How To Program Samsung Smart Tv Remote To Dish Network?

How To Program Samsung Smart TV Remote To Dish Network? All you have to do is tell the Dish remote that you want to use a separate mode button for each of your television sets. The mode keys are located at the very top of the remote control and are labeled as “SAT,” “TV,” “VCR,” and “AUX.” Position the “TV” button so that it points to the first television set. To get the second TV to function, you need to press the “AUX” button.

How To Program Samsung Smart TV Remote To Dish Network?

  • Press and hold the “TV” mode button at the top of the Dish remote to turn the TV on by hand.

  • When the lights on all the other mode buttons start to flash, you can let go of the button.

  • When you let go of the hold button, only the TV mode button will continue to flash.

  • Use the number pad on the remote to enter one of the codes you looked up. Press “#” (the pound button). If you got the code right, the “TV” mode key will flash three times.

  • Aim the remote at the TV and press the “POWER” button.

  • If the TV turns off, you may have found the right code for this TV.

  • To test it, turn the TV back on by pressing the “POWER” button.

  • Use the Up and Down keys to change the volume. Check the “MUTE” button.

  • If all of these buttons work, you have successfully set up the Dish remote to work with this TV.

  • If any of these buttons doesn’t work, do steps 3 through 5 again, but this time use a different device code.

Dish Network Remote Codes For Samsung TV

Both the 20.0 and the 20.1 remotes sold by Samsung come with eight different codes. Keep holding down the TV’s mode buttons until they all light up. Then hit the # or the hash key.

StepsTo Set Up the TV WithThe Dish Remote

• To turn the mode buttons on, press and hold the TV button until the indicator lights on all four of the mode buttons light up. The configuration of a TV remote looks like this.

• You can configure a new sort of device by pressing the AUX or DVD button on the remote control.

• Input the code for the remote control a total of three times. The moment you press the mode button, it immediately begins operating.

Where Can You Locate The Code For Your TV?

• Press the TV button as well as all other buttons once.

• Keep your finger on the SETUP button until the TV button blinks twice.

• Pressing the number 991 will cause the TV key to blink twice.

• Once you’ve pressed and released the POWER button.

• While you wait for the device to turn off, hold down the CH + button.

• The TV button will flash twice once you press it once and release it.

How To Program Samsung Smart TV Remote To Dish Network?


Each of your televisions includes a TV mode button on the Dish remote control. The “TV” button should be positioned to face the primary television. You must push the “AUX” button for the second TV to work. At the very top of the remote control are the mode keys.

Remote Codes For A Samsung TV

Codes for a samsung tv are 3601, 0161, 0261, 0051, 1181, 3211, 3711, 2141, 2551, 0301, 1561, 2401, 1661, 3771, 3661, 3711, 3821, 4111, 4841, 5191, 3921, 3881, 3741, 4101, 5201, 3211, 3921, 3911, 3861, 3831, 3811.

Samsung TV Standard Code

A unique four-digit number can be used to identify any Samsung television (0000). You will need the codes that are provided below for a particular remote to work with your Samsung TV in any capacity.

• Activate the television set.

• It will blink once if you only press the TV button on the remote control once.

• Enter 991.

Where Can I Look For The Remote’s Code?

Call the company that made your remote and ask if it can help you find the codes. If you want the whole list of codes, you can ask for it to be sent to you. Make sure to tell the company who made your remote what model it is. On the inside of the battery latch is the model number.

Code For The Universal Remote Control

First, you need to find out what version of the code list your universal remote control has. A universal remote has three different kinds of codes. Their names are CL3, CL4, and CL5.

For instance, the code for a CL3 universal remote control starts with 0 and has 3 numbers (technically 4 digits), like 0275. CL4 has four numbers: 5693, and CL5 has five numbers: 38297.

Take the batteries out of the back of your code list to see what version it is. The CL version and model of your remote will be written on a sticker. Put the batteries back in and write them down.

How To Set Up A Samsung TV’s Remote Control?

  • Select the Home button on the Samsung remote control. Select Source, followed by Universal Remote.

  • Pick Start.

  • Choose the type of device you want to set up and register and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Samsung Smart TV Universal Remote

Your Samsung TV or projector will work with the majority of universal remote controllers, including those offered on Amazon and possibly even the remote that came with your cable or satellite box. Check the label on the universal remote to make sure it supports Samsung before buying.

Do All Samsung TVs Use The Same Remote Control?

Most universal remotes work with Samsung TVs, but only a Samsung remote works with any Samsung TV. If your Samsung TV remote fails, you can use a phone app to operate it.

How To Reset A Samsung Remote?

To reset a Samsung TV remote, take out the batteries and press the Power button for 8 seconds. After that, put the batteries back in and try to use the remote. Depending on the type of TV you have, this is just one of the ways you can reset your remote.


All Samsung televisions are identified by a four-digit number (0000). You can program your TV to only respond to a specific remote by using a set of codes. A universal remote control’s code set can be broken down into three groups: CL3, CL4, and CL5. I need help learning how to set up a Samsung TV remote. To access Universal Remote, press the Home button on your Samsung remote control.

Connect Smart TV To A Satellite Dish

Steps to set up t the Dish remote with the TV On the back of the satellite dish, the LNB label should be connected to a coaxial cable. Connect the TV to the opposite end of the HDMI cable (not the heater receiver). Most televisions include multiple HDMI ports, allowing you to choose the one you like. Turn on the television and push the satellite button using the remote control.

Use A Satellite Dish On A Samsung TV

When you connect a cable or satellite box or a 4K video game system to a Samsung TV, it becomes a masterpiece. We all need some kind of guide to help us figure out how to connect with everyone and everything. Just look at the Connection Guide on your TV to see the different ways to connect your devices, and then choose the easiest way.

• Your cable or satellite box and other gadgets can be connected to your Samsung TV.

• Go to Settings, then General, and then External Device Manager.

• UHD HDMI can be any color you want (Input Signal Plus).

• A list of your TV’s HDMI ports will appear. Choose the HDMI port to which a 4K device will be connected or is already connected.

How Is A Satellite Dish Installed?

If you have a simple decoder, you can link the dish and receiver via a cable. Even a basic decoder can do this. Most recorders have two tuners, thus setting one up requires two wires. Before installing, ensure you have the cable, LNB, and satellite dish.

Programme A Samsung Dish Remote

You need a list of Dish Network remote codes for the older 20-series remotes. If you don’t have the original manual for the remote, which is understandable since these remotes are older, you can find it on Dish Network’s website and get the codes that way.

In the case of 20.0 and 20.1, Samsung only has eight codes. Once you have the codes, press and hold the “TV” button until all four “Mode” buttons light up. Enter the first code and press the “#” or “pound” button. When the code is accepted, the TV button will flash three times.

Try pressing “Power” to see if the TV will turn off. If it does, you’re done. If not, keep trying the other codes until you find the one that works.

Which Dish Network Channel Should My Samsung TV Use?

To enjoy the DISH service on your television, the input should be set to HDMI1 and the channel should be set to either 3 or 4.

How To Use The Dish Anywhere App On Smart TV?

Even though you can’t use the DISH Anywhere app on your smart TV, the DISH Network Hopper DVR makes any standard TV smart and turns your smart TV into a DISH smart TV. Plus, you can enjoy the best home entertainment without any trouble if you have a professional set up for you.


Connect the coaxial cable to the LNB label on the back of the satellite dish. Connect the TV to the other end of the HDMI cable (not the heater receiver) Most TVs have more than one HDMI port, so choose the one you want. Use the AUX or DVD buttons to program a different type of device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How do I get my Samsung remote to work on Dish?

From the main menu, choose “Settings.” From the “Settings” menu, choose “Remote Control.” From the “Remote Control Settings” menu, scroll down to the “Devices” list and choose “TV.” On the next screen, choose “TV Pairing Wizard,” and if Samsung is on the “Brand” list, choose it.

2: How do I pair my Samsung Smart TV remote?

Most Samsung TVs have the sensor for the remote control on the bottom right side of the TV. If not, it is right in the middle of the bottom. Next, press and hold the Play/Pause and Return buttons at the same time for at least 3 seconds. The Smart Remote will start to work with your TV.

3: Can Samsung Smart TV remote control the cable box?

The remote for your Samsung smart TV can be used to control both the smart TV and your cable box.

4: What is my Samsung TV pairing code?

To do this, use the remote to go to Settings on your TV and then choose Support. Choose “About this TV,” and the model code will show up in this window. You can find out more about your TV once you have the model number.

5: How do I reset my Samsung Smart TV remote?

To reset the remote, take out the batteries and press the Power button for eight seconds. Then put the batteries back in the remote and try to use it again.

6: Why won’t my Samsung Smart TV remote work?

Most of the time, a TV remote that doesn’t work is because of a problem with the batteries, the pairing, or the infrared sensor. Press the power button on the remote while pointing it at the TV. Make sure that the TV’s LED light blinks. If not, the batteries in your remote don’t have enough power left.

7: How do I use numbers on my Samsung TV remote?

Press to bring up the screen’s virtual number pad. To enter a number, use the numeric keypad. To enter a number, choose a number and then click “Done.” Use it to change the channel, enter a PIN, enter a ZIP code, etc.

8: How do I get my new Samsung remote to work?

It’s usually on the right side of the TV’s bottom, but it could be in the middle. Point your remote control at the sensor on the remote control. Hold down the remote’s Return and Play/Pause buttons for at least three seconds. When the TV says “Pairing Complete,” you can let go of the “Return” and “Play/Pause” buttons.

9: How do I pause live TV on Samsung Smart TV?

On your Samsung Smart TV, you can’t pause a live TV broadcast. This is because the TV doesn’t have a place to store things on the inside.

10: What is Samsung TV plus and is it free?

There is no cost for Samsung TV Plus. You don’t have to pay for another subscription because you can get free live TV channels and movies and shows on demand. On what devices can Samsung TV Plus be used? Samsung Galaxy devices can get Samsung TV Plus: Mobile & Tablet – Android 8.0 or higher.


Most Samsung TVs have the sensor for the remote control on the bottom right side of the TV. To reset the remote, take out the batteries and press the Power button for eight seconds. The remote for your smart TV can be used to control both the smart TV and your cable box.

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