How to get short? There are some ways through which a person can look short but there is no other way of being short. Height is something that is 80% dependent on genes and 20% on nutrition and the environment. It is not possible to get short, however, heavy weight lifting and spinal lifting can short you up to 3.59mm which equals one sesame seed.

how to get short

Why people want a shorter height?

Height, skin color, hair color, and eye color are determined by the genetics you received from your parents. Most people in the world get almost height equals to their parents. What nature makes for you and how makes you are perfect but what happens if you want to change your appearance in any way?

It sounds weird, but there are some peoples in the world, who are not satisfied with their looks in terms of their height, eye color, hair color, facial features, etc. they try to change their selves by different treatments and surgeries. However, these unnecessarily pin out what nature has created.

There no specific reason identified for this question “why people want short height”, although different people have their own opinions and reasons. Some people believe that shorter people have a long life span, some peoples think that shorter height makes them looks good, although if you are satisfied by your looks and happy of being what you are is the best thing.

Is it possible to get a shorter height?

Height is something that you get from your genes. The peak growing time of height is early 12 to late ’20s. it is not possible to get your height according to your desire, you can’t shorten your bones.

There is some sort of treatments and surgeries available that helps you to become short but we can’t say that these surgeries have no side effects or it can’t give you any kind of harm.

if you want to look short then there are some ways through which you can look short, and they are just changing in your dressing, hairstyle, shoe style and that’s it you are ready to look short.

10 tips to look short

If you want to look short by changing your appearance, then there are different ways through which you can look short.

Wear long and wide dresses: your dressing style plays an important role in your looks. You can change your entire appearance just to wear different cuts and lengths. to look short, you should wear a long shirt with a wide cut.

10 tips to look short
When you wear long shirts or tops in a baggy style, it covers your legs as well as hide your body shape, which gives short. Different styles come under the category of clothing that helps to look short. Here are the tips that help you to look short.

  1. If you wear two-colored clothes like shirt color should be yellow, red or green and pant color different from top color like brown, black or white helps to look you short.

  2. Wear cuffed pants or folded pants can make you look short.

  3. Wear horizontally striped shirts with some bright colors, opposite to paint color can divide your body into two sections and makes you look short. When you wear a bright color shirt, it grabs the other person’s attention in your upper body and you look short to the person who sees you.

  4. If you want to wear a long dress then wear a wide belt over it is the best way to look short in a long dress. The phenomena are the same, belt divide your body and help to look short.

  5. Wearing flat shoes is an obvious choice for the peoples who want no taller look. In flats there are various varieties like wages, they are flat but create height. Other than wages thick sole flat and thin sole flat shoes are available in the market. You should choose thin sole shoes to look short.

  6. Try long boots, above knees and short skirt can create distinction in your look. But make sure that between long boots and skirts some skin should be exposed that divide your body and look you short.

  7. Another addition into your look that helps to look you short is layers cut in hairs, if you cut your hair into layers or keep short length hair can seem you look short than your height. If your hairs are straight then trying to add texture to hair like curls weaves, will also help you to look short.

  8. Try to stand between the peoples who are taller than you. This will help you to eliminate the complexity that nourishes inside you and you feel better.

  9. carry a large purse can hide your tall structure, so if you are tall carry a giant bag.

  10. Stop wearing pointed boots if you want to look shot, pointed boots makes your look tall. It is recommended to wear round shoes.

Does exercise help to look short?

A myth is circulating us that weight lifting or intensive body workout in childhood or adolescence can make a person short. however, as I discussed above nothing will make you short you just seem to be short by following some tips. Exercise is the same, when a person does bodybuilding or heavy weight lifting the body shape transformed in the way that it looks short.

There is a scientific reason behind this, when a person lifts a very heavyweight it can damage growth plates in the body results difficulty in growth, but it is not the final evidence to make you short. Growth plated can be cured by taking treatment on time.

does exercise makes you short

Does squat make you short?

A study highlights, a man who does spinal loading and weight lifting can lose 3.59mm on average. This study was based on 8 men of age around 24. If we compare the measurement of how much height a person can lose through squat then it equals one sesame seed.

It is probably the unnoticeable loss of height. This is due to the damage of growth plates in the body.
You can restore this loss of height by taking a good deep nap on your bed and relax your body.

Summary: it is not possible to get short height although, there are some ways through which a person can look short then its actual height like wearing long and wide shirts, divide dress into colors, wear round and long boots, etc. heavy weight lifting can make a person shot about 3.59mm which is equals to one sesame seed.

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Does age make you short?

When you age your muscles get shrink. Your height depends on 3 kinds of bones your skull, spine, and legs. Skull and legs never get shrink with age although the spine is the part of the body that can be shirk with time.

The spinal cord in a human body consists of 24 vertebrae and these vertebrates are connected with muscles. When a body starts aging the muscles start shrinking, as well as in most men and women the bones get thin due to osteoporosis results people lose inches.

If you want to prevent yourself from this loss then some medicines help. And for more details see the article Ask the doctor: Why do we get shorter as we age? - Harvard Health

Factors that affect growth

The peak time of a person’s growth or height growth is after 10 to teenage, in this period if you don’t take good nutritious food, a balanced diet, a proper sleep then you get the most of your height. However, lacking in any one of them can slow your growth or even stop.

Here are some factors that I am going to discuss below that can affect height.


Your genes have an important role in your height determination. A study shows that 80% of your height is dependent upon your genes and the remaining 20 % depends upon your environment, eating habits, sleep, exercise, etc.


Man and women have different height aspects. Mostly men are taller than women. According to CDC’s national health statistics report, in the U.S the average height of men over the age of 20 is 5ft, 9inch and the average height of women over the age of 20 is 5ft, 3.6inch.

Health condition

If you are healthy then your growth would be much better than a person who is sick or he or she is not stable` in terms of health. Some children have a kind of disease that influences bone growth result in difficulty in height growth. These diseases include:

  1. Achondroplasia (dwarfism)
  2. Down syndrome
  3. Russell-silver syndrome
  4. Hypopituitarism
  5. Delayed puberty


Quality and quantity of sleep have an important role in bone development. When you sleep a gland called the pituitary to release growth hormone in your body that helps to stimulate protein synthesis which is important for muscles bones growth and connective tissue.
Good and quality sleep in peak growth time will grow maximum height.

Depression or anxiety

Nowadays, kids or teenagers get into anxiety and depression for various reasons. it sounds wearied that a kid is suffering from such kind of things which is not even imagined a few years back, however, junk food and the environment is the major reason for this scenario. Depression and anxiety release such kind of hormones that affect children’s growth.


Well, nutrition food helps in growth. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, protein, calcium these all nutrition in balance form encourage the body to grow fast. Children who are eating good food, face good environmental conditions and good health achieve a good height.

In Africa, the children don’t get good food, and other necessities of life result in malnourishment. A study shows that a third of 155 million stunted children in the world is live in sub-Saharan Africa.

An eating disorder called anorexia nervosa is found in children and adolescents that cause shunt in growth. The malnutrition can be chronic if it would be caught on time, and lead to permanent growth shunt.

Summary: height can be affected by these factors which may include sleep, nutrition, depression, and anxiety, gender, genetics, and health condition. Although if a person wants a short height he or she can adopt any of the above factors in their life.


The frequently asked question regarding the topic are given below:

1. What exercise makes you short?

This is the exercise that makes you short. This is because when lifting a massive weight or spinal lifting cause damage to growth plates in the body results slow down the process of growth.
A study shows squat can short height up to 3.59mm which equals one sesame seed.

2. Do you get shorter when you sleep?

We are indeed shorter at night than day, this is due to the comparison in our spine that takes place throughout the day.

3. What food makes you shorter?

6 kinds of foods that can affect your child’s growth. These are

  • Junk food
  • Soda
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar

4. Is being 5ft, 3inches height is short for a girl?

For a teenage girl 5/3 is not a short height but for married women, it can be considered as short because married women become chubby with time and this factor seems them as short.

5. Are older people shrink with time?

Yes, older people get shrink with time, shrink is not in the sense that their bones become shrink. Here shrink means that with time their muscles get shrink and spine bow down which makes older people look short than their original height.

6. Does jumping make you taller?

Jumping can increase your height. It is a physical exercise that comes under the squat category, when you jump your lower muscles become strong. It is best for knee joints and height growth.

7. How to get shorter in one day?

The only way to shorter in one day is to wear flat shoes, other than that there is no other way to get short in one day.

8. Is there any short height surgery?

There’s no such procedure as a height reduction surgery. A bone-shortening surgery may reduce your height, but they’re rarely done for this purpose. Instead, these surgeries are more commonly performed to eliminate leg length differences or correct bones that are unevenly long.


If I conclude the above article I can say that the question How to get short? Is wrong because you can’t get short once you gain a certain height, the question should be how to look short? because you can look short by wearing kinds of dresses and shoes or by cutting hair in a way that makes a person look short.

conclusion-short height

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