Definition of Judge:

  1. Judicial officer appointed or elected to hear and decide matters relating to law. Selected from among the practicing lawyers, a judge, once appointed, may not be removed by the government except by a resolution adopted by the both houses of parliament and assented-to by the head of state.

  2. A public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law.

  3. Form an opinion or conclusion about.

Synonyms of Judge

Account, Account as, Act between, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Adjudicator, Administer, Administer justice, Administrate, Allow, Amateur, Appraise, Appraiser, Appreciate, Approximate, Arbiter, Arbiter elegantiarum, Arbiter of taste, Arbitrate, Arbitrator, Assess, Assume, Authority, Bargain, Be afraid, Be judicious, Beak, Believe, Bon vivant, Call, Charge the jury, Check, Cognoscente, Collect, Collector, Conceive, Conciliator, Conclude, Conduct a trial, Conjecture, Connaisseur, Connoisseur, Consider, Count, Court, Critic, Daresay, Decide, Decree, Deduce, Deduct, Deem, Deemster, Demonstrate, Dempster, Derive, Determine, Dilettante, Draw, Epicure, Epicurean, Esteem, Estimate, Evaluate, Evaluator, Exercise judgment, Expect, Expert, Express an opinion, Fancy, Find, Form an opinion, Gather, Go between, Good judge, Gourmand, Gourmet, Guess, Have a hunch, Have an idea, Have an impression, Have an inkling, Have the idea, Hear, Hold, Hold as, Imagine, Impartial arbitrator, Infer, Intercede, Intermediary, Intermediate, Interpose, Intervene, Judger, Judicator, Jurist, Justice, Look upon as, Magistrate, Maintain, Make, Make out, Make terms, Maven, Measure, Mediate, Mediator, Meet halfway, Moderate, Moderator, Negotiate, Negotiator, Opine, Pass sentence, Peacemaker, Pine, Place, Preside, Presume, Pronounce sentence, Prove, Put, Rate, Reckon, Reconciler, Referee, Refined palate, Regard, Represent, Review, Reviewer, Rule, Set down as, Settle, Show, Sit in judgment, Size up, Step in, Suppose, Surmise, Suspect, Take, Take for, Take it, Test, Think, Think of, Third party, Treat with, Trow, Try, Try a case, Umpire, Unbiased observer, Value, View as, Virtuoso, Ween, Weigh, Justice, Magistrate, Her Honour, His Honour, Your Honour, Form the opinion, Come to the conclusion, Conclude, Decide, Determine

How to use Judge in a sentence?

  1. The judges made this particular aspect of public policy and the judges are entitled to change it.
  2. It is hard to judge whether such opposition is justified.

Meaning of Judge & Judge Definition