Wholesale Clothing Vendors in California

One of the best clothing stores, especially the wholesale ones that are located in the Fashion District, that’s why usually people prefer to get wholesale clothes from California. Yes, Fashion District is situated in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles. That’s why if you are looking for wholesale clothing vendors in the United States, then you must consider these California based vendors.

5 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in California

1. Tasha Apparel

It is considered that around 50% to 80% US-based cloth retailers of eBay and Amazon purchase clothes from Tasha Apparel. It is not a big name in the clothing industry due to its big range of clothing, but it is also known for its fine quality of products with low price tags. As a retailer, you would also found their customer services very quick and friendly. Hopefully, Tasha Apparel would be one of the best wholesale clothing vendors for you.

2. Fashion Town

This is another Los Angeles based wholesale clothing vendor. Though Fashion Town owns a variety of clothes but you should prefer this wholesale clothing vendor if you are after women clothing, especially plus size women outfits. Luckily, you would find here a variety of dresses like jackets, outwear, causal, activewear, dressy ■■■■ and much more. Moreover, if you also avail their free shipping service if you are ordering the first time. No doubt, Fashion Town is the perfect place for retailers who are looking for women clothes.

3. LAShowroom

It is another virtual wholesale clothing showroom where you can find distinct dresses for women, men and children. Withal, if you are proceeding with LAShowroom then keep in mind, it is important to register at their official site. Yes, only register members after some authentication procedure can make an order there. Also, only registered members can access the images of different dresses for promotional purpose. I know LAShowroom is little strict with its signup policies, but their footwear, menswear, bag accessories and other dresses are also classic.

4. Chase USA International Inc

If you are looking for a B2B wholesale clothing vendor that also accepts small orders according to the budget of the retailer. In that case, you must consider Chase USA International Inc. This is another good option which deals with adults, boys and girls clothing from the last decade. Fortunately, you can access and see their products without any registration.

5. Chase USA International Inc

This another online wholesale clothing vendor in California. Though in 2009 they opened their wholesale store but in 2010, they closed it. Since then, this company is only focusing on its online operations. This vendor only sells made in USA products, and with clothing items, their pieces of jewellery are also worth buying. So, if you are running an online store for clothing and accessories, then you should also consider their jewellery with dresses.


I would also like to know your experience about different wholesale vendors if you work as clothing retailer.

The clothing industry has increased enormously over the years. People are willing to invest their money in buying clothes which are good in design and quality. People are buying products in bulk numbers for fashion stores. Wholesale clothing is, in short, selling of clothes in bulk quantity at a cost that is lower than retailer price. Wholesalers sell bulk clothes to retailers; they further sell the clothes individually at higher prices. People want to seek the best clothing stores, especially the best wholesale clothing centers. The best wholesale clothing stores occur in the fashion district; that’s why people prefer California for purchasing bulk clothes.

What are wholesale clothing suppliers?

:no_entry: A wholesale clothing vendor/ supplier is a company that handles wholesale for product manufacturers. The vendors/ suppliers have a warehouse or distribution center, where they can ship products directly to the retailer or the customer. Good wholesale clothing vendors make direct connections with manufacturers of products. The job of a wholesale supplier is to distribute the products to the retail store. If the retailer does drop-shipping transactions, then vendors ship the products directly to the customer.

:no_entry: After finding a good wholesale clothing supplier, you can do a retail business. The retail business where you can store and sell fashion items. Secondly, you can do a drop-shipping business where you can only sell online and ship directly to the customers.

Top wholesale vendors:

All over the world, you can find wholesale vendors in different countries. It is time-consuming to find the best wholesale vendor. Choose the vendor stores of high quality with a unique design. If you are looking for the best wholesale clothing vendors in the United States, California-based wholesale clothing vendors are best for you. But firstly, you have to ask one question from yourself is where to find a wholesale supplier. There are a lot of California-based clothing stores, but several are the best for you. You can buy the best online wholesale clothing in California from these marketplaces;

Wholesale Fashion Square:

It is an online California clothing store. It is famous because of its quality. If you want to buy the best wholesale clothing In California, then wholesale fashion square is the best place for you. Wholesale Fashion Square has 3.43 rating stars along with 25-kelvin reviews. Wholesale fashion square site ranks on 24th number among wholesale clothing sites. If you want good quality items for your specialty shop, then this site is best for you. They provide you women’s clothes, accessories, trendy makeup items at the best price.

They have big promotions from time to time. You can buy quality items from here. You can also purchase pieces in categories like seasonal, plus sizes, sales, and many more.

Number one wholesales:

This store has more diversity at affordable prices. You will get the latest fashion items at the number one wholesales store. This store will take 20-60% less wholesales price on the current collection. Here every year, the latest items are available with range able price.

Wholesale Clothing for Boutique:

You can buy the best wholesale clothing for your boutique from United States-based cloth stores. There are some wholesale cloth stores; which are considering the best wholesale clothing vendors for a boutique. Some of the most famous stores are as follows;

Sugarlips Wholesale:

Here, you need to sign up to get the latest updates and special offers. After signing in, the website will send you a newsletter of the latest trendy updates directly to your inbox. You can go through their enormous catalog carefully. This site also spent their time creating look books. Hence, you can get go through those look books as well. Products of this site are consist of various packages and sizes. This site has many classy items.

Sugarlips is another well-established website that gives you the best quality clothes at a manageable price rate. Their price is affordable for everyone. They provide good quality of cloth to you. Here, you can find new latest Variety of clothes. You can find clothes of your choice with ease of mind. This website has 34264 likes on its Facebook page. Sugar lips wholesale occurred in The Fashion District in Los Angeles. They are women’s clothing wholesalers.

Bloom Wholesale:

Here, you can find lovely aesthetics. Bloom wholesale website provides you impressive aesthetics. You feel happy after opening this website because they give you several accessories. This wholesale site has women’s products at a manageable price. They show new items on their website every week. This site has a collection of the latest fashion clothing; they collect from hundreds of Los Angeles manufacturers. Bloom wholesale offers you a wide range of fashion clothing for your boutique. They offer you skirts, pants, dresses, joggers, apparel, sweaters, and jackets.

Tasha Apparel:

80% of retailers of eBay and Amazon purchase the clothes from Tasha Apparel. It is well known for its fine quality of products. It tags low prices on all trendy pieces. You can get plus-sized clothes from this site. They have a good policy for their customers. If you buy things above then 300$, then they will provide you free shipping. They have all the trendy products at an affordable price, so stay tuned for the sale time.

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale:

Here, you can get the items in different colors and sizes of your choices. Their items are unique and praiseworthy. They upload new season-based arrivals and also on many occasions. One of the advantages of this site is; they provide you free shipping on every order.


:arrow_right: This website is an authentic site where you can find different famous brands that sell women’s apparel. Best comfort loungewear is available on their website. Also, they have a collection of several men’s wear and accessories. It is a website to create a wholesale boutique. Here, you can find good clothes for only 10$. There is a different brand on this wholesale site where you can explore the website by ordering several brands. Price and shipping costs vary.

This site provides you enormous wholesale fashion clothing and accessories. Besides, you can get women manufacturers, women distributors, men, and children accessories. Bags and footwear are also available here.

Tips for finding the quality of wholesale clothing vendors/ suppliers:

It is quite an important step to find quality wholesale, clothing vendors. There are few steps that you should follow to finding good wholesale clothing stores.

Compare prices:

:pen: Buying in bulks often results in a large amount of profit from your products. You can get more profit if you compare the prices of products with the vendor before finalizing the price. You have to compare the price of different brands and then go to that site, where you can afford your favorite product easily.

Check Quality vs. Quantity:

You should compare your bulk number of products with quality. Quality increases the price and profit. If you are a store owner, then think carefully before purchasing the products from the distributor. Always compare your price with the number of items that you are purchasing. Only comparing the quality and quantity of a single brand is not enough. Tough, you should compare different brands before finalizing the products.

Attend nearby trade shows:

:pen: Marketing is about making the connection with people. You can get benefits while talking with the people in trade shows. Making a connection with people helps you to grow your business. You can meet with many peoples and can discuss apparel. It would be an exciting field for you.

Plan and test:

:pen: You should make a detailed list of all products which you want to purchase. Estimate your budget for each product and then follow the marketing plan for promotion. If the site vendors can meet your criteria, then it would be best for you. Furthermore, you can get more profit by discussing the price with the vendor before deciding.

Hangout forums and groups:

:pen: In this step, you should discuss boutiques and trending clothes, accessories with your brand partners and other vendors. Here, you can also find good communities joining for increasing your business. Try to gain insight into your customer expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I find wholesale clothing Vendors/suppliers?

:arrow_right:It is the simplest way to find wholesale vendors in the US. You have to goggle out the company of that product which you want to sell. Then visit their websites and find out the wholesale distributors. Big companies have their distributors/ jobbers, while smaller companies usually do not have their distributors. They sell you products directly.

How does wholesale clothing work?

:red_circle:Wholesale clothing is always in bulk. Due to bulk quantity, you pay the discount price on purchasing. After buying the products from a wholesaler, you can further sell them at your cloth stores. You can payoff during selling on your store because you make a higher rate on your store than their actual rates.

:red_circle:Retailer directly purchases the products and clothes from wholesale websites and; then sale them on his cloth store by making a profit. If retailers make drop-shipments, further customers get direct bulk of clothes from wholesale clothing suppliers at affordable prices.

:o: Conclusion:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:To conclude, Wholesale clothing suppliers/ vendors provide you a bulk quantity of clothes. Retailers purchase products directly from vendors; they gain profit by selling those products in their store. Several different wholesale clothing sites provide you the quality of clothes and accessories of your choice. Sugar lips Wholesale gives you clothing and the latest fashion. Bloom Wholesale has women’s clothing. Wholesale fashion square and Magnolia Wholesale both have clothing styles and Fashion sizes in their categories. LAShowRoom provides you clothing of high quality at an affordable price. However, the clothing industry flourishes speedily at this time. Above all, these all wholesale sites render you the massive clothes of your choice. After signing up for these trendy sites, you can get the latest updates and discount offers by their newsletter directly into your inbox.