Wholesale Clothing Vendors in California

One of the best clothing stores, especially the wholesale ones that are located in the Fashion District, that’s why usually people prefer to get wholesale clothes from California. Yes, Fashion District is situated in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles. That’s why if you are looking for wholesale clothing vendors in the United States, then you must consider these California based vendors.

1. Tasha Apparel

It is considered that around 50% to 80% US-based cloth retailers of eBay and Amazon purchase clothes from Tasha Apparel. It is not a big name in the clothing industry due to its big range of clothing, but it is also known for its fine quality of products with low price tags. As a retailer, you would also found their customer services very quick and friendly. Hopefully, Tasha Apparel would be one of the best wholesale clothing vendors for you.

2. Fashion Town

This is another Los Angeles based wholesale clothing vendor. Though Fashion Town owns a variety of clothes but you should prefer this wholesale clothing vendor if you are after women clothing, especially plus size women outfits. Luckily, you would find here a variety of dresses like jackets, outwear, causal, activewear, dressy maxi and much more. Moreover, if you also avail their free shipping service if you are ordering the first time. No doubt, Fashion Town is the perfect place for retailers who are looking for women clothes.

3. LAShowroom

It is another virtual wholesale clothing showroom where you can find distinct dresses for women, men and children. Withal, if you are proceeding with LAShowroom then keep in mind, it is important to register at their official site. Yes, only register members after some authentication procedure can make an order there. Also, only registered members can access the images of different dresses for promotional purpose. I know LAShowroom is little strict with its signup policies, but their footwear, menswear, bag accessories and other dresses are also classic.

4. Chase USA International Inc

If you are looking for a B2B wholesale clothing vendor that also accepts small orders according to the budget of the retailer. In that case, you must consider Chase USA International Inc. This is another good option which deals with adults, boys and girls clothing from the last decade. Fortunately, you can access and see their products without any registration.

5. Chase USA International Inc

This another online wholesale clothing vendor in California. Though in 2009 they opened their wholesale store but in 2010, they closed it. Since then, this company is only focusing on its online operations. This vendor only sells made in USA products, and with clothing items, their pieces of jewellery are also worth buying. So, if you are running an online store for clothing and accessories, then you should also consider their jewellery with dresses.


I would also like to know your experience about different wholesale vendors if you work as clothing retailer.