Comfort letter

Comfort letter,

Definition of Comfort letter:

  1. Governmental affairs: Federal- or state- governments assurance (to the lender or supplier of a public agency or enterprise) that it will support the agency in timely settlement of its obligations.

  2. Banking: Informal letter from a bank indicating its willingness to support a customer with a short-term loan, if and when required. It is not a letter of commitment.

  3. The comfort letter does not make a legally enforceable commitment but conveys the ability of the other party to fulfill the terms of the agreement under discussion.

  4. A comfort letter is a business document that is intended to assure the recipient that a financial or contractual obligation with another party can and will be met. The sender is often an independent auditor or accountant.

  5. Corporate affairs: Parent-firms letter, issued to reassure a subsidiary-firms lender or supplier, that it would support the subsidiary in case of financial difficulties. Specific terminology used in the letter determines whether such assurance constitutes a binding contract or only a moral obligation. A comfort letter, however, does signify that the loan request is authorized, is in order, and that the parent firm will keep a careful eye on the entire transaction. Also called letter of comfort, it may also be issued by a government to back up the obligations of its agencies.

How to use Comfort letter in a sentence?

  1. Such letters may be sent by auditors, accounting firms, or parent companies.
  2. A comfort letter assures the recipient of the soundness of an individual or company it is considering doing business with. .
  3. A comfort letter does not contain any legally enforceable promises.

Meaning of Comfort letter & Comfort letter Definition

Comfort Letter,

What is Comfort Letter?

  1. Comfort Letter can be defined as, A letter to a consumer from an independent accountant of a company in accordance with section 11 of the Securities Act 1933 regarding the financial information contained in the offer statement in which the buyer accepts responsibility for the consumer right.

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