Definition of Model:

  1. A simple version of a graphic, mathematical (symbolic), physical or verbal representation or concept, trend, relationship, structure, system or aspect of the real world. The objectives of the model include (1) facilitating understanding, eliminating unnecessary components, (2) assisting in decision-making by imitating hypothetical scenarios, (3) clarifying events based on past observations, and controlling And to predict. Since most objects and phenomena are very complex (they have many parts) and very complex (whose parts are closely connected) to fully understand, the model contains only the most important features for the purposes of the model. Are Model maker Models range from simple sketches to computer programs that contain millions of lines of code, but they all have one thing in common: some solid elements are represented in abstract or model (see example). The model is divided into three classes according to the degree of abstraction. (1) Symbolic model: less abstract, physical and similar models, ie B plane or train scale model. (2) Analog model: more abstract, but with some similarities to represent it, such as B diagrams, diagrams, maps, network diagrams. ()) Symbolic model: a highly abstract model without resemblance, but only an estimate of its representation, such as mathematical equations or formulas, financial statements, language and sets of accounts. See also mental pattern.

  2. To copy or duplicate the original item

Synonyms of Model

Waxwork, Shining example, Sex kitten, Sort, Efform, Raving beauty, Good example, Insculpture, Gauge, Reflection, Apotheosis, Layout, Formal cause, Portrait, Standard, Roughhew, Pinup girl, Canon, Masterly, Enchantress, Wax figure, Paraphrase, Epitome, Copy after, Typical, Figuration, Cast, Exemplar, Image, Original, Dead ringer, Stunner, Display, Fabricate, Inimitable, Measure, Flawless, Rondo form, Example, Spitting image, Take after, Commendable, Emblem, Symphonic form, Matured, Tracing, Conformation, Eternal object, Build, Knock out, Regulative first principle, Facsimile, Idol, Assemble, Mannequin, Genre, Ideal, Great beauty, Fashion, Prototype, Lay out, Icon, Likeness, Geistesgeschichte, Imitate, Wear, Barometer, Exact likeness, Chase, Grave, Rubbing, Archetypical, Knead, Repetition, Resemblance, Canon form, Style, Statuette, Impression, Classic, Parameter, Dream, Follow suit, Rough out, Paradigm, Cut, Pattern after, Hegelian idea, Polished, Statuary, Noosphere, Photograph, Innovation, Effigy, Hew, Representation, Embodiment, Transcendent nonempirical concept, Quintessence, Replication, Sonata allegro, Cream, Platonic idea, Ripened, Variety, Travesty, Admirable, Semblance, Imitation, Counterpart, Type, Lay figure, Carving, Pussycat, Belle, Quintessential, Mark, Fully developed, Ideatum, Ditto, Ne plus ultra, Scarecrow, Noumenon, Knockout, Produce, Reigning beauty, Highest category, Sport, Very, Archetype, Primary form, Consummate, Paradigmatic, Engrave, New departure, Ripe, Shape, Follow, Statue, Picture, Parody, Monument, Rule, Mint, Brand, Ideate, Criterion, Beauty, Make, Simulacrum, Lied form, Mirror, Clone, Mould, The realized ideal, Beauty queen, The Absolute Idea, Kind, Very image, Double, Eternal universal, Refined, Figure, Fantoccini, Mock-up, Yardstick, Archetypal, Percept, Gingerbread man, Norm, Nonpareil, Pattern, Beau ideal, Triplicate, Man of straw, Spit and image, Perfect, Aesthetic form, Dolly, Simple idea, Pilot model, Forge, Burlesque, Modality, Knockoff, Idee-force, Estimable, Worthy, Finished, Pinup, Dupe, Dazzler, Snowman, Scale, Representative, Perfected, Found, Dummy, Mold, Prototypal, Tailor, Sonata form, Duplicate, Quadruplicate, Arrangement, Readout, Reading, Doll, Configuration, Universal, Mode, Quantity, Mature, Art form, Mate, Shadow, Pocket edition, Reproduction, Copy, Follow like sheep, Fix, Idealism, Deserving, Poser, Laudable, Unexceptionable, Check, Trace, Expert, Solder, Match, Very picture, Show off, Portrait bust, Looker, Nonesuch, Formation, Work, Bust, Living picture, Sitter, Peach, Wood carving, Sculpture, Bunny, Indefectible, Miniature, Transcendent universal, Classical, Beaut, Block out, Masterful, Format, Sculpt, Meritorious, Roughcast, Toccata form, Mirroring, Symbol, Thermoform, Create, Transcendent idea, Version, Universal essence, Significant form, Graduated scale, Subject, Living image, Complex idea, Slick chick, Cover girl, Figurine, Lick into shape, Model after, Companion, Twin, Value, Similitude, Inner form, Makeup, Structure, Puppet, Frame, Marionette, Replica, Degree, Beauty contest winner, Stamp, Man of men, The Absolute, Turn, Paragon, Test, Kantian idea, Emulate, Duplication, Charmer, Design, The Self-determined, Fugue form, Weld, Innate idea, Exemplary, Carve, Creditable, Well-deserving, History of ideas, Fellow, Bathing beauty, Matrix, Subsistent form, Proficient, Lady fair, Sculp, Praiseworthy, Touchstone, Platonic form, Manikin, Formalize, Precedential, Form, Developed, Miss America, Set, Universal concept, Chisel, Beyond all praise, Figurehead

How to use Model in a sentence?

  1. According to the model's prediction, NASA recently used the Hubble telescope to independently confirm that there is an underground ocean on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede.
  2. He developed a practical model of his invention before filing a patent application and then sent it to a manufacturing company for mass production.
  3. In our quarterly financial meetings, we realized that we may need to consider reducing our travel expenses based on the profit and loss model discussed in the previous quarter.

Meaning of Model & Model Definition


What is Model?

  • Standard and standardized methods for predicting future events based on historical information. Disaster models, often computerized, can be used to predict damage in different geographies based on projected future environmental weather patterns.

Meanings of Model

  1. Fashion or shape (a three-dimensional figure or thing) is made of a viable material such as clay or wax.

  2. Use for example (system, method, etc.) to imitate or imitate.

  3. Create simpler explanations (systems or processes), especially math, to make calculations and predictions easier.

  4. When worn (appears)

  5. A one-dimensional representation of a proposed person, object, or structure, usually smaller than the original.

  6. A system or object that is used as an example can be tracked or duplicated.

  7. Simple, mostly mathematical system or process description to facilitate calculations and predictions.

  8. A person who is kept to wear clothes while they are wearing

  9. Specific product designs or versions.

Sentences of Model

  1. Use frosting for home models

  2. Research methods are based on past work

  3. A computer program that can model smoking habits

  4. The costume celebrity has modeled

  5. Model of St. Paul's Cathedral

  6. The law has served as a model for dozens of laws prohibiting non-biodegradable plastic products.

  7. Statistical models to predict the survival rate of endangered species

  8. A dummy

  9. Change your car to a new model

Synonyms of Model

supermodel, lookalike, stereotype, fashion model


How To Define Model?

Meaning of Model: Standard and standardized methods of predicting real events based on historical information. Disaster models, often computerized, can be used to predict damage based on anchored environmental climate models in different geographic areas.

Meanings of Model

  1. The three-dimensional representation of the proposed person, object, or structure, usually on a smaller scale than the original.

  2. To set an example for following or imitating.

  3. A simple, especially mathematical, description of a system or process to simplify calculations and predictions.

  4. Someone is busy showing them the clothes they are wearing.

  5. Product specific design or version.

  6. A fashion or shape (three-dimensional image or item) of flexible material such as clay or wax.

  7. (System, method, etc.) for example tracking or copying.

  8. Representation of the design of (phenomena or systems), especially mathematical.

  9. (Clothes) when worn.

Sentences of Model

  1. This project became a model for other projects.

  2. Statistical models predict the survival rate of endangered species.

  3. Jane is too young to be a model.

  4. The company unveiled its latest model at the auto show.

  5. Research methods are based on previous work.

  6. The dress is made by a celebrity.

Synonyms of Model

false, counterfeit, blueprint, make-believe, spurious, template, guide, framework, illustrative, prototypical, pretend, sample, sham, toy, fake, phoney, bogus, artificial, clothes horse