What Channel Is The Warriors Game On Directv Tonight

What Channel Is The Warriors Game On Directv Tonight?The Warriors game will air on CSNBA. The broadcast of TNT has been suspended in the Bay Area. CSN + is available on channel 780 (high definition) or 105 (standard definition) for Comcast 6961 for DirecTV 9575 (HD) or 440 (SD) for Dish Network 1771 (HD) or 771 (SD) for AT&T and 38 for Astound.

List of days where the warrior is on aired:

Date Event Time Channels
Wed, Feb 8th Warriors at Trail Blazers 10:00 PM 763 - NBA
Sat, Feb 11th Lakers at Warriors 8:30 PM ABC - ABC
Mon, Feb 13th Wizards at Warriors 10:00 PM
Tue, Feb 14th Warriors at Clippers 10:00 PM 245 - TNT

A digital television service with more than 20 countries’ availability is Directv. The business provides more than 500 channels across more than 40 nations. Internet services, including Fios, Hulu, and Netflix, as well as Directv, offer online streaming. With Directv, there are two different sorts of accounts: personal accounts, used by people, and business accounts, used by businesses or organizations. After then, these accounts are utilized to access internet or television services. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have received the most recent updates.

Watching The Warriors Game

This article will cover how to stream the Warriors game on Directv. The biggest satellite TV provider in the US is Directv. Their package has a wide selection of channels, including regional and national sports networks like Fox, NBC, and ESPN. So, you’ll need to know what track the Warriors game is on if you want to watch it on DirectTV. Selecting the Warriors game on line 569 on Directv will allow you to view the game. The game is shown on Directv in standard definition, but if you need to become more familiar with television quality standards, you may also watch it in high definition. In addition to the Warriors game, you can watch another game on Directv. Directv also broadcasts the remaining games that day on the local networks.

What directv channel is the Warriors game on?

DIRECTV channel 8 is where you can watch the Warriors game. On DIRECTV, the Warriors channel broadcasts the game. Go to the official Warriors website or mobile app to scan the Warriors on your PC. The Warriors website and mobile app both offer ways to watch the game. Additionally, you may watch the Warriors’ game by going to their YouTube channel, Google Play store, or iTunes store. To obtain the most recent information about the Warriors game, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

What channel are the Warriors playing on?

The Warriors are expected to have 30 national television appearances, including five on ABC, 12 on TNT and 13 on ESPN. The Warriors are currently expected to play another 12 games on NBA TV, the league’s 24-hour cable network.


The Warriors and the Rockets, who each won a crown in 2014 and 2015, will face again on June 7 in the NBA playoffs. These two teams will meet for the fourth time overall in the postseason. The Rockets’ most recent victory over the Warriors came in the 2014 NBA Finals. The Warriors, the current NBA champions, are predicted to win the title again. In the best-of-seven series, the Warriors are up three games to two. If you want to see what the Warriors game on tonight’s directv will be like, you can watch the Warriors vs. Rockets NBA Playoffs Live Stream on directv.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These Frequent questions may help you :

1. In addition to the above, what channel is the Mav game broadcast on DirecTV?

DirecTV - Channel 6761 (SD and HD), 6762 (SD and HD), 6763 (SD and HD) Satellite dish - Channels 444453, 473478.

2. Which channel is the NBA Finals on DirecTV?

Up to one game per day is broadcast on NBA TV HD, the league’s 24-hour basketball channel, throughout the regular season. Last but not least, during the regular season, the NBA League Pass grants you access to up to two games per night on Channel 675 and up to one round per night on Channel 676.

3. Will the Warriors game be on TV?

The Warriors will continue to watch games that have been dropped from the NBA schedule on January 6, 2020 at 4:13 p.m. This is the fourth game this season featuring the Warriors to air on national television.

4. Is TNT a local channel?

Turner Network Television (TNT) (stylized as TNT Drama) is an American cable and satellite TV network. TNT (TV channel)

5. How long does an NBA game last?

An NBA game lasts 48 minutes total, broken up into four quarters of 12 minutes each. A tie also grants a five-minute reprieve. After five minutes, if the score is still tied, five-fifths of overtime is played.

6. Where can I see the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors play most of their games on NBC Sports Bay Area, a regional sports network. Live to stream the Golden State Warriors game.

7. Where did the Warriors play tonight?

There are many ways to play a home game at the ORACLE Arena this season, and Vivid Seats allows you to choose from the complete list of matches in the Golden State Warriors 2020 schedule.

8. How can I watch NBA games for free?

For an annual subscription fee of $99.95, NBA League Pass Broadband offers all non-televised games nationwide.
The majority of TNT’s games are available on its website for no charge.
Only Comcast customers can watch ESPN sports for free on ESPN3.

9. Where can I watch NBA games on DirecTV?

The NBA League Pass will air on DIRECTV channels 750768 and AT&T TV channels 12001244.

10. Where can I see the NBA League Pass?

With your subscription, you can watch NBA League Pass via the Prime Video app on over 650 connected devices, including Fire TVs, compatible smart TVs, tablets, and phones. You can also go online at

11. How do I get a free NBA League Pass?

You can get a free trial by downloading the NBA League Pass app and registering. League memberships typically cost between $ 17.99 and $ 39.99 per month. You can choose anything from a single team to follow for full access to all games outside the US market.

12. Which NBA TV channel is the cable?

As of January 2016, NBA TV is available to approximately 53.8 million pay TV households in America.


Warriors live stream on Directv, catch the Warriors tonight. Don’t overlook the Warriors live stream on DirectTV.

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