Digsite Pendant

Digsite Pendant

How do I unlock the teleport to Fossil Island?

The Digsite trailer can be used on a strange car in the Hill house north of the museum warehouse, which unlocks an option on the trailer to teleport into the house. There is also a Magic Mushtree in this house, which activates the mycelium transport system.

So how do you unlock the fossil island in the excavation site trailer?

Tie the Digsite Pendant to the Fossil Island In this part you will have to complete the Bonevoyage mission. Talk to the guard near the ship or right-click on it and select Fast Travel. You will be sent directly to Fossil Island.

Are you also wondering how to unblock Digsite followers?

A digsite pendant is a ruby ​​red necklace enchanted with level 3 spell magic that requires the completion of The Dig Site quest to be created or used. Unlike most gold jewelry, this necklace cannot be enchanted until the magic is learned from one of the archaeologists who clean up the exhibits in the museum.

With that in mind, how do you unlock Digsite's teleport?

Once Dragon Slayer II is complete, a teleport of Lithkren can be unlocked with a Digsite trailer on the strange machine north of the runic dragons. Each teleportation option cannot be linked by reusing a hook on the car.

How do i get to Lithkren?

The robot to get to Lithkren is located southwest of Mushroom Meadow Mushtree. North of the Runic Dragons is a strange machine that will allow any future excavation trailer to teleport the player directly to Lithkren if an excavation trailer is used on it.

How do I unlock petrified Osrs numbers?

Fossilized is an unlocked music track on Fossil Island in Wyvern Cave.

How do I get a clean Osrs necklace?

Clean Necklaces can be obtained by cleaning up dirty artifacts in the Varrock Museum that require completion of the Excavation Site mission. It is obtained with a speed of 1/51. After finding it, players need to talk to one of the archaeologists who will clean up the artifacts in the museum.

Which mission unlocks Fossil Island?

The first step to unlocking Fossil Island is completing the Bon Voyage quest. This mission is part of Dragon Slayer II in OSRS and provides the player with the Digsite trailer. You can then use this trailer to transport yourself to Fossil Island.

How do you assemble a digsite trailer?

In the Portal Nexus' amulet room, a mounted excavation trailer can be built into a cottage that requires 82 buildings and offers 800 experience points after construction. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

What are you doing on Fossil Island?

There is a noticeboard with activities on Fossil Island just outside the Fossil Island General Store in the Museum Camp. East Without Mountains Unlock the Green Valley Mushroom. Catch birds in a nest in the green valley. Volcanic ash mine.

How can I check compliments?

When congratulations have been earned, their number will be displayed in the upper left of the screen. Players can also check the number of compliments and pending tasks by right-clicking on the information area in the northwest corner of the first floor of the museum [UK].

How do I remove volcanic whipped cream?

It is a cosmetic supplement and provides the same values ​​as a normal abyssal whip and is no longer found. The whip can be made marketable again by using a cleaning cloth on the whip of the Volcanic Abyss and the whip will return to normal, but the whip mixture will not be maintained.

Digsite Pendant