Samsung Top Load Washer Filter Location

Samsung top load washer filter location is in the front mostly. The Samsung top load washer filter is mainly located in front of the washing machine but behind the small door. Sometimes it is available in the lower back area of the washing machine to clean the debris.

Samsung Top Load Washer Filter Location

Samsung top load washing filter location

Samsung top load washer filter location! Any machine used to wash cloth is a washing machine. It may clean clothes with water like an ordinary home washing machine or without water as a dry cleaner. We add washing detergent with water to the machine to wash clothes.

Type of washing machines

There are 2-main types of washing machines, i.e.

  1. Top load, this is common in the USA. Add clothes to the machine from the top in a basket dipped in the water tub. The water pump at the bottom of the basket provides the agitation power.
  2. Front-load is most common in the UK and some Asian countries. In this machine, we add clothes from the front through a door. The door may or may not contain a glass window. The agitation is done by the back and forth movement of the cylinder and by gravity.
Type Region Property
Top loader USA Clothes add in it from top hole
Front loader The UK & Asian countries Clothes add in it from the side door

Samsung top load washer filter location video guide

Washer filters:

Washer filters are the filter to trap anything from lint to loose hair. It prevents your washing machine and keeps it in good work. Filter gains more importance in the challenging water area.

Continuous exposure to hard water causes a lime layer inside the machine, which reduces the activity of the coil and drum. Most devices have a filter, but modern machines have a filter on the ■■■■, so you need to clean by your side.

How to clean Samsung washing machine top loader?

Some more common problems with washing machines, such as drainage problems, can be avoided with regular maintenance. Top load units and some older front units do not have a removable pump filter. It should have a removable filter that is also cleanable. However, because they consume very less water than an older washing machine, it is helpful to run a monthly cleaning cycle to rinse the lint.

A Samsung top loader machine has filters to clean regularly to maintain speed and quality.


Any electronic machine used to wash clothes is known as a washing machine. There are simple washing machines, dryer machines, semi-automated and dryer machines, and automatic washing and dryer machines on the market. The top and front loader are two basic types of machines based on their input door.

Do Samsung washers have filters that need cleaning?

Samsung top loaders have easily cleanable filters. These filters prevent your Samsung washing machine top loader from dust and lime layer and getting blocked, thus guaranteeing a safe and clean washing of clothes.

Washing machine Filter

Firstly, you have to check your machine operator’s manual for the confirmation of the filter. You can physically examine your Samsung top load washer filter location by uplifting the lid. They may be apparent at the front or out of sight at the back or lower side. The filters in most of the Samsung washer filter locations are,

  1. In the lower area of the laundry basket
  2. Under the agitator, there are two fine-meshed crescent-shaped plastic filters


A filter used to catch dust and lint to small hair from the machine is called a washing filter. Many of the present-day devices have filters that are removable to clean. Some modern designs of machines have fixed filters. So, there is no need to clean these. To know about your device’s presence and type of filter, you should consult your machine operator’s manual. You can also check the Samsung washing machine filter by physical examination.

Washing machine filter cleaning

There is no specific way to clean the Samsung washing machine top loader filter because it depends on the design, types of filter, and the cleaning agent used. Generally, you can clean your Samsung washing machine’s whole loader filter with a dry cloth or a simple vacuum cleaner.

You can remove the panel by unscrewing the screws. Then remove the filter from the machine and wash it with light warm water and a detergent. Let it dry and place it back and close the panel.

When you want to clean your Samsung washing machine top loader drainage filter, you just put dirty clothes and add water and detergent. Turns it on and allows the spinning. Then remove clothes from the machine, put boiling water in the drain, and use a plunger to remove any large debris.

Clean Samsung machine filter

These are the following steps for cleaning the Samsung washing machine filter.

  1. Firstly, choose a simple spin-only cycle
  2. Secondly, add some chlorine bleach
  3. Pick a self-clean cycle
  4. Dry off the tub
  5. Then run a rinse-spin cycle
  6. Let dry the washing machine
  7. Clean the pump filter
  8. Request service.

Before the filtration, ensure that the machine is unplugged and turned off. When the machine is running, avoid filtration.


Clean the filter in a Samsung washing machine top loader involves a simple mechanism. Add some hot water with detergent and run a spinning cycle. Remove the filter and wash it with boiling or hot water and a simple brush. You also can use a simple vacuum cleaner to clean the filter. It is crucial to clean the filter at regular intervals to maintain your machine working.

Samsung washer filter location

You can find the Samsung top load washer filter location when you see the lower part of the laundry basket in the machine or under the agitator. It may be with a retractable pipe to drain the water at the side of the device. In the top loader, filters are

  1. Plastic lint filters are at the bottom of the washing basket in the Samsung washer under the agitator.
  2. During the spinning, lint collects and drains to the bottom.
  3. Some of these filters do not require filtration.

Samsung wa50r5200aw filter location

Samsung washer wa50r5200aw is the modern top loader automatic washer. Samsung wa50r5200aw filter location is the same as other Samsung washer filter locations. It is the top loader automatic washing machine. Its filter is at the bottom area of the basket or under the agitator.

Machine type Filters Type
Front loader Front bottom on left or right side Load from the front side with glass door
Top loader Below the basket in the machine Load from the top side with a lid
High-quality machines Fixed filters Have a self-cleaning mechanism

Firstly, Samsung washer filter replacement is not a usual practice for users. Suppose the user cleans the Samsung washer filter at regular intervals; the shelf life of the filter will increase. The efficiency of the filter depends on its method of care. A properly cleaned filter not only works smoothly but is also durable.

Secondly, if the Samsung washer filter replacement is necessary, you can only replace it with the manufacturer’s recommended filter type. If you replace it with a filter of low quality, it will reduce the efficiency of cloth washing and increase the repair cost.


The filter is in the front bottom of the front loader and below the washing basket in the top loader. Washer filters, if cleaned properly, do not need any replacement because the proper cleaning increases their working efficiency. If, unfortunately, you need a Samsung washer filter replacement, only use genuine filters recommended by the manufacturer.


Q1. Is it necessary to have a filter in the washing machine?

Washer filters are the filter to trap anything from lint to loose hair. It keeps the washing machine in proper functioning. It protects your washing machine.

Q2. Where is my Samsung washer filter location?

Your Samsung top load washer filter location is in the front or behind the door. Sometimes it is present in the terminal of the exhaust pipe. While sometimes, it’s on the lower portion of the middle agitator. However, in some cases, it is also available in the drum of the washing machine.

Q3. How do I know my Samsung top load washer filter location?

Filters with the top loading machines may present at,
• In the lower area of the laundry basket, below the agitator, there are 2-fine-meshed crescent-shaped filters made of plastic.
• While making the filter or spinning, the fluff is pushed towards the drainage.
• Don’t clean or replace them.

Q4. How to clean the Samsung washing machine top loader?

For the filter, you can use a paper towel. It will remove the soft material from the filter. First, withdraw the filter strainer. Now, soak it in warm water for 10-12 minutes. Replace the filter and outer cap. Leave your washing machine idle to check for leaks.

Q5. How to clean Samsung washing machine top loader?

If the filter is removable, remove it. Soak it in hot water for 10-13 minutes to remove any dirt or residues. Use a soft brush. You can also use a paper towel. You can dispose of the trap; if it is replaceable.

Q6. How to clean the filter in the top loader washing machine?

• Firstly, Choose a simple Spin-only cycle
• Add some chlorine bleach
• Pick a Self-Clean cycle
• Dry off the tub
• Then Run a Rinse-Spin cycle
• Let dry the washing machine
• Clean the pump filter
• Request service.

Q7. Is there any filter on a Samsung washing machine?

Samsung top loaders have easily cleanable filters. These filters prevent your washing machine from dust and lime layer and getting blocked, thus guaranteeing a safe and clean washing of clothes.

Q8. Is a lint filter found in all washing machines?

No. Most washing machines have styles without lint filters.

Q9. How to clean the unit from a top loader?

You must follow the simple rule to clean the agitator washing machine’s upper part. Select the average, super level, and deep rinse program colors and choose between middle or high temperatures.
Take 1/4 cup of laundry detergent & 1 cup of bleach and pour them into the laundry basket. Eliminate the dispenser from the agitator. Now you can fill the washing machine to continue the washing phase.

Q10. Why is a lint filter used in the washing machine?

Tiny fibres detached from the fabric’s surface in the washing machine and stuck in the filters. These filters catch lint and wet pieces of paper left on clothing. The lint from the different clothes sticks to other clothes. It will give the clothes a dusty look.

Q11. Does my washing machine has a filter?

It is present in front of the machine or sometimes behind the door. So, you can check. The easy way to know whether your device has a filter or not is to contact the washing machine instructor.

Q12. Why do we need to unplug the washer to clean the filter?

Before cleaning, it is necessary that your machine is unplugged and turned off. It will prevent you from catching current.

Q13. Do Samsung top loader machines have filters to clean?

Yes, most of the machines have. It is present behind a small door on the front. It is essential to clean this filter regularly as it will catch everything from lint and hair, coins, cloth, and more. You can clean the washing machine filter easily.

Q14. How do you know your washing machine’s filter blockage?

There are some signs of washing machine blockage as:
Cheap laundry detergent residues on the clothes
• Clothes dry time longer than earlier
• Incomplete dryness of clothes
• Lots of lint drop.

Q15. Where is the lint filter present in the washing machine?

A washing machine may have a lint filter within the centre of the agitator or along the drum’s top edge. You can check and remove the lint trap cleaner when you open the door.


Two types of automatic machines are the top loader and the front loader. Where is Samsung Top Load Washer Filter Location? Front loader machines have filters on the front bottom of the machine on the left or right side of the device. Samsung top load washer filter location is below the basket or under the agitator. A filter traps the lint, dust, trim hair, etc., from the machine. In contrast, some modern high-efficiency designs have fixed filters. The filters need a regular cleaning mechanism to run smoothly. It runs at least once a month.

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