Definition of Selling:

  1. The last step in the chain of commerce where a buyer exchanges cash for a sellers good or service, or the activity of trying to bring this about. See also marketing.

  2. Trick or deceive (someone).

  3. An act of selling or attempting to sell something.

  4. Persuade someone of the merits of.

  5. Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

  6. A disappointment, typically one arising from being deceived as to the merits of something.

Synonyms of Selling

Deceive, Delude, Hoodwink, Mislead, Take in, Dupe, Fool, Double-cross, Cheat, Defraud, Swindle, Outwit, Outmanoeuvre, Catch out, Gull, Hoax, Bamboozle, Beguile, Persuade someone to accept, Convince someone of the merits of, Talk someone into, Bring someone round to, Win someone over to, Get acceptance for, Win approval for, Get support for, Get across, Promote, Vending, Selling off, Auctioning, Trading, Trade, Trade in, Accouterment, Allurement, Armament, Blandishment, Cajolement, Cajolery, Catering, Chandlery, Coaxing, Conning, Consumer preference study, Consumer research, Consumer survey, Direct-mail selling, Endowment, Engagement, Enlistment, Equipment, Exhortation, Finding, Fitting out, Furnishing, Furnishment, Hard sell, Hawking, High-pressure salesmanship, Hortation, Huckstering, Inducement, Investment, Jawboning, Jobbing, Lobbying, Logistics, Low-pressure salesmanship, Mail-order selling, Market, Market research, Marketing, Marketing research, Merchandising, Outfitting, Peddling, Persuasion, Preaching, Preachment, Preparation, Procurement, Promotion, Providing, Provision, Provisioning, Purveyance, Reinforcement, Replenishment, Resupply, Retail, Retailing, Sales, Sales campaign, Sales promotion, Sales talk, Salesmanship, Sellout, Snow job, Soft sell, Soft soap, Solicitation, Suasion, Subsidization, Subsidy, Subvention, Supply, Supplying, Sweet talk, Victualing, Wheedling, Wholesale, Wholesaling, Working on

How to use Selling in a sentence?

  1. He sold the idea of making a film about Tchaikovsky.
  2. You need people that can close the deal because after all your product is worthless if people arent good at selling it.
  3. They had sold the car.
  4. I was glad we went to that certain store because they were selling all the things I wanted to buy.
  5. In order to get rid of its winter merchandise, the local clothing store will be selling its left over apparel at a huge discount.

Meaning of Selling & Selling Definition

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