Definition of Competition:

  1. Economy: A competition in which every seller tries to get the other what they are looking for at the same time: offers the best combination of sales, profit and market share, price, quality and services. When market information circulates freely, competition plays a regular role, balancing supply and demand.

  2. Competitive activity or state.

Synonyms of Competition

Disaccord, Bad blood, Event, Opposition, Strife, Cutthroat competition, Collision, Contesting, Corrival, Rencontre, Obstinacy, Striving, Hostility, Enmity, Tournament, Conflict, Warfare, Strife, Contention, Perverseness, Cross-purposes, Contrariety, Meeting, Dissension, Antagonism, Jockeying, Battling, Conflict, Struggling, Match, Refractoriness, Feuding, Negativeness, Game, Competitor, Contention, Repugnance, Contest, Meet, Noncooperation, Vying, One-upmanship, Clashing, War, Contrariness, Oppugnancy, Antipathy, Inimicalness, Recalcitrance, Fractiousness, Friction, Uncooperativeness, Rivalry, Gamesmanship, Struggle, Fighting, Competitiveness, Rivalry, Vying, Championship, Tug-of-war, Lifemanship, Concours, Emulation

How to use Competition in a sentence?

  1. The competition we saw when we entered the market was quite attractive to make sure we were there for a long time.
  2. The company faces stiff competition from foreign companies, which have been able to produce similar products at a much lower cost due to lower employee wages.
  3. There is fierce competition between banks.

Meaning of Competition & Competition Definition