Different Types Of Jackets

People love different types of jackets to wear with jeans or trousers. Jackets are the most demanded casual and party wear. Variety of jackets interpret as a fair buy, for necessity, or merely for stylish parts.

Different Types of Jackets

19 Different Types Of Jackets :

Following are chic ■■■■ different types of jackets that must be a part of your closet:

  1. Bomber Jacket
  2. Trucker Jacket
  3. Hooded Jacket
  4. Pea style jacket
  5. Leather Jacket
  6. Shearling Jacket
  7. Linen Jacket
  8. Drawstring Jacket
  9. Quilted Jacket
  10. Denim Jacket
  11. Cropped Jacket
  12. Wool Jacket
  13. Biker Jacket
  14. Track Jacket
  15. Blouson Jacket
  16. Anorak
  17. Windcheater Jacket
  18. Blazer:
  19. Printed Jacket

Bomber Jacket:

A bomber jacket is often known as a flight jacket. A type of jacket that is most demanded by the audience due to the following features:

  1. Zip at front
  2. Tailored or adjustable waist
  3. Lightweight and sturdy Cuffs
  4. Up and down four usable pockets

This type of jacket is perfect for the evening out along with mates.

In addition to leather, the fiber of bomber jackets may be polyester, nylon and cotton.

It was designed specifically for pilots and finally made a piece of contemporary culture and outerwear.

Trucker Jacket:

The trucker Jacket was simply as a denim jacket, and the current name was taken by what Japanese fiber dealers called it the specific style3 jackets.

Such distinctive qualities to check for here are:

  1. Cut that ends at the hip.
  2. Sleeve, pockets, and front embellish with buttons.

It also contains multiple models, including:

  1. Suede styles
  2. Patent-leather patterns and
  3. Color schemes such as black and brown

However, this type of jacket is suited tailored and the ultimate timeless style for men and women also.

Hooded Jacket

It is specific for its hood style that is either fur-lined or false-fur-lined. This type of jacket can go best with both shorts or pants. You can wear it whether you are going to casual places or for yoga exercises

Men and women love to wear it due to its:

  1. Long sleeves
  2. Hoods 9( some hoods can be detachable while others not)
  3. Zip at front
  4. Flexible cuffs

This sleek, fashionable art with long life and gloss attracts a large number of audience.

Hooded Jacket

Pea style jacket:

This type of jacket is semi-formal and is also known as a pilot jacket. The pea coat is woolen, and its specifications are:

  1. Short length
  2. Big collars
  3. Large sleeves
  4. Prominent and large buttons
  5. Verticle pockets

Leather Jacket:

For numerous reasons like durability, agility, enduring and of course, fashion, leather jackets are loved. Mostly rockstars wear it for their specific style and fashion. It became an aspect of youth culture due to the following:

  1. Hoods
  2. Zips or snaps
  3. May have collars or not
  4. Integrated belts
    Besides all the features, the leather jackets were the most famous 90’s fashion.

Leather Jacket

Shearling Jacket:

This type of jacket has wool on the inner side, and its softness can remain for a long time. Another name for shearling jacket is sheepskin coats because its making involves sheepskin. It is trendy due to its following specifications:

  1. Have no zips in front
  2. Broad collars
  3. Wooly texture
  4. Size similar to a shirt
  5. Pockets are optional

Linen Jacket:

These types of jackets are lightweight and easy to carry on. It has made of linen. The linen is a super-light texture that made it effortless to wear linen jackets during sweet summer also. It can also be your trendy outfit at evening parties.

Drawstring Jacket:

It is the latest and the most trendy jacket at present days due to its drawstrings to fit the size according to your waist. This type of jacket has the following features:

  1. Long sleeves
  2. Folding hoody style
  3. Double-sloping pocket
  4. May have zip or buttons

Quilted Jacket:

Another name for this jacket is a puffer jacket. They are lined with recycled polyester to keep the body warm during the winter. The quilted jacket was the most famous 60s fashion. It was a feature for its segmented or patch style.

Denim Jacket:

A jacket edition with a look similar to that of the trucker jackets and has no issue of wrinkles. This type of jacket is one of the sizzling, sassy and sleek winter leather trends. Besides, it is most commonly available in different shades of blue color.
Another name for this is a jeans jacket. It was one of the famous 60’s fashion and still trendy due to its ability to look fabulous with any form of pants and trousers.

Denim jackets

Cropped Jacket:

This type of jacket is the latest and most trendy fashion in 2020. Both men and women can wear it. But most females love to carry it with tight jeans, skirts, or short frocks. It may be of leather, silk, denim, or velvet fabric. It is one of the short length jackets that end above the waistline.

Wool Jacket:

Wool jackets are a fashion of all ages. It is most popular among the people of old age due to its wooly texture. Like other jackets, they also have zip or button closure, pockets and both long and short collars. Its length varies that may be up to the knees or waist. It may go best to the jeans or tight pants. You can also wear a shirt under this jacket.

Biker Jacket:

It is most appealing for young age boys and girls who like to ride on bikes. Its specifications are the following:

  1. The texture of the fabric is resistant to dust.
  2. It has soft and short neck collars.
  3. It is famous for having more than two pockets.
  4. Pockets are also present inwardly.

This different type of jacket is one of the 2000’s fashion.

Track Jacket:

It is a lightweight jacket and mostly wears by athletes. You can also go with it while for gyming or exercising. It has pockets and a zipped front and round neck. It is a perfect choice for jogging or meet-ups with your relatives or close friends.

Blouson Jacket:

The name of this jacket is after the blouson sleeves. This type of jacket mostly styles with formal or non-formal shirts. It stands out among other jackets due to the following:

  1. Stretchy waist
  2. Flexible cuffs
  3. Fleece lining


It is not the same as Parka. This one has a hood, unzipped front, and all-over jacket. It is a waterproof jacket and best to wear it in the rainy season. This jacket portrays you how fashion can change your life.

Windcheater Jackets:

Like track jackets, they carry on for a workout, exercise and sport purposes. They are lightweight jackets. And the name also gives vibes of not minimizing the cooling effect of weather because the texture of the fabric used in these jackets are polyester and cotton. But still, folk go for it to make their look fancy.

Track jacket


Blazer is also one of the types of jacket that people have a craze for using it. It does not provide a warm effect and most of the time use in the autumn season. Most adults go for it as it is easy to carry on formal and non-formal places. The fabric used in these kinds of jackets may be polyester, Lycra, or cotton.

Printed Jackets:

This jacket has a zip-front, collar, or pockets like others. It is a usual size waist-length jacket. But its specialty is printed designs. These jackets are not restricting to brown or black color and have a variety of bright and dull colors. So, this one is the basic fashion trends 2020 of winter. These printed jackets are available in nylon, woolen, leather and viscose type of stuff.

With the passage of time, different types of jackets become the fashion trend for girls and boys. The jackets serve the purpose of both keeping you warm in cold winter and make you a stylish icon. It models your fashion sense cozy and elevates your elegant image.

Top-rated Brands of Jackets:

If you love to wear jackets with any outfit to move into parks, shopping malls, offices, parties, or outings then, check the best online shopping sites. Some of the famous shopping sites for male jackets are:

  1. Acne studios
  2. Burberry
  3. Canada goose
  4. North Face
  5. Kenzo
  6. Moncler
  7. Belstaff

Following are the famous brands of female jackets:

  1. Hancock
  2. Wood and Meadow
  3. David Nieper
  4. Mother and Nature
  5. Settlers Stores
  6. Barbour
  7. Gloverall

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are a lot of questions asked about different types of jackets. Some of these are:

What is the name of the big jackets called?

Big jackets are the long jackets that stretch into knees or knees in length. It is also known as long coats or overcoats.

What’s the name of short jackets?

The small jacks stretch to the tail and are called a bolero. They are perfect with jeans and t-shirts.

What is the most expensive jacket?

The most expensive jacket is Gray and Marco. The high cost of this jacket is due to the diamonds embedded in it. This diamond jacket had designed by fashion designers Farrah Gray and Peter Marco.

What is the perfect jacket for summer?

Some of the jackets have stuff like that they can use in summer. The most trendy of them are as:

  1. Bomber checked jackets
  2. Training Melange Jacket
  3. Lifestyle Rapid-Dry Jacket
  4. Waterproof Walking Jacket

Above, these are the most trendy jackets used in summer.


Most people love the winter due to their long coats and jackets. In this article, we have discussed a large variety of jackets. So, to fill your closet with dazzling jackets must check out these types of jackets.

Nowadays, jackets are the first choice of viewers because of their different colors and styles. They are always a fabulous look for every age. The young generation prefers jackets as they give a classical look to your appearance. The stylish buttons and embroidered flowers on it make jackets prominent in all kinds of attire. Some of the jackets have adorned with fur that attracts the audience. So, it is obvious that jackets are not only 1940’s fashion but they are still popular among people who love to do fashion.