Definition of Audience:

  1. Formal interviews with authorized persons.

  2. The total number of readers, listeners, or viewers reached a particular ad source.

  3. The person or market segment for which the message or advertising campaign is intended.

  4. Formal decision

  5. Public or listeners gather for public events, such as dramas, movies, concerts or meetings.

Synonyms of Audience

Congress, Wiretapping, House, Palaver, Summitry, Auditor, Obtainer, Examination, Meeting, Tryout, Fan, Sitting, Consultation, Playgoer, Reception, Viewer, Payee, Council fire, Meeting, Pourparler, Procurer, Haunter, Deadhead, Council, Looker, Session, Conference, Audition, Visitor, Discussion, Dialogue, Exchange, Council of war, Buff, Spectators, Interview, Seance, Attention, Listeners, Listener, Accepter, Convention, Theatergoer, Onlookers, Beholder, Listening, Moviegoer, Hearing, Pit, Theater, Orchestra, Electronic surveillance, Recipient, Question and answer session, Clientele, Consultation, News conference, Holder, Congregation, Conference, Eavesdropping, Interchange of views, Acquirer, Aficionado, Negotiations, Summit conference, Press conference, Conference, Claqueur, Exchange of views, Conclave, Hired applauder, Bargaining session, Spectator, Parley, Ear, Huddle, Theatregoers, Meeting, Patron, Public, Confrontation, Pass holder, Discussion, Favorable attention, Confab, Taker, Discussion, Hearing, Concertgoers, Groundling, Habitue, Confabulation, High-level talk, Summit, Evaluation, Addressee, Standee, Bugging, Trustee, Patrons, Question and answer session, Consignee, Viewers, Listening in, Getter, Bargaining, Auditory, Clientage, Gallery, Frequenter, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Interview, Interrogation, Attender, Hearer, Receiver, Powwow, Consideration

How to use Audience in a sentence?

  1. It is important to know your audience when speaking, as it often guides you in choosing keywords and language based on your target audience.
  2. You should always know your audience before you make an offer, so that you can tailor it to your needs.
  3. The orchestra had the honor of standing by the audience.
  4. When I went to the theater last week, I was in the audience, which is surprising because I'm usually on stage.
  5. He summoned the audience along with the Pope.

Meaning of Audience & Audience Definition