16 Inch VS 18 Inch Necklace

16 inch vs 18 inch necklace means that choker necklace vs princess necklace. Both are good in their own way.16 inch necklace fits around your neck to cover your collar area, while 18 inch necklace fits at the collarbone. It’s all about women’s choice of which necklace they want to use.

Chart size of the necklace - Choose the perfect collar length

It is wonderful to purchase a new necklace, but until it is purchased, it is necessary not only the beauty of the necklace but also the size of the string. The chain length which fits aspects outside your kit and fashion philosophy must be considered. The industry standard lengths come with pearls or pendants; five sizes for females and four lengths for males.

This helpful guide helps you determine the correct collar style that best showcases your jewels, emphasizes your best qualities, suits your type of body, and frames your forehead. When properly worn, jewelry can attract others to gaze at your best qualities and concentrate attention away from aspects you don’t like. Our necklaces would not include the necklace size; you have to take 1-1/2 inches into account while choosing it.

Women’s Standard Necklace Sizes

Gems are among the most comfortable in order to boost your unique pattern. Collars can cover troublesome features or emphasize and attract attention to elegance. The length of your collar will play a decisive impact on the overall impression of your style. The following descriptions apply broadly to adult women*.

Several of the collar styles mentioned here are better used as jewelry, particularly those of the smaller or larger species. The most popular size for chains of exquisite jewelry is 16 and 19 cm.

Young girls have many standard choices:

Length Style Placement Worn Best With …
14 inches Collar Tightly around the neck Items like scooping necks, V necks, arm blinds, and boat necks
16 inches Choker Closely against the throat bone Almost everything
17-19 inches Princess On the collarbone Almost everything
20 to 24 inches Matinee Among the stick and the buste Perfect for work as well as everyday wear
28 to 36 inches Opera On the bust or an inch or two below Large necklines and wear at night

Choker (14-16 inches)

The 14-16 inches necklace fits across the bottom of the shaft elegantly. Maybe that would be the most traditional yet flexible look. An essential choker necklace can suit any suit and almost every neckline. Therefore, a broad open neck or strappy top can be much more relaxed and look finest with either a collar of between 16 and 14 inches. One of the most famous choker necklaces includes individual beach pearl collars, diamond solitaire pendants, fall necklaces, or our original necklace.

Princess (17-19 inches)

The much more typical chain size is 18 inches. It descends just under the neck elegantly and falls around collars. The Princess Necklace usually is 17-19 inches long and fits you nicely when your neck is more oversized. It’s ideal for crop and plunging neck. The attractive, gaze appearance is a 17-19 inch collar with a necklace. The princess collar is suitable for simple daily clothing such as a top or a plain shirt. Almost any necklace would help tremendously with a Princess long collar, such as angel hangers, endless hangers, love frames, and the Antique styled pendant.

Matinee (20-24 inches)

An elegant 20-24 inch matinee necklace hangs across the bust beautifully. It is the best option for regular or corporate looks over top or skirt. The matine jewelry is somewhat less than the necklace of the princess than any of the size of the opera. By painting a diamond shape of the face, the length might be a reducing emphasis. You can wear a large multilayered or multi-beach collar with many jewels or pearls in order to do the diligent search for a big occasion or workplace. Jewelry, even by yards, has been one of the top ways, or a stunning fall pendant can be added.

Opera (28-36 inches)

The jewelry of the opera ranges from 28 to 36 inches. It can be tied as both an exceptionally complete thread or repeated as a dual-threat. It is ideal for plunging neckline or shirt and can be slimmed by pulling the eye in a straight head region while wearing it as one continuous strand. The basic format of the opera collar can change the entire look with stylish simplicity between day and night. Opera pendant is an excellent top, dress, or neck jumper accent. Give a different twist to our Elegant Round Diamond and Stone Necklace.

Collars layering and mixing.

Get innovative and enjoyable! Make you possess a distinctive appearance by combining multiple-length collars for matching dresses. And just don’t stress over utilizing two metal ions. Gold and Silver look beautiful combined. Creating an attractive style with a modern edge by blending essential gold chains with collars with loads of jewels or perls is a trend that is now quite fashionable.

Basic men’s necklace sizes

The necklace of males usually come in 4 unique sizes. The two steps are divided, much like the women, yet are frequently shown in similar amounts.

If you buy a necklace with yourself or for your partner, reflect the closure length typically 3⁄4 of inches on the human collar, but may range and sometimes arrive with more oversized buckles that lastly prolong the adequate service of the chain.

18" Necklace

The lower style, which falls at the neck. Bead necklaces are attractive then they may sit atop a scoop neck shirt.

20" Necklace

The standard size for males lies directly on the shoulder. Necklaces disappear below a crew’s collar or turn up with something like a v-neck or a suit jacket without a hook.

22" Necklace

It drops some lengths underneath a point of a neck and could be used above or behind a dress. It is a usual size for a chain as they provide more great space to breathe.

24" Necklace

Extremely lengthy and often used to carry necklaces devotional or meaningful below the jacket and nearer to the chest. Drops across the heart.

Choose the proper neckband for the women’s body.

The correct collar may indeed pull like an ensemble and become the focus of a lady’s physique. It is crucial to evaluate how pendant style compliments your figure. It is essential to consider certain aspects, including your neckline, tallness, body size, and head structure while choosing the ideal composition for the jewelry.

Size of the neck

Set up a time, if feasible, to check your collar whenever buying a collar and especially a necklace. The simplest method to assessing your collar is by carefully wrapping a soft tape measure over your head. Whichever your neck measures are, open different inches to it; this is a suitable measure for necklaces typically 16" in length; surely add inches and this is a large size for a necklace or a nameplate collar normally connected to an 18" chain for ladies. Besides females, you should surely add inches. Chokers work best for persons with long necks, whereas folks with negative space are much well off.


The length is also an issue if you choose the ideal collar series to suit your personality. Girls under 5’4" look awesome in collar sizes between 16 and 20 inches. A lengthy collar overwhelms a petite figure. Females that lay among 5’4" and 5’7" in tall can use any style jewelry. Higher females who are 5’7" or higher can wear a collar of any length. More oversized pendants in chain form look ideal for large ladies as you emphasize a large frame.

Body Type

Regarding pendants, consider that women’s minds will halt just at the inevitable conclusion where your chain finishes, so prevent jewelry at the end when you doesn’t would like them to gaze at that place. A long thin necklace or medium length pearls look amazing on you all for girls having a lesser bust. The collar underneath the chest must be shunned by fully-figured women, as this length collar does not hang correctly. Rather, consider a collar that sits somewhat taller upon this torso, for example, a collar between 18 and 22 inches.

Face Structure

Other than being an ornament, the additional aim of pendants is to structure the face properly. Just like with the physical appearance, a collar can serve you to emphasize your most exemplary physical traits and modify the way people view your face. Ladies with round faces must be refused chains or chokers as they increase their face’s roundness. Someone with oval-shaped features can use any choker fashion because practically every style, size, or kind of chain is available.

If you have a giant forehead, you should use smaller pendants if you’d like to enlarge and adjust the form of the heads. Short, circular pendants do not enhance length. Seek for chains of choker and princess, around 16" - 18" Love faces look wonderful with necklaces or shorts, Having a strong, tight penile appearance of integrity.

The necklace sizes and your height

Something way to consider is how big you appear. Many basic correspondingly increased on the size to make sure the collar length is right for you. Remember, all of those are broad suggestions. Do not worry that you’ll have the heart nearly adjusted to a length which for your size is not suggested. It would help if you had something you adore, but you want to wear it consistently. And here are the options for the size of the collar to be bought based on your size.

Unless you’re under 5’4," we suggest that you stay with a collar under 20 inches. As we indicated briefly, this ensures that you do not look loaded down and leave your face overloaded with jewels. Secondly, you women who fall within 5’4" and 5’7" are happy to buy without tension. Fortunately for you, the size of the pendant is usually attractive for your size and your height should not worry about what fits for the figure and what’s not. Finally, whether you are larger than 5’7," any size of the necklace typically flatters with your height. However, we advocate adopting those lengthier lengths since they will well enough stretch your fantastic large frame.


1 - Which is a good necklace of 16 vs 18 inches?

16 inches Necklaces: Fits much like a choker precisely around the back of the throat. On a short girl, he wraps from around collar less carelessly and drops on the shoulder. It is much more like just a collar for ladies of longer length. 18. 18 "Necklace: A specific option for ladies who stand on the shoulder gracefully.

2 - Can I get a pendant of 16 or 18 inches of pearl?

It relies on your style and the construction of the individual who wears the collar. 16" Corset pearl necklace should lie just above the muscles of the neck and the chest pit. The collar design is appropriate for little ladies and those who like to add to their ensembles a classic vibe. 18-inch long necklace Fairy pearl length will relax around 1.5-inch below the neckline pit or at the top of the chest. The princess collar is the popular modern collar and is regarded as the most adaptable of the two collar lengths because it can be paired with more collars.

3 - What’s a good boy’s length chain?

A more is many selected for guys usually are about twenty centimeters in length on the knee cap. A little larger chain is recommended if there is a pendant, cross, or canine mark upon the chain. For something like a multi layer effect, many necklaces of different sizes can be combined.

4 - What is a pendant’s best size chain?

Many of these people who shop for a collar in the chain have one 50 cm (20") long and 2-6 mm in width. Buy for a 55-60 cm (22-24") collar and 4-6 mm size if you include a jewel.

5 - What is the most frequent length of the necklace?

The most widely used lengths seem to be the standard length necklace (typically 45 cm or 18"). If you are hunting for a collar or a necklace to use every day, it’s probably your option.


Although it is a horrible ordeal full of facts to discover the proper collar size, it’s still a conscious choice. If you’ve got each round head and would like to flaunt a collar, have at it. Those '90s are back in fashion, so you’ll see lots of necklaces around outside. The suitable chains are approximately 14 to 18 centimeters long, but you want to keep it securely on your throat (they don’t kidd). The beautiful thing about something like a collar is it’s about everything you can use. An 18 inch designed collar is regarded as just a princess necklace. It results accurately on the shoulder and is a multipurpose necklace with almost anything that looks gorgeous.

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