Definition of Talent:

  1. A group of people, such as employees, who have a particular aptitude for certain tasks. For example, producers of a movie might recruit local talent, actors and actresses who live nearby, to stand in as extras in a film.

  2. Natural aptitude or skill.

  3. A former weight and unit of currency, used especially by the ancient Romans and Greeks.

  4. A natural ability to excel at a duty or action.

Synonyms of Talent

Geist, Muse, Ability, Ableness, Acuity, Acuteness, Adequacy, Adroitness, Afflatus, Aptitude, Aptness, Art, Artistic skill, Artistry, Arty-craftiness, Bent, Braininess, Brightness, Brilliance, Bump, Caliber, Capability, Capableness, Capacity, Child prodigy, Clear thinking, Cleverness, Competence, Craft, Creative thought, Creativity, Daemon, Daimonion, Demon, Dexterity, Divine afflatus, Dower, Dowry, Efficacy, Efficiency, Endowment, Equipment, Esprit, Expertise, Facility, Faculty, Fire of genius, Fitness, Flair, Forte, Genius, Gift, Gifted child, Gifted person, Giftedness, Gifts, Inclination, Ingenuity, Inspiration, Instinct, Intellectual genius, Intellectual prodigy, Keen-wittedness, Keenness, Knack, Long suit, Makings, Man of parts, Mental alertness, Mental genius, Mental giant, Mercurial mind, Metier, Native cleverness, Natural, Natural endowment, Natural gift, Nimble mind, Nimble-wittedness, Nimbleness, Nose, Nous, Parts, Penchant, Potential, Power, Powers, Predilection, Predisposition, Proclivity, Prodigy, Proficiency, Propensity, Qualification, Quick parts, Quick thinking, Quick wit, Quick-wittedness, Quickness, Ready wit, Savvy, Set, Sharp-wittedness, Sharpness, Skill, Smartness, Smarts, Soul, Speciality, Spirit, Sprightly wit, Strength, Strong flair, Strong point, Sufficiency, Susceptibility, Talents, Tendency, The goods, The stuff, Turn, Virtu, What it takes, Flair, Aptitude, Facility, Gift, Knack, Technique, Touch, Bent, Ability, Expertise, Capacity, Power, Faculty

How to use Talent in a sentence?

  1. Sheila and John were discussing a future night out to a karaoke bar where John could show off his talent for singing.
  2. The skill set of most of the staff was becoming stale after 15 years of frozen hiring, so the CEO thought it might be time to bring in some new talent .
  3. He possesses more talent than any other player.
  4. Hiring a good staff with lots of talent will help to get your business to grow faster and make more money.
  5. A mighty steed bought from a Thessalian merchant for thirteen talents.

Meaning of Talent & Talent Definition

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