How to program dish remote without code?

How to program a dish remote without code? The answer to this question may varies due to the different variations of models of remote, and device.

First, we will talk about the Dish Network.


Dish Network Corporation is an American multichannel television service. It is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, United States. The company was founded in 1980, around 41 years ago. Dish also offers mobile wireless service by operating Dish Wireless. Dish network is providing its prepaid services to 9.3 million customers. According to the report of 2020, the company has about 16 thousand employees.


In 1980, “EchoStar Communications Corporation” was founded by Charlie Ergen, along with his colleagues Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco, as a satellite television equipment distributor. On March 4, 1996, the company had started using DISH network as its consumer brand. Then in January 2008, the corporation was renamed as “DISH Network Corporation”. In June 2011, Joseph Clayton became the President and Chief executive officer of the company and Charlie Ergen remained the Chairperson. At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), DISH Network announced a corporate rebranding, under which the company will publicly call itself as just “DISH”, instead of “DISH Network”. Clayton left his position on March 31,2015, when he retired leaving Charlie to resume the post. Charlie clarified that the company will provide video, telephone service and high-speed internet for both mobile and home applications. According to the report of November 2016, the company provided services to 13.7 million televisions and 580,000 broadband subscribers. Then in 2017, Charlie Ergon was replaced by Erik Carlson.

On July 26, 2019, DISH reached an agreement with T-Mobile and Sprint to sell Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid businesses, for Dollar 1.4 billion to DISH Network. According to the agreement, they will sell DISH Dollar 3.6 billion of 800 MHz spectrum, Sprint’s entire 800 MHz portfolio. DISH customers will also be able to use the New T-Mobile Network for 7 years. Due to this agreement, DISH became the 4th largest major wireless carrier in the United States. On 1st of July, 2020, DISH officially purchased Boost Mobile, for $ 1.4 billion, from T-Mobile.


Dish wireless LLC is an American wireless network (mobile network) provider. It is wholly owned subsidiary (daughter company) of Dish Network. The company was founded on July 1, 2020, around 7 months ago, by Charlie Ergen. Its headquarters are located in Littleton, Colorado, United States. Dish Wireless has become the 4th largest wireless carrier in the United States, with 9.4 million subscribers as of the end of third quarter of 2020. Dish Wireless is working in the building of their own 5G network, which will be the first virtualized standalone 5G broadband network in the United States. It is committed on covering 70% of Americans with 5G network by the end of June 2023.

SUMMARY: DISH Network is a multichannel TV service, which was established in 1980 with the name “EchoStar communications corporation”. DISH Wireless LLC was also founded by DISH Network founder “Charlie Ergen”.


DISH TV offers you the most valuable, entertainment, and innovative packages. Customers have a choice among the series of service bundles, paying more money for more channels. DISH Network TV packages offer a variety of premium movie channels, sports, cartoons, news channels and other family favorites for a decent price. DISH packages’ pricings are better than any other networking brand. If you have more than one TV at your house, then you will need a Joey, a small receiver powered by the Hopper. It gives you all the HD qualities of the main DVR/ receiver; kind of a “satellite” to the satellite service. There are four varieties of DISH’s Joey:

  • JOEY : It is compatible of all Hoppers and is connected by coaxial cable.
  • 4K JOEY : It supports 4K resolution and can connect to Bluetooth.
  • SUPER JOEY : It is independent of the Hopper. It can record 8 channels simultaneously.
  • WIRELESS JOEY : It can connect wirelessly.

DISH Anywhere App has also been launched, which can be used by both iOS and android users. It allows to watch TV on mobiles, tablets and computers. DISH customers can log in and watch thousands of movies or television shows, and you can also record the show.

When you will sign in to DISH Network, DISH will toss three months of premium channels for free, like STARZ or SHOWTIME, but it is on you if you want to cancel these channels after deal period; otherwise, billing of these channels will also involve in the package.

Following are the DISH Network TV packages. You can call to 1-844-229-6829 to order any of the following DISH TV package.


America’s Top 120 package gives you 190 of the most popular networks nationwide. Channels include, ESPN, so you can enjoy latest sports, over 70 SiriusXM music channels, CMT, Disney Channel, E! and many more. The package allows 2-year TV price guarantee, HD FREE (60+ channels) for life. You can watch SHOWTIME, STARZ and DISH MOVIE PACK channels without paying for three months. The package will be only for $ 64.99 per month.


This package includes 190 plus channels and it is priced for $ 79.99. This deal is ideal for true sports fan. The package offers sports networks like ESPN, Fox Sports 2, SEC, Big Ten Network, CSN and Pac-12 Network. 70 plus Sirius XM music channels and over 110 HD FREE channels are also included. You can also watch TV on mobile phones with the DISH Anywhere App.


More price, more good channels. This package includes over 240 channels for $ 89.99. Top networks include Disney XD, ESPN, Bravo, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, 125 plus HD channels, and many other local channels are also included.


America’s Top 290 package will bring over 290 channels on your TV screen, only for $ 99.99. This package is for movie lovers. This deal includes 17 additional film networks like The Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, Starz Encore, and some other networks are DIY Network, H2, Nicktoons, Nat Geo Wild, 70+ SiriusXM music channels, 140+ HD FREE channels, and many other local channels.

ABSTRACT: DISH Network provides a series of valuable packages to its customers with good pricing. DISH Anywhere app allows to watch and record thousands of TV shows.


DISH remotes are not only designed to control your DISH Network receiver, but also other devices in your home theatre system. Here two basic processes to program a dish remote without any code are discussed. Both processes depend on the models you have. So, follow the steps:
programming a dish remote


Following process works to program newer dish remote models, like 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, 54.0.

  • First press “Home” button on your DISH remote twice. Remote model 40.0 lacks Home button, so press “Menu” button once instead.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Remote Control” from on-screen menu.
  • Use on-screen menu to select any device you want to pair.
  • Tap the “Pairing Wizard” option from the menu.
  • Then, choose the right brand of your TV or other device you are pairing.
  • ​​​​​​​The pairing wizard will now test you a series of device codes for the device you want to pair. Follow the instructions to test each code. For most devices, this involves pressing either the “Volume” or “Power” buttons on the remote to see if anything happens. If the code works, select “Finish” on the screen. If it doesn’t, choose the option “Try Next Code” and repeat the process.

If the above process works, then just repeat it for all the devices you want to pair with your DISH remote.


If you have an older DISH remote control model from 20.0 or 21.0 series. Then a procedure to follow will be different. The process is called “Power Scan”. It will fire off device codes until it finds one that work. Following are the steps to program older dish remote control using the power scan:

  • Point your remote at a device you want to pair.
  • Press and hold the button on your remote that corresponds to the device you want to program (DVD, TV, or AUX). About 10 seconds later, all four “Mode buttons” will light up. Then, release the button and it will start blinking.
  • Press the “Power” button on the remote. It will stop blinking and become steady. This means the DISH remote is ready to further program.
  • Press the “Up directional” button on your DISH remote and send the first code.
  • Keep pressing the button for every few seconds until the device turns off. If it has turned off, then you have found the right code.
  • Press the “#” button to save the code to memory. The Mode button will blink several times.


Will Dish replace a remote for free?

If you have the warranty, then Dish will replace your remote for free, but they will charge you for shipping. To replace you remote or to order new one, Dish has provided its customer service number, which is 1-888-742-0239.

Does DISH has fees?

Yes, but charges are not much expensive. DISH installation team will set your satellite dish and DVR system free of charge for up to six rooms.

What are the DISH TV packages that will increase your TV experience?

DISH offers you a variety pf packages, like HD channels will free of charge for lifetime, it gives you 2-year TV price guarantee, it brings up the free voice remotes which helps you to search, watch and record TV shows effortlessly, provides you with the best customer service, installation – in up to six rooms – and activation is free, local channels are also included in all the deals, and many other offers are also included.


How to program DISH remote without code? It depends on the model of DISH remote and device. New models for the last several years are 40, 50, 52 and 54, while 20, and 21 are the older models, so both have different procedure to program remote without any code. These methods are written above, so have a look and program your DISH remote.


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