Definition of Company:

  1. A number of individuals gathered together, especially for a particular purpose.

  2. A commercial business.

  3. The fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.

  4. Associate with; keep company with.

  5. A voluntary association formed and organized to carry on a business. Types of companies include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, corporation, and public limited company. Company vs Corporation All corporations are companies, but not all companies are corporations. Company is a much broader term than corporation, and it encompasses a lot of different types of businesses. These are a few of the key differences between a company and a corporation.


    A company is any entity that engages in business. Companies can be structured in different ways. For example, your company can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation. Depending on which different type of company youre dealing with, it may be owned by one person or a group of people. Liability in most types of company is assumed by the owners, and can either be limited or unlimited depending on the type.


    Corporations are different from other types of company in that they exist separately from their legal owners. That means that liability is separate as well. With corporations, liability is limited to the holding of shares. In fact, shareholding is a major difference between corporations and other types of companies. With corporations, the shareholders each own a small piece of the larger corporate structure. Most companies are typically owned by one or a small handful of people, while corporations can be owned by thousands of different individuals.

  6. The Central Intelligence Agency.

Synonyms of Company

Companionship, Presence, Friendship, Fellowship, Closeness, Amity, Camaraderie, Comradeship, Firm, Business, Corporation, House, Establishment, Agency, Office, Bureau, Institution, Organization, Operation, Concern, Enterprise, Venture, Undertaking, Practice, Aktiengesellschaft, KP, Ace, Acting company, Actors, Affiliation, Age group, Agency, Aggregation, Aktiebolag, Amigo, Army, Army group, Assemblage, Assembly, Associate, Associates, Association, Atelier, Attend, Attendance, Band, Barbershop, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Bear, Beauty parlor, Beauty shop, Bedfellow, Bedmate, Bench, Bevy, Body, Body corporate, Bosom buddy, Brigade, Bring, Buddy, Bunch, Bunkie, Bunkmate, Business, Business establishment, Butcher shop, Butty, Cabal, Cadre, Caller, Camarade, Camaraderie, Carry, Cartel, Cast, Cast of characters, Chamber of commerce, Chamberfellow, Chaperon, Characters, Chorus, Chum, Circle, Circus troupe, Classmate, Clique, Club, Cohort, Colleague, Collection, Column, Comate, Combat command, Combat team, Combine, Commercial enterprise, Community, Compagnie, Companion, Companions, Companionship, Compeer, Complement, Comrade, Comrades, Comradeship, Concern, Conduct, Confrere, Conglomerate, Conglomerate corporation, Congregation, Consociate, Consociation, Consolidating company, Consort, Consort with, Consortium, Consortship, Contingent, Convention, Convoy, Cooperation, Copartner, Copartnership, Corporate body, Corporation, Corps, Corps de ballet, Coterie, Covey, Crew, Crony, Crowd, Desk, Detachment, Detail, Diversified corporation, Division, Dramatis personae, Eight, Eleven, Ensemble, Enterprise, Entourage, Establishment, Facility, Faction, Fellow, Fellow student, Fellowship, Field army, Field train, File, Firm, First string, First team, Five, Fleet, Flock, Flying column, Followers, Following, Fraternity, Fraternization, Freeloader, Frequenter, Friends, Gang, Garrison, Gate-crasher, Gathering, Girl friend, Gossip, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Guest, Guests, Habitue, Holding company, Horde, House, In-group, Industry, Installation, Institution, Joint-stock association, Joint-stock company, Junta, Kitchen police, Legion, Loft, Maniple, Mate, Membership, Messmate, Mob, Moocher, Movement, Muster, Nine, Old crony, Operating company, Order, Organization, Out-group, Outfit, Pack, Pal, Pard, Pardner, Parlor, Partaking, Participation, Partner, Partnership, Party, Peer group, Phalanx, Platoon, Playfellow, Playmate, Plunderbund, Pool, Posse, Presence, Proprietorship, Public utility, Rank, Regiment, Repertory company, Reserves, Retinue, Roommate, Rowing crew, Ruck, Salon, Schoolfellow, Schoolmate, Second string, Second team, Section, Set, Sharing, Shipmate, Shop, Side partner, Sidekick, Society, Squad, Squadron, Stable, Stock company, String, Studio, Suite, Supporting cast, Sweatshop, Syndicate, Tactical unit, Task force, Team, Teammate, Third string, Throng, Trade association, Train, Tribe, Troop, Troupe, Trust, Uninvited guest, Unit, Utility, Varsity, Visitant, Visitor, Visitors, Wing, Work site, Work space, Workbench, Workfellow, Workhouse, Working space, Workplace, Workroom, Workshop, Worktable, Yokefellow, Yokemate, Group, Company, Crowd, Circle, Party, Body, Band, Crew, Set

How to use Company in a sentence?

  1. I could do with some company.
  2. The company I worked for was not doing well so they had to shut down. They used to sell clothes. Maybe they should have worked on their advertising.
  3. As you look around and you see people in the office thinking, doing, or otherwise engaging in work, when something seems off to you, please ask, Is this good for the company ?.
  4. These men which have companied with us all this time.
  5. Your company needs to run smoothly and productively at all times so that you always are prepared for any emergency.
  6. A shipping company.

Meaning of Company & Company Definition