Definition of Fabric:

  1. The walls, floor, and roof of a building.

  2. Cloth or other material produced by weaving or knitting fibers.

  3. Manufactured assembly of interlacing fibers, filaments, and/or yarns having (1) substantial surface (planar) area in relation to its thickness, and (2) adequate mechanical strength to give it a cohesive structure. Most fabrics are knitted or woven, but some are produced by non-woven processes such as braiding, felting, and twisting. Applied loosely, fabric also includes laces, meshes, and nets. See also textile.

Synonyms of Fabric

Structure, Framework, Frame, Form, Make-up, Constitution, Composition, Construction, Organization, Infrastructure, Foundations, Mechanisms, Anatomy, Essence, Aralac, Avisco, Axminster, Celanese, Dacron, Dymaxion house, Dynel, Georgette, Harris Tweed, Lastex, Leatherette, Orlon, Qiana, Revolite, Terylene, Ultrasuede, Velon, Vicara, White House, Acetate, Acetate rayon, Adobe house, Alpaca, Anatomy, Architectonics, Architecture, Arrangement, Arras, Astrakhan, Atoms, Baize, Batik, Blanketing, Braiding, Broadcloth, Broadloom, Brocade, Build, Building, Bunting, Cadre, Calico, Cambric, Canvas, Carpeting, Casa, Case, Casement, Cashmere, Casing, Castor, Chassis, Cheesecloth, Chiffon, Chinchilla, Chintz, Cliff dwelling, Cloth, Coating, Composition, Configuration, Conformation, Constitution, Construct, Construction, Consulate, Cord, Corduroy, Core, Cotton, Country house, Country seat, Crash, Creation, Crepe, Crepe de chine, Cretonne, Crinoline, Dacha, Damask, Deanery, Denim, Distillate, Distillation, Doeskin, Doorframe, Drapery, Drill, Drilling, Drugget, Duck, Duffel, Dwelling house, Edifice, Elixir, Embassy, Enlacement, Entwinement, Entwining, Erection, Essence, Establishment, Etoffe, Fabrication, Farm, Farmhouse, Fashion, Fashioning, Felt, Fiber, Flannel, Flannelette, Fleece, Forging, Form, Format, Formation, Foulard, Foundation, Frame, Framework, Framing, Frieze, Fustian, Gauze, Getup, Gingham, Gist, Goods, Gossamer, Grenadine, Grogram, Grosgrain, Gunny, Haircloth, Hall, Heart, Herringbone, Hessian, Homespun, Hop sacking, Horsehair, House, Houseboat, Huck, Huckaback, Interknitting, Interlacement, Interlacery, Interlacing, Intertexture, Interthreading, Intertieing, Intertwinement, Intertwining, Intertwisting, Interweavement, Interweaving, Jersey, Kernel, Knitting, Lace, Lacing, Lake dwelling, Lame, Lattice, Latticework, Lawn, Linen, Linoleum, Linsey-woolsey, Lisle, List, Living machine, Loden, Lodge, Longcloth, Luster, Mackinaw, Mackintosh, Madras, Make, Makeup, Making, Maline, Manor house, Manse, Manta, Mantua, Manufacture, Marquisette, Marrow, Mat, Material, Matter, Matting, Meat, Medium, Melton, Messaline, Mohair, Moire, Mold, Molding, Moleskin, Mousseline de soie, Murrey, Muslin, Nainsook, Nankeen, Napery, Near-silk, Net, Netting, Nub, Nylon, Oil silk, Oilcloth, Organdy, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Organza, Packaged house, Paisley, Panne, Panne velvet, Parsonage, Pattern, Patterning, Penthouse, Pepper-and-salt, Percale, Physique, Picture frame, Pile, Pique, Pith, Plaid, Plaiting, Plan, Plush, Polyester, Pongee, Poplin, Prefab, Prefabricated house, Prefabrication, Presidential palace, Print, Production, Pyramid, Quilting, Quintessence, Radium, Rag, Ranch house, Rayon, Rayon casheen, Rectory, Rep, Roof, Rugging, Russet, Sackcloth, Sacking, Sailcloth, Sap, Sarcenet, Sash, Sateen, Satin, Say, Seersucker, Serge, Setup, Shalloon, Shantung, Shape, Shaping, Sharkskin, Sheers, Sheeting, Shell, Shoddy, Shot silk, Silk, Skeleton, Skyscraper, Sod house, Soul, Spirit, Split-level, Spun rayon, Stamin, Stammel, Stockinette, Structure, Structuring, Stuff, Substance, Suede, Sum and substance, Superstructure, Swansdown, Tabaret, Tabby, Taffeta, Taffety, Tangible, Tapestry, Tarpaulin, Tartan, Tectonics, Terry cloth, Textile, Textile fabric, Texture, Tick, Ticking, Tissu, Tissue, Tower, Town house, Tricotine, Tulle, Tussah, Tussore, Tweed, Twill, Twining, Twisting, Veiling, Velours, Velure, Velvet, Velveteen, Vicarage, Voile, Warp and woof, Warpage, Wash-and-wear fabric, Watered fabric, Weave, Weaving, Web, Webbing, Weft, Weftage, Window case, Window frame, Woof, Wool, Worsted, Wreathing, Cloth, Material, Textile, Stuff, Tissue, Web

How to use Fabric in a sentence?

  1. Heavy silk fabric.
  2. Decay and neglect are slowly eating away at the buildings fabric.

Meaning of Fabric & Fabric Definition