Definition of Collar:

  1. Purchasing fixed minimum and maximum rates (floors and caps) of interest, dividends or repayments at the same time.

  2. A restraining or connecting band, ring, or pipe in machinery.

  3. The part of a plant where the stem joins the roots.

  4. A piece of meat rolled up and tied.

  5. A band of material around the neck of a shirt, dress, coat, or jacket, either upright or turned over and generally an integral part of the garment.

Synonyms of Collar

Neckband, Choker, Oregon boat, Roman collar, Anklet, Apprehend, Appropriate, Armlet, Armory, Arrest, Back band, Backstrap, Badge, Badge of office, Badges, Bag, Band, Bandanna, Baton, Bearing rein, Bellyband, Belt, Bertha, Bilbo, Bit, Blazonry, Blinders, Blinds, Boa, Bond, Bonds, Bottle up, Bowtie, Bracelet, Brassard, Breakers, Breeching, Bridle, Bust, Button, Button-down collar, Cabbage, Camisole, Cap and gown, Caparison, Capture, Cavesson, Celluloid collar, Chain, Chain of office, Chains, Checkrein, Cheekpiece, Chinband, Choke, Choker, Cinch, Cincture, Cingulum, Class ring, Clerical collar, Clout, Cockade, Collarband, Comforter, Cop, Cravat, Cross, Crownband, Crupper, Cuffs, Curb, Decoration, Dog collar, Dress, Eagle, Earring, Ecliptic, Emblems, Ensigns, Equator, Fasces, Fascia, Fetter, Figurehead, Fillet, Finger ring, Fleur-de-lis, Foam, Four-in-hand, Froth, Fur, Gag, Gag swivel, Get, Girdle, Girt, Girth, Grab, Great circle, Guimpe, Gyves, Hackamore, Halter, Hames, Hametugs, Hammer and sickle, Hamper, Handcuffs, Harness, Head, Headgear, Headstall, Heraldry, Hip straps, Hobbles, Hook, Hoop, Hopples, Insignia, Irons, Jaquima, Jerk line, Kerchief, Lapel pin, Lather, Leading strings, Leash, Lift, Lines, Livery, Mace, Make a pinch, Manacle, Mantle, Markings, Martingale, Medal, Meringue, Mortarboard, Mousse, Muffler, Muzzle, Nab, Nail, Neckband, Neckcloth, Neckerchief, Necklace, Neckpiece, Necktie, Nip, Nose ring, Noseband, Offscum, Old school tie, Pick up, Pillory, Pin, Pinch, Plunging neckline, Pole strap, Puff, Pull in, Put under arrest, Quoit, Regalia, Reins, Restraint, Restraints, Ribbons, Ring, Rose, Ruff, Run in, Saddle, Scarf, School ring, Scud, Scum, Sea foam, Secure, Shackle, Shaft tug, Shamrock, Side check, Sigillography, Skull and crossbones, Snaffle, Soapsuds, Souffle, Sphragistics, Spindrift, Spoondrift, Spray, Spume, Staff, Steal, Stinging, Stock, Stocks, Stole, Straightjacket, Strait-waistcoat, Straitjacket, Stranglehold, Suds, Surcingle, Surf, Swastika, Tack, Tackle, Take, Take in, Take into custody, Take prisoner, Tallith, Tartan, Tether, Thistle, Tie, Tippet, Trammel, Trammels, Trappings, Tree, Tucker, Tug, Uniform, Verge, Wand, White water, Winker braces, Wristband, Wristlet, Yoke, Zodiac, Zone, Ring, Band, Collet, Sleeve, Pipe, Flange, Rim, Rib

How to use Collar in a sentence?

  1. Diversion collars placed around the pipes, just below the sand surface, can be retrofitted if this begins to happen.
  2. We turned our collars up against the chill.
  3. For the measurements, stem was severed above the collar region and the roots sealed in the pressure chamber.

Meaning of Collar & Collar Definition