Definition of Appearance:

  1. An act of becoming visible or noticeable; an arrival.

  2. An act of performing or participating in a public event.

  3. A defendant enters an appearance after being served with summons issued by a court. The appearance may be in person, by his or her attorney, by pleadings, or a combination of these. A failure to make an appearance within a specified period (usually 14 days) after a service of summons may entitle the plaintiff to an ex-parte judgment.

  4. The way that someone or something looks.

Synonyms of Appearance

Christophany, Masan, Prospero, Satanophany, Accomplishment, Achievement, Acting, Advent, Affectation, Air, Airiness, Angelophany, Apparent character, Apparition, Appearances, Approach, Arrival, Aspect, Astral, Astral spirit, Attainment, Attitudinizing, Avatar, Banshee, Bearing, Bluff, Bluffing, Cheating, Color, Coloring, Coming, Control, Countenance, Deception, Delusion, Delusiveness, Demeanor, Departed spirit, Disclosure, Disembodied spirit, Disguise, Display, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissemination, Dissimulation, Duppy, Dybbuk, Eidolon, Embodiment, Epiphany, Evidence, Evincement, Expression, Exteriority, Exteriors, External appearance, Externality, Externalness, Externals, Extrinsicality, Facade, Face, Fakery, Faking, Fallaciousness, False air, False appearance, False front, False image, False light, False show, Falseness, Falsity, Fantasy, Features, Feigning, Feint, Fiction, Figure, Foreignness, Form, Four-flushing, Fraud, Front, Gaudiness, Ghost, Gilt, Gloss, Grateful dead, Guide, Guise, Hant, Haunt, Hint, Humbug, Humbuggery, Idealization, Idolum, Illusion, Illusionism, Illusionist, Illusiveness, Image, Immateriality, Imposture, Incarnation, Incorporeal, Incorporeal being, Incorporeity, Indication, Larva, Lemures, Lineaments, Look, Looks, Magic, Magic act, Magic show, Magician, Make-believe, Manes, Manifestation, Manner, Masquerade, Materialization, Mere externals, Meretriciousness, Mien, Mirage, Oni, Openness, Ostent, Ostentation, Outerness, Outside, Outward appearance, Outward show, Outwardness, Phantasm, Phantasma, Phantasmagoria, Phantom, Phasm, Phenomenon, Playacting, Pneumatophany, Poltergeist, Pose, Posing, Posture, Presence, Prestidigitation, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Proof, Public image, Publication, Reaching, Representation, Revelation, Revenant, Seeming, Semblance, Shade, Shadow, Shallowness, Sham, Shape, Show, Showing, Shrouded spirit, Simulacrum, Simulation, Sleight of hand, Sorcerer, Sorcery, Specious appearance, Speciousness, Specter, Spectral ghost, Spirit, Spook, Sprite, Suggestion, Superficiality, Surface appearance, Surface show, Theophany, Unactuality, Unreality, Unsubstantiality, Vain show, Varnish, Vision, Waking dream, Walking dead man, Wandering soul, Wildest dream, Window dressing, Wraith, Zombie, Arrival, Advent, Coming, Coming into view, Emergence, Materialization, Surfacing, Look, Looks, Air, Aspect, Mien, Outward form

How to use Appearance in a sentence?

  1. The sudden appearance of her daughter startled her.
  2. I like the appearance of stripped antique pine.
  3. You must always make sure that your company keeps up a good appearance so that your customers keep it in high regard.
  4. The appearance of the key witness was pivotal in the case for if it was not mentioned in the trial the outcome would have changed.
  5. Her appearance was very nice because she wore really dark eye shadow that made her look mysterious, beautiful and alluring.
  6. He is well-known for his television appearances.

Meaning of Appearance & Appearance Definition

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Appearance: What is the Meaning of Appearance?

  • (1) The formal procedure by which the accused is subject to the jurisdiction of the court. () Written notice by the lawyer to the plaintiff representing him.

Meanings of Appearance

  1. The appearance of something or something.

  2. Participation in executions or public proceedings.

  3. The process of making the arrival visible or invisible

Sentences of Appearance

  1. I like the shape of the old bark pine

  2. Known for television shows

  3. Her daughter's sudden appearance frightened her

Synonyms of Appearance

turning up , representation , exhibition , debut , rise , entrance , emergence , arrival , presentation , presence , display , materialization , showing up , actualization , manifestation , introduction , advent , unveiling , appearing


What is Appearance?

  • (1) A formal procedure by which an accused appears in the jurisdiction of the court. (2) Written notice from the lawyer to the plaintiff who represents him.

Meanings of Appearance

  1. How someone or something looks the same.

  2. Attend presentations or public events.

  3. The process of reaching or making visible.

Sentences of Appearance

  1. She looks in the mirror.

  2. Known for his television performances.

Synonyms of Appearance