Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall,

Definition of Berlin Wall:

  1. Barrier constructed in 1961 to separate East Berlin from West Berlin and East Germany. The Berlin Wall was originally constructed out of barbed wire, but as more people were able to cross it freely the wall was reconstructed using concrete blocks. The Berlin Wall served as a reminder of the Iron Curtain and was eventually torn down in 1989 after years of civil unrest.

  2. A fortified and heavily guarded wall built on the boundary between East and West Berlin in 1961 by the communist authorities, chiefly to curb the flow of East Germans to the West. It was opened in November 1989 after the collapse of the communist regime in East Germany and subsequently was dismantled.

How to use Berlin Wall in a sentence?

  1. When I visit Germany I want to visit the Berlin Wall and take a chunk of the concrete home with me.
  2. The destruction of the Berlin Wall allowed for the reunification of East Berlin with the rest of Germany, conquering the deep divisions and chaos that originally erected it.
  3. When the Berlin Wall finally fell it was a great symbol to the world that the tough time from the past was finally over.

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