portion of the company's capital becomes a shareholder in the company's equity and thus receives a share of the company's profits in the form of annual profits. There are several types of shares, such as preferred shares, preferred shares, aggregate and equity.

Meanings of Shares

  1. Some or all of a large amount of money is shared between many people or with the cooperation of many people.

  2. One of the equivalent shares in which the company's share capital is distributed gives the owner the right to a share of the profits.

  3. Examples of when something is posted or published on a social networking site or application.

  4. Share (something) with other people or other people

Sentences of Shares

  1. Based on this proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  2. Are selling their shares on BT

  3. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

  4. She shares the cake with him

Synonyms of Shares

split, allowance, division, allocation, quota, go halves with, go halves in, ration, due, allotment, lot, portion, divide, measure, bit, part