Cardio exercises are the most important activity for the fitness of your cardiovascular organs. It is the main task in a physical activity or exercises, to do it regularly. Cardio exercises refers to those activities which increases the rate of your heart and your breathing power becomes strong. Cardio effects on your lungs and heart and make them strong to function properly.

To maintain a good health, doctors recommend to do cardio exercise at least 30 minutes every day. If you want to live a better healthy life then you have to do cardio exercise.

Benefits of Regular exercises in our life

Doing exercises on a regular basis have many importance. Let’s talk about some benefits of exercises we do regularly to maintain a good health.

  • Exercising makes you happier and healthier.
  • It can give you relaxation and stress free life.
  • You will feel fresh after doing exercises in the morning.
  • It strengthen your heart pumping, which results in a good flow of blood.
  • Exercises helps you in reducing your fat and weight loss.
  • It increases the energy level of your body.
  • It sharpens your brain.
  • Exercises helps in reducing the ratio of any diseases related to breathing, lungs and heart.
  • It makes your body in shape.
  • It promotes a better sex life.
  • Exercises makes your sleep better.
  • It is best for every age of life.

Kinds of Exercise

Exercises may vary according to age, stamina and place, we can divide exercises in so many kinds. Some are described below

  • Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is a type of physical exercise of low to high intensity of rhythmic activities. It includes any movement of the body that is swimming, dancing, walking, running, cycling etc. Everyone know it is as “cardio”. Basically it is done to maintain your heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Aerobic exercise is different from anaerobic exercises. It includes all type of weightlifting and sprinting which involves fast boost of energy. Aerobic exercise are time taken but anaerobic are fast to do in a little time period. Both done for maintaining your physical fitness.

  • Walking exercise


Walking exercise helps you to improve your cardiovascular organs, helps you in weight loss, give relief from joint pains, thus it makes your health better in every appropriate manner. This form of exercise you can do at any place at any time. It doesn’t require any specific time or schedule you have to follow it. It just require your consistency to make it better for your health. Doctors recommend exercise for every single person whether he/she is young or old.

Walking makes you stronger and gives you stamina for doing anything. Now a day people ignore the benefits of walking exercise that’s why they become lazy and don’t have stamina to walk just for 5 minutes. In just few seconds they become out of breath. If you want to build up your stamina and wants to be a fit person you just have to walk on daily basis.

  • Strength workouts

Strength workouts are those exercises which improves your strength and endurance. In this form of exercise, people have to do all types of weight lifting. Strength workouts provide many functional benefits to your body that is; body toning, muscles and ligament strength, increased metabolism and fitness, and makes your cardiovascular organs fit and strong.

Strength workouts are difficult. Not everyone are capable of doing it. It needs stability and more stamina, not to give up in the middle, because when we stop doing strength exercises our body muscles becomes weak. It is necessary for the one who starts it, do it properly and regularly to make your organs and muscles fit and strong.

  • Stretching exercises


Stretching exercise are the one which stretches your muscles and make it flexible like a cat. Acrobats came in this form of exercise. You can touch your feet with stretching your hands. It really helps the one, who has back and muscles pain. Each stretching should be for 10-20 seconds and repeated 2-4 times in a day.

You have to do stretching exercise when your body is already warm up. It is the best time for anyone who are doing this. Because when your body is already warmed you can easily stretch your muscles to make it successful. In the beginning you may get difficulty in doing it. But by the time, your body and muscles get used to of stretching which makes it more flexible and can do more better stretching.


All the types/forms of exercises are discussed above. You can do any of the type of exercise but you just need to do it constantly to make your health better and free from pains.


Cardio exercises can be from any of the types of exercise. It varies according to your condition, your age, and schedule. Here I’m listing some of the exercises and describing them so you can easily know what is good for you. Following are discussed below:


Jumping ropes are the most convenient exercise because every one of us has a beautiful memories of our childhood that maximum all of us do jumping ropes in that young age of life. You have to do at least 15 minutes in a day which surely burns your 200 calories by that time.

We all know how to do jumping ropes and we are almost used to of it from early age. May be no one get difficulty in doing this exercise. You can do jumping ropes easily by any single rope from which you can do it better.



Kickboxing exercise is the form of karate as well as boxing. You just need a punching bag for it and if you are experienced enough you can do it without any equipment. It gives you much strength and make your muscles better and stronger. By doing kickboxing exercise 10 minutes in a day you will surely burn 100 calories which is very good for your metabolism.

This exercise is also good for self-protection. You can punch someone with full energy if you are an experienced kick boxer. Kickboxing release stress and depression from a person, which is really good for one’s health.


Stairs running

I think stairs running is the easiest exercise for everyone. We all have stairs in our home, what we have to do is running up and down the stairs at least 10-20 times in a day. If you are capable of doing more, so you can do any count.

It makes your muscles and lungs strong and can help you to overcome any breathing problem. If you are in a process of losing weight then running on stairs can help you rapidly to get your goals.


Cycling is the most common exercise, you can switch your any vehicle by cycle which motivates you and keeps you fit. It helps you in maintaining your muscles and knees strong. It is the best Cardio exercise which gives you strength and stamina. It really effect lungs.

Now people use treadmills or machine cycles in the gym to ride many km in an hour. It can be used by anyone. Cycling is good and reachable for every one which is really good for your future health.


Burpees is a drill exercise, it engages your upper body, lower body and core. It improves your cardiovascular fitness, helps you in weight loss and shaping your whole body. Burpees are the most beneficial exercise for your fitness which you can do it in a proper form with a help of good guideline. If you want to know how it can be done easily you can which this link for burpees exercise.


Sprinting is the athletic sports which includes race for 400 meters or less. You see all the athletes are physically fit and they have no breathing issue. They have a perfect body structure. Sprinting is good for maintaining your physical fitness as well as your cardiac health. Sprinting gives your body ability to make new muscles tissues.


List of cardio exercise are too big but I prescribed some of them here which is I think useful for you. If you want to know more about cardio exercises you can read this article about CARDIO EXERCISES.


Slow cardio exercises does not mean that it has no impacts on your body and organs, it means to give your muscles and organs some rest and stress free exercises. It does not require too much efforts. Your body just kept on exercises with low intensity. It includes; cycling, swimming, hiking, walking, yoga, hit the bike, jump on trampoline etc.

Cardio exercises in which your heart rate remains stable for at least 10 minutes are included in lower intensity steady state cardio (LISS) or slow cardio exercises. Slow cardio is just as effective as fast cardio. It does not meant to be it can’t get over to Cardio, but it definitely works slowly. If you work slowly, the impact of that work obviously comes lesser than the work you do it rapidly. Same as it works, but it gives you a good results in the end.


It summarize that if a person has no time or has some other issues, you can do slow or low intensity workouts. It gives you proper but later results. It does not mean to skip your workout from your daily routine, you just have to keep it up to get a healthy and fit body.


Fast cardio involves increasing your heart rates without consuming any pre-food.

In this cardio exercise all quick workouts includes which is aerobics, machine workouts, star jumps and squats, running on a treadmill, doing burpees and many more. Fast cardio helps you to burn extra 20% fats from your body. It really helps you out in making good body muscles in just few days. It rapidly works on your body structure and organs to give you better results. But it might give you stress on your muscles because it needs greater energy and stamina to work on fast cardio exercises.

If someone need quick results, or wants to burn fats to lose weight, they can choose fast cardio workouts. It helps them more effectively then slow cardio exercises. Fast cardio usually done by athletics, body builders or even sports man.


You can see fast cardio is more effective than slow or lower intensity cardio exercises, but it gives you great stress on your mind as well as on your muscles to do it more rapidly, to get better health which might cause damage to your muscles tissues. But there is no doubt about fast cardio, that it gives proper results of health on your body.


There are so many cardio exercises which you can easily do at home without any equipment or any specific time you need to work out. You just need enthusiasm or motivation to do it properly on daily basis. Here are some exercises which you can do at home to make your cardiovascular organs fit and healthy.

  • Walking up stairs
  • Moping your floor
  • Washing utensils
  • Cleaning your backyard
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Squats
  • Dancing
  • Pushups
  • Jumping ropes
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Kickboxing


Cardio workout at home are so easy to do and can do on daily basis without any instructor.


Cardio exercise for beginners should be as simple as they can do easily. They should do brisk wall or couple of minutes of jumping rope. Because starting from jumping ropes are better for beginners. We all know how to do jumping ropes because we have a good childhood memories of jumping with ropes. For beginners it is necessary to do cardio workout at least 10-15 minutes in the beginning later increase the time duration according to your strength. Some other easy exercise for beginners are mentioned below;

  • Jumping jacks
  • Lunges
  • Kickboxing
  • High knees
  • Planks


For beginners it is necessary to build up their stamina and strength to focus on their workout plans.


Exercising at the gym boost your stamina and strength more than doing at any other place. Gym is important for the cardio exercise because in the gym people do it properly without missing a single day. There are instructors and trainees which helps people out to exercise in a proper way. Cardio exercises related equipment are also available at the gym. Here I’m listing some of the exercises which are mostly done at the gym;

  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Squat jump
  • High knees
  • Bent over row
  • Planks
  • Dumbbell rows


Working out at gym is good for everyone. It makes you punctual and gives you rapid result regarding to your health and fitness.


As we all know that to make your cardiovascular organs fit and healthy and to make your health free from dangerous diseases, it is really very important to do cardio exercises.80% of your health will be improve by doing exercises rest of all depends on your diet.

Cardio exercises strengthen your lungs and heart and allow your heart to pump the blood properly throughout your body. It builds up your stamina and give you mental stress relieve. Your muscles will become stronger. Your body organs works actively. It ensure you to take good hours sleep. Exercising makes your whole body fit and gives your body a good structure.


We realizes that cardio exercises have great impact and benefits in maintaining our health. We should do it regularly if we are honest and dedicated to our health issues



Here are some questions from all of you which I have answered. Just go and read thoroughly to get better answers.

  • What are the easiest exercises of cardio?

Cycling, running, and swimming are the easiest exercises of cardio you can do it without any help.

  • What cardio exercises can burn fat more rapidly?

To burn fat more rapidly you need to do jumping jacks, cycling, running stairs, burpees, squats, planks and run on a treadmill. These exercises burn your calories more than any other exercises which helps you in burning fat.

  • How much time it required to do cardio exercises in a day?

If you’re a beginner than you should have to start your workout from 15-20 minutes. Later you could increase your time according to your stamina and strength. It should be for 45-60 minutes and more than that.

  • What are the difference between slow and fast cardio exercises?

There are not much difference in between them. It is just the matter of how instant you want to be healthier physically. Slow workouts usually gives you slow results but give you same as you will get in fast workouts.

  • Does walking reduce belly fat?

Walking or running, both are productive for burning your calories. As long as you run or walk it reduces your fat where ever it is. It decreases your calories which increase the number of reducing fat from belly as well.

  • Are workouts at home more effective than gym?

I think it is, because you need proper attention and time for that. And if you are doing exercises in your home with proper attention it is effective as we do in the gym.



After reading whole article we came to know that to make your cardiovascular organs strong, you have to do some cardio exercises which makes you healthy wealthy throughout your life. There are so many diseases related to cardio organs like heart attack, blood pressure, sugar, lungs cancer, asthma and so on.

To decrease the ratio of these breath taking diseases, it is necessary for everyone to take your health on first priority and to make sure having good balanced diet and do proper workout, which surely makes you fit and healthy.


best cardio exercises

Fat burning cardio exercises

cardio exercises at home

Why do cardio exercises?

1. Very good exercises for warming up and increasing the heart rate

These exercises can first and foremost be done at the start of your workout to warm up.

They are super useful for increasing your heart rate and warming up all the muscles in your body, from the legs to the upper body to your abdominals.

You can choose three or four and do a set with each to warm up for your weight training session.

2. Interesting exercises to gain endurance and improve cardiorespiratory/pulmonary capacity

Beyond the warm-up, these are very interesting exercises to develop your endurance and improve your cardiorespiratory capacity.

By doing them regularly, you will be more athletic and you will have more energy during all your workouts.

3. Cardio and weight training exercises are the winning combos:

Muscle building is the key!I advise you to do weight training to maintain or even increase your muscle mass. And I advise you to do HIIT to speed up your metabolism and continually burn fat. While promoting muscle building with high-intensity exercises.

4. Effective exercises to gain resistance

High-intensity cardio will make you gain resistance. Just as low-intensity cardio will work your endurance above all else, high-intensity cardio will work both your endurance and your resistance.

As a reminder, resistance is training that is located between endurance work and strength work.

So you are not going to use your maximum strength by doing these exercises, but the training will be intensive and will help you gain muscle.

5. Cardio is very effective against cardiovascular diseases

By doing high-intensity cardio, you will dramatically decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease in the long term.

It is very important to work on the heart and doing cardio is a very good way to exercise it.

6. Is running good cardio?

Yes, but in this case, I advise you to do it at high intensity while sprinting. This could be for example ten sets with a sprint and then rest 10 times in a row.

Remember, low-intensity cardio takes a lot longer and burns a lot fewer calories than high-intensity cardio. Only the latter accelerates your metabolism during the days following your workout!

7. Everything is to be done at home, indoors or outdoors
Of course, if you want to do it outdoors or in your garden, you can do them all too! But I prefer to do it at home because it saves time and can be done before going to work or on the way home from work without having to go out on purpose.

8. Fun exercises to do in the form of a game!
The advantage of high-intensity cardio is that it can be done as a game or as a challenge.
You can do them with your partner or with your friends and challenge yourself to keep each set to the end.

What is Cardio?

Cardio includes all the exercises allowing you to increase the heart rate thanks to a more or less intense effort requiring a lot of muscle groups.

HIIT Or LISS: Two ways to do cardio

In bodybuilding and fitness, there are two types of cardio.

The first type of cardio that is my favourite is the HIIT is a cardio-intensive. This consists of making a lot of hyperintense efforts for a short period of time then resting and doing several cycles (for example sprint then rest, sprint then rest…).
The second type of cardio is Liss which is low-intensity cardio, which consists of doing cardio for a long time without resting during the time of the session.

I find this type of training much more fun than low-intensity cardio which consists, for example, of running for an hour without stopping.

The List of the 10 Most Intense Cardio Exercises Without Equipment

1 - Jumping jack

The jumping jack begins standing with arms outstretched at your sides. The first jump is to jump with your legs apart and your arms up to the sides until they are parallel above you. The second movement consists of jumping while tightening the feet to return to the initial position with the arms extended at your sides. Throughout the exercise, you keep your back straight, looking in front of you and your abs tight. The most effective cardio exercise for your body weight.

It’s a great classic in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, and I advise you to do it regularly to work your cardio well and complete your weight training exercises. In addition to working your cardio well, you will strengthen your leg muscles, whether your thighs or calves. You will also strengthen your abs and shoulders with arm movements.

2 - Pumps on the knees

To do the exercise, you will place your hands shoulder-width apart (or a little wider) and your knees together on the floor. The movement consists of bending your arms to put your body on the ground without taking support! Always keep your abs and your back straight. The head remains in line with the body.
Be explosive during the ascent, and control the descent when descending slowly. For breathing, inhale during the descent and exhale during the ascent.

3 - Mountain Climber

To start this exercise, you will put yourself on the floor in a push-up position, that is to say on the feet and on the palms of the hands. With your arms straight, you’ll bend one leg bringing it back towards your arms, then bring the other leg back while bringing the first leg back. The abdominals should be tightened throughout the exercise in order to keep the back straight and to exercise the abdominal muscles well. It is an exercise during which you sometimes find yourself without a foot on the ground.

4 - Crunch

Here are the steps to make the movement:

  1. Lying on the ground, you will bring your legs back to the vertical.
  2. The movement consists of bringing your shoulders back to your thighs without lifting your lower back off the ground.
  3. Then slowly descend to return to the starting position.
  4. The best gentle exercise without impact on the joints
  5. Ideally to be done on a mat.

5 - Squat

The technique consists of:

  1. Start standing with your feet at shoulder height.
  2. For the descent, the buttocks move back and the knees must not move.
  3. This is how you will work your thighs and buttocks as much as possible without putting pressure on the knee joint.
  4. Regarding the upper body, you must keep your back straight and the abdominals sheathed to apply the lumbar muscles in a healthy way and not to strain on the spine.
  5. The chest came out with the shoulder blades tight.

6 - Lunge

  1. Lunges exercise is done while standing.
  2. For the starting position, you have your legs close to each other (a little less than shoulder-width).
  3. Your back remains straight throughout the exercise and you put your hands on your waist.
  4. The movement consists of taking a step forward while leaning on the leg.
  5. The front leg should be making a 90-degree angle.
  6. The knee of the front leg does not go beyond your toes and your support is on the heel of the front leg.
  7. During the movement, the heel of the back leg comes off so that you can put your weight on your front leg and stay in balance.
  8. To return to the starting position, use the leg strength of your front leg.

What breathing to have during the exercises?

Breathing is very important during the effort. You must have a regular breathing rhythm and the expiration time is always longer than the inspiration time, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Whatever happens, you have to keep your breathing fluid and especially not to block your breathing.

How long should the training last?

I advise you not to exceed 30 minutes, not counting the stretching. You can warm up for five minutes and for example, do 25 minutes of high-intensity cardio. Contrary to what many beginners believe, the idea is not to train as long as possible to burn as many calories as possible. If you train too long, you will drop in intensity.

Cardio and Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Yes! This is the best way to do cardio to speed up your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout. In other words, even during your rest or during your sleep, you will continue to burn calories.

Which cardio exercise is the most effective for losing belly fat?

Unfortunately, no exercise is going to make you lose belly fat without burning fat in the rest of the body. For this, it is necessary to favour the most intense and dynamic exercises such as the jumping jack or the ascents of the knees.

Is training at home enough to lose weight?

If you are training at high intensity, yes! Remember that the intensity will decide the effectiveness of your training, not where you train.