Definition of Warranty:

  1. There is a written guarantee that the buyer of an item has received it from the manufacturer and promised to replace it within a specified period if repaired or needed.

  2. Insurance: Violation of coverage by the insurer regarding the presence or absence of a particular condition Violation of coverage gives insurers the right to revoke the insurance contract, even if the actual loss is not affected by the breach. ۔ See also representation.

  3. Agreement: With the explicit or implied liability that certain facts relating to the purpose of the agreement will be factual or not. Contrary to the terms (the main point), guarantees are considered additional points and breach of warranty is not usually a valid reason to terminate the contract, but entitles you to compensation. See also unknown and intermediate terms.

  4. Generally: a legally binding guarantee (which may or may not be written) that a product or service, among other things, may be shown as (1) use, (2) material and workmanship defects Is pure, (3) and / or meets other characteristics. The warranty specifies the terms and conditions when the manufacturer or seller will repair, replace or replace the damaged goods at no cost to the buyer or consumer. It also often clarifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties in the event of a claim or dispute.

Synonyms of Warranty

Avouch, Testimonial, Pledge, Bail, Affidavit, Entitlement, Solemn declaration, Covenant, Guarantee, Sworn statement, Authorization, Warrant, Bond, Promise, Attestation, Tie, Note, Credential, Vow, Diploma, Word, Certification, Bill of health, Word of honor, Agreement, Troth, Avouchment, Witness, Ticket, Fiat, Surety, Visa, Parole, Voucher, Deposition, Oath, Countenance, Guaranty, Certificate of proficiency, Undertaking, Testamur, Enfranchisement, Assurance, Sheepskin, Ratification, Commitment, Guarantee, Vise, Navicert, Sanction, Security, Insurance, Promise, Assurance, Certificate, Empowerment, Faith, Indemnity, Enabling, Clearance, Plight, Authority, Notarized statement, Stocks and bonds

How to use Warranty in a sentence?

  1. Fortunately, we bought a used warranty because the engine didn't last long in our new used car.
  2. The car has a three year warranty.
  3. This warranty covers all repairs with a 100. charge for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, provided the device is carried on the indicator on the front of the package.
  4. The day my washing machine went out of warranty it stopped working and I had to pay for expensive repairs and spare parts myself.

Meaning of Warranty & Warranty Definition