Duo transcend

Duo transcend is a team of two individual husbands and wives of around 29 and 32 years of age having expertise in a trapeze act. They took part in Americas got talent season 13 but unable to secure their position in the top 5 contestants. They grabbed more attention when a husband name ‘Tyce Nielsen’ drop his wife’s name ‘Mary Wolfe-Nielsen’ by her neck during an act in front of judges and the whole national television. Luckily she was not badly injured as she knows tricks in case of accidentally fall.

Americas got talent season 13:

Americas got talent is the best tv show of all time broadcast in America, as the name sounds the show is based on a variety of talents possessed by an individual or a group. Many peoples around the globe came into this show to project their talent in front of the audience and the judges. The panel is based on four judges name Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn, Martina McBride, and Chris Hardwick.
Season 13 was won by a close-up magician shin Lim. Duo transcends in the top ten but unfortunately could not reach in top 5 contestants. During the broadcast, its viewership crossed around 11.15 million. The show was broadcast on 29 May 2018 and continue till 19 September 2018.

Duo Transcend:

Duo transcend is a group of husband and wife who are experts in the trapeze act. Their act is so amazing, wonderful, and at the same time dangerous. It is a blend of acrobatics and gymnastic, both hang on a short horizontal bar hung by a rope on both sides. While hanging they do numerous stunts that truly breathtaking. They both get a huge fan following and millions of votes that proceed them to the finale episode.


Husband’s and wife’s charismatic aura still revolving around after 2 years, they were among the most popular contestant of America’s got talent. Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielson who are known as duo transcend are a married couple. They met while performing as high divers in a show, it has been eight years of their marriage and they are also blessed with a son name ‘Jaxx’.
Tyce and marry belongs to Salt Lake City, Utah. They are specialized in duo trapeze, aerial silk, tramp wall, diving, and acting. Tyce came from a high diving and tramp wall background and marry grew up as a ballet dancer and musical theater performer. When both decided to tie a knot with each other, they also tie a knot as group performers and creates acts that they could do together. They performed on the biggest platforms of the world including:
Americas got talent as under top 10 contestant

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • MTV amazingness
  • NBA halftime shows and ESPN
  • Cirque Dreams
  • Cirque adrenaline, and more

AGT Audition:

In the audition episode of American got talent season 13, the duo transcends to perform an ariel act that was praised by three judges but one says ‘No’ to their actions because he doesn’t find a wow factor in it. In the end, because of three votes out of four in their favor, they were sending towards Judge Cut.

Judge Cut (Tyce lose his wife):

In this episode, initially, they doing very well. both handing on a horizontal metal piece doing a trapeze duo act that was marvelous. In between the act, Tyce put one blindfold over his eyes that makes a mistake and while performing he accidentally loses his wife. she fell on the safety mat that saves her life.

one thing that needs to be noted that she fell by her neck means her neck was in place of her foot, this can injure her seriously even though safety mat. As she said in an interview that she knows tricks to save herself in case of such kind of accidents. Right after this accident, she stands back on her foot, and thanks to God she was not badly or seriously injured.

All the judges and the audience give them a huge round of applause, duo asks judges to recreate the accidental part of the act but they refuse to do it again and encourage them for what they did. All the judges say ‘Yes’ to them to continue to the next level. It makes both of them very happy.


After this act, a controversy revolves around the air that Tyce drops her wife intentionally. They want to create hype by doing such stunts. When a woman who took their interview asked about this controversy to them they replied:
Tyce: I never drop my wife on her head.
Marry: We would never do such kind of stunt in front of our son and mother. My son is 2 years old and he doesn’t know about real and fake.


Duo transcends enter into the semifinals rounds. Like every time, their act was marvelous, and get a standing ovation from the judges. The different thing they did in their act is roller skating on a platform with gymnastics stunts that was also a breath-taking act. they secure fourth, fifth, or sixth place after voting, they get additional votes and enter into the final round.


Finals depend on two episodes 1321 and 1322, in 1321 duo transcends completely blindfold in the entire act. the act was a trapeze duo, their act was superb but unfortunately could not receive enough votes to secure their place in the top 5.
In episode 1322, the duo husband and wife performed tricks on the trapeze and the opponent team performed a violin duet. The duo can’t receive enough votes and unfortunately, they were eliminated from the show.
They are eliminated from the Americas got talent but their journey is not over. Infect it was the beginning of their journey.

Summary: Their journey was truly amazing and full of surprises in America’s got talent. Every act amazing audience and judges, they are the stars, their expertise and strength mesmerize everyone. They are duo trapeze experts, act in the air. Unfortunately, they did not reach the top 5, but they win the hearts of millions of peoples.

Tyce eye diseases (duo transcend):

Tyce was suffering from an eye disease called “keratoconus” which is a genetic disorder rarely found in people. His right eye is a blind and limited sight from the left eye, it’s going to blind if he would not treat it. After season 13, a doctor approached him. he did surgery on his left eye and by the will of God he rescues his eye of being more blind.
Tyce Nielsen showed great thanks to God and then the doctor who saved his eye.
Now, the days move on they continue their acts all around the world they travel and travel a lot with their son. They called for Americas to get talent champion 2, it is a second chance for them to do something bigger than dragging them on top.

AGT champion 2:

On the AGT champion stage, duo transcends perform duo trapeze act as their expertise in on the track called “in the air tonight”. Both are blindfolds throughout the act. All the judges Howie Mandell, Alesha Dixon, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell give them standing ovation and the duo transcend step forward to the semifinals instead of Dan Naturman and ■■■■■ & Nico.

duo transcend-act in the air

AGT champion 2 (semifinals):

As always, they did fire on the stage, initially, they started with the ariel act “trapeze”. Tyce drops his wife on the safety mattress then he also dives into it. They both came on a platform with roller skates, the best and also the dangerous part of their act was Tyce’s blindfold and marry swung and twisted around his neck while wearing roller skate. Judges give them standing ovation, they secure sixth or seventh place by audience voting. Simon, Heidi, and Alesha chose them to go for the final round.

AGT champion 2 (final 1):

The final depends on 2 episodes, in the final 1 they did a trapeze act while fully covered their eyes or in the blindfold. All the judges Howie, Alesha, Heidi, and Simon give them standing ovation and qualify them for the finale episode 2.

AGT champion 2 (final 2):

In the finale episode of AGT champion 2, the duo transcends act with other participants including Boogie Storm, Marcelito Pomy, and Sandou Trio Russian bar. It was a mash-up, instead of boogie they received enough votes from super fans to secure 2nd place in the competition.
Duo transcends performed as a guest appearance in AGT after AGT champion 2. They did a duo trapeze act on “Till there is nothing left” performed by country singer Cam.

Summary: Duo transcend took part in AGT champion 2, where they did the duo trapeze act along with roller skate including blindfold. They get a standing ovation from the judges and end with 2nd position or as runner up.

Duo transcend fitness:

Duo transcends not only does the best trapeze acts but also they have amazing fitness. Tyce’s muscular body and six-pack empress most of the women and young girls. The way he holds his wife while into their acts is truly impressive. Not only Tyce but Mary who has 6 packs and after having a baby boy of around 4 years she still has a tones body with abs. of course they exercise a lot that makes their body the way they carry. If you are impressed by their fitness then see the articles below.

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Tyce eye procedure:

At the age of 13, Tyce Nielsen was diagnosed with “keratoconus “. It is a genetic disease in which an infected person lost his eyesight gradually till it completely loses. Tyce is legally blind from his right eye and limited vision from his left eye.
In an interview, he said: he grows up to keep in mind one thing that one day he would be completely blind. His eyesight starts reducing at the age of 18. He went to different doctors for the treatment but everybody ends up with one answer that “there is nothing we could do”.
When they end up with Americas got talent season 13, a doctor approached him. he gave him a treatment called “cross-link”, after that his vision would not improve although, it stops of getting worse. That is the biggest thing for Tyce, he is in s kind of profession where he badly needs his vision, he very thanked full of the doctor who approaches him and rescues his vision.


The frequently asked questions regarding the topic called “Duo Transcend” are given below.

1. Did Duo transcend fall intentionally for fame purpose?

No, it was not intentionally. In an interview they cleared that it was not for stunt purpose, Tyce loses his wife while trapeze act and he never lose intentionally his wife at least in front of their son and mother.

2. Who won Americas got talent season 13?

Shin Lim who is a close-up musician win Americas got talent season 13 in the opposite Zurcaroh who is an acrobat group and Brian king joseph who is an electrical violinist.

3. Who won Americas got talent champion 2?

V.Unbeatable won Americas got talent champion 2, it is a group of 29 dancers who came from Mumbai India.


Duo transcend is a husband-wife group that does the duo trapeze act. a trapeze is an ariel act and a blend of gymnastics and acrobatics. They took part in America’s got talent season 13 that was broadcast in 2018 in America. They give tremendous acts, in one of his acts he falls his wife while doing an ariel trapeze that would become a controversy. Peoples thought that it was a public stunt for getting more fame, Tyce, and Mary clear about it in an interview. they are under the top 10 contestants but unfortunately unable to secure their place in the top 5.
Tyce had eye surgery as he suffered from keratoconus an eye disease in which he loses his eyesight gradually. After treatment, his vision gets rescued from getting more worse.
They again took part in Americas got talent champion 2, they gave a spectacular performance and get standing ovation from the judges. They end up with 2nd position as runner-up in the competition.

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