Definition of Remote:

  1. (of a chance or possibility) unlikely to occur.

  2. Service available to the client computers over a network.

  3. Denoting a device which can only be accessed by means of a network.

  4. (of a person) aloof and unfriendly in manner.

  5. Having very little connection with or relationship to.

  6. A remote control device.

  7. (of a place) situated far from the main centers of population; distant.

Synonyms of Remote

Faraway, Distant, Far, Far off, Far removed, Olympian, Above all that, Abstracted, Acquisitive, Alien, Aloof, Ambitious for self, Ancient, Apart, Arcane, Asunder, At a distance, Autistic, Away, Back, Backward, Bashful, Blank, Careerist, Casual, Chilled, Chilly, Cold, Constrained, Cool, Detached, Devious, Discreet, Disinterested, Distal, Distant, Early, Egotistical, Exclusive, Exotic, Expressionless, Faint, Far, Far off, Far-flung, Far-off, Faraway, Farfetched, Fat, Foggy, Forbidding, Forced, Frigid, Frontier, Frosty, Grasping, Greedy, Guarded, Icy, Impassive, Impersonal, Implausible, Improbable, In a backwater, Inaccessible, Inappropriate, Inconsiderable, Incurious, Indifferent, Individualistic, Insignificant, Insular, Introverted, Irrelevant, Isolated, Lonely, Lonesome, Long-distance, Long-range, Modest, Narcissistic, Negligible, Obscure, Off, Offish, Out-of-the-way, Out-of-the-world, Outlandish, Outlying, Outside, Personalistic, Poor, Possessive, Privatistic, Quarantined, Quite another thing, Recondite, Removed, Repressed, Reserved, Restrained, Reticent, Retired, Retiring, Secluded, Seclusive, Secret, Segregated, Self-absorbed, Self-admiring, Self-advancing, Self-besot, Self-centered, Self-considerative, Self-contained, Self-devoted, Self-esteeming, Self-indulgent, Self-interested, Self-jealous, Self-occupied, Self-pleasing, Self-seeking, Self-serving, Self-sufficient, Selfish, Separate, Separated, Sequestered, Shrinking, Shut off, Slender, Slight, Slim, Small, Something else again, Standoff, Standoffish, Strained, Subdued, Subtle, Suppressed, Tramontane, Ultramontane, Unaffable, Unapproachable, Unconcerned, Uncongenial, Unconnected, Undemonstrative, Unexpansive, Unfamiliar, Unfrequented, Ungenial, Uninterested, Unlikely, Unrelated, Unsettled, Unusual, Unvisited, Withdrawn, Unlikely, Improbable, Implausible, Doubtful, Dubious, Far-fetched, Aloof, Distant, Detached, Impersonal, Withdrawn, Reserved, Uncommunicative, Unforthcoming, Unapproachable, Unresponsive, Indifferent, Unconcerned, Preoccupied, Abstracted, Irrelevant to, Unrelated to, Unconnected to, Unconcerned with, Not pertinent to, Inapposite to, Immaterial to, Unassociated with, Inappropriate to

How to use Remote in a sentence?

  1. Maria seemed remote and patronizing.
  2. The theory seems rather intellectual and remote from everyday experience.
  3. The rlogin command gives you easier access to remote machines than telnet.
  4. A remote Oregon valley.
  5. Chances of a genuine and lasting peace become even more remote.
  6. Universal remotes which let you operate all your audio/video components from one handset.

Meaning of Remote & Remote Definition