What is a Cricut Machine

What is a Cricut machine? A Cricut is an electrical power tool that can cut various materials such as paper, rubber, paper boxes, and iron-on transfers into various patterns. Apparently, leather and wood can be cut with some Cricut machines! The original Cricut machine can cut mats up to 6 by 12 inches (150 mm x 300 mm), whereas the bigger Cricut Explore can cut mats up to 12 by 12 inches (150 mm x 300 mm). A giant machine can print letters ranging in size from half an inch to 2312 inches tall.

What is Cricut:

Cricut is an established manufacturer of home makers’ computer-controlled cutter and cutting plotter devces . Paper, wool, rubber, fabric, and other substances such as leatherette, matboard, and hardwood are all cut with these machines. Cricut filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in March 2021.

Throughout, if you want to utilize your Cricut as a printer, you can! You may insert a marker into an accessory slot on the machine and then have the Cricut “draw” your pattern for you. It’s ideal for creating a beautiful handmade effect if your calligraphy isn’t up to par. Instead of utilizing actual cartridges as I did in college, the Explore line of Cricut machines allows you to access a huge digital library of “cartridges.” This means you may use Cricut Design Space (the company’s online design program) to transmit any word or form from the library to your Cricut for cutting. If you wish, you can even submit your own designs!

The Cricut Explore Air features a tiny cutting blade installed within the machine that can cut materials up to 12 inches wide. You load the material onto a sticky pad and place it in the engine when you’re ready to cut anything out. While the Cricut blade goes over the material and chops it, the mat keeps it in place. When it’s done, remove the mat from the machine, pull your product away from the adhesive mat, and you’re good to go!

The choices with a Cricut machine are limitless! All you’ll need is a Cricut machine, Design Space, a cutting mat, and your imagination!

What is the Cricut machine used for:

A Cricut machine may be used for a wide range of tasks. I couldn’t possibly list all of the options, but here are a few typical sorts of projects to give you a sense of what the machine is capable of.

  1. It is used for scrapbooking, cut out interesting shapes, and lettering.
  2. You can make personalized, handcrafted cards for any occasion.
  3. It is used to create a onesie or t-shirt
  4. You can make a bracelet out of leather.
  5. Use it for making buntings and other decorations for the celebration.
  6. It is used for making your own painting stencils.
  7. You can make a window sticker out of vinyl.
  8. Label items in your kitchen or in a children’s playhouse.
  9. Use this machine for making personalized pillows
  10. You can use it for making your own Christmas decorations.
  11. An envelope should be addressed.
  12. Adorn a teacup, mug, or tumbler with a design.
  13. At home, etch glass
  14. Make your own decals for the walls.
  15. Make a sign out of painted wood.
  16. Make your own window clings with this tutorial.
  17. Make decals for a stand mixer, as well as a slew of other crafts, too many to mention!

What are the different Types of Cricut:

Several types of Cricut machines are available in the market of which some are discussed below. We have jotted down the base pricing for each machine for your convenience. Following are the main different kinds of cricut machines in the market:

1. Cricut Explore Air 2:

First one on our list is the most widely used Cricut Explore Air 2. This fantastic machine is easy to use and ideal for beginner and professional level makers. It is designed for cutting a several items, including sheets, rubber, fabric, glued cloth, and whatnot. You may use the Explore Air 2 with three different blades.

For many substances, including paper, cardboard, vinyl, iron-on, whiteboard markers, and more! Fine Point Blade
Bonded Fabric Blade – For fabric with bonding on the back (like Heat’n’Bond) Deep Point Blade – For heavier materials like magnetic sheets, cereal boxes, and foam.

Cricut pens may be used to write on the Explore Air 2, and the scoring stylus can be used to draw score lines on cards, boxes, and other paper products for easy folding.

Another fantastic feature of the Air 2 (and Maker) is Print Then Cut! It enables you to print pictures at home and then cut them out with your Cricut machine. Invitations, muffin toppe planner stamps, and far more may all benefit from this. More information on Print Then Cut may be found here.

If you’re new to Cricut and want to expand your creating abilities, this is the machine for you! The Explore Air 2 has a list price of $249, although it’s frequently on discount for $199-$229.

2. Cricut Joy:

This Cricut Joy is a compact machine with a lower price tag to match. This makes it lightweight, portable, and storage-friendly while yet providing plenty of functionality. This machine has the capacity to cut and draw, making it ideal for bespoke labels, lengthy decals (remember the 4-foot image cut capability! ), and greetings. It comes with a card-making pad that only cuts through the front of the card. Yet another thing to keep in mind is that it will not be able to print and then cut projects. It’s perfect for what it’s designed for: little jobs (like mugs, cards, labels, etc.).

3. Cricut Explore Family Machine:

These Cricut Explore family devices are still less expensive than the Cricut Maker, but they offer just as many features. Why do I constantly repeating the word “family”?This Cricut Explore has been upgraded several times in recent years, first as the Cricut Explore, then as the Cricut Explore Air, and finally as the Cricut Explore Air 2. The major difference between the Cricut Explore (one) and the Cricut Airs is that the Explore (one) isn’t Bluetooth capable, so you’ll have to connect it to your computer through a cable. The Cricut Explore Air is the machine I have; honestly, the changes between the Air and the Air 2 aren’t significant enough for me to report back to you. It’s quicker, but if you’re searching for a used computer and come across an Explore Air for a lower price than a used Explore Air 2, I won’t hesitate to get it; it’s been a fantastic machine.

4. Cricut Maker 3:

Our Cricut Maker 3 is the company’s latest top-of-the-line cutting machine, which will be released in May 2021. It’s comparable to the Cricut Maker; however, it comes with a few more features.

The most significant distinction between Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Maker (details below) is that Cricut Maker 3 can cut “matless” Cricut Smart Materials, which means you are not restricted by the size of a cutting mat. You may cut up to 12 feet of material at once. These materials are also sliced up to 2x quicker than those cut on a mat. More information may be found in my Cricut Maker 3 Ultimate Guide.

The remaining features of Cricut Maker 3 are the same as those of Cricut Maker and are listed below. The top pricing point in the Cricut series is $399.

This device is for you if you’re a professional maker who likes to use a variety of materials and cut large projects, or if you’re a sewing fanatic, an ardent paper crafter, or even a carpenter.

Idea FOR: Creators who want it all, including the capacity to cut large projects using Smart Materials as well as cotton, felt, baltic birch, boards, and other elements.

5. Cricut Maker:

In my view, the Cricut Maker is the cream of the crop when it comes to cutting machines! It can do all of the functions of the Explore Air 2 plus a lot more! The Maker offers a complete array of tools thanks to the Adaptive Tool System, including the ability to cut thicker materials, deboss, penetrate, and even engrave! The following are some of the Cricut Maker Tools:

Without bonding, you can cut over 130 different types of cloth using a rotary blade. Knife Blade - you can cut materials up to 3/32′′ thick with this blade. Here’s where you can learn more about knife blades.
Scoring Wheels – create even deeper score lines, making it easier to create boxes, lamps, and cards!

The final five items all include a QuickSwap Housing, which helps to keep the same housing and just switch out the tip or blade, making them even more convenient to use. More information on how to utilize QuickSwap Housing may be found here.

You can utilize the Print Then Cut feature with Maker in the same way as you do with Air 2; however, unlike Air 2, you can use colored paper with the Maker!

Even though you’re new to Cricut, the Maker is a fantastic machine to have if you want to cut fabric for quilts, clothing, bags, and other projects down the road, or if you want to cut heavier materials like wood and authentic leather. The Cricut Maker has an MSRP of $399, although it’s frequently sold for $349-$369 on Amazon.

6. Cricut Explore One:

The Cricut Explore One is the first machine to adopt the style of contemporary Cricut cutting machines, and it looks identical to them all the way up to the Maker.

You may use the Explore One to create your own network and automatically and SVGs, or select from the Cricut Image Library’s tens of thousands of design files. This machine was easy to operate and integrated well with home PCs.

It included storage slots for additional blades, pens, and other items, as well as the ability to be used remotely with a Bluetooth adapter.

7. Cricut Explore Air:

This Explore Air 2 is still a very successful machine, and it’s a lot less expensive than the Maker.

This computer has nearly identical features and functionalities as the Air, with the exception that it is twice as quick. The Air 2 also comes in the most colors of any device - 22 at the time of writing!

Cricut Craft Room and the Cricut Image Library merged to form Cricut Design Space, which has recently undergone a major transformation. It is no longer a browser-based application.

8. Cricut Easy Press:

The key difference between these shirts surviving after numerous laundry and degrading after the first use is using the Cricut Easy Press to make iron-on T-shirt graphics. Its 9-by-9-inch base covers a lot more surface area than a standard iron, and it comes with temperature control and a countdown to take the guesswork (and effort) out of producing beautiful, uninterrupted designs.

9. Cricut Standard Grip Mat:

Although a modern Cricut machine may come with one or two mats, depending on the materials you normally work with, it’s a good idea to invest in a few more. These PVC mats hold your selected material to keep it tight and prevent it from sliding around while the Cricut machine is in use.

Standard Grip (ideal for cardstock and vinyl), Light Grip (for cardboard and vellum), Strong Grip (for thick cardstock, beadboard, and magnet material), Textile Grip (for thick cardstock, chipboard, and magnet material), and a variety pack is also available.

10. Cricut Basic Tool Set:

This collection of 5 main tools aids in the cleanup of your creations, as well as the mat, before moving on to the next. It comes with scissors, reverse tweezers for delicately grasping a completed product, a weeder for refining inner borders around a cut picture, a spatula for the precise lifting of larger pieces, and a scraper for scraping all of the residual bits and items off of your carpet.

11. Cricut Cuttlebug Die Cutting & Embossing Machine:

This manual variant is ideal for those who desire all-over embossing and the ability to make simple cuts. It works with stamping patterns that may be purchased separately and is powered by a hand crank.

12. EZ Craft USA Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets:

Though it can be put to a number of hard surfaces, adhesive vinyl is one of the most popular materials to use with a Cricut machine. Create personalized campaign signs, phone decals, and flyers with these. This 40-sheet set comes in a range of colors and textures, including metallic, matte, and shiny.

13. Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blade With Housing:

If you’re working with heavier materials like chipboard, foam, or magnet sheets, you may need to replace your Cricut blade with one that’s more suited to the job. You’ll never have to go over your work with an X-Acto knife again, thanks to this deep-cut steel blade that cuts straight through these tougher materials.

14. Cricut BrightPad:

This touchscreen gadget provides illumination for jobs that need close tracing and weeding in order to decrease eye strain and make it a lot easier to notice teeny-tiny details. The backlit BrightPad has five brightness levels and, despite the fact that it must be plugged into work, it is quite light and arrives with a 6-foot wire.

15. Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set:

There is nothing worse than a handwritten card, but one produced with the Cricut assures that no mistakes are made. With this pair of Cricut-compatible fine-point pens, you can create your own greeting card, submit it to the Cricut app, and see it come to life. This collection of 30 colors may be used for a variety of crafts, including place cards, gift tags, and even making your own black marker prints!

What are the best Cricut machines for beginners:

Ever wondered how professional DIYers get such precise cuts, immaculate letterings, and smudge-free finishes on all of their project activities? Most likely, they have a Cricut die-cutting machine in their stash. Because of its capacity to cut with precise accuracy through paper, leather, vinyl, and other thin, flexible materials, Cricut machines may be used to make a broad range of items, including jewelry, 3D puzzles, greeting cards, and shirt decals.

Using Cricut’s vast range of devices and tools allows you to spend more time building and less time cutting things out, whether you’re new to crafting or have enough skill to create and sell your own products.

What is the working of a Cricut:

The Cricut machine is identical to a conventional desktop printer, as are other commercial cutting plotters. So rather than printing an image onto paper, the Cricut combines etching and heat transfer technologies to produce a bespoke project out of materials as diverse as leather, denim, vinyl, and wood. You create a design and transmit it to the machine through Bluetooth or USB.

To perform particular activities and cut the pattern into the material, there are various replaceable knives and tools. You may access a large library of pictures, typefaces, and ready-to-make projects through its design platform and smart app to inspire your creativity or quickly produce a craft.

What is the best place to buy Cricut Machine:

  1. Cricut.com: The online business shop of Cricut, where you can discover the latest Cricut models, Cricut machine comparisons, Cricut machine materials and accessories, and a Cricut Image Library Cricut Access. If you possess a Cricut machine, bookmark this page Cricut.com since excellent savings may be found here virtually every week or month.

  2. Amazon.com: You may purchase Cricut machines from Amazon’s official Cricut website or from other Amazon vendors who may offer better pricing. Check to see if the machine is fresh new or if it has been previously used.

  3. Swingdesign.com: Swingdesign.com is another official website selling the best quality Cricut. They are considered the largest Cricut and Silhouette seller and suppliers around the world. They have gained much popularity in no time since they sell a quality product at the most reasonable rate. Of all their Cricut collection, the hand-picked Cricut is the most sold Cricut for a good reason. Here you will find everything you need for DIYs, building, crafting, and the rest.

What kind of material can I Cut using Cricut?

This is, without a doubt, the determining element in my decision. Let’s have a look at the many tools that each machine may employ. The Cricut Joy comes with a highly polished blade that may be switched out for pens designed specifically for the Cricut Joy. This means the Cricut Joy can cut and write on materials such as vinyl and paper.

There are two tool spaces on the Cricut Explore line of machines. In these, you can only use one blade and one writing instrument. The blade that comes with the machine is a normal Fine Point Blade.
The same as the Cricut Joy, this can cut a variety of pieces of vinyl and sheets. The fine point blade may also be replaced with their new multihull tip, grading tool, bonded fabric blade, or deep pitch blade. Tougher materials, such as magnets, chipboard, foam board, and felt sheets, maybe cut with the Deep Point Blade.

The simplest method for cutting fabric for fabric ribbon—perfect for Christmas gift wrapping!
The Cricut Maker’s Adaptive Tool System takes cutting materials to the next level. There is also a second tool slot for Cricut markers and pens. This simply means that, in addition to the blades and tools that the Cricut Explore can use (the same blades and tools are available with the Cricut Maker), customers can also use a wider variety of tools with a based transport housing that changes the blade’s direction during the cut. With the various adaptable tools, the machine can cut a wider range of materials.

It can make highly precise cuts out of delicate and complex materials since it adjusts the direction of the blade. With the knife blade, it can chop firewood and leather; with the rotary blade, it can cut a variety of fabrics; and with certain tools, it can score, perforate, deboss, and engrave. It offers a wide variety of capabilities.

How the Cricut machine works:

A Cricut cutting machine can be compared to a home printer. Instead of imprinting your picture onto a sheet of paper, a Cricut machine cuts the design from a sheet of paper using a tiny, moveable blade (or other material.)

To begin, use Cricut’s design program or app to create a design. Then, via Bluetooth or USB, you transfer the design to the Cricut cutting machine. The design is sent into the Cricut machine, which then cuts it out with a small, accurate blade.

Here’s how to operate a Cricut in simple words.

  1. To begin, select your cutting material and lay it down on the adhesive cutting mat. (While the Cricut produces the cuts, the cutting mat keeps the material in place.) Place the rug in the machine and turn it on.
  2. Then, in Cricut Design Space, pick a design. Send the layout to your Cricut cutting machine after selecting your material parameters.
  3. To begin cutting, press the button on your Cricut machine.
  4. Take the mat from the machine and the material from the rug once the machine has finished cutting.

Cricut Design Space:

Cricut Design SpaceTM is a software application and accompanying app from Cricut that lets you create, upload, and manage files for use with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.

Anyone can use his laptop, tablet, or even mobile device to access the app wirelessly on some computers. You may also access a library of projects and resources to download through Cricut Design SpaceTM.

Check out this useful page on the Cricut website for instructions on how to install and remove Design Space. Some projects and data are free, while others need payment. However, once you have purchased them, they will remain in your collection indefinitely.
You may also upload your files and utilize the tool to create your files in Design Space.


1. Should I Buy a Cricut machine?

A Cricut cutting plotter is a good investment if you’re a committed hobby maker or DIY creator and seller, but you need to think about your budget as well as your creative demands before you buy. Cricut machines range in price from $150 to $400, with packages costing up to $600.

For regular gamers and more straightforward projects, a Cricut Joy is likely to suffice, but a Cricut Explore Air 2 is best for more skilled crafters and more intricate designs. Professional makers and merchants may consider purchasing the more costly Cricut Maker, which could elevate your Etsy shop or Pinterest board to new heights of creativity.

2. What is a Cricut die cutting machine?

A crafter’s best buddy is a die-cut machine. You can cut and notch patterns ranging from basic shapes to trademark typefaces from a variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, chipboard, leather, wood, and more, with just a single tool. A die-cut machine is an easiest and quickest method to obtain professional-looking results when creating personalized cards, t-shirts, signs, cups, and more.

3. What is a Cricut craft machine?

The simple answer is that a Cricut is a cutting machine that lets you cut and make spectacular crafts out of materials you never knew existed. Users can also draw, imprint, and construct folding lines to produce 3D crafts, greeting cards, and boxes, depending on the brand they have.

4. Is the Cricut machine worth it?

Cricut Maker is a working prototype, not a final product. The Cricut crew was most likely rushed to get the machine out just before the vacations, and the effect is pronounced. After a few more months of work, it might have been a fantastic tool. It isn’t worth $400 by any stretch of the imagination.

5. Is it possible to cut felt, cloth, or leather with a Cricut?

Yes, specific Cricut machines are capable of cutting heavier materials such as felt, cloth, leather, and plastic. Stiffened felt, stabilized cloth, and tooling leather may all be cut using the Cricut Explore Air 2. Craft foam, cardboard, and natural wood veneer can all be cut with it. Keep in mind that the Cricut Explore Air 2 isn’t compatible with rotary cutters. As a result, you’ll need to apply more stabilizers if you wish to cut cloth.

From delicate materials like crepe paper to heavy materials like balsa and basswood, the Cricut Maker can cut a broad range of materials. It also comes with a rotor cutter device that lets you cut fabric and felt without the use of extra stabilizers. Don’t forget about the Cricut Joy, either. As long as the imitation leather materials are paper-thin, the Cricut Joy can cut them.

6. What can a Cricut Explore Air 2 do?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a cutting machine for beginners that uses smart technologies. It’s up to 2x quicker than prior models in cutting and writing.
Over 100 materials may be cut with the Cricut Explore Air 2. It can cut a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, and iron-on, as well as thicker materials like leather. Cut Smart technology lets you cut a wide range of materials accurately and with remarkable precision.
Create a computer, tablet, or smartphone with the Cricut Explore Air 2 iOS or Android app.

For cordless, hassle-free cutting, the Explore Air 2 uses Bluetooth. I love being able to link it to my phone and create on the move! On the right-hand side, there’s a clever set dial for quick adjustments.

7. What does a Cricut do?

Cricut is a brand of computer-controlled cutting plotters that cut unique shapes and etch text and drawings out of a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, cardboard, fabric, and aluminum foil, to mention a few.

The Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy are three cutting plotter models available, as well as numerous retired heritage devices. Each model has its own purpose and capabilities, but they all do the same thing: bespoke cut designs using proprietary software that can be accessed via cellphones or laptops.
The Cricut EasyPress and Cricut Mug Press are two heat-transfer devices available from the business.

8. Can you cut a plank of wood using Cricut?

Wood materials can be cut with both the Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker. The Deep-Point Blade on the Cricut Explore Air 2 can cut thin wood veneer.

Basswood, balsa wood, natural wood veneer, and thick chipboard are among the wood materials that the Cricut Maker can cut.

9. Are Cricut machines tough to use?

Cricut machines are built with a comprehensive online manual and a wealth of additional Cricut resources, making them very simple to learn how to operate. Both Design Space and the Cricut machine are meant to be simple to use, and you don’t need a lot of graphic design knowledge to utilize them (though it does help if you want to create your designs from scratch). In Cricut’s Design Space, there’s a collection of pictures and techniques that you may easily import as a new project. Some are free, while others may be purchased for a nominal fee.

10. How long does a Cricut mat last?

A Cricut cutting mat should endure between 40 and 50 uses before it begins to wear out. You read it correctly: cutting mats do not survive indefinitely. Over time, they will begin to wear down and lose their stickiness.


A Cricut is an electronic cutter that is smart. It resembles a cross between a plotter and a laser cutter (but with a knife). Because it substitutes what we would normally cut with scissors or an x-acto, a Cricut machine allows us to make items with incredible precision—increasing hitherto unseen speed and quality.

The Cricut family now consists of three distinct Cricut models. You may purchase them straight from Cricut’s website or on markets like Amazon. On eBay and Craigslist, you may find some older versions. However, I will not cover them because they are more challenging to obtain.