Gift Ideas For Women

Gifts show love and affection and can also signal appreciation. Coincidentally, gifts have also been used throughout history to demonstrate wealth, success, and power. Trust me, when you become a great gift giver, your status and desirability as a romantic partner increase exponentially. The only thing women love more than getting a meaningful gift is showing it off to their envious friends.

What does gift mean to women?

Giving your significant other a gift deepens the warmth, trust, affection, and intimacy in your relationship, and even increases her admiration of you. This kindling effect of gift giving shouldn’t be reserved only for major anniversaries and holidays, but used to keep the flame burning during your “regular” life together as well.

What to Give

Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune (and can even be free, or close to it); most women really do appreciate the gesture more than the price tag. In fact, a gift that costs too much can create more angst than joy, especially if it strains the budget or cuts in to other spending priorities she considers important. It really is the thought that counts, so put some into your choice.

If you are starved for ideas, start a file somewhere with the answers to the following questions. Ask them occasionally and subtly (not all at the same time), and record her answers (including the why) carefully:

Things to keep in mind when buying gifts

Her sizes. Note her measurements and what style she prefers. (These are never to be shared, mind you.) Also note what celebrity’s features and figure she most resembles; use that as a guide for store clerks to help them assist you in purchasing things that will look good.

Her favorite color (and why she likes it). Also record her least favorite color and make sure you never purchase something in it. Record the color you love to see her in (you know, the one that makes her glow and never fails to remind you how beautiful she is). This color can be a powerful gifting component; if you tell her you love it on her, she will love it too. Guaranteed.

Her favorite flower. As backup, here is a guide to the Language of Flowers. Cultures all over the globe have assigned meanings to flowers and used them to send messages to lovers and rivals. Giving a lavender colored rose, for example, symbolizes love at first sight. Powerful stuff.

Does she wear gold or silver? Ask, and buy her (almost) exclusively what she prefers.
What is her birthstone? And does she like it? It’s not guaranteed, so ask. Note it and buy jewelry that features the gem.

Speaking of jewelry, is there a culture or trend she loves? Asian, Southwestern, gothic, Victorian, ultra-modern minimalist. Make note of her likes for both jewelry and clothing purchases.
Her favorite designer, if she has one. Look for clothing or accessories that feature this designer or ask a store clerk for help in finding something in that style.

Her favorite food or meal. Cooking for her (or ordering in) is a great way to surprise and delight her.
Her favorite animal or the animal she (or you) think symbolizes her spirit. Here’s a guide to spirit animals. Give her a gift that she can carry with her or display that inspires her to be her best or most powerful self.

Her favorite author or book. Buy a first edition for her or frame a quote by her favorite author. Or find a copy of a book she loved as a child.

Her favorite movie or TV show. Arrange for a binge-watching session, either alone with wine and snacks, or with girlfriends while you and the kids are out of the house. Better yet, together, snuggled on the couch with takeout. Purchase her favorite movie so she can watch any time. Frame a quote from her favorite character or scene.


Gift is not just a thing its an whole feeling for someone you give. Gift ideas for women are many and women love gifts, so whenever you are buying gift to your wife or girlfriend keep her taste in your mind.