Definition of Commitment:

  1. Obligations or responsibilities that restrict freedom of action.

  2. Law: A court rule that orders a person to be held in a prison or mental health facility.

  3. The status or quality of affiliation with a purpose, activity, etc.

  4. Accounting: Allocation or reservation of funds in response to purchase orders. These funds remain attached until the goods or services purchased are paid on receipt, which converts expenses into expenses. See also responsibility.

  5. Debt: The lender has a written guarantee from the lender that a certain loan amount or line of credit is available at a fixed interest rate and for a specified period. The lender receives a contract for this service.

Synonyms of Commitment

Unselfishness, Crusade, Selflessness, Adherence, Work, Sacrifice, Remand, Ardency, Single-mindedness, Altruism, Mandate, Relentlessness, Proxy, Duties and responsibilities, Legation, Jurisdiction, Devotion, Duty, Devolution, Place, Self-devotion, Liability, Affair, Entrustment, Tenacity, Self-forgetfulness, Self-abnegation, Remanding, Trusteeship, Venture, Self-subjection, Fidelity, Resolvedness, Delegation, Proposition, Consecration, Committal, Issue, Infeudation, Preengagement, Line of duty, Deputation, Charge, Regency, Unpossessiveness, Homage, Fervor, Committedness, Disinterest, Lifework, Self-neglectfulness, Interest, Self-immolation, Operation, Self-denial, Decidedness, Attentiveness, Deal, Tried-and-trueness, Right, Allegiance, Onus, Drive, Reason for being, Heartiness, Need, Resolution, Duty, Delegated authority, Impassionedness, Staunchness, Purpose, Regentship, Passion, Decision, Fervency, Principle, Undertaking, Power of attorney, Ethics, Obligation, Cause, Assigned task, Power to act, Devoir, Empowerment, Cure, Purposefulness, Modesty, Will, Business, Self-effacement, Ardor, Enfeoffment, Fidelity, Recommitment, Trueness, Self-will, Self-sacrifice, Obligation, Self-renouncement, Movement, Embassy, Ought, Devotedness, Enterprise, Obstinacy, Commission, Mittimus, Entrusting, Engagement, Warmth, Infeodation, Devolvement, Steadfastness, Self-neglect, Bounden duty, Heat, Task, Agreement, Faithfulness, Intentness, Vehemence, Seriousness, Warrant, Persistence, Imperative, Faithfulness, Decisiveness, Executorship, Loyalty, Total commitment, Authorization, Abandon, Heatedness, Understanding, Agency, Earnestness, Call of duty, Firmness, Perseverance, Triedness, Resoluteness, Burden, Great cause, Dedication, Definiteness, Intensity, Commissioning, Resolve, Responsibility, Fealty, Pressure, Burden, License, Fastness, Unacquisitiveness, Program, Mass movement, Self-imposed duty, Spirit, Agentship, Constancy, Ordination, Assignment, Activity, Faith, Disinterestedness, Tie, Contract, Respect, Brevet, Humility, Authority, Devoutness, Plan, Relegation, Deference, Consignment, Plenipotentiary power, Ordainment, Fire, Recognizance, Determinateness, Devotion, Campaign, Errand, Hallowing, Lieutenancy, Determination, Bond, Self-abasement, Allegiance, Must, Full power, Exequatur, Office, Dedication, Project, Effort, Procuration, Trust, Zeal, Purview, Passionateness, Care, Mission, Responsibility, Commendation, Determinedness, Sincerity, Factorship, Charge, Vicarious authority, Loyalty, Fervidness, Verbal agreement, Attempt

How to use Commitment in a sentence?

  1. Commitment to company standards.
  2. We went to the bank to apply for a commercial mortgage for our small business, and finally, after a lot of paperwork and a few months, we got a سے 50,000 commitment from the bank.
  3. Commercial responsibility.
  4. To make a commitment to buy a house or property, the prospective buyer keeps a certain amount in a deposit account.
  5. The company ran into difficulties as it ran out of resources because it was determined to spend the money on research and development.

Meaning of Commitment & Commitment Definition