Definition of Telephone:

  1. A device that converts sound and electric waves into an audio rally used for communication. A cell phone consists of two main parts: a microphone and a speaker. That way, the user can talk to the device and listen to other users' broadcasts. The first telephone was invented in 1896. The first telephone required an operator to connect the call between the customers. With advances in technology, calls are now automatically connected. Phones used analog signals to transmit sound, but most calls are now made to digital networks. Cell phones come in many forms, including parts of devices called cell phones or cell phones. Also called telephone.

  2. Call (someone) on the phone.

  3. A game in which a sentence or phrase appears diagonally after whispering to the next person.

  4. A long-distance sound transmission system via cable or radio that converts sound vibrations into electrical signals.

Synonyms of Telephone

Give a ring, Push-button telephone, Get, Call, Make a call to, Carbon telephone, Hold the phone, Telephonics, Call box, Get someone on the phone, Ring, Horn, Buzz, Place a call to, Call, Ring up, Radiotelephone, Telephone extension, Desk telephone, Ring off, Telephony, Dial, Extension, Telephone engineering, Telephone booth, Public telephone, Hang up, Coin telephone, Listen in, Receiver, Get on the phone to, Wall telephone, Pay station, Call up, Phone, Dial, Handset, Telephone mechanics, Make a call, Blower, Transmitter, Dial telephone, Telephone receiver, Wireless telephone, Phone, Reach, Mouthpiece

How to use Telephone in a sentence?

  1. The story is published and the virtual phone game begins.
  2. My desk phone rang at work, so I answered and my boss asked me to do the paperwork.
  3. He called his wife at 9:30.
  4. Most people text someone today, but when you're trying to do important business, calling someone can be the most personal contact.
  5. We have decided to contact another company by phone to resolve this annoying and important issue right now.

Meaning of Telephone & Telephone Definition

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