Definition of Buy-in:

  1. Agreement to support a decision.

  2. Securities: The purchase of a security to cover a previous sale of the same security. In case the seller is unable to deliver on the due date, the buyer can buy the security from some other seller and the original (defaulting) seller will have to make up the price difference. Also called buying-in.

  3. A purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost.

  4. Contract: The practice of submitting an offer substantially below estimated costs in the hope of escalating the price after award of the contract, or to recover losses from the subsequent contracts.

  5. The buying back by a company of its own shares.

  6. A purchase of shares in a company by managers who are not employed by it.

How to use Buy-in in a sentence?

  1. The share buy-in has been financed partly out of the companys own cash resources and the balance by recourse to bank facilities provided by a syndicate of banks arranged by a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.
  2. The CEO got a buy-in from all his vice presidents to launch the new product.
  3. The buy-in amount was sufficient to begin the project which had pleased the vice president of sales involved with this project.
  4. You can try to use a buy-in strategy to help make more profit if you think that it will work in this case.
  5. The share buy-in will cost him around £30 million which will leave him around £100 million to fund the business.
  6. The buy-in strategy was full proof and I knew it was going to work, or we would be out on the street again.
  7. The bank provided the finance for what ranked as the biggest management buy-in in the country last year.

Meaning of Buy-in & Buy-in Definition