Definition of Company:

  1. Some people get together, mostly for a purpose.

  2. Business enterprise

  3. Facts or situations with other people, especially in a way that brings friendship and fun.

  4. Form a team to accompany you.

  5. Voluntary associations are formed and run to run the business. Types of companies include individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, corporations and corporations. Company vs. Company All companies are companies, but not all companies are companies. Business is a much broader term than company and includes many types of business. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


    Companies are companies that develop commercial activities. Companies can be formed in many ways. For example, your company could be an individual, a partnership, or a company. Depending on the business you are in, the business may belong to a single person or group of people. In most types of business the responsibility lies with the owner and can be limited or unlimited in nature.

    The people

    Companies are different from other types of businesses because they are different from their legal owners. This means that responsibilities are also different. In the case of companies, the liability is limited to the ownership of the shares. In fact, there is a huge difference in ownership of shares between companies and other types of companies. Within the company, each shareholder owns a portion of the larger company's structure. Most companies belong to one or a few people, while companies can belong to thousands of different people.

  6. Central Intelligence Agency.

Synonyms of Company

Chaperon, Second string, Companions, Associates, Working space, Acting company, Field train, Crew, Guests, Corporation, Outfit, Gang, Workroom, Flying column, Column, Loft, Camaraderie, Visitor, Visitant, Affiliation, Detail, Party, Aktiengesellschaft, Associate, Uninvited guest, Detachment, Followers, Fellow, Age group, House, Groupment, Crony, Suite, Team, Bear, Aggregation, Freeloader, Ruck, Caller, Fellowship, Confrere, Carry, Facility, Comrades, Junta, Chamberfellow, Society, Section, Consortium, Consociate, Messmate, Task force, Gossip, Coterie, Set, Conduct, Butcher shop, Battalion, Copartner, Utility, Collection, Ace, Diversified corporation, Business establishment, Gate-crasher, Frequenter, Out-group, Field army, Industry, Muster, Eleven, Circus troupe, Assemblage, Pool, Mob, Trust, Playmate, Teammate, Maniple, House, Movement, Cartel, Partnership, Mate, Fraternization, Desk, Trade association, Agency, Workfellow, Pack, Convoy, Old crony, Comrade, Association, Friendship, Bench, Roommate, Consort, Copartnership, Partner, Yokemate, Kitchen police, Camarade, Stable, Army group, Pard, Pal, Sharing, Consort with, Proprietorship, Combine, Firm, Office, Corps de ballet, Visitors, Circle, Cast, Bunch, Company, Buddy, Establishment, Enterprise, Squadron, Gathering, Sweatshop, Nine, KP, Five, Shipmate, Classmate, Workshop, Posse, First team, Troupe, Companionship, Grouping, Combat team, Battle group, Actors, Amigo, Side partner, Fellowship, Concern, Convention, Partaking, Following, Tactical unit, Conglomerate corporation, Third string, Body corporate, Work site, Consociation, Participation, Presence, Band, Congregation, Combat command, Installation, Playfellow, Closeness, Shop, Assembly, Organization, Girl friend, Band, Chum, Brigade, Group, Rowing crew, First string, Repertory company, Studio, Corporate body, Reserves, Pardner, Public utility, Practice, Stock company, Friends, Horde, Community, Attendance, Colleague, Salon, Guest, Garrison, Crew, Complement, Contingent, Agency, Camaraderie, Business, Corps, Characters, Consolidating company, Sidekick, Butty, Order, Fraternity, Army, Firm, Second team, Circle, Bedfellow, Companion, Workhouse, Consortship, Retinue, Bevy, Cabal, Wing, Parlor, Crowd, Troop, Comate, Comradeship, Holding company, Venture, Enterprise, Regiment, File, Flock, Rank, Institution, Undertaking, Body, Joint-stock association, Operating company, String, Entourage, Schoolmate, Organization, Covey, Amity, Yokefellow, Commercial enterprise, Squad, Crowd, Group, Set, Concern, Workplace, Habitue, Train, Joint-stock company, Aktiebolag, Battery, Cast of characters, Workbench, Plunderbund, Business, Eight, Bureau, Bedmate, Syndicate, Chorus, Membership, Cohort, Compeer, Bunkie, Beauty parlor, Conglomerate, Fellow student, Work space, Operation, Tribe, Cooperation, Worktable, Bring, Faction, In-group, Varsity, Division, Clique, Presence, Atelier, Comradeship, Supporting cast, Compagnie, Corporation, Cadre, Barbershop, Institution, Unit, Moocher, Throng, Bunkmate, Legion, Platoon, Club, Fleet, Companionship, Schoolfellow, Ensemble, Dramatis personae, Establishment, Peer group, Body, Phalanx, Party, Chamber of commerce, Beauty shop, Bosom buddy, Attend

How to use Company in a sentence?

  1. I can use the company.
  2. The company I worked for was not doing well, so they had to close. They sell clothes. They may be working on your ad.
  3. When you look around and see people in the office thinking about something, doing something, or participating when something goes wrong, ask: Is it good for business?
  4. These are the people we have all been with.
  5. Your business needs to run smoothly and be productive at all times, so you should always be prepared for emergencies.
  6. Shipping company.

Meaning of Company & Company Definition