Definition of Code:

  1. A systematic collection of laws or regulations.

  2. A system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy.

  3. Program instructions.

  4. Collection of laws or regulations pertaining to a specific activity or subject.

  5. Write code for (a computer program).

  6. Rule for translating a message from one symbolic form into another (and, usually, back into the original form) with little or no loss of information.

  7. Input and/or output of a programming language conversion process, such as machine code, object code, source code. See also codes.

  8. Computer program written in a programming language as opposed to in a natural language (such as English).

  9. Text in an encrypted (unreadable) form.

  10. Convert (the words of a message) into a particular code in order to convey a secret meaning.

  11. Specify the genetic sequence for (an amino acid or protein).

Synonyms of Code

Aesopian language, Babel, Code Napoleon, Greek, Napoleonic code, Procrustean law, TelAutography, Teletype, Teletype network, Teletyping, Ten Commandments, Zeitgeist, Argot, Axiology, Babble, Behavioral norm, Body of law, Business ethics, Canon, Cant, Capitulary, Census, Cipher, Closed-circuit telegraphy, Code of ethics, Code of laws, Code of morals, Coded message, Codification, Commandment, Convention, Conventions, Corpus juris, Criterion, Cryptoanalysis, Cryptoanalytics, Cryptogram, Cryptograph, Cryptographer, Cryptography, Customs, Cypher, Decalogue, Dictum, Digest, Digest of law, Double Dutch, Duplex telegraphy, Electricity, Encipher, Encode, Encrypt, Equity, Ethic, Ethical system, Ethics, Ethos, Facsimile telegraph, Form, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Garble, General principle, Gibberish, Gift of tongues, Glossolalia, Gobbledygook, Golden rule, Guideline, Guiding principle, Imperative, Index, Interrupter, Inventory, Invisible ink, Jargon, Jumble, Jurisprudence, Key, Law, Law of nature, Laws, Legal ethics, Maxim, Medical ethics, Mitzvah, Moral, Moral climate, Moral code, Moral principles, Morals, Multiplex telegraphy, New morality, News ticker, Noise, Norm, Norma, Normative system, Order of nature, Ordinance, Organization, Orthodoxy, Pandect, Penal code, Practices, Prescribed form, Prescription, Principium, Principle, Principles, Professional ethics, Protocol, Quadruplex telegraphy, Railroad telegraphy, Receiver, Regulation, Regulations, Rubric, Rule, Scramble, Secret language, Secret writing, Sender, Set form, Settled principle, Simplex telegraphy, Single-current telegraphy, Slang, Social ethics, Sounder, Standard, Standards, Standing order, Stock ticker, Structure, Submarine telegraphy, Sympathetic ink, System, Table, Table of organization, Telegraphics, Telegraphy, Teleprinter, Teletypewriter, Teletypewriting, Telex, Tenet, Ticker, Traditions, Transmitter, Typotelegraph, Typotelegraphy, Universal law, Value system, Wire service, Working principle, Working rule, Cipher, Secret language, Secret writing, Set of symbols, Key, Hieroglyphics, Law, Laws, Body of law, Rules, Regulations, Constitution, System, Charter, Canon, Jurisprudence

How to use Code in a sentence?

  1. When your company follows a strict code of ethics they will run at a higher level and be respected inside the community.
  2. The Americans cracked their diplomatic code.
  3. Most developers code C + + like C.
  4. Joe, the quarterback of the universitys football team, used a secret code to confuse the other team while telling his teammates which play to run.
  5. Assembly code.
  6. Genes that code for human growth hormone.
  7. The criminal code.
  8. The secret code to get into the speakeasy was banana. If you did not know the code , you were not allowed in.
  9. Only Mitch knew how to read the message—even the name was coded.

Meaning of Code & Code Definition